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Burger Kyubey
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A new restaurant has recently opened up near your house. On the outside, it appears as a regular brick building. A sign stands in front of it reading "Burger Kyubey" with the words stylized to look as if they were the mouth of the very alien creature who the outer design of the sign was modeled after. A man dressed in a tall suit resembling the creature stood outside the restaurant, spinning a sign saying "TRY OUR NEW CHICKYU FRIES". While a drive-thru was to the side, the interior of the restaurant appeared child-friendly and comfortable. A series of Dragon Quest themed toys were on display along the ordering line. Employees were dressed in white with a hat appearing similar to the creature's head. The resident Kyubey laid down on a round table, nibbling on a fry.
*Claude blinks in to existences* "Claude H U N G E R S" *he screeches*
(edited by Claude)

Ina yeets herself into the establishment "I'll have 2 number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7,2 number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda" She then screeches as well.
Busts in and cocks gun. "Can I get my Chickyu Fries the American way?" Salutes to air as random airhorns screech in the background.
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The counterperson writes all of Ina's order down and gives it to the cook. "That'll be 3.6 grief seeds." Jevil then phases through the ceiling and stares at the American "I can do anything" He then begins dancing around the restaurant and flying through the air, phasing through whatever enters his path.

"Oof, I only have 50 Greef Sid. Can you take that?"
Pah. Kyuburger is just a rip off of ADVENT Burger. I bet they don't even sell Berserker Steak or Archon Wings. Amateurs.
Winny has entered the chat I crave nourishment Give me the chonk burger
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