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Heya guys! I'm new to KLWP, but I had this really cool idea for a phansite bar based on the main page to be placed on your phone screen using KLWP. Where the anon comments would be streamed on the bottom, and the question would be proposed on top just like in the game! As I said before, I'm new to KWLP but I know that text can be copied from HTML, if anyone else has an idea of what do or your thoughts, send it in the thread!
ma'am this is a pokemon fansite
Thread Creator

To be fair Persona is a way cooler Pokemon.
Is that one of the new ones in Sword & Shield? I've never heard of it before.
karate bugmen> GoBusters>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Persona> Pokemon
I think I'd like Pokemon. Over 800 creatures. I do wonder how many of them are bullet proof.

I'd say a good 300 are bullet proof
I'll have three Morgana martinis please.
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