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Relics of the Past: The First of All
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Deep within the blasted out ruins that once made up a prosperous section of Tokyo, a sole light wanders the streets. It is a strange light that beckons all toward it, its prismatic beams serving as a path toward whatever truth it was trying to reveal. The source was the tome held in the hand of the wandering prophet, who seemed to be walking without direction, but with purpose. He stopped upon reaching a specific shell of a building that perhaps at one point might have been the center of a bustling community; however time had not been conducive to whatever this building had once been for. He entered, sitting down on a worn and ashen booth, the table in front of it rotting and breaking apart. "What did they see in this...? Why the stubborn hold on it? Perhaps that is why I have been led here, not to preach, but to learn..."
Another person walks the streets, a high school age girl, judging by their uniform. Regardless they look almost at home walking down these ruined streets, initially following the light. This light brings her to an old, bombed-out looking building, likely a service place of some sort. Aiming to give an impression of maturity, The Girl calmly sits in the booth across from Woz and comments “Rough weather this evening. You too can feel it yes?”
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Woz would turn the page in his tome, lifting his eyes to acknowledge the newcomer. "If you intend to strike up small talk, you have failed. You came because you felt drawn here, whether by me or some other force I have no interest in, but you felt it, no? Something compelling you to be here?" Some sort of glassware falls from somewhere, the crashing noise it rendered splitting the eerie silence. "Tell me, do you perchance know what this place is? Do you know of what all transpired to cause it to become as such? Or have you not been here long enough to know of its legend?"
Nanaka lets out a little sigh, he most certainly wasn’t a pleasant man, but if business was all they cared for she could certainly work with that at least. The young woman slowly shakes her head “I am afraid not. I’ve only moved here quite recently so I know not of the local legends.” Nanaka brings her right arm in front of her chest as she continues “I take it that is what you wish to tell me of then? The events surrounding this building’s ruin?”
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Woz would hold his book so that it was shaped as something of a laptop, which he then turned to the woman opposite him. Instead of text, a scene of a violent explosion of white light would play out, followed by a timelapse of the building being rebuilt, and subsequently destroyed. "This is not a legend, rather it is history. The events as you see them are all written, though to varying degrees of quality. Heroes have come through here, as well as the most hated of evils. Demons, and gods. Yes... perhaps such a place was never meant to be?" The wind crept through the shattered window, bringing in the smell of decay.
Nanaka blinks for a moment at the sudden flash of light, but otherwise keeps watching through the little video to the end. Any information she could get on this city was valuable after al, and as it turned out things were likely to get more... exciting. "Its like a realm of fairy tales. Such things cannot be expected to be." She grins knowingly as she closes her eyes for a brief moment, not letting the smell ruin her composure "Yet indeed it is. I find it fascinating, but I can see how it might grow tiresome after a while."
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Woz would turn the page, and it would pan across other buildings, instead of dark and dreary husks, it showed lively and well lit buildings. One had a neon sign, others were more casual, but they all had people of all paths and looks walking in and out. "Other buildings that shared an origin from this one. They still stand; however, and find themselves met with such common usage... So I ask you, what do you believe this building was? What purpose did it serve?" A hollow cry rings out among the corpses of the buildings, echoing into oblivion.
"This one specifically?" Nanaka puts one hand on her chin and thinks for a moment before coming up with her own explanation, one she can understand at least. "It seems to have acted as more of a central hub, or perhaps a catalyst, rather than a mere place to sit down and relax. That is, assuming what you've told me thus far to be true."
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Woz chuckles, snapping the book shut. He stands and walks behind what was once a bar. "Perhaps this may give you a hint... Would you like some coffee?" As he says this, his book flashes, appearing to revert whatever damages that may have occurred to the building. The electricity turns on, and the warm smell of roasted coffee beans arises from the pots behind the counter. "This place is the origin of all we know, if you can see between the lines. Every individual here, well, almost every individual, stems from this single location." Woz pours a cup of the black liquid, steaming lazily as it settles. "It was truly a place with every intent of sitting down and relaxing, though such places always have some skeleton in its closet, either forced in or placed naturally. As a result, it was a casualty of war, having committed no sin itself, yet being forced to bear the burden of suffering to atone, tragic..." A quick peek out the windows would reveal the same decrepit hellscape that had been there prior, more peculiarly, it seemed that no light was actually emitted from the building, where the bulbs that lit the room would have shone on the walls outside through the window, it did not.
"That most certainly sounds like a legend." Nanaka comments, though she has no such history to look back on, and as such can think of little more to mention. "Its true that places often see sorrow regardless of their initial intent. Part of its tragic beauty." The girl closes her eyes and gives a long, sorrowful glance out the window, in that moment she almost seems a bit older. "A shame that some stories have to end that way, but it gives what's left more of a reason to go on."
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Woz would set the still hot cup down in front of Nanaka. He glances at the door, a somber expression in his eyes. "Maybe that is true, but I will still refer to it as history. Legends can give us hope, and revive if need be, but history... it's simply what occurred, any greater meaning can be lost on everybody should that be what our future is. There may be some who wish to turn back the clock, to see things play out differently, to bring life to this now desolate wasteland, but that isn't living, is it?" Woz sits at the bar, the warm glow that lights the cafe fading. The dust and scorched walls slowly infiltrate from the corner, slowly... Suddenly, as if a switch was flicked, it's all gone, the light, the coffee, the warm feelings, gone... "We are all responsible in our own way for letting things become like this... You might not know it, but there are those who do, those you don't know you have a connection with, but... Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. Of course, I have learned this lesson thousands upon thousands of times, but maybe it would help you?" The quiet wind goes silent, footsteps echo out from the empty street. The air is dead here, but something stirs within the gloom. Woz places his book into his coat, retrieving from it a black disk. "I believe it was once said, "The past should give us hope." Well, let us find if that is true hmm?"
"Winston Churchill, if I recall correctly. Many would consider him a legend as well." The girl momentarily adjusts her glasses as she senses the more somber air's return. "Everyone has something they'd wish to change about their past, what matters is those who can work for it in their future." Nanaka slowly sands up, holding her left hand over her chest as she narrows her eyes "Very well then, I suppose there's no harm in accepting your hospitality. Perhaps I can find my own answers in this past of yours."
A short woman dressed head to toe in a frog suit teleports in. They point a rapier at Woz and hold a magic crystal in their other hand "I challenge you, Emet-Selch."
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A woman would enter the building wearing a dark colored robe to cover her body. Despite this she would be looking around the place with curiosity. "This place has seen better days. Seems as though something odd is happening around here though." She'd quickly and stylishly pull the cloak off before it seemed to vanish in thin air as she twirled it around her. She had black hair that seemed to turn to a brownish color near her tips and she wore and dress that looked to be of a finer quality but somehow seemed to also be custom made to not restrict her own movements. She also had a sword at her side that was a light blue in color. The most stand out thing about her though would be her skill which seemed to be crystallized in multiple places, creating patterns that seemed almost intentionally mystic in nature.
A woman dressed in casual clothes wanders through the city's streets. Bored look on her face while she watches the scene of a cafe suddenly vanishing into dust. Curiosity gets the better of the officer, and soon enough LeBlanc's doors slam open while footsteps echo throughout. Upon noting who exactly is here, an eyebrow would be raised curiously. "Hello again, Mr... Whoever you are. You seem different than the last time we spoke, no tablet for one. Now, what's all this about the past? And hi to you as well Miss, Nanoha Takamachi." Nanoha reaches into a pocket on her clothes, quickly pulling out a gleaming red jewel with a string around it. The thing is placed around her neck before a quick greeting is offered to Miriam as well now that she's entered. A simple brief wave. "Ah, and welcome to you as well Miss. I'm pretty sure there's something strange here myself, though exactly what isn't quite known right now." Her head turns to Woz and Nanaka expectantly, clearly thinking that one of them must know more.
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"Ah yes, it seems we have company." Nanaka would quickly get up and bow to the newcomers, both of whom were older than her. She makes all the proper movements and seems practiced at controlling herself "I am Nanaka Tokiwa, a student who moved here recently. It seems our host has something important he'd like to show us. I assume you felt the pull too?" Nanaka would gesture to Woz when referring to their host, before letting out a calm sigh and raising one arm in front of their chest once more. "Now, once introductions are out of the way I'd say its probably close to time."
Miriam would nod before approaching Nanaka and Woz. She wasn't sure who they were but it seemed they had a better idea of what was going on. "I am Miriam for those that don't know me. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintances. I'm not too adjusted to this place yet but it seems as though there are powers at work here beyond what most would consider normal."
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As the introductions concluded, a rainbow burst emits from Woz's tome, other than visual spectacle, it appears to have no immediate effect. Woz does; however, point toward the door which the newcomers had just entered. "If you all are finished, there is a more pressing matter at hand. There is at large a fiend with the intent to wipe the history contained in this building from. While I don't expect any of you to be instrumental in the defeat of this being, I suppose that according to this book you shall be helpful in the upcoming battle." As he said this, a roaring horn shook the very foundation of the building, followed by the screeching of steel grinding on steel. The only thing standing between the group and whatever evil awaited outside was the worn out door, and whatever was left of the front wall.
"Though I have no personal attachment to it, would be a shame to let a story be eliminated completely." Nanaka takes a deep breath and slips off a small, silver ring from her right hand. She focuses on it for a bit as a soft white light envelopes her like a curtain of flowers. she slices through this light with an elegant, decorated katana, revealing her new outfit, a long and traditional pink dress that seems to have an ancient history. By her side she holds a sheathe with a blade at each side, though how it avoids falling out is a wonder. "I shall support as best I can. Leave the analysis to me."
Nanoha nods a bit, looking down at the jewel on her neck with a smile and speaking to it. There's a reply as well, from a digital female voice. N: "Alright then, time to get to work!" R: "Standby ready master!" Light flashes around the mage for a moment. Outfit replaced and a staff in her hands while she begins walking out the door. Glancing forward before quickly bursting up into the air, aerial support is her best skill after all. N: "Right then, I'll be providing firepower from a distance unless anyone strictly needs me to move in. I'm not incapable of fighting up close, just much better when I don't!" R: "Begin charge now." She stares down, now above the building and about 30 feet up. Glowing pink light begins to build up in her staff, though her darting eyes and stance both show she's ready to move if needed.
Miriam would look around. The sound was familiar to her...a train. She remembered well having ridden one before, of course that train was filled with demons. Maybe this time might have less demons and more of a leisurely ride but she had a feeling that wasn't to be the case. "Well, I thought I was dramatic you both have full transformations. I suppose always being in fighting form has its advantages though." She'd simply pull the sword from her side and hold it forward. In a black burst of smoke another sword would float a little behind he head. It has a dark rustic appearance and a shadowy aura seemed to surround it. "Well, Bloodbringer, seems like I'll have a use for you today."
“Nice to see another Magical Girl.” Nanaka remarks, noting Nanoha’s own transformation, she brings one hand to her lip and lets out an almost childlike giggle “I can’t very well go around like this all the time can I Miriam? Just imagine all the looks I’d be getting walking down the street. Though it might help with my figure...” She trails off, letting the thought linger in the air in spite of the previously tense atmosphere.
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As it seemed that all present were prepared, Woz would change his pointing hand into an open palm, one which threw out a green aura, one that once collided, would completely destroy it. On the other side stood a figure that could only be described as monstrous. It had red horns growing where eyes would be, and just check the image I sent tbh. Behind it was a train that also bore his strange red horns. Instead of speaking it would merely grunt, and groan. "Our guest has arrived... If you have confidence in your own abilities, don't be afraid to show off. I shall be with you momentarily..." It was then that Woz would become completely enveloped within his scarf, as it wound down around him, he would disappear. The scarf would then fly to a nearby rooftop. Upon its arrival, it would again rotate around an axis, and reveal Woz, standing just as he had been moments ago.
Nanoha stares at Nanaka curiously, Magical Girl? That's... A strange term for a Mage, she'd shout in reply to them even as Raising Heart continues to gather up more power. "You could call me that I guess, but the actual term for it is a Mage. At least where I'm from, is that sword a Storage Device or something? As for dramatics Miriam, maybe. But I can't exactly walk down the streets waving around enough firepower to level small towns." She needs a bit more time to fire, at least if she wants to do this full power. The pink glow within her staff growing bigger and bigger while she drifts higher into the air slowly. Soon enough she'll be able to fire on... Whatever that thing is, but if it'll actually do much is another question entirely.
“Pardon the mistake. You could say my device is up here. Not quite as talkative as yours I’m afraid.” Nanaka lets out a giggle as she gestures to the white camellia blossom hairpin decorates by a pleasant, pink gem of her own. There’s no reason to go any further for the moment, as they do still have a job to do. Since her companion needed interference, Nanaka would focus on providing it, dashing in to unsheathe her rather short sword and aim a slash at the edge of the humanoid creature’s armor before taking a step back, testing mostly its range and reaction speed
Miriam would just simply approach their foe but not get nearly as close as Nanaka had. "Can't unleash everything yet. Not with someone in the way. Suppose this shall have to do instead." She'd raise her hand upwards with her palm open. What looked to be a beam of light at first would fire out from her hand. The light would quickly move forward taking the form of an arrow. It would curve around anything around it to try to hit the creature, avoiding anything else that may lie in its path. Due to its homing properties though it would only attempt to strike at the creature's chest. Bloodbringer meanwhile would have flew away from Miriam's side. It would hove slightly above the creature and seem to reel itself up, getting ready to strike, albeit rather slowly.
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As the magical girl charges toward it, the monster draws two swords, each crackling with red electricity. It grunts aggressively, preparing to parry, but is struck by the arrow, being knocked out of its defensive stance which allows for Nanaka to strike freely. It flails its arms, clearly displeased, and throws one of its swords into the air, pointing its other blade toward it. The electricity connects and ignites the airborne blade, which then flies toward Nanoha, seemingly an extension of what the beast held. "If you're holding back, I recommend you cease doing such now. Another Den-O is currently at a quarter of its strength. Allowing it time to gain the other 75% could possibly result in a death sentence." A gust would start gathering throughout the empty streets, causing Woz's scarf to billow in the wind. A roar echoes from within what seems to be the earth itself. Woz's expression would shift from general disinterest to mild concern, not that it should be something you'd notice.
“If any of you are willing to share information on your abilities that would make planning easier.” Though Nanaka has to shout to make sure Woz and Nanoha can hear her, she maintains a calm and pleasant tone, as a simple request and nothing more. For now though all she can do is base things off what she’s seen so far, which is to keep an eye on her allies to make sure she’s not in a straight line between them and their target. “You know it’s rude to ignore a guest.” Nanaka almost playfully remarks before stepping back in. She makes a feint at Another Den-O’s head with the sword she’s already drawn in her left aiming her slash a little to the side of creature’s head before taking out her second blade from the back end of her sheathe and aiming a slash at the blade still in Another Den-O’s hand in hopes of disarming it, if only temporarily
The blade flying towards her is an issue, one that Nanoha can deal with. But before that, both Nanaka and Miriam would notice a voice speaking directly into their minds. It'd be best to avoid being in a line between me and the target, get about twenty feet clearance really. Being in my line of fire isn't a good thing. The weapon in her hand shifts once again, in moments taking on a spear form. Right before the blade flying through air can make contact with her, Nanoha's spell would fire off as a pair of shells is ejected from her Device. R: "EXCELION BUSTER!" The sword would be blocked massive pink pillar of magical energy, tearing through space and easily engulfing the entire massive enemy in front of them for several seconds as steam rushes off her weapon. The vast magical power being forced through Raising Heart is a clear sign that she's taking Woz's advice seriously, though if it will actually send the foe's blade of course or do any real damage she can't be sure of. Either way, small burns marks coat her hands from the heated up metal of her Device as her voice once again sounds out to the two below. Not sure if that hit did much, but hopefully it'll help. You two alright down there so far?
"Explain my abilities? It'd be easier to tell you what I can't do then what I can do." Miriam would just open her palm and point it directly at her foe. Energy seemed to course around her hand as sparks began to fly forward. "Riga Storæma!" Collums of flames would burst from the ground one by one in a forward pattern. They're poace would be astonishingly fast, less than a second from pillar to pillar until finally a pillar of flames would rise out of the ground where the monster stood.
suddenly someone ran in "WHY WOULD MY MASTER SEND ME HERE?!" Skylor's rebellious spirit had been put at bay
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As the blasts fade away, Another Den-O's silhouette would be noticeable, standing unharmed. The roars came to a climax as what appeared to be a red train bearing a front somewhat reminiscent to their foes own face would fly from, well to be certain nowhere might not have been the proper term, yet the ominous void from whence it came was certainly nowhere within anyone's immediate line of sight. Almost chasing after it was another train, this one was more sleek, and bore a bull motif. The demon train would fly straight toward Nanoha, leaving little in the form of time to react, and the bull train would pull to a halt as a strange ninja-esque figure exited from the side. "Hrmph! That monster thinks it can just mess with the flow of time!? If Yuuto were here, he'd give it a proper beating, but... Never mind that! I've just gotta do this!" The figure faded into a transparent green shadow of itself, one that flew straight into Woz. upon collision, Woz appeared to be knocked back, almost falling limp. Shortly he stood, but with a vibrant green lock of hair as if to signify something had just occurred. 'Woz' would jump from his roof top, a strange belt now at his waist, one which he slid a golden card into. [VEGA FORM] As he landed, it appeared his entire outfit had changed. A full-body suit covered him, and a star-shaped mask was now over his face. Once he reached a point where he could finally stand up, the ground quaked beneath him. Windows that had gone un-shattered had now found themselves to be the opposite of in tact. He pointed a sword at the beast, and had this to say. "Let me say this to start, the individual you are imitating isn't very flattering!" Another Den-O's attention didn't seem to be shifted by this new arrival, nor did the train he seemingly have command of change course. To this end, Another Den-O would draw another set of his blades, and charge Miriam.
“So you’d simply have me stay out of the way then? Very well.” Nanaka doesn’t mind this particular instruction. Though she came here to help defeat the creature, that’s no reason to take unneeded risks. So she’d take a few leaping steps back and off to the side, getting about 20 feet away from Another Den-O as she carefully observes the field. Of course, one of the first things she’d notice would be their host’s own transformation. The younger girl giggles a bit before adding “I see you’ve finally decided to join us. Don’t mind me too much.”
A train rushing at you with high speeds is something most wouldn't be able to react to at all, Nanoha can manage something of a defense however. R: "Roundshield Powered!" Another click of a cartridge ejecting, and mere moments before the mage can be struck dead on a glowing pink shield that looks like a circle covered in runes appears. It shimmers and flickers for a while, slowing the attack a good deal before finally breaking and blasting Nanoha back. The force of her magic exploding would cause some damage to the woman, but if also pushes her further up and back. Hopefully evading the worst of the blow as she prepares to try and dodge. Once again, her voice sounds out in the minds of those here, including the newcomer. Well, this could be going better than it has. I hope you have a plan to put that thing down Mr... What's your name? Whatever, I just know we can't last forever like this.
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