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Phansitemon Mystery Dungeon: The Sun’s Shadow
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A haze like the mist around you clouds your mind. You feel no weight, as if only your mind is here, yet you can see yourself. It’s almost like a dream... ”It’s born of a dream, I’d say. But please, if you can hear me... state your name, loud and clear.” Welcome to PMD: Phansite edition! Anyone is welcome to join, although I’ll contact you with more info through PMs or Discord if needed - especially since this info’s needed to start you up and all that. Good luck.
I slowly open my eyes, it felt like a long, deep sleep I hadn’t wished to wake up from, but of course the day can’t wait for one as talented as I. I take a glance around, noting little in the mist but a voice “You dare seek my name? Very well, but you may wish to hold onto something, for the very heavens shake before my majesty.” I clear my throat and attempt to strike a pose, with one hand held over my eye “I am the mad Cyclone and chosen God of War to bring justice to this forsaken land. May the earth tremble at the trumpet call that is... GRIIIIIIMNIIIIIIR!!!!
As I wake from my rest, I notice that I feel a lot more tired than I usually do. There's also the mist, but that's not much to be worried, surely. When I hear the voice, I let out a little chuckle. "My name? While I would normally not give you such a thing..." I let out a sigh as I smile more, my eyes closed to show about how much I truly care. Because I'm polite like that. "it's Angel. Would you like to hear about my religion, or is that all you need?"
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Something sways in the mist. It looks like a doll, with two strands of fabric fluttering in the air. Still, it is too hard to see at the moment. "Grimnir... Angel... welcome. I am too tired for much else, but... Someone wished for you to come... I'd explain, but that's too exhausting... So please, step forward, would you? I can't ignore the wish I was given... I apologize, but you won't be able to return from where you came for a while..."
“Ah, a damsel in distress you say? You were right to seek me then.” I step forward through the darkness, heedless of the voice’s warning “Fear not, for the great and powerful Dancing Hurricane of Destruction shall gladly slay those evildoers and bring peace to your world. Lest I bring shame to the title Mad Cyclone.”
"Oh, tired I see? I do feel the same way myself, you know." Stepping forward, while I would try and light the darkness, it feels like it'd be deemed unnecessary. "And I've come a long way, so I don't feel like going back. Hopefully your world would like to be enlightened with religion...maybe!"
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"You two are unique... but maybe... you're what the world needs... I'll stay here in case I can find others to assist you on your journey... Goodnight." The voice sighs. For a second, with their light, Angel can see a white and yellow creature with blue talisman-like things on its head, but that image disappears once the two begin to fall. They can hear the rush of wind in the absolute darkness. Some of it is the air passing their ears, and some is the air howling through rock. They regain feeling in their body, although something still feels off... ...In the case of these two protagonists, the feeling of feathers where arms should be.
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Flareon sees a fine mist before he, too, begins to fall. While he does not have the ability of flight, his tumbling against unseen stone walls slows his descent.
My head is pounding, last night was quite the long night, can't even remember half of it. I open my eyes and attempt to adjust to my new surroundings. "Eh? Wha? Was there something in that mixed drink that I didn't know about?" My name? Well, been awhile since I've been asked that. "My name is Niko... I've forgotten my last name, honestly. I don't even know how I did."
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"Niko... I shall remember that... Go onwards, Niko. I have given you... this power, use it wisely..." Niko would find himself plummeting downwards. He can hear at least two others around over the howling wind.
Wait was that a Jirachi? Well, no time to think about it. I'm just gonna fall for a bit, maybe. I might just die, but eh, I guess falling wouldn't be the worst way to go.
“Of course I’m what this world needs, everywhere needs me!” Grimnir makes a mock salute mere instants before he begins falling... Falling once more. “Woooah, wicked!” Grimnir shouts as he noticed these fine, sharpened feathers. He’s not overly accustomed to using them just yet, and experimentally flaps them about a bit as he falls. He notices his sight’s gotten a fair bit better too. Soon he’d try to extend his wings to descend a bit more slowly
"Goodnight to you too, whoemever you may be." He gives a little wave before beginning yet another trip of plummeting downwards. "Oh, always wondered how these things would work." Angel comments on his newfound wings that are in place of his arms. Seeing as how Grimnir has also noticed this, he begins to flap them a little bit during his fall as well, mostly to copy him since he doesn't have much else to do.
Ignoring the voice, Flareon merely grins as he makes his descent. "Is this some sort of Isekai? I hope I get to go to the White House world like in the best anime."

Ina gently falls with Grace, as usual. "Oh, my name is Ina! Hi there, mysterious voice." She gives her usual cute smile as she plummets into this strange abyss.
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The haze of the dream has left their minds. Grimnir and Angel slow their descent towards the unseen ground, only realizing it is there when they hear others hit it. Flareon, Ina, and Niko land with varying degrees of grace on the stone floor. Somehow, they're relatively unharmed aside from some bruises. It takes a moment for their eyes to adjust to the darkness. Down a tunnel to the group's left, there are small blue crystals that provide enough light to see by. Looking at where they had fallen from reveals nothing of note - just more blackness. For four of them, this will give them time to adjust to their new forms, whether they had noticed them yet or not.
“Haha!” Grimnir lets out a cheerful cry as he carefully descends to the ground, perching tall and proud, illuminated against the lightly glowing crystals “Rejoice! For you stand in the presence of one of the famed lords of the Sky!” At least that’s what the metallic bird screeches out before preening it’s feathers. “I, Grimnir, shall act as your guardian in this great endeavor, now as they say, ever onward!” He doesn’t wait to see if they’re actually following him before heading towards the light, as even his incredible sight is useless in complete darkness.

Ina looks into the crystal to see she has taken the form of a beautiful Ninetailed fox, the one and only, well, Ninetails. "Wow, I look so pretty!" She squeals too, excited by what her tail, or tails, have become. "No way! I'm a nine tailed fox now! This is so awesome!!!" She walks into the light, not knowing what's next, but is very excited for whatever it is.
"Heh, that's pretty nice!" He comments happily on his working wings, beginning a horribly graceful descent to the ground, and taking an intruged gaze at the Skarmory. "I surely will, sir Grimnir. Let us advance forwards." Very eccentric behavior, and headstrong. Interesting, and someone that sounds a bit reckless. Nonetheless, Angel follows the group into the darkness.
Niko lands quite gracefully, cats always land on their feet, right? Not being able to see too well in the darkness, he moves over to the crystals, feeling taller. He hears the voices of the other parts of the group, but he shrugs them off to poke one of the crystals... "Oh no." His hand... Is definitely not his. It seems to be that of a Zeraora. Well, it could be worse, at least he has opposable finger.... Things. Four fingers, one of them used like an opposable thumb. "I knew I saw what I think was a Jirachi. I've just been Pokemon Mystery Dungeon'd." He takes a moment to look at the rest of his body. You know what? He can get used to this, it's pretty cool. Niko walks further out, following the light of the crystals.
Upon landing, Flareon noticed his form was exactly the same. However, once he saw the dank cavern he was in, Flareon dropped in dissapointment "Aw man, I was really hoping to be sent in da house. Eh, hopefully this isn't a complete trash tier anime anyways." He then follows down the path of the blue crystal, raising a brow at the Zeraora "How many layers of parallel worlds are you on?"
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The party is mostly fine with their current situation, and the crystals make their trek easy. Any light, even as faint as this, is welcome. Sounds echo down the corridor at random intervals - moving rock, calls almost too high-pitched to hear, and possibly footsteps. Grimnir has taken the lead and is the first to see something moving in the darkness. A small archaeopteryx-like creature is holding a jar of water that shines like a beacon. It squawks once it sees the group and tries to stop, but trips and falls on its face. The jar shatters and spreads the glowing liquid all over the floor. "P-please don't eat me... I'm sorry! I won't go out on my own again! Just don't eat me!" It pushes itself up and starts scooting backwards in a panic. It looks at the five with tear-filled eyes.
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Niko fingerguns at Flareon. "Like, maybe five or six right now, my dude." Niko looks at the creature and then at the glowing liquid. "Why did you immediately jump to the conclusion that we're gonna eat you?" He winces before going back to a neutral look. He steps in-front of Grimnir. "We aren't gonna eat you... Or at least I'm not gonna eat you, can't really speak for the others. What are you doing here, kiddo? What's with the liquid?" He's trying to make himself seem older than he actually is, if anything, he has no right to call anyone "kiddo".
"Never Fear Citizen!" Grimnir steps to Niko's side, still letting his ape-like companion take center stage as he instead bows off to the side "You stand in the presence of Grimnir, the Warring Cyclone and guardian of the weak. So my fine feathered friend, know that you shall always be safe with us!" If the sharp-beaked bird could smile he would, for now Grimnir will simply have to settle for looking at their newfound friend sideays, one eye ever vigilant for danger.

Ina gets kinda nervous because of the upset Archeops. "H-H-Hey, are you ok? I promise that we-" She looks over at the others and sighs. ".....I won't hurt you! Just tell me what's wrong."
Angel looks over at the new arrival. Just like how he was not at all familiar with his wings, he wasn't too familiar with their...dinosaurish friend. He let out the slightest sigh as he spoke to it in a gentle tone. "It's fine, really. I don't think I am physically able to eat you." He takes quick glances towards the liquid that dropped on the floor, since everyone else is mainly focused on the Archeops being nervous and stuff like that.
Flareon retreats to the back of the group upon sight of the new creature, laying down and swaying gently while looking around the room "Something's off about this place, I better go ahead and do some recon." He runs past the rest of the group further down the path, taking care to avoid the new creature.
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“R-really...? Oh thank Arceus...” The bird shakily gets to his feet and lets his tail droop. “I thought you were like the other wild pokemon in this mystery dungeon, or even those evil ones from outside... Bu-but you’re nice I guess! And... oh boy, I’ve never met outsiders like you before! So they DO exist!” He taps his taloned feet happily. “I’m Archen, by the way! And uh... sorry to bother you, but I kinda gor lost in here, so... mind if you guys tag along? With my glowdrop jar all shattered, it’s too dangerous for me to walk back alone...” It’s safe for Angel to assume the blue liquid he’s looking at are the glowdrops. Tiny orbs of light move around the wet substance like fireflies. Flareon scouts ahead. He can hear some faint growls and the sound of claws clicking against rock. They aren’t approaching, but still a reason for caution.
Niko's a little happy to see that the Archen trusts them immediately. Would've been hard to get anywhere if he didn't trust the group... "I mean, I wouldn't call myself "nice" by any means, but I'm not gonna jump to killing anyone immediately." Now it really comes down to how he should introduce himself... Should he use his name or the Pokemon he is? Should probably go with the latter just to be safe. "It's good to meet you, Archen, I'm Zeraora. I'm up for tagging along, again, can't say the same for the others in the group, though."
"Very well, in that case allow me to lead the way!" Grimnir seems very confident in himself, fluttering around the group to be a little bit ahead of Archen. The skarmory puts one wing over his eye as he continues "As the greatest war god of our generation 'twould be shameful to be caught not aiding those in need, so before we move forth, do any of my vassals have concerns?"
With the mysterious liquid mostly out of the way, Angel opts to go ahead and follow the skarmory. At least until it's abrupt stop when he asked everyone if they were alright at the moment. "Oh, no I'm pretty much fine. A bit suspicious maybe, but that's nothing to worry about." Though he almost crashed into Grimnir mid-flight, Angel paid it no mind and replied to him in a casual manner. Then he looked back at everyone else to see what they had to say to his concerns.

Ina smiles, and even when she's a Pokemon it's still adorable. It's nice that the...creature was happy. She knows about Pokemon and knows what they are, heck she even knows she's a Ninetails, but she's not all that familiar with it. "That's good Archen! I'm Ina, and I'll make sure that you don't get hurt!" The fox moves forward, not exactly leading the pack but definitely near the front to protect everyone.
noting the noises ahead, Flareon turns back to the rest of the group. "Yo, there may be some enemies ahead. How's y'all motherfuckas AI, er, I guess just inteligence holding up?"
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Archen fluttered his wing-like arms. "Thank you! There's a lot of dangerous pokemon around like the Flareon said, so let's be careful." Flareon was right. A black shape zoomed overhead and caused Archen to squawk and duck behind Ina's large tails. It circled back around once the group started moving again. Ahead, the source of the noises could be seen when everyone went farther down the hall: a massive black and white crow, a blue and black lizard, and a yellow lizard with shed skin falling down near its feet. The thing that had passed earlier, a smaller crow, landed behind whoever was lagging. All four of them didn't speak at all. There was a feral look in their eyes.
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Niko looks around at the multiple Pokemon... And chuckles. "Seriously? If you guys were trying to be scary, maybe you should've traded out the Scraggy for something else. What a joke!" He cracks his neck. "Why don't all of you run along before all of you get hurt?" He's trying to use his status as a mythical Pokemon to scare them off. It's probably not gonna work, but gotta give it a try, right?

"Hey, back off!" Ina takes a stance, even if it's kinda hard to because she's not her usual fox-girl self, and seems to scheme a bit. She gets an idea and giggles to herself, and from that alone she seems a lot stronger. -Nasty Plot- Type: Dark Status Move The user stimulates its brain by thinking bad thoughts. This sharply raises the user's Sp. Atk stat.
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The smaller crow and Scraggy take a step back, but the large crow's glare keeps them from outright fleeing. Though a fight is inevitable, at least two of the foes are intimidated. It's the players' turn now. Ina has made her move and is all fired up, so just four left!
"You know, I certainly don't think much of us in this wonderful little group care much to try and interrogate, sooooo..." The sigilyph giggles a bit before using it's wings to make a strong flowing current that travels through the air, invigorating everyone with a boost in their speed. "Think fast everyone!" -Tailwind- Type: Flying Status Move The user whips up a turbulent whirlwind that ups the Speed stat of the user and its allies for four turns.
"Very well then, if you shan't move then prepare to be moved by the Mad Cyclone and greatest among all the gods of war, Grimnir!" The Skarmory lets out a cry as he flaps his mighty wings,a few of his steel like feathers begin to glow before launching out blades of wind at the enemies, focused on the large crow as it is the apparent leader "Flashstorm Ruination!" -Air Cutter-
"Well I guess that's simple enough." Flareon then pounces on the blue and black lizard and opens their mouth, revealing ferocious burning fangs. They then attempt to tear into the neck of said creature, scraping them with a searing Fire Fang.
Niko smiles, it drips with not only smugness, but it's also got quite sinister undertones as he sees that he's caused some fear in the weaker ones. He looks at the bigger one straight in the eyes. "You aren't scared of a myth that's real? Well, my group and I will show you that you've made a huge mistake." He begins to sharpen his claws to get himself ready to attack. "Let's see if you'll bleed." -Hone Claws-
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The entire party's speed is doubled! Next turn, they will be able to act twice. Niko's claws crackle with light blue energy. He feels slightly stronger and more accurate. Ina can feel her flames intensifying, increasing her power even farther than Niko did. Grimnir's wind blades easily hit all the foes, striking the large crow and Scraggy in vital areas. The latter struggles to get back up. The crow scoffs and gives it a whack to the back of the head to get it upright. Flareon digs into the furry neck of the blue and black lizard. However, it shakes him off before he can dig in too deep, although the damage is still done. [Enemy Turn] The smaller crow takes advantage of its rear position to lunge at Angel. It covers itself in shadow and slams into him, dealing considerable damage. The blue and black lizard bows its head and paws at the ground. It then slams its head into... the wall next to Flareon. Its blindness did not help at all. The large crow shakes its head in disappointment. It flies into the air and swoops down to hit the biggest threat, Grimnir, with one of its mighty wings. The Skarmory's armor mitigates the worst of the blow, but it's still a strong attack regardless. Scraggy makes one last effort to take the opposition down a notch. It considers attacking Niko, but instead brings its hand down to chop Ina on the head. Its desperate play pays off. Ina is left with a massive headache and below half her original vitality. [Player Turn x2!]
Niko smirks and flashes a thumbs up at Angel. "Thanks mate." He readies himself, look at which Pokemon he should attack. He feels speedy enough to take down two... Take down two? Ah! A takedown should do the trick, and he knows just the move to chain some. "They say lightning doesn't strike the same place twice..." -Quick Attack- He rushes into the Honchkrow, attempting to knock it to the floor and make it bang its head on the ground. Successful or not, he'd then turn to the Scraggy. "Which is a true fact, probably." -Quick Attack 2: Electric Boogaloo- He then does nearly the same thing to the Scraggy, except that he opts to smash the Scraggy into a wall instead of on the floor.
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"You dare challenge the god of war?" Grimnir cries out in anger before getting struck by the big bird's wing, it seems he may have found a worth foe after all "Very well then, have at thee!" shortly after he's struck by the wing, Grimnir would use his now boosted agility to fly behind the honchcrow, his beak seeming to glow as he jabs at the larger bird multiple times. -Fury attack - Target: Honchkrow "Worry not, as long as I am here you shall always be safe!" soon enogh, he'd take a few quick flaps to remain out of Niko's way. Noticing his allies are in danger, he dashes back towards the back with Angel, making a fake jab at the smaller bird with his talons before instead aiming to strike it with his beak -Feint- Target: Murkrow

Ina gently paws at her head, and sobs a bit. "Ow! Wow, I can get hurt in this form.... This isn't good.." She gets angry, and is about to let loose the fires of her rage. And she does. From her mouth. At the lizard thing. -Flamethrower- Target: Scraggy 90 Attack Power Special attack The target is scorched with an intense blast of fire. This may also leave the target with a burn. (10% chance of burn) But she's not done yet. She wants this lizard DONE. She dashes right Into it, hopefully knocking it backwards, maybe even into the other Pokemon. It's very doubtful this will happen, however. -Quick Attack- Target: Scraggy 40 Attack Power Physical attack The user lunges at the target at a speed that makes it almost invisible. This move always goes first.
"Oh no, I have been hurt by a tiny avian creature, whatever shall I do. Oh gosh-" Angel covers his face with his wing as he makes a dramatic little fall sequence, stopping right when he sensed his figure make the slightest touch to the ground, flying back up and giggling again. "Thanks Grimnir, never thought what I'd be able to do without you around." He gazes at the Murkrow deep, his eyes almost seeming like they were growing as it stared into the small crow's soul. -Miracle Eye- Enables a Dark-type target to be hit by Psychic-type attacks. This also enables an evasive target to be hit "And you, little one, can catch this nice wave of energy." After his staring session with the edgy little crow, he blasted out a psychic blast towards it, dealing a random amount of damage that Angel wouldn't really care about as he hides behind the Skarmory. -Psywave- The target is attacked with an odd psychic wave. The attack varies in intensity.
"I now have the advantage. Time to obtain experience and poké." Flareon then tackles the lizard that had missed him, trying to flip them upside down and bite their chest.
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Niko catches the Honchkrow off guard, leaving it open to five strong pecks from Grimnir. The dark bird caws and flutters its wings, retreating into the shadows with both its pride and body damaged, effectively ending its role in the fight. Even the Scraggy's sheer determination isn't enough to keep it standing after Ina's Flamethrower. It's practically stuck in the wall by the combined force of Niko and Ina's physical attacks. Angel's psychic attack does fair damage - not its greater potential, but not its lowest possible power either. Still, this brings it in range to be knocked out by a Feint to the chest from Grimnir. The bite does little to the lizard. It struggles out of the fiery fox's grip with ease. However, a second attempt of biting finally caused it to collapse. The battle is over. Though there was no surge of power within anyone, they feel they will become stronger soon. Archen hops from foot to foot. "You actually did it! We should be able to reach the stairs now..." Indeed, at the end of the corridor, there was a set of stairs leading upwards. Once the group proceeded, they would find themselves with some options. The area they would enter on the next floor branched in all four directions. It's possible to stick together, split up, or whatever plan comes to mind.
"Hey, get back here coward!" Grimnir would chase the honchkrow for a bit, only to lose it in the darkness and be forced back to the main group, preening his metallic feathers once more. Befone nodding to Angel, though he has no lips he almost seems to be smiling "But of course, you stand in the presence of the mightiest of all War Gods, the Tempest of Destruction himself, its only natural that these peasants would be no match for me!" The Skarmory loudly boasts before heading up the staircase, eager to lead the way. "Soon enough we'll all be out of here, and then I can show that filthy crow what's for!" Only to come at a crossroads and pause... Grimnir doesn't really say anything for a bit. "So uh... Which way is the exit?"
Niko backs away from the Scraggy. "Aww, looks like you're in quite a sticky situation. Let's hope your mob boss cares about you enough to pry you out. Come and try me again when you're actually good at something." He laughs and goes upstairs. Looking at the four paths there's a choice to make. Split up or stick together, each choice has their fair share of consequences. "Yo, Archen, do you remember which path you took?"
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“Um, I... kinda forgot. They all look the same and I don’t know what direction is north, so it could be any of these four.” Archen spins around. “I took one of ‘em to get here, but left or right mean nothing when your orientation’s impossible to tell.”
Niko scratches his chin. "Well, do you know what happens if we take the wrong path? We need to decide if we should stick together or split up, so your answer could be a tie breaker for my indecisiveness."
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“Um... we might run into some more bad guys, but there’s also treasure hidden in dungeons like this... but if we take the wrong path, we can always backtrack. The worst thing we can do is just stay here. Apparently something terrible happens if you stay on a floor for too long...” The prehistoric pokemon shivered.
"Splitting up seems like it'd obviously be an abhorrent game plan..." The sigilyph giggled a bit more before continuing in a level-headed tone despite seeming a bit airheaded at the moment. While it still felt a bit hurt from the Murkrow ramming into it, the pain was barely anything to worry about. "So how about we try it out? Cover more ground and get picked off easier as they say..."
Splitting up means covering more ground without keeping cover on ourselves, but sticking together means less of a chance that we get treasure... We can't stick around too long either. "Yeah, sticking together would be the safer option. Though if the others suggest that we split up, then Archen is coming with me. After all, I have the best chance of keeping him safe due to me being a mythical Pokemon and all."

After giving the biggest death glare to the scraggy, Ina climbs up the stairs. The split path is confusing at first, but she's made up her mind about the group despite not knowing who they are. One of them definetly seems familiar, though, but she's not sure. "I say we stick together! Who knows what could happen if.... Something happens to one of us?"
"Hmmm.. Splitting up would get us out faster, that's a great idea!" Grimnir flaps his metallic wings a few times, raising a few feet into the air before announcing "If you four believe you can keep Archen safe, then I shall be able to head off and find the exit on my own. After all, I'm practically invincible!" I let out a triumphant screech before heading off to the exit to our left, trusting my allies to take care of themselves, after all they would not have been chosen were they not heroes in their own right
Niko thinks for a moment. "Well, should we just split up then or should we... Y'know, vote on a path?"
"Heh, seems we have quite the boisterous one on our hands!" Angel turns back towards everyone else as he flaps his wings, rising just a tiny bit off the ground as he gave the rest of the party a giggle. "If you three believe that you can keep Archen safe, then surely this strategy of splitting up shall be worthwhile. Now then, I shall be on my way." I wave goodbye to them with one wing before going ahead and pursuing Grimnir, not confident enough in him to let him go off on his own I just follow behind.
Niko shrugs as he watches Angel leave. "Welp, I guess I'm splitting off too, cya guys... Except Archen." He attempts to pick up Archen and run down the farthest right path.

Well, she doesn't get what she wants. Ina sighs "ok, then no team. Welp, I'll take the north path! Maybe I can find some good stuff!" She smiles and runs to the path in front of her, ready for adventure.
"Let's hurry up and finish this dungeon so we can meet the guildmaster and..." Flareon then narrows his eyes and begins to mutter heavily under his breath "...rival team." Flareon runs furiously towards the south path, memories of that manwhore chatot making him go without dinner because some bitch-ass motherfuckers stealing his perfect apple flooding back.
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Grimnir makes a bold move and runs off on his own, with Angel soon following behind. They soon find themselves at a dead end. This area looks empty, but there's a chime coming from above. A chime from a windchime-like floating creature, actually, accompanied by the low hum of a floating rock in the shape of a sun. Despite their advantage in terms of height, the two adventurers are quick enough for the first move. [Player turn!] --- Archen is surprised, but settles down in Niko's large paws and becomes a little bird loaf with his feet tucked under his feathery belly. Being a cat, Niko is able to see well in the dim cave and notices a set of stairs spiraling upward. His passenger nods excitedly. "This is the right place! It's not far at all to the entrance." --- Ina bounds up the north path. She can see something at the end. By the time she realizes it's just a box, she trips over something spiky and falls down. The sleepy Sandslash is dislodged from its cozy dirt bed and flails around to get up. It's angry about the rude awakening, and its claws are making that clear. [Player turn!] --- Flareon's anger propels him down his chosen path. That anger burns so bright, in fact, that something is reacting to it. A blue orb, lodged in a crevice. Even the dirt on its surface doesn't stop its gleam. [Obtained: Luminous Orb - Brightens up an area. Can also be used to activate Flash in battle without knowing the move.]
Niko smiles. "Well, we found the exit... Now, how do we mark this area?..." He runs back over to the branching paths, and then he uses one of his claws to put an X next to it if he can, if he can't, then... "Let's make a mental note that it's the path that's farthest to the right. Now it's time to find the others." He runs down the path that Grimnir and Angel took, at least he hopes he took the correct path.
"Foes? Very well, I shall make them regret challenging the God of War!" Grimnir hardly notices he's being followed, instead making a swift attempt to get higher in the air, even with his levitating foes, as he does this he swipes towards the windchime with a wing only to change into peck with his beak -Feint- at the wind chime (Chimeco?)
"pfft, alright. I guess I can let this slide." Angel mutters as he goes and follows behind Grimnir, silently using his wings as well to fly upwards. He also uses them to create another wave of wind that'd boost his one teammate's speed since he doesn't really feel like trying to blast some psychic energy their way. -Tailwind- "why not, lmao"

After tripping over the sandslash, she does a tiny help in pain, and turns around to apologise profusely. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I-" She then realizes that the hedgey means business, but is worried about her own health right now. "Let's get this over with quick, ey?" A small, extremely bright flame appears from her mouth, and floats over to the Sandslash, hopefully encapsulating it in flames before eventually leaving a burning sensation that'll deal damage over time. -Will-O-Wisp- Target: Sandslash Status move The user shoots a sinister, bluish-white flame at the target to inflict a burn.
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Indeed, it is Chimecho. The attack knocks it off-balance a bit, but it quickly rights itself with the mysterious power that keeps it airborne in the first place. The Tailwind roars to life, boosting the team’s speed... [Enemy turn] The Chimecho’s eyes glow, and Grimnir feels an intense pressure on his mind. It doesn’t confuse him, though, and his steeled mind resists the attack. In response, the sun-shaped rock spins around and loses some of its body. This polishing makes it more streamlined, making it fast enough to negate the extra turn Tailwind initially promised. [Player turn!] Niko, after marking the right path, arrives once the wild pokémon make their moves. A little extra help is here! —- The Sandslash’s spines become littered in embers. It’s not a pleasant sensation, and it shows in its less-energetic physical attacks. [Enemy turn] The hedgehog shoots a purple spine from its back at Ina. It does very little damage - and doesn’t even poison her. [Player turn!]

Ina smirks, she was getting very used to this body and was ready to take this thing down. "Play with fire, you get burned!" Once more, she lets out a burst of flame out of her mouth and sends it right out of her mouth to take the hedgey down. -Flamethrower-
Niko turns around and places down Archen. "Shhhh. Stay right here." He attempts to sneak up on the Solrock to grab it and turn it towards him while still having a grip on it. "What's up, sunboy?" He moves his head back to ready himself for a headbutt... But of course it's not gonna be a normal one, it's gonna be electrically charged and all that jazz. -Spark-
"Treasure, huh? Very well, i'll never use this." Flareon picks up the orb and puts it into his pocket space, continuing further down the path. "...don't even get me started on loudred."
"Hey.. What was... Trickery!!!!! Such dishonorable tactics must be punished" Grimnir doesn't really understand what was going on, he only knows that his head hurt and it was probably this thing's fault. Naturally, this makes him rather upset, and so, now that he's up in the air with the chimeco, he's ready for action. Grimnir attempts to grab onto the Chimeco for a few quick flurry of blows before pulling away once more --Fury Attack-- target: Chimeco
"I don't really appreciate you obstructing my efforts, you know." Angel's eyes lit up once more as it looked at the Solrock with a glare that was more menacing that what would usually come from them, even with the same smile still plastered on their face. Either way though, this randomly powered blast of psychic energy is going straight towards them. --Psywave-- Target: Solrock
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Niko’s charged headbutt does a fair bit of damage to the rock, but though it prepares to counterattack, the psychic blast hits hard and nearly takes it out. It slowly rotates, then builds up speed. The Chimecho is struck four times by Grimnir. Surprisingly, it manages to keep airborne. Its dainty appearance hides its true defensive potential. [Enemy turn] The Solrock’s spinning conjures a vortex of fire around Grimnir. Though not a very powerful attack on its own, it heats the bird’s metal to the point of feeling scalding and prevents escape. The Chimecho, meanwhile, attacks Niko’s mind with another confusing spell. Though not muddling his mind, it gives the cat a massive headache. [Player turn] Archen is cheering from the place Niko put him. —- Ina’s attack scorches the Sandslash. Despite its severe burns, it retaliates with incredible fury. [Enemy turn] One, two, three, four, five slashes strike Ina. Through fury and bad fate, the nine-tailed fox can’t withstand the punishment anymore and feels her body give out. The triumphant hedgehog glares at its defeated opponent and limps away to find a better place to sleep... [Defeat...] Unfortunately, no teleporting out of the dungeon. You’re stuck here until your teammates get you up and/or out. —- Flareon finds nothing else of note except some cool rocks. [Obtained: Gravelrock. It’s a rock. You could probably throw it at someone.]
Flareon stares at the rocks for awhile before storing them as well. "Wow, I can't wait to show mom this cool rock I found! ...Well, seems I walked the path of least resistence. Certainly not the most entertaining route. I better head back, someone probably already found the stairs." He then turns around and backtracks to the starting room
Niko clutches his head. "Nnrghh... I wish I had some pain killers... Or a music player." He tries to ignore the head pains for the most part. Focus on the one who did it. "You're dead." He rushes to the Chimecho. He attempts to take it down in some way shape or form, no matter what. -Quick Attack-

Ina, unable to take any more damage because of the strange body she's taken, she passes out, unable to move.
"Ha, it's not customary for ones like you to drop dead, so you might as well make yourself useful for it! Speed up the process, will you?" With yet another horribly menacing glare now with added horribly threatening words that'd nobody expect from Angel, he shoots a second randomly powered psychic blast the Solrock's way. He merely glances at the skarmory to see how it handles the fire, since it seems that he could care less for support and is now on a mission. --Psywave--
“Gah!” Grimnir lets out a shout as he feels his metallic feathers heating up. Fortunately it was a weaker Gout of flame, but it still hurt more than he was used to. “Im...Pressive. Jafnar’d probably laugh if he could see that. But know this.” Grimnir glares at the Solrock with his sharp, avian eyesight “You have brought forth the wrath of a mighty war god. Now then.” Grimnir flaps to ensure he’s airborne, before a few of his feathers begin to glow “Windstorm of Destruction!” Before using them to blow out a blade-like gust of wind at the remaining foes —Air Cutter—
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Niko and Angel’s combined efforts knock the enemies out of the air, only for them to be sent into the air again by blades of wind. The howling gust precedes the resonating thump when the foes meet the earth once again. [Victory! Grimnir, Niko, and Angel grew to lv. 26!] The three feel stronger. They can focus that strength into one of their body’s stats, including their health. Niko has a greater grasp of electricity, but can only store it in his fur with Charge if he forgets one of his moves. Archen flutters forward and speaks up. “I found a sun stone and reviver seed back there. They must have been guarding it. The stone looks like Solrock, see?” He holds a sun-shaped stone in his wing-claws. “Let’s get everyone else together and go to the exit.” —- Flareon comes back with loot and adventure. He notices an x marked on one path, and the glow of the orb reveals... a knocked-out ninetales farther down another.
Niko thinks for a moment. Double electric damage sounds appealing, but then again, he only has one singular electric move at this point. He shakes his head and chooses to keep his current move-set. Whether this will be good or bad, only time will tell. "Well then, shall we find the others? I found the floor's exit not to long ago so... Yeah." He motions for everyone to follow, taking note of the things Archen found. "I bet that reviver seed will come in handy. Not too sure about the sun stone, though." He heads back to the area where the paths branch.
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Archen and presumably everyone else follow Niko. As they approach the path, the reviver seed glows in Archen’s claws. “Huh? What’s going on?” The prehistoric bird holds up the item. A golden orb rises out of the seed and flies down one of the paths, fading into the body of a familiar Ninetales. Her scratches vanish in an instant. “S-so she was...? I’m sorry...” Archen’s tail droops. It seems the fox’s defeat, though she was revived, still made him feel a little guilty.

After having been defeated by the sandslash and healed by the Archen, Ina slowly awakens and yawns, as if she fell asleep. "Huh? What happened?" She sees the sad Archen and frowns slightly. "Hey, buddy, it's ok. I just wasn't careful enough. I'll take down anything in my way from now on, and yours too!" She smiles softly and bravely.
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"You see, this is why I should be the one going alone." Grimnir caws triumphantly, his surge of power making him even more confident than before. "However, I am glad to find we are all doing better now. Now then." Grimnir scans the immediate area, with their previous path having been explored, it was about time to find the next path. So once again Grimnir doesn't bother waiting for people before heading straight across from where they just came
Niko yells to Grimnir. "Hey! Waaaait! I found the exit already, I even marked it with my claws!" He shrugs after and if Grimnir went down the wrong path... Well, sucks to be him. He motions for everyone to follow again as he walks down the path he marked.
Grimnir would make it a few feet before stopping,hovering in the air and leteting out some kind of screech that was probably intended as a chuckle "Of course I noticed that. Nothing can escape my gaze! I was..... Simply testing you..." Grimnir circles back to join the group, now following behind Niko
Flareon notices Niko go towards the stairs, trying to reach out a paw to him. "Wait, there might be good shit on this level! Actually, no wait, this is a tutorial dungeon. The rooms might be scripted." Scratching his chin and smiling nervously, the Flareon struts in tow with Niko anxiously diverting his gaze around and above the room.

Ina follows, heading to the exit.
"Don't worry, we'll take your word for it." Inside, he kind of doubted that, but the power of hope and optimism will surely succeed in not letting anyone get knocked out...in what seems to be the tutorial dungeon. Turns out listening in on the Flareon was useful after all. "In any case, let's go." Angel follows everyone towards the exit to leave.
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“Really? Alright then. Let’s get out of here! We’re almost there, so be careful!” Archen smiles at Ina, then flutters after Niko. Another set of stairs lead upwards... and upwards... ...and into bright light. Once everyone’s eyes adjust, they can see a field of grass stretching towards a group of wooden buildings. The town is bustling with creatures of all shapes and sizes, from electric rodents to towering golems. In the center is a fountain bubbling with glowdrops like Archen had been carrying. The sun above lights this beautiful scene. The sunlight here doesn’t have the same scorch as usual, but plants grew just fine regardless. Archen hops to the front of the party and points a wing-claw ahead. “This is my home, Sol Town! We don’t get many outsiders here, but if you need a place to stay, I can ask Mr. Zoroark to help. It’s the least I can do to thank you.” Archen begins trotting down the path towards the town. A few buildings stand out, including a half-blue half-red tent, a cabin labeled “Pickup Shop,” a blue hut with bones supporting it, and a side trail leading to an... oversized boulder? “I’m gonna head to the shrine to let Mr. Zoroark know, but you can look around if you want!”
Niko looks around from where he is. Looking down to the Archen and smiling. "Thank you, Archen." Now that he thinks about it... "Hey, do you know where we can perhaps... Find food? Getting through that place was energy draining work."
"Oh, food? That does seem like a good idea. Maybe we should prioritize that over anything else and what might that be over there?" As Angel arrives with the rest of the group, his eyes immediately dart over to the oversized boulder on the side trail. With an annoyingly casual whistle, he continues on as he side-eyes everyone else with him. "As one would say; it's not just a boulder, it's a rock. Though knowing how this world works, I sure doubt that it's just a rock either." He flies over there and stares at it hoping for a meaningful outcome.
Flareon, too, follows the rest of the group before approaching the rock to join Angel in his memery. "Yo, Angelo!" He perked up at what he presumed to be a Jojo reference, feeling proud of repeating things he saw on the internet.
“Very well, allow me to assist you in our introductions, I expect a glorious feast in celebration of your new saviors!” Grimnir gets lost in his own world again as he follows Archen down the path, gazing triumphantly at those he passes along the wall.

Ina decides to look around, taking in the sights and looking over the entire town. She decides to take a look at the Pickup Shop, and calls out to the Zeraora, who seems familiar to her but she can't tell. "I think we can get food over here!"
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“There’s some food in that inn around the corner, but you can also probably get something from the Pickup Shop. See ya soon!” Archen and Grimnir walk through the town. A few heads turn at the sight of the Skarmory, but the townsfolk go about their business once they recognize who is with him. Archen’s route takes the two to a small shrine. On both sides of the stone steps, stone statues of a regal lion-like beast watch over the visitors. The bird knocks on the door. After a few seconds a black and red fox creature opens the door. Unlike most of the residents, he wears a red and white outfit similar to what priests at a shinto shrine would wear. He studies Grimnir carefully and up close. At this distance the Skarmory would notice bits of gray fur in the fox’s pelt. Fox: “Oh... who do we have here? I haven’t seen you here before. Are you from the outside world? You have no need to worry anymore. This town has Solgaleo’s blessing.” —- This is a rock. An ordinary rock, except the edges on the ground have dirt on them. It’s like the rock had been partly lifted out of the ground. The boulder shifts, and then tips away, revealing a hole and a bear. The bear was large yet fluffy, but despite its mascot-like appearance, it had moved the rock like it was a pebble. “Hiya! ...Welcome to the Garchomp Guild, the only explorer guild that exists right now! Oh? Are you new members? Or just visitors? Welcome!” The bear shakes Angel’s wing to the point it feels like it’s about to snap. A... warm welcome, if a bit overeager. —- Opening the Pickup Shop door would reveal what Ina would recognize as a Zigzagoon at a counter. It has the feel of a general store with items scattered with labels.
Niko shrugs. Might as well check out the pickup shop before he checks out the Inn. Plus one of his teammates are going there so why not. "Hopefully it does."
Flareon stares at the bear and raises a paw to his chin, clenching the other one and closing his eyes in muse. "Well, I was saving my life to become a magical girl, but this is the next best thing to throw it away on. Sure, i'll enlist." He loosens his stance, stepping forward to directly face the bear "I'd like to see a tour of the place, of course."
"Worry? Ha! I fear nothing!" Grimnir lands in order to strike a pose, extending one talon a way behind him as he hides his face behind his wings "I am Grimnir, the Raging Cyclone of Destruction and champion of the weak. I have traveleed to this distant and dangerous land for but one reason." The skarmory flaps his wings to raise himself a little bit into the air before making a declaration "I aim to aid your cause and free this land from the curse it bears, as any true hero would."
He watched with awe like a child with keys dangling in front of them, overanalyzing everything that happened right in front of him as he did so. When it spoke back, it was only natural that he would reply first. "Oh hello there. Me and my companion are merely visitors but we would love to-" Though his wing was being extended in an attempt to have a nice handshake, that was about the only thing that could've happened. Angel merely paused and smilied brighter to hide and mask the pain and annoyance that came greatly with that action. Never again shall he try and shake hands first in this world...especially because he has wings now. "...have a tour around the place. I'm sure it's very nice, as you are yourself. Maybe there's like a reception area or something...maybe a chiropractor?"

Ina decides to look inside the store with the Zeraora. "looks like there's food!" She Combs around, wondering what else is there.
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The fox chuckles at Grimnir’s bold claims. He bows and introduces himself. Fox: “Well, Grimnir, I am Zoroark, the caretaker of this shrine and... sort of the ‘leader’ of this town. Although that title is a bit much. So, you’ve come to ‘rid the evils of this world’? That’s a tall order. To fight the very being that consumed the light of the world is suicidal, so perhaps joining the local guild is a more reasonable pursuit.” Zoroark crouches down to rub Archen’s head. Zoroark: “I can see you’ve both been through a rough time. Archen, you know better than to explore the dungeons by yourself. You’re lucky that this gentleman was here to help.” Archen: “Sorry, Mr. Zoroark...” The elderly fox sighs and stands tall again. Zoroark: “I hope you’ve learned your lesson. So, what happened?” Archen explains what transpired in the dungeon. Zoroark slowly nods. Zoroark: “I see... well, for now, you all need some rest. Tell Mrs. Pyroar at the inn that I’ll pay her later. If you or your friends have any questions, I’m always willing to answer.” Zoroark gives Grimnir a gentle smile. —- “Great! That’s at least one new member, but I’ll give you both a personal tour!” The bear claps his paws together. “I’m Bewear, by the way, one of the guild apprentices. Follow me!” The fluffy bear leads the way down the stairs he’d been standing on, making sure to put the boulder back in place once everyone was inside. The area was like the dungeon, lit by blue crystals, but it was carved by someone to give it a more man-made (mon-made?) appearance. More creatures were down here. The first level had two billboards, with what Flareon would know as a Furret and Linoone examining one and three Rockruff arguing at another. “This floor has the boards for requests. The left one’s for finding items, rescue missions, and more, while the right one deals with rogue pokémon that need taken down. I prefer the left board, but Kadabra always gives me ones from the right ‘just in case.’ Dunno why. Speaking of Kadabra, he often hangs out up here to help with team organization.” Bewear swings his paw upwards to scratch his head. A few creatures near said paw jump back in fear. The rush of air showed the sheer power in that simple gesture. “If we go down again, we’ll get to where the apprentices reside. There’s also a door that leads to Guildmaster Garchomp. Lemme know when you’re ready to meet him.” —- There’s food, but it’s only fruits, including apples and many types of berries that look strangely similar to fruits they know. There’s also some shiny orbs, a variety of seeds, and some bands and scarves. A locked safe by the desk reads “TMs and HMs.” The Zigzagoon gives them a warm smile. “Welcome to the Pickup Shop! You’re new in town, aren’t you? Please, feel free to look around...” She squints at Niko. A ripple runs across her ringed fur. “Could it be... Zeraora? You do look like they say... Thank Solgaleo. I thought you had been lost to that dreadful beast that burns the sky...”
"Fret not, for doing suicidal things is my specialty!" Grimnir caws triumphantly once more before calming himself down a little. He'd allow Archen to tell the tale of his heroic deeds, not as grand as he would have told it, but functional. after the tale Grimnir nods "Very well, wise leader, I shall start my quest with the guilds, for now allow me to find my companions so we can all celebrate!" After waiting to listen to what the elder might say, Grimnir would start wandering town again looking for the others, even though he doesn't know their names and barely knows their appearance.
Niko looks around a bit before noticing that the Zigzagoon was looking at him. After hearing what they said... Well, should he tell them that he's not the same Zeraora or?... "Huh? Uh, well..." Well, he didn't choose this role... But he's gonna play it and make it seem sincere. "I'm not sure what you're talking about, then again, I'm pretty sure that I've been hit with a bad case of amnesia."
The sigilyph looked around the place feeling a little astonished as to how much time and effort they must've put here...probably. Also that they're "the only one that exists" so far. Either way, Angel feels a bit taken aback. "Hmmm, I can relate to that. I myself would usually prefer the left ones to the right. That being said, I think that I'm ready to meet your guildmaster in hopes of joining." Angel said in the calm tone that he always puts on. He doesn't really want to extend his wing for another handshake seeing as how good that experience went, and also how much force was brought out when the Bewear waved it's arm once.

Ina smiles as the squiggly raccoon thing. "We came by to pick up some food!" She looks at the berries. Something about them seems extremely familiar, but she can't exactly tell. She's somewhat surprised by the locked safe as well.
Flareon heads immediately to the board on the right, checking for and accepting as many requests as we can. "These ones give better rewards, and aren't a slog like taking bidoof to his friend altaria on floor 26 of dungeony dungeon." His mind and gaze then drifts off for a brief moment, then turning around to face the Bewear. "Oh, yeah, and then there's other teams. There aren't any other groups that happen to be... antagonizing, are there?" He then appears to be more solemn
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The elderly fox shakes his head as he watches Grimnir leave. The metal bird catches what Zoroark says on his way out of the shrine. Zoroark: “Youngsters. Always rushing into things. A few quests will give him a wake-up call... Make yourself useful and let Mrs. Pyroar know what’s going on, Archen.” Archen stands at attention, and with a small “yessir,” runs off down the uneven shrine road. Zoroark stares up at the sun, which hasn’t moved at all despite the time passing by. “What could this mean, I wonder...?” Grimnir eventually notices a familiar set of cream tails through the window of the Pickup Shop building. He’d also see a familiar yellow cat if he looked closer. That’s two members found. —- “How horrible... but I’m sure you’ll regain your memories soon enough. It’s safe here, so you’ll have all the time you need to rest after being outside the protection of the town for so long. Here, have these as a little welcome gift. It’s on the house.” Zigzagoon pushes a few apples across the counter. Her tail wags a bit when she sees the surprise on Ina’s face. “You’re curious about that safe? TMs and HMs are expensive. They’re hard to find, incredibly valuable, and a high-theft item, so I keep ‘em in there. I have to run all over the place to get inventory like that. These old bones aren’t as agile as they used to be, but they don’t call me Zigzagoon for nothing.” —- The Rockruffs cease their arguing to instead bark angrily at Flareon for taking away all the papers. Bewear hastily puts them back, although some are accidentally pinned upside down or backwards. “Don’t touch that! Sorry. It’s just that Gumshoos gets mad if anyone outside the guild even puts a pebble out of place. And antagonizing teams... I dunno. Zangoose’s team is kinda scary, and there’s that explorer that people call ‘the Queen.’ She’s not an apprentice, and is kinda cold to everyone, but for some reason there’s a... fanclub? She and Zangoose are similar, so I don’t know why they’re treated differently.” Bewear shrugs and leads the two down another set of stairs. Various tunnels branch out, but Bewear goes to a door directly ahead and knocks on the bronze surface hard enough to actually open the door by mistake. A purple blur is all the warning the group gets before they’re face-to-face with a sharp-toothed dragon. Its gaze burns into the two pokémon accompanying the bear. Dragon: “I don’t recognize these two. Who are they?” Bewear spins around and puts a dent in the door. Bewear: “New! Re! Cruits! ...That’s it, Guildmaster Garchomp.” Garchomp’s expression softens and his tone becomes light and joking, although his voice still booms throughout the room. Garchomp: “Well why didn’t you say so! Welcome! I’m the founder and leader of this guild, Garchomp. You’re probably looking to make a team, right? I just need your names and a name for the team, I’ll take care of the paperwork, and you kids’ll be set.”
Niko smiles as he gathers the apples. "T-thank you." He is quite curious about the thing that supposedly happened to the other Zeraora. Perhaps he'll ask. "Do you know what happened, though? If you don't then do you know if anyone here knows what had happened? It'd be nice to have something to jog my memory."
"ahaha! There you are my fine, furry friends!" Grimnir hails his allies as he approaches the Pickup store himself. "I hope your adventures have been as enlightening as my own!"
Though he was internally startled, it was mostly for naught when it was settled quickly. The guildmaster seemed scary...to strangers at least. Good to know that we're being recruited. Angel faces the garchomp and flashes another smile before doing the closest thing to a polite bow he could ever do with his wings. "Hello there, Mr. Garchomp. My name is...Sigilyph. The acquaintance of mine over there is Flareon. It's very nice to meet you." Angel's own voice was probably a bit more meek in comparison to the guildmaster's, but otherwise it was still pretty calm as a whole. He glances over to the Flareon that he came with as a little cue for them to notice him as well. Especially with what he's going to say right now. "My apologies, sir. While I didn't really plan for much, I suppose I can let him choose the team name. There are also others with us, so if they come busting through I can introduce them to you so our team will be completely set. Otherwise, I can tell them to you now if you want."
Waves to the garchomp "From henceforth, we will be known as Team Gamer."

Ina smiles at the Zigzagoon "Thank you! But what are those TMs and HMs? What are they for? I'm not from here, I haven't seen those from where I'm from."
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“I assumed you’d been fighting Necrozma itself. That dreadful beast swallowed the light in the outside world and took down anyone that opposed it... But thanks to Solgaleo’s blessing, we have a safe haven here, and the arrival of a mythical pokémon like yourself is a blessing on top of that!” Zigzagoon smiles warmly and wipes a tear from her eye. “As for you, young Ninetales, TMs and HMs - technical and hidden machines - allow you to learn the moves stored on them. Of course, you must be compatible with the specific machine to use it, and a TM is used up once it’s successfully used. And this metallic fellow is... a friend of yours? Welcome.” —- Garchomp grins and gestures with a claw to dismiss Bewear. “You can tell ‘em now or later, either way’s fine. Regardless, everyone should stop by tomorrow, since I’ll have all your things ready by then. Team Gamer... odd name. You can change it any time you please, so keep that in mind!”

Ina smiles. These TMs and HMs seem interesting! She's pleased with her current set of skills in this body as of right now, so she won't pick any of them up as of right now. She's sure to keep them in mind. "Wow, those are really cool! Thanks for the information!" She smiles, then realizes that the metallic bird thing is back. Wow that thing is kind of annoying. "Uhhhhh, you could probably say that...."
Necrozma, eh? This is gonna be interesting. "Ah, I see now, thank you ma'am." Niko notices the sudden arrival of the Skarmory. "He's... An ally."
"Ah, alright. I'll try and sort it out soon enough. We'll be back by tomorrow though, thanks." Though he was planning on starting his pilgrimage now, the garchomp was probably a very busy...pokemon. Yes. Either way, being guildmaster must be a bit exhausting. "Team Gamer though, I've never heard before. Sounds very...eccentric."
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"hahaha, no need to sell yourselves short friends!" Grimnir jovially joins Ina and Niko, flapping a inches into the air before making his introduction to the Zigzagoon. "I am Heaven's chosen champion descended to bring peace upon the land, the Mad Cyclone of Devastation, GUUURIIIMMMMMMNIIIIIIR!" as he finishes his introduction, grimnir returns to the ground, hiding his eyes behind one wing in an effort to look cooler.
"Yeah, yeah, i'm a genius." Flareon takes a look around the room and then looks back at the guildmaster. "So, do we get rooms here or what?"
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Zigzagoon is stunned by... whatever Grimnir’s doing, but chuckles and brushes it off. “Kids will be kids... Welcome, Grimnir. Are you looking to buy anything?” —- “You’ll get a room, yeah. I’m gonna have Excadrill dig it out tonight so it’ll be ready when the sun’s back tomorrow. I’ll be sure to make it big enough so you and the others you’ll bring will have enough room.” Garchomp bows his head. “If you need a place to stay the night right now, you can make arrangements at the inn.”
Niko shrugs. "Well, I'm probably gonna head over to the inn... Before I go, though." Niko tosses an apple to the Ninetales and then to Grimnir. "Take these." He exits and makes his way over to the inn, hopefully his status as a mythical Pokemon lands him some more free stuff.
“Ah! No. Thank you ma’am. I was merely searching for my compatriots. Perhaps I shall grace you with my presence again some time soon!” The Skarmory makes an attempt to bow to Zigzagoon before getting hit with an apple. Grimnir rubs the spot on his head before picking the fruit up “A surprise attack? Well played... Now then.” Grimnir carefully observes the apple, before taking a bite out of it and jumping with glee. “‘Tis like the nectar of the gods themselves!” Grimnir would quickly finish his apple, though he lacks the facial muscles his beak almost seems to be grinning

Ina gently noms on the apple, and smiles brightly. "It's so amazing!!!!" She gobbles it up pretty quickly, and smiles at the Zigzagoon. "Thank you Miss!" She leaves, following the mythical cat. He really seems familiar to the fox, bit it's kinda hard to tell. Maybe if they talk some more?
Angel bows back at the Garchomp and smiles once more. "That's nice to know, sir. May we be off to go on some kind of adventure and hopefully be back in time to see the room?"
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Zigzagoon gives them a warm farewell. “Come back again sometime! It was a pleasure to meet the three of you.” —- Garchomp nods. “Take all the time you need. It’s us you’re waiting on, after all!” —- It seems all has been set... If everyone is ready... Return to the inn to end the day?
(Due to perceiving himself as the protagonist, Flareon abruptly and awkwardly grows silent and just nods in a hypnotizing manner. He then returns to the inn without saying a word. When prompted to "Would you like to save your game?" he would answer "Yes & Continue")
Yeah, let's end the day for now.
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It seems we are ready to sleep.
[Game saving...]
[Save complete.]
Chapter 1: World of Light
The group would slowly awaken on their straw beds - uncomfortable to most humans, but something creatures like their current forms are content with. Downstairs they would hear the gentle chatter of the inn residents growing louder as the minutes ticked by. Despite the early time, the sun hadn't moved from its spot in the sky. It had never set last night, either, only vanished in an instant. It was as if a switch was flicked on or off to bring day or night. Opening the door to their room would reveal Archen perched on the railing of the stairs. Downstairs, a lioness with a plume of flame on her head was serving breakfast to some other creatures, many of which had just woken up.
Niko wakes up and stretches, popping his neck a bit and yawning after. "Nnrgh, would it kill them to have some sort of technological advancements? I could use some music." He gets up and opens the door, waving to the Archen as he makes his way down the stairs.
Angel wakes up, going to rub his eyes but realizes he has wings and just settles for simply stretching and yawning. "Straw's not the most comfortable thing to sleep on, but I'm grateful either way." He follows Niko, at this point just mocking his movements by waving at the Archen and flying downstairs.
Grimnir slept standing upright, a practice common to avian creatures like himself. He thought, not of the lack of night nor of the crowd below, but of getting his adventure underway. "Harken to the cry of early morn, it is time to spread our glorious wings once more and proceed into legend!" The skarmory's harsh cries can be heard as usual, a sign that quiet is a thing of the distant pass as he heads downstairs as well
Flareon, being acustomed to sleeping on the ground when unable to pay rent, was easily able to get quality sleep on straw. Waking up refreshed and reinvigorated, he gently shakes himself and adjusts his blue scarf, heading out of the inn to wait outside for his team.

Ina awakens, stretching out her body. She's not exactly used to this form yet, but she'll get there eventually. "That straw was surprisingly comfy!" She smiles, talking to her teammates as she walks downstairs excitedly
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“Good morning! How’d you sleep?” Archen chirps cheerfully and glides downstairs. He lands on the back of one of the chairs and turns around to face everyone. The lioness behind the counter at the other end gives the six a wave. The inn’s entrance door opens and a red and white penguin-like bird waddles in. It’s struggling to move whatever’s stored in its tail.
Niko stretches a little more. "Could've slept better, honestly. But I'm refreshed enough... Anyway, what's for breakfast?"
Angel waves back before deciding to insert himself into Niko and Archen's conversation. "Yeah, I agree. And also, what is for breakfast again?"
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