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Become to the phantom thief
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Help me (joker) as a phantom thief through different situations. I will sometimes ask you what I should do. You can choose a phantom thief to play as or create your own. Have fun!
I am become fanta fief
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You and joker are fighting an enemy in momentos. You got separated from the others. I’m at one health. What will U do?
Setsuna wanders around, aimlessly, trying to find Joker, she looked around and walked about, "Joker! Joker where are you?" She called out Setsuna still looked around, hoping she would find Joker somewhere, she could somehow tell he was in trouble, so she ran around frantically, trying to find him,
"You're not even cool enough to be my fake." Says the real joke as he finishes the joker with 1 hp, stabbing him in the back. Sunglasses then appear on real joke's face "Deal with it."
Setsuna finally finds them and gasps, she ran and shoved the fake out of the way, summoning her persona to heal the real one, "Joker! Are you okay?" She asked
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Gah.., I’m... fine...
"Thank you for healing me."
Setsuna smiles lightly, "That's good, now what should we do with the fake? From what I saw when I finally found you, he stabbed you... meaning for sure, he is an enemy, and a cowardly one at that" Setsuna said
"We shouldn't waste our time on such cowardly individuals. We could be doing much better things, such as become change heart. Get in bus." Joker and the rest of the Phantom Thieves get in the Morgana bus. Stanford Pines puts on Old Town Roads on the radio and they ride towards the next enemy. The Fenton Thieves fight the next enemies which is Jackson Frost. Old Town Roads is the battle theme and Joker is dressed like a cowboy. Yeiha.
Caught off guard, Setsuna lightly gasps "Joker, they have an entire team of fakes! And... is that fake Joker dressed up as a cowboy? Is he trying to make it obvious he is a fake?" Setsuna asked
Starts rapping about the armenian genocide
Setsuna holds her staff in her left hand, she was one of those rare people who were left handed, she held the staff tightly,
(She is only holding her staff tightly, nothing for you to dodge)
dodges anyway
"Joker, whenever you're ready" Setsuna said
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