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Fishing Weekend of STR
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In Inokashira, the prophet of time would be sitting with what appears to be a large plastic spear embellished with a smartphone aesthetic. It appears a string has been tied to the edge and is dipped into the murky water. An empty bucket sits beside him. "REJOICE! He who will learn to master the ultimate technique in combat, the prophet of time and non-existence! His name is Kamen Rider Woz, and now the first page of a new history is written!"
A girl with white hair and yellow eyes wearing a white dress approached Woz, "What's going on?" She asked
*A girl with teal hair riding on a spear float down next to Twilight.* I think it's fishing. I mean the bucket. The pond. The big stick. It would make sense.
(Twilight is a different character, the character you're talking to is Lighty)
(edited by MaskedTwilight)
(Use an alt then. It's confusing.)
(It would be confusing for me to use an alt... plus if I started using an alt I might lose my mind)
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Woz would simply stare intently at his rod, the ripples from his line moving across the lake. The line jumps about, and Woz begins screaming wildly as he yanks his rod about. After some time, he pulls the line above water, revealing a small glittering fish. "This is 'what's going on'. I have read of the ultimate power in this realm, and I seek to master it!" Woz would place the small fish into the bucket, the fish swimming placidly about in a circle. He would cast his line back into the lake, waiting silently.
(Aww... Boo hoo. Poor you. If everyone else can do it, so I'm sure you can manage. Suck it up.) *Aria looks at the small fish at the bucket.* Hmm. That's not even a meal.
(edited by Aria)
(I do things my way) Lighty smiled, "Great job!" She quietly cheered
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