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GYM Deluxe: Street 9-to-5-er
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The lights within the recently renovated building inexplicably revived. The once locked door found itself open to the public for another time, but was it ever truly locked? Were the lights ever dimmed? As unlikely as it seems, one would have to bear with it for now. From amicable fights to tragic deaths, the building has long since been chronicled as a hub for self-improvement, and now is no exception, as a new guest arrives add his own flair upon the place. "It would seem I have some time to peruse this... hmm? A gym, or rather GYM? As unoriginal as it seems, improving myself for My Overlord must take precedence over even the necessity of air itself!" An oddly dressed man enters reading an even more odd book, bound by what appears to be a watch-strap. He enters the and appears surprised by whatever it is he's reading. "Many have entered this building for many different reasons, countless even... Now must I too give mine own reason to the annals of history, but what a reason it is! Perhaps the most important of all! Come ye who dare challenge me! Learn what it means to fight a servant to the King of Time!" With his speech finished, he would stand proudly before an arena, of course he didn't seem phased that nobody was there to hear his proclamation, he almost expected that, but he proclaimed nonetheless.
A tall, red-haired woman would walk into the GYM around the time of the strange man's declaration. She wears a long, dark coat that conceals most of her upper body, though one can see the barrel of a gun hanging out just below the edge of the jacket. The woman has a cigarette in her mouth, breathing out a quick puff of smoke before entering the building. She'd glance around the building, almost hoping for something, before addressing the only other person here "You the owner of this place? Lookin' for somewhere to work out, stay in shape." The woman would take another breath of her cigarette as she looks around at the relatively normal equipment that seems to have been shunted to the side for the fighting arenas.
An intense glimmer of light shines through the roof of the GYM, an avian following it and eventually crashing through the ceiling, steadying itself and floating down to the center of the arena. It lay suspended slightly above the ground, its voice booming throughout the whole arena. "Hah, you said anal!"
*Aphrodi enters the GYM through the front door. He kicks a football (See: Soccer ball) into the air and catches it. He hums lightly as he looks around.* Hmm. This isn't really the type of gym I was expecting. Oh well. As long as theirs enough space.
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Woz would snap his book shut, the latch sealing it closed from prying eyes. He would greet the woman with an expression that didn't really add much of anything. If anything, he seemed confused, if not slightly insulted. "No, no. I am not the one named 'Kalib'. Nor am I one of the many who claim some form of ownership over this establishment. Rather, I am a patron, just as much as you must be. Though I must confess to being surprised, not many enter this building without understanding its purpose." With his back now facing a wall, he would release the clasp, reading more from his tome. "Though it would appear that you shall understand the meaning behind those arenas rather quickly. As the lack of proper exercise equipment is patently obvious." He would turn the page, again reading aloud. "This is certainly a place of combat, and many battles have been fought here. While outwardly I may seem opposed to combat, I will relish the opportunity to hone my skills! As I am sure you are as well." Woz didn't seem to acknowledge other guests. He was completely involved in his book as he stepped upon the sandy arena floor. "I must warn you that there are those that have perished in this building, in this very arena in fact. I do not wish to add another to that number, and should you attempt to, I believe we have no further business."
Oh? What is this? While on his way home from school, Astro's attention would be caught by the voices coming from the GYM. It seemed like a weird place, something he never saw before but! Curiousity got the better of him and he approached it, without knowing what would happen. Whoaaaa, i wonder what's this all about :0 He soon found out that those people were there to fight, even though he doesn't condone violence in the slightest he decided to stay near the door to watch the match unfold, maybe later on he would be able to tell them his secret and join in perhaps, as long as it's gonna be friendly. His attention would not last for long... Because he noticed someone holding a soccer ball, he soon rushed to them with a smile on his face and his eyes shining. Hello! Would you like to play a few games with me? I do like playing rocketball alot!
"tch" The woman would quickly glance at the light bird hovering over the arena, a clear hint of disdain. Though it didn't seem to be harmful for now, she'd be keeping a close eye on that monster. Kali would click her tongue before breathing out a sigh. Its annoying enough to get told she's wrong, but something about the weird boy's attitude rubs her the wrong way. The woman properly disposes of her igarette in a trash receptacle as she addresses him "Really are a bunch of freaks here aren't we? No gear, haven't found a proper shooting range either, you guys seriously keep yourselves in form with nothing but sparring?"
*Aphrodi raises an eyebrow at the patron's words.* Killed? I'm assuming that's a joke, right? Why would you even allow a fight to the death? * He would turn to look at Astro as the robot boy starts talking to him. He's suprised for a moment. "A robot? Must be from a place like Simeon's time period."* Sure, I can play with you. I don't know how to play... rocketball was it? I'm good at football though.
Aah thanks also i almost forgot! my name is Astro! What about you? He then inspects the soccer ball and gets a mildly confused look. Hmmm the ball we use for rocketball is a bit different from this one now that i see it this close.. if you want i can tell you how the game works later but now i'm curious about football, can you teach me the rules?
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Woz would simply chuckle at the comment. "But of course, there is no better preparation to combat than combat itself! Training one's body using equipment will only improve one's ability to use that equipment! I highly doubt your line of work had no encounters with combat, especially unconventional combat to be solved with unconventional means! Therefore I must repeat, there is no better preparation to combat than combat itself!" He would smirk at this last tidbit of information. It never hurt to read up on opponents, of course he could always have been wrong, but it happened rarely enough for him to maintain his composure. "Now, do you wish to fight me? Should you prove remotely worthy of my attention, then I will not restrain myself!"
Sure I can. It's pretty simple when it comes to rules. Basically, two teams face each other, attempting to get a ball like this in the other teams goal. The winner os the team who manages to score the most goals is the winner. We just need some... *Aphrodi begins but then stops looking around the room.* Hmm. Now that I look, this place may not be the best place to play Football. No goals and we're missing at least 8 people. Sorry about that.

"Don't have the time." came the woman's curt reply. She'd flip her hair dramatically in the air conditioning breeze. Though she doesn't seem altogether upset, greeting his confidence with a grin of her own as she lit a second cigarette. "Right about that last part though. Compared to the streets I grew up in this place is a paradise. But I don't see how fighting a human's gonna help against monsters." The woman takes a quick puff of smoke before adding "Not that anything really does."
These rules look really similar to rocketball, actually! 2 teams and we pass the ball between all of us to score, do you play with rollerskaters and can you pass the ball only with kicks? Also.... He soon started to scan the building as his eyes changed to red briefly while doing so, he then came up with an idea. Do you think we could make 2 goals by destroying parts the walls? That could be a solution for our problem and as for others to play... I don't think i could do much about that...
I, um, I don't think the patron of this place would like it very much if you just randomly started blowing holes into the walls. As for the rules... well, it is only with kicks. That's why it's called Football. But we don't use rollerskates. Though a lot of people who play football from where I come from have developed some special moves *Aphrodi looks at a small bracer on his right arm. " Which reminds me. Didn't that old man say that this would help me learn more Hissatou techniques? Something about this world being more dangerous back home and that they would help me fight if I needed to defend myself. Hmm." Aphrodi shakes the thought from his head.*
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Woz would chuckle, almost bursting into a cackle. "That's how it is to be, hmm? Very well! Though I think it needs not be said that humanity can at times be crueler and more powerful than any monster your corporation may encounter! I myself know of a human that troubles me much more than any monster I have or will ever encounter." His smirk would transition to a grimace. "Rather I know of two... or perhaps I know only myself? Mind you this is no philosophy lecture..."
I see, so there is no way for us to play right now... Do you think you can show me any of your special moves then? I have some things too, hmmm for example i can fly! And i can do this too! As soon as he said that he turned one of his index fingers into a small laser cannon and pointed it at the ceiling... Whatever was there might've been accidentally destroyed now... and with that he put it away even quicker than before. ....Uuuh whoops
Yeah, I can do that. Step back though. I need a bit of space. *Aphrodi would close his eyes and breath before dropping the ball on the ground. Almost immediatly, he would kick the ball high up in the air before leaping up to meet it, seemingly growing wings. Lightning would strike the ball, creating a large field of energy around it. With a smirk, Aphrodi would fly at the ball and kick it hard, sending the ball and the field of energy flying towards the back wall.* God Knows Impact! * As Aphrodi kicks the ball, the bracer on his arm would activate and react. As the ball slams into te back wall, the energy field would disipate. However, the ball would manage to embed itself into the wall due to the force of the attack. Aphrodi would looks slightly suprised as he goes to retrieve it. " That usually doesn't happen." He would look down at the bracer before pulling the ball out of the wall, leaving a ball shape crater. He would look at the owner.* S-Sorry about that. I didn't mean to kick it so hard. OOC: The move used in full anime glory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnpRk1B0SW0
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"Oh really? I mostly do freelance work so I get hired out for all sorts of jobs. Made a bit of a name for myself." Kali would head for the GYM door, though she has a bit of a grin on her face, as though she's a bit glad that someone recognizes her past, even if its this weirdo. Either way, its the least she can do to respond to his own little problem. "They can be crueler for sure, stronger, well who knows what kinda things are lurking about. I can't do anything if you're goin' crazy, but if you find someone does give ya trouble, make sure to look up 'Red Mist'. Have to rebuild my name somehow." After taking another puff of her cigarette, Kali would head outside back onto the streets.
The Masquerade, a mysterious group of four would slip into the GYM, but what was different about them was they were prepared for combat, the only boy in the group of four had two guns, a girl wearing a long gown carried a dagger, a girl in dark purple held a gun and a knife, a sword straped to her back, and the other girl wearing pink had a bunch of odd devices, "We are here to battle, should one be willing to fight us" the one in purple said She seemed to be the leader, whom many knew as Twilight, her cold blue eyes shimmered a little, and her brown hair seemed to float behind her as she walked, the boy oddly enough wore a suit, like one you would wear to an important meeting, his eyes were yellow, an odd color indeed, his hair was black with a blue streak in the front, and he had black and blue wings, the girl in the gown had flowing wavy red hair with blue streaks in it and yellow eyes, and the girl in pink had curly blonde hair put up in pigtails and brown eyes, "We are... The Masquerade!" The girl in purple stated
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A young woman with long black hair wanders into the building, about 6'2 and wearing an all black suit of tough looking leather... Armor? One might call it that as a reach anyways. In addition, there's a strange red ooze snaked along her right arm which looks ready to shift in a moment's notice. She's also alongside a slightly older man in his mid 20s wearing a snazzy suit with a tie that's got a pentagram inscribed on it. They both look around the area curiously and stare over at the oddly dressed group, not that they can really judge all that much. Ashlyn: "So, you all are... What, some kinda superheroes or something? Not that I can really call anyone crazy anymore all things considered. Anyway, I'm game to try and fight y'all I guess, not like I've got anything better going on right now." Malcolm: "Heh, alright then partner. I'll just be... Providing moral support from the sidelines, not much of a fighter generally speaking." The woman scoffs at Mal's comment and stretches out a bit, black smoke rushing off her body briefly as she smiles and steps into the GYM's fighting ring with a wary look in her eyes. A: "Name's Ashlyn by the way. And that jackass over there who claims to be teaching me is Malcolm." M: "That I am! And a pleasure meeting you all I'm sure!"
"So, you wanna do this one at a time? Since there are four of us" the boy asked "oh, and you can call me Flame" He smiled lightly, "I still think Bolt would be more fitting since you use a lot of lightning attacks, oh and Blaze works for me" the girl in the gown said "Call me Dazle!" The girl in pink giggled "Everyone calls me Twilight, course that is the title I chose for myself" the one in purple said Her tone was starting to match her eyes, causing her companions to sigh, "Back to being cold already? I thought that tea would make you perky longer..." Dazle sighed
The girl cracks her knuckles a bit and smirks some, this is a bad idea but... She does need to get used to being outnumbered anyways, such is a Witch's lot. A:"I'll just take you lot on two at a time, not as if I'm helpless or anything. Go ahead and sort out which of yourselves are gonna go first." M: "Dang, bold words for you Ash... But go ahead then, I'm curious." He'd mutter for a moment, speaking under his breath. "Wonder if that 'mostly' part will be relevant here though..." She isn't exactly expecting to win for sure, but hey what the hell. Not as though anyone's gonna be trying to kill her here... Right? A: "Uh just to be clear though, we aren't fighting ta the death or anything right? I can't say I'm up for that."
"We aren't, people need us to stay alive and out of jail, plus we arent murderers, we will make you sore, maybe knock you out but we aren't going for a death match, glad that's not what you are going for" Flame said
The girl nods a bit, the red ooze on her arm suddenly shifting around and taking up the form a simple black quaterstaff inscribed with strange mystic runes in a langague none here would understand. Save Malcolm who just chuckles from the sidelines. M: "Hehe, knock you out... You hear that Ash, better be worried kid." A: "Pff, sure thing Mal yeah. Anyway come on everyone, I'd love to make the first move but I gotta know who I'm fighting before I can do that." She just stares over at them and twirls the staff around in her hands, absently preparing to strike on a moment's notice if given cause.
OOC: I fell asleep ha ha Astro would watch Aphrodi in awe while he did his move, wondering how the boy managed to do it. None of his functions comes even closer to a strike like that. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/parody/images/5/5f/Astro_Boy_1980.png/revision/latest?cb=20170608170947 Whooohooo that was really cool! How did you learn it? Do you think i could train to do something like that too? Soon enough he started to wonder if his arm cannon would be stronger than what he just witnessed. Do you think we could try using one of your moves against one of mines? I won't hit you, i'll go for the ball so there should be no problem
How did I learn it? Well, with a lot of training I guess. *Aphrodi would flick his hair to one side.* Hmm? You wanna try stopping one of my moves? Sure, I guess. Don't worry about the ball. These things are suprisingly tough. *" Hmm. If this bracer empowers my moves to do real damage, perhaos I should hold back a little." Aphrodi drops his ball again, putting a foot over it to stop it from moving.* Whenever your ready, Astro.
Here it goes! Astro would move as far as he could and then morph the entirety of his right arm into a cannon, ready to receive the strike. Let's hope this won't destroy more of this place already... His eyes focused on the ball and the cannon started to lit up in a blue neon light, he was ready to fire.
*Aphrodi nods. He would seemingly grow wings once more before taking off, lifting the ball in the air with him this time. The ball would rise above his head as his wings arch towards it, creating a field of energy. He would then fly into air and kick the ball, surrounded by the energy field towards Astro.* God Knows Again, the move. This time in video game quality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Znn8E4YXYFw
Arm cannon go! With the energy field and the ball quickly flying towards him, Astro used all of his strenght to fire the cannon aiming for the center. A huge blue laser would hit it. Depending on how strong the ball was it would atleast bounce back to Aphrodi or be flung into the sky making a huge hole in the wall behind him and at worst being destroyed on the spot.
*The arm cannon's energy beam would strike the ball, causing it to fly back towards Aphrodi, bouncing off the ground and rolling back to his feet.* Heh. That was pretty awesome.
Flame and Twilight stepped forward, "If you turn out to be really formidable I might not hold back," Flame said "Should I summon Evy for this?" Twilight asked She gripped her mask, awaiting an answer,
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Woz once more opens his tome, reading ahead it seems, that is from whatever point he was reading. Perhaps he was just a fast reader? "There is more to this building than I had first read! That companion demon certainly revised what was allotted in its prime... Perhaps I shan't let that woman's disrespect towards the combative arts dissuade me from my original intent of adding my own page!" He'd walk from his sandy arena to one accompanied by a terminal, and with several quick inputs, a cage would appear around the arena, made of some sort of digital material, yet wholly physical. "Again I ask... does anyone dare challenge the prophet to the Lord of Time!?"
"Why not? I can fight you until my turn in that battle will come" Dazle said Dazle smiled lightly, preparing for the fight as she slipped into the cage,
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Woz would snap his book closed, and the door behind him. "Very well! Your fate is written, and you shall prostrate yourself before the might of the King of Time! Until he appears, I, his retainer, shall be his substitute..." He holds his hand aloft as he begins his proclamation. "Rejoice! The one who reads the past and future, his name is Woz, and he shall turn the first page of this new history!" He would then thrust his outstretched hand forward, a burst of raw energy released from it. The force would be enough to knock anyone caught unaware back at least a few feet.
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Ashlyn doesn't wait for Twilight's answer, she dashed across the ring in a blur more befitting of a bullet than a woman. A: "Guess I'll take the first move then, thanks you two!" She chuckles a bit while slamming her staff forward in a wide arc designed to strike both foes, arms moving with blatantly supernatural speed and strength while the young woman watches them closely. It's a simple first move, but if either of them got struck they'd feel very hard blunt force that more than proves the effectiveness. A: "I'm curious though, what can you all do besides having costumes? After all, I'm pretty new around here so this is all kinda a discovery!"
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After waiting what he considered patiently, Woz grew somewhat frustrated. Much against his better judgement, he would pull out a strange tablet device embellished with several green arrows and begin writing with a similarly designed pen. "After waiting for some time, the trio that entered together would lose interest in the fight, leaving Woz and the other guest free for the time being." He would cover the tablet and replace it back inside his coat. He silently hoped the other guest wouldn't have witnessed his interference with the present. No matter, so long as his valuable time wasn't wasted it was of little import who knew his 'secret' if it could even warrant the title.
(Sorry about that) Dazle did a series of flips and slammed into Woz's side, Flame blocked the attack with his wings while Twilight jumped over it, she kicked Ashlyn in the stomach and used her as a sort of jump pad, doing a backflip off of her, Flame sent a weak bolt of lightning, holding himself back until he decides if he should show just how strong he could be,
The kick into her stomach... Annoys Ashlyn, to be sure it annoys her. Actual damage is a bit harder to do though, and the bolt of magic flying into her is far too weak to really harm someone who's body runs more on demonic power than anything like a human. Malcolm laughs and slaps his knees from the sidelines while looking on with a wide toothy grin. M: "Hahaha, oh holy hell Ash did they expect that to work on you or something? Come on kid, show these nerds what a Witch is made of." Rather than respond to her... Mentor. Ashlyn focuses on her next move for now, mainly the fact that Twilight is for some reason getting horribly close to a woman that's just proven she has supernatural strength and doing needlessly fancy moves. For her effort, the other fighter would find an ungodly quick backhand slammed toward her with enough force to easily send someone flying back several feet and possibly damage bone if it hit. A: "Okay I'm new to this crap, but pro tip? Don't show off against someone you can't afford to."
Twilight did a sideways roll, dodging the attack effortlessly, her outfit switched up a bit as her mask grew, she now had mesh leggings underneath her shorts and a cloak like thing wrapped around her waste, showing the front of her shorts, mesh also went from her muscle shirt to her gloves, she ripped her mask off revealing her persona, a angelic one, "Lets go Evy!" Twilight called Evy would strike with her large sword, the attack being called "holy sword" "I think I will hold back a little longer," Flame said He used an ability that lowers Ashlyn's speed, his yellow eyes glowed lightly,
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Of course, the implication being she could even reach Woz's side without him dodging by utilizing his scarf as a shield of sorts. "Of all the insolence I have faced until now... Kneel!" Woz's blast of energy would encompass the entire caged arena, it almost seemed to affect time as he walked about with a stern glare.
The Angel appearing draws Ashlyn's rage, Malcolm's eyes go just a bit wide as he suddenly seems to lose any amusement in his voice. M: "Okay so, change of plans then. If we're talking about a fucking oblivion worshipper here... You know exactly what to do." A: "Nice trick Angel, but I'm not about to go down that easily... Behold a Witch's Wrath!" Despite the speed lowering magic, she's still got superhuman speed to begin with leaving her only somewhat slower than normal. The 'holy blade' rushing toward her would find itself blocked with some heavy effort, Ashlyn staggering for a brief moment as she leaps back. "Burning Black!" She holds the staff in one hand while doing so, raising her left hand up as suddenly a wave of horrid black fire rushes out from the space near her. It isn't merely black, but more akin to a void in space that happens to flicker and spread like fire. It'd cover a massive chunk of the arena in front of her, and even if either of their Personas had mystic defenses against fire the pair would find themselves burning horribly if struck by her Hellfire.
"Angelic guard" the persona would say The hellfire would do nothing against the group, "Maybe I could use a stone" he said with a smirk He pulled one out of his pocket and blue light erupted around him, giving him temporary immunity to any and all damage until the light would disappear, he held the stone away from him as his black suit was switched with a brightly colored outfit, his wings grew in size and as he brought his hand up in front of his face a hat appeared, he put the hat on his head and the light disappeared, he sent a much more powerful set of bolts, showing strength much closer to his full strength, however, in his current form he couldn't use his full strength,
Wasn't there another fight going on here, one which in which the other fighter posted before me, no less?
(Sorry, I get focused on certain parts sometimes) Dazle would rip out a little device, "Digitize!" She stated Her speed went up and she rolled around a bit, "Hit me with your best shot! Why don't you hit me with your best shot?" She started singing
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Woz again, attacks the entire, not a portion of, the entire arena, a caged arena no less, the entirety of which was being attacked, at once, in a spherical manner, such that the entire, again I stress the entire arena was attacked. In a manner that affects the flow of time no less, the entire arena was attacked by Woz. "I don't know, nor do I care to find out how."
"Elorna!" Dazle called She summoned her robotic persona who kicked Woz in the chest,
(Woz said he slowed down time, I thought that's what the attack did altogether... sorry, I was tired at the time, I will look at it again to try to figure it out better, and the rolling around was Dazle trying to get more speed,) Flame had a injury on his wing, though you couldn't see it that well because of it being a big black bruise on a black wing, Twilight had been training to use extreme speed, which is how come she do easily dodged, Dazle coughed a little, "Probably gonna need to heal up soon" she murmured
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