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Fan made Palutena's guidance for Joker
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Pit: uh... who's that? Palutena: that's Joker, leader of- Morgana: the Phantom thieves of hearts Dark Pit: um... how did a cat get into our discussion? Morgana: I'm not a cat! Futaba: *giggles* Viridi: seems like we got a lot of guests... Arsene: you can say that... Palutena: okay so now personas are spying on us? Futaba: Arsene I didn't expect you to say something! Morgona: I think no one saw that coming Arsene: that was the big idea Palutena: I still need to talk to Pit... Morgana: sure sure sure... go ahead and talk, Dark Pit: you guys are gonna... I don't know, leave first? Futaba: nope (I tagged it other because I didn't know what to tag it)
https://youtu.be/3YUTDo2SeAY Relevant
Piranha Plant
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YUTDo2SeAY Relevant I like that one but I imagine Arsene and Morgana and them making comments, (Chrom sure did with Robin)
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