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Anyone else
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Who else is looking forward to Joker getting a echo fighter in smash? (I am hoping for Akechi)

Sorry to disappoint, but it's already been confirmed that no Echo Fighters will be added via DLC.
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Awwww man! That sucks...
That was to be expected tbh. Not to mention akechi is already one of the color swaps.
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Yeah but it would be nice... think they might be adding Jak and Daxter then?
Uhhhh unlikely. No relations whatsoever to nintendo. Plus they aren't super relevant anymore right now.
They're adding Emam guys.
Maybe in Smash 6 (if Joker returns) he might be given an echo fighter. Akechi, Yu and Minato/Makoto are all great choices for echo fighters of Joker if that happens. And if P6 gets released between now and the next smash, the new protagonist might be an option too
> expecting persona 6 Man you're one insane fella.

Persona 6 before 2030? Crazy stuff man.
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