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Pink Dawn
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A young girl stands outside in an alley facing... A TV she'd plugged into an outlet, there's a grimly determined look on the pink haired young woman's face as she stares at it. "Just... Jump in huh, or so that's what I've heard. Gotta do it sooner rather than later I think, can't help anybody like I am now." Her hair's tied back in a ponytail behind her, and she wears a simple pair of jeans with a pink t-shirt, and a red ribbon tied around her head. After taking a brief moment to wait and look around some more, she'd sigh and step forward, hand reaching for the screen and... Sinking in, she in theory knew that should happen, but it's still so strange to see in person. Even so, she leaps into without looking back. "Whatever I find in here, I'm sure I'll figure it out somehow... Not like I've got any choice but to figure it out after all." She'd land inside... Somewhere, the screen absently flickering outside where she'd left it, and rippling a bit as if to invite people inside.
"Who on Earth would leave a TV in the middle of the street?" Sayaka was riding a bike on her way back home after making a delivery when she thought she'd take a great shortcut through a relatively safe back alley, sure there were some of them you'd get mugged in, but this one was actually kinda nice. The girl would slow down nearing the TV, simply parking her bike by the side of the wall. She'd at first move to unuplug the TV, but notices something... Strange, and in a way familiar inside of it "That's... Definitely not normal. Hold on." Sayaka would press one hand up against the TV, only to find it falling through, she lets out a yelp of surprise, before gulping down her courage, and going the rest of the way in
A crow would be watching from somewhere above the alleyway, it's eyes gleaming as if there was another presence watching through them. The presence would fade as the crow flew away. A girl with black wings growing from her back would quickly arrive in the area, flying in from the sky with a crow perched on her shoulder. She'd move over to the TV, a nervous look on her face. "I-is this a night road? Oh no, a human girl just entered though. I-I've never entered a night road but...I can't leave them there. I..." She felt silly being afraid, fear was supposed to be one of the things she rules over yet she couldn't help but work herself up. "Right, I'm the head Goddess of the order of Knox now I...shouldn't be afraid...I can handle this...even by myself..." She'd suppress her fear almost...too easily and begin reaching out for the TV, seeing if she could even enter her hand through it.
A teenage girl with long, flowing blue hair walks by the alley, casually stirring her tea with her straw. She flips her messy hair aside, and glances by the dark and suspicious alleyway with a tired expression. Of course, this immediately goes away when she literally moonwalks her way back towards the alleyway. "Oh, and what do we have here?" A lone bike, and then a TV. Suspicious, in a good sense. Noticing this, a smile curves on her lips, as she looks at her tea absentmindedly. She flips her hair once again, stirring her tea and gazing at the T.V., tempting her to join...whatever it wants her to join. "A T.V. and a bike? Well, obviously the first thing I should do is throw away this tea-" She callously tossed aside the tea, probably spilling it on the sidewalk right next to a trashcan, maybe even on somebody's car. She twirled her messy, blue locks and seemed to be second-guessing her thoughts. Though, she just scoffed, and walked into the alleyway. "and go into this T.V." With a graceful dive, like the ones you're supposed to do in a pool, she entered the T.V., immediately going into where the T.V. will lead and probably not regretting it at all.
[Kazuo had been actually in that alley for a long time just watching everything happen. Days ago he had gotten himself in some sort of strange adventure inside the TV World, and even so he managed to leave without much of an issue. Despite this, he was somehow weirded out by the amount of people that jumped in, and out of everyone, he only recognized Sayaka. So Blue Haired Magical Girl is around too. Why am I not surprised? [He says to seemingly no one.] Yes, might as well do it all over. I need to understand their power better. [Like before, he holds his hat and jacket rtight as he makes his jump inside, now being aware that he would need to land at some point. Just...so he doesn't hit the floor with the side of his body like the very first time.]
Today was like any other for the unfortunate boy with spiky hair. He went to school, got in trouble with his teacher, had to take remedial lessons, began to head home late as a result, ran into a certain sparky middle schooler with anger management issues, ran around the town before loosing her and ending up in another chase by a bunch of delinquents when attempting to save a damsel in distress. Well, it was at this moment he was still running from said delinquents as a miniature 15 centimeter girl was uncomfortably rattling holding onto the hood of his jacket. "Your luck never ceases to amaze me human." the small passenger said to him as she clung to dear life and pointed him to a nearby alley. Advice he quickly took as he ran into said alley to escape the group of people who wanted nothing more than to beat him into a bloody pulp. Unfortunately, as he came into this alley he tripped on a nearby can, causing him to lean forward and in an attempt to grab something to balance himself he grabbed an aluminum trashcan which couldn't support his weight and found himself falling headfirst into the nearby TV. He closed his eyes expecting to hear the sound of it break and a few pieces of glass in his arm only to feel nothing as he slipped into it. An occurrence the small 15 centimeter passenger found amusement in.
An animal is strolling through the streets that accompanied the alleyway when he notices a bunch of people jumping into a TV. He begins panicking and pacing nervously until deciding to bolt in after them. He pulls back preparing to pounce and leaps into the TV, possibly landing on someone's lap or head.
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As the group enters into this strange place, they'd likely note that a certian pink-haired young woman appears to be a good ways ahead of them. However they choose to land, they can see the landscape before them is... A city of sorts, but strangely dark and twisted looking, almost like some deranged painting or other artwork. Sayaka would know what it is on both counts, Mikithara City, flitered somewhat akin to a Witch's Labyrinth. Madoka looks back at them and stares curiously. "Um... What, why did all of these people show up. I can't even begin to imagine what most of them would be here for, though..." She'd give Sayaka a rather pointed glance for a moment. In the end, rather than greet them the woman keeps on walking down the city streets. Muttering to herself as she moves away. "Not really their problem though, these things are meant to be dangerous right. I'd really prefer it if they just... Didn't get involved, no sense risking it for me." As the city unfolds before the group, they might notice that it's skyline seems to have the shadow of a large gear above it for some reason. No such object seems to be present, but it looms regardless above the dark and murky looking streets. Streets which Madoka's vanished into at a run without saying a word to the group. If they advanced forwards, they'd rather quickly come to a crossing which goes both left and right, neither path having clear signs of recent use.
Touma would slam into the ground and let out a groan before trying to role to get back onto his feet to run from said delinquents only to realize he's no longer even in the same world anymore. A creeping feeling or exhaustion comes over him as he remembers a few things he'd rather not before looking at his shoulder at the pint sized girl not sitting atop it whom shrugs at his gaze. "This is not my doing human, lest you forget I no longer have the power to create and destroy any longer." With that he looks around and his gaze settles on those around him and eventually the pink haired girl ahead. "Uh" he sheepishly scratches the back of his head "Does anyone know what this place is?"
Faye would just...not land as she flaps her large wings in the air. She'd try to detect if there were any birds in the area...which there probably wasn't. She'd then notice the pink haired girl ahead of where she would've landed and begin flying in that general direction. It was more of a casual flight to simply see where the girl was going since she wasn't sure how to approach them. "What a dreadful place...I really hope there aren't any misbegotten about..."
"Hey, wait up!" Sayaka wouldn't pay that much attention to the people who entered after her, simply yelling to her friend and doing her best to run after Madoka. She knew the city well, as well as where her and Madoka usually went to hang out, but everything about the place is off... Like its a projection from one big barrier. Of course, since she didn't go Magical Girl she'd wind up losing Madoka anyways, once they reach a crossing, she'd pause, looking down both paths while talking to herself "Ok, the Madoka I know can be kinda a coward. I dunno why she came here, but if I were her where would I...." Sayaka would look down both paths once more, trying to see if she could remember anything about either of them, if possible she'd go down the more familiar path, towards somewhere her and Madoka had been a few times before, but if not she'd just go to the left
[He already had the idea that the landscape would always chance based on the person in question, and judging by how far ahead she was, he assumed it had to do with her and not anyone else. Why would she jump in so willingly? Wasn't she aware of the dangers inside? Regardless, and glad he actually made the landing this time around, he takes a moment to look around and see a...quite colorful group of people.] I'm not exactly sure what this place is called. [He raises his voice, but mainly directed at Touma.] But you might as well refer to it as the "TV World" or the "World inside the TV". This place is crawling with aggressive shadowy beings so I would suggest you guys stay close to her. [He would point at Sayaka who had already run off. He decided to follow her cautiously, since she seemed to know the area far more.] The name's Kazuo...Fabian, by the way. [He waves at them as he keeps moving.]
Sana would land on the ground safely, and gracefully exaggerated it all, as she let out a bow and dusted off her legs. Don't ask how a swimmer dive's trajectory would possibly lead to a good landing. She sighs, looking around at the others...or rather, just Touma and Kazuo. "Hi guys-" Her eyes immediately darted towards Madoka, and a gentle smile formed on her face as her smug expression goes back towards the two boys. She closed her eyes and cleared her throat before starting once again. "Bye guys." She turned around and immediately went towards where Sayaka was heading...for no reason. She didn't fully understand what brand of T.V. this was if it was so depressing to make jumping into television feel so horrible. Though, knowing her, she'd immediately buy it. She immediately stopped at the splitting pathway. "Oh cool, a route split. Wait, nevermind, that girl's here. How nice." Her whispers were in a dull tone, but to Sayaka, her entire presence seemed to be mute, as if the volume of what she can hear from her has been turned down completely. However, one thing was for certain; whatever route Sayaka went, Sana would follow suit.
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Flareon bolts around the vicinity, inspecting any nearby turns or corners and following the bird person from a respectable distance near Sayaka as well. He notices the crossroads and instinctively checks the right path, checking what's ahead as well as looking back at the group every so often
Touma would nod to Fabian as he ran to catch up with the young girl as well. "My name is Kamijou Touma" he introduced before gesturing to the small girl riding his shoulder "And this is Othinus." "TV world? I see. Then that means this place is....."She trailed off towards the end before letting out an amused chuckle "This will be quite interesting." she smiled before tugging on his hair and eliciting a small yelp from the boy. "Don't fall behind Human. This place is dangerous." Touma simply nodded before slowing down as he came closer to Sayaka which upon closer inspection he felt as if he met her before.
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As the route splits off, Sayaka would in fact notice that the right pathway does lead somewhere she's been several times before. It's on the road towards Madoka's own home to be exact. Though the girl herself doesn't appear to be present on the route in line of sight any longer. Faye can't find any birds in the area, not shocking there. She can, however, spot Madoka with ease thanks to her birdlike vision. Up ahead the road, she'd spot the girl standing in front of... Strange creatures of some kind, from her viewpoint they might almost seem like Uncreated. Their bodies appear to be made of a strange black substance, cotton balls for heads with strange mustaches and butterflies where one might expect legs. The girl shrieks a bit, but reaches into a bag and draws out a bow in her panic, arrows fly forward and... Shockingly do actually seem to harm her targets, but there's clearly far more than she could hope to deal with. "... What are these even doing here? I mean, maybe it kinda makes sense if... Whatever I can figure something out right?" Her words are clearly not even entirely beleived by the girl in question, and given she's now fleeing in the reverse of the direction she'd come from while shooting wildly every now and then. There's a high chance that the group would run into her properly shortly if they kept moving down their current road.
Faye would immediately react in a panic. The feather's that made up her wings would sharpen into blades as she began to dive down towards the monsters attacking the girl. She'd attempt to land while trying to knock the uncreated-like monsters back with her wings, cutting them in the process if successful. "Back, demons of the Uncreated Night! I the Goddess Knox will not allow you to take another human soul within this forsaken place!"
"Of course, she probably went to check on her dad and little brother... This place isn't real right?" Sayaka would slow down a bit as she continues going down the right side road, there's definitely something wrong with this place, especially the ominous sky, but its still a welcome sight. And if we reach the end of it she probably won't get to see the place anymore... Right? Soon Sayaka would slow down further, even coming to a stop as she simply looks around the place, in the direction of the hospital. She hadn't seen anyone else here so there's no reason that'd be any different, but it would still be nice to check on someone, right? Without telling anyone what she's doing, Sayaka goes ahead and slips off her silver ring, changing into her long caped magical girl form before jumping off in the direction of the hospital "please be real, please be real."
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Sana just says "fuck it", making her presence known to Sayaka only for a moment, and then, she sprays a perfume cloud and puts the bottle back in her oversized coat pocket. The cloud was purple, and masked her presence, and then, once they were to pass it, nothing appeared. "Alright, uh, shadows. Cool. That's nice." She looked over at Faye. A goddess, huh? Well, she jumped into a freaking T.V, she wouldn't really expect everyone to be right in the head. Especially with her first chance at social interaction with...Kazuma. She grins, thinking back on that experience. "Alright, time to make myself kn-" Sana sighs out once again, simply putting her pointing finger over her mouth and making a shush sound. Afterwards, once that happened, every and all sounds that she had made cannot be known to anybody but herself. Due to this, she snickered at Faye's little introduction. Any sounds she made was masked, but that doesn't mean her physical appearance wasn't just invisible, so she stopped immediately and cleared her throat. "Have fun, everyone! I'll be...helping." Standing by her muted statement fully, she did the only thing that could only be considered the best possible explanation, which was to pull out her phone and look down at it, avoiding any and all eye-contact. People who would notice her definitely wouldn't at first notice the fact that her phone, and herself, was as quiet as a mouse...a dead one, to be exact.
Flareon accompanies Sayaka down the road once more, checking to the sides to make sure no one was stranded.
[With not much to do and simply deciding to stay on the same road, he keeps walking until Sayaka seems to simply disappear and nowhere to be seen. He blinks a few times and tries to question it, but something else catches his attention. Although he was expecting some strange creatures, he got more startled at Madoka suddenly showing up right on their faces. He covers his face for a moment with his hat before cracking his knuckles. He clenches his right fist and prepares to make the motion of a punch.] Imaginary 1.0 - Highspeed Alloy! [His arm is momentarily covered in a dark purple and black armor as a void vortex shows up from behind. Thousands upon thousands of pieces of gears, metal and various mechanical parts shoot out at neck-break velocity towards the incoming enemies.] Better make it quick, I don't want to be fighting all day. [Not that he cared much about saving the girl in pink in particular, but saving a life or two is always the right thing to do. Mostly.]
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With Sayaka and Flaeron: The girl would find moving through the city fairly easy at her speed, she'd likely note a few... Familiars, but made of strange black ooze, none of them are really fast or angered enough at her to bother with giving chase though. Soon enough the girl would reach the building, a building which is like everywhere else, entirely empty... Strangely though, stepping into it leads her to the exact room she might have been looking for. Rather than finding the boy she might have been hoping to see though, she'd see Madoka. Or rather, Madoka wearing her school uniform from Mikithara. Sitting upon the bed and dangling her legs carelessly as gleaming yellow eyes stare over at the blue-haired girl, she'd clap her hands and laugh. "Ah haha, hi there Sayaka! Yeeesh, I kinda figured that you might come here but seriously? It was a guess and yet... You just had to go and prove me right didn't you?" She'd sigh and stand up, walking closer to the magical girl, who might notice a familiar pink ring on her hand. "But hey, good to know that even if you aren't the same person I used to know I can still predict ya easily pal. Always chasing after him, though I sometimes wonder exactly why? Love's weird though so whatever, I of all people get that now! Anyways, nice meeting you properly finally!" With the others Faye's attacks would tear through the shadows with ease, they aren't all that strong and her godly talons would make quick work of such weaklings. Kazuo's attack only serves to add into their quick demise, leaving the field entirely empty of the things as Madoka stares over at them in shock. "W-what, who are you people. Why are you... No never mind, guess I can't really complain about you coming in here since I clearly can't do anything by myself huh?" She'd sigh and look down at the bow in her hands, it killed some of those things sure, but it's clearly not enough. Too little too late, she'd be dead if these people hadn't shown up. Even so... She's got something to try and face here. "Um, I honestly hate doing this. But I kind of... Think I need help? Sounds pretty pitiful now that I think about it, but I can't really get through all these shadows myself. And um, did either of you notice where Sayaka went off to?" Regardless of their response, Madoka would keep on walking forward to her home. She's entirely sure that's where this ends, one way or another. One might also note the shadow of a floating gear growing... More present, but it's still clearly not there even as they go closer.
Faye would smile confidently at the sight of her defeated foes but her demeanor would immediately seem to fade back to nervousness upon being spoken to by others. "I-Yes...A Goddess of the Church of Knox always helps people in need. I-I'd be happy to help." She'd open her eyes widely, trying to spot where the blue haired girl hat veered off from before went. She wasn't sure if her visual range was enough but she thought to at least try. "I'm trying to see if I can find her but I'm not sure if my vision is going to be quite that good..."
Flareon steps in front of Sayaka and growls at the Madoka, mistrustfully standing on edge and making quick fake-outs in succession in an attempt to intimidate the thing imitating the human girl.
"Oh gee am I really that predicatable?" Sayaka laughs derisively, scratching the back of her head as she lets out a sigh. Its somewhat of a relief to actually find Madoka, though this is definitely not her first guess for where the other girl'd go. She lowers a hand to try to get Flareon to calm down as she steps further into the room towards her friend "Hey! Calm down boy, at least let us talk first. Right? I'm glad I was able to catch up to you though. And... What do you mean finally? We met up last week." Sayaka raises an eyebrow, it kinda makes sense for Madoka to be here if she was waiting for her, but if that's the case wouldn't she have just said hi back when they first arrived? And there's something off about the other girl's eyes.... Wait a minute. Sayaka slowly moves her hand down to the sword on her belt, just as a precaution "I thought you gave up on being a Magical Girl. I was going to protect you, remember?"
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Let's just try to get out of here fas- [He would pay a bit more attention to Faye and her actual abilities. She called herself a goddess of...something he had never heard before, the "Church of Knox". Perhaps american? He wasn't sure.] Just do your best, but I can guarantee that we'll probably meet with her at some point. Either because the world turns out to be smaller than we thought or because of the sound of swords clashing. [Kazuo would adjust his jacket and hat. After this, he would extend his right hand as a void vortex shows up on top of him.] 3.0 - Lawful Blades. [A irregular one-handed sword drops and he grabs it by the hilt, deciding to be armed in case anything happens. He wasn't at all scared at the monsters but now that they could show up at any moment, he just knew he had to be ready to rumble.] My name is Kazuo, by the way. A pleasure to meet you, miss...? [He kept walking but decided to hurry his pace to offer Madoka a handshake as courtesy.]
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With Sayaka and Flaeron The girl would just chuckle a bit at the pokemon, they seem kinda cute to her really. As for Sayaka though, the shadow can only sigh and shake her head. It's not shocking though, she really wouldn't have any clue what she's looking at. "You're wrong friend of mine, we didn't meet up last week at all. I am a Shadow, the true self!" She smiles darkly upon saying that, voice echoing through the room for a moment as she absently stares down at the ring. "Yeah you're right, she did quit, idiot. What a stupid move right? I mean sure, it'd have killed us eventually but everything does. Sure, that's usually faster than most things but not always. And now... Well, now I mostly just hide behind others and hope my problems get solved, truly impressive right!" She scoffs and suddenly begins fading away, looking more like a ghostly image than an actual person at this point. "Anyway, I've got more to say. But instead I'll leave you with this, Sayaka Miki died in the place I came from to begin with. God, that's needed to be said for a while! You wanna know more, I'll be at home." She fades from view with that statement, waving goodbye to Sayaka. Kazuo and Faye The girl takes Kazuo's hand for a moment, looking around absently at the twisted image of her hometown. "Madoka Kaname, nice meeting you Kazuo-kun. And thanks." No more shadows seem to appear as they keep moving down the road, at least for the moment things seem to be quiet. And Madoka would look over towards Faye with a tilt of her head if she were still in sight. "Funny enough, you're the second person I've met recently who said they're a god. The first was... less blunt about it though, much so. Didn't have a church either, but regardless of that, I'll thank you too miss Knox. As for leaving, I kinda have something I need to do in here." She'd keep going, wary eyes trained down the road as it splits yet again, not that she takes even a moment's pause before simply going down the center of this crossroads. She'd turn back to them with an apologetic look. "Anyway, good news is that if I mess up horribly, I don't think it'll hurt you all too much in the end."
"I see them..." Faye would begin speaking to themselves almost casually. Then, she suddenly would exclaim something loudly. "In a large white building! It has a cross on it! I'm going!" Her body seemed to shift to that of a raven before she instantly seemed to zoom by Madoka and Kazuo at a nearly unfathomable speed. If she were able to she would fly directly to where Sayaka was disemboweling them instantly appearing right next to them without hurting them at all, still in the form of a raven.
No, I wouldn't worry too much about messing up. You'll know what to do when the time comes. [He wasn't exactly an expert but again, he had seen the process once already and that was more than enough to have some ideas, some very outlandish, about how the entire world works, and how the power manifets. To be honest, it was similar to the abilities some humans displayed back at his own Earth, but not quite the same...more in line with the demons, in fact.] And if you really need to do something here, then let us finish quickly before anyone but the shadows get injured. [Then Faye would quickly disappear from sight. Kazuo takes a deep breath and prepares his one blade.] Nice job, Goddess Chick. Time to move. [He decided that, right now, the best choice was to rush toward the area. He was also wondering if his sanity would remain there, given that he just accepted some girl turn into a raven that flew at probably mach 3 speeds. Not that he could actually tell, but the random numbr was amusing.]
"You're a..." Sayaka had heard a little about Shadows, though she hadn't actually seen one herself, she did know it was bad news though. Sayaka's hand goes down to her sword, which she whips out of her belt, however rather than use it she just stands there for a second "I... What are you even talking about I'm... Where are you going?" Sayaka throws her sword at the Shadow as it vanishes, resulting in it simply going through and shattering the hospital window. This conveniently means Faye doesn't break it on her way in, instead leaving a very confused and somewhat Sayaka staring at a teleporting bird as another sword drops into her hand from beneath her cape "Ok, there haven't been any real people here, so that's probably not a real bird. Just a familiar." Sayaka would look at Faye warily as she edges around them towards the window, ready to jump out if it decided to attack.
The Flareon, not really having a stake in any of this, just brushes up against Sayaka's ankle to comfort her.
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Sayaka and co The room's now deadly quiet at this point, not much to be said for an empty hospital room. It's clean looking, dull, and utterly void of any shadows. The group could easily procede where they might want to from here. Kazuo Madoka rubs the back of her head a bit and nods to the young man, she does, in fact, know what to do... But knowing something from hearing someone else talk and actually being able to handle it are two very different things. "Yeah, I do in theory at least... I think I'll manage, in theory at least. Now come on, with any luck we can avoid meeting more of those shadow thin-" Before she can finish speaking, she'd note that no they cannot in this case. The girl's home is within view by now as she would spot, but standing between them and the area is a large shadow in the shape of... It's basically a giant metal hulk hogan, Madoka just tilts her head for a moment at the being as she pulls out an arrow. "... Huh, I honestly have no idea why that's in here. Whatever the case though, I'm not sure I'll be of much use against it. We're getting closer though, that much I'm sure of Kazuo-kun. I think if we get past that one, we might reach well, her without more issues..." An arrow flies from the girl's bow, and. Mostly just annoys the shadow for a moment, but Kazuo might take advantage of that moment's distraction.
The bird would begin making noises at Sayaka for a moment before shifting back into the form of a girl with large black wings. She'd fly slightly above the ground. "Oh good, I found you. Wasn't there another girl here though?"
Sayaka would let out a sigh of relief and lower her sword, no longer ready to stab the bird. She'd sheathe her weapon once more "Yeah, she vanished like a ghost, said she was a shadow. I don't get it that well but I know its some kinda monster, and its probably after my friend." Sayaka would look out the window, squinting as she tries to pick out a specific building, its rather far but she'd at least make out the general area pretty quickly. "Think you can do that teleporting thing with the Flareon and I? Or am I gonna have to run myself? The person I'm talking about is a girl, about my age, bright pink hair. Might have seen her?"
Well then, this face looks awfully familiar but I can't really tell when or where exactly it was that I saw it but... [A void vortex appears on top of Metal Hogan. At leastt a few meters above him. Kazuo's left wrist is covered by a shining silver bracelet.] I'll show you something cool, because I have yet to thank Sayaka for this amazing power. 3.0 - Lawful Blades. [He had already used the skill before which means that the next one was going to be far more significant in capacity, and as such, a 5'5 irregular sword, so thick it was more like a rough hunk of iron, falls and quickly gains speed. Even if it doesn't penetrates through Metal Hogan's body, it should be able to make a massive impact.] This isn't going to be an issue, it's just one after all, and we're two. [He makes sure his hat is in the right position.] And we'll be three if this bastard doesn't go away soon.
Faye would look down at Sayaka and begin growing nervous again as she answers. "N-no, I can only lock onto one person at a time and it's hard for me to reset my target...it takes a while. With a little effort though I can...turn you into birds...and with a little more I can just give you wings that fly at a high speed...Uh, which of those options would be best?" She obviously seemed at a loss for what she should do, as if she wasn't actually as adjusted to situations like this as she seemed to be.
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Sayaka and Faye Are still in an empty room, it's just as empty as it was last update honestly. That is all everyone. Kazuo and Touma Madoka stares in disbelief as well, Kazuo's blade rushing at the shadow with stunning force. It might have attempted to dodge, but the small chunk of metal that had flown at its eye from the girl's bow left it just stunned enough that wasn't possible. Instead, the Lawful Blades simply slam into this being's chest, stopping it cold for a moment and causing black ooze to rush out from the wound... As it shouts wordless rage at the group. "That... It's alive? What even." The shadow tears itself off the metal beam quickly enough, rushing towards Kazuo with a glare and a cry of... Something about HULKAMANIA, that appears to be the only word it can speak, but it doesn't need speech to rush at the young man who'd conjured blades with shocking speed for its size and aim to slam into him by dropping down its legs and chest on the boy. For her part, Madoka's just trying to stay clear of it.
"I... Uh...." Sayaka blinks, this isn't really the reaction she was expecting. The girl smiles at Faye before putting one foot on the windowsill, ready to jump "Nevermind, don't push yourself. I'm pretty sure I know where to go, so just follow me. Or well, if you know where that pink-haired girl I mentioned is you could get to her first, let them know I'm coming." with that, Sayaka would jump out the window, headed towards Madoka's house by jumping along the rooftops once again, hoping she's not too late
Faye would nod, trying to regain some composure. She'd seem to begin...melting into the shadows of the building's interiors. In a moment she'd emerge from the shadow nearest to where Madoka was, unsure of where that might be. She'd breath slightly for a moment, feeling a bit strange from having become one with the shadows. "Still not used to that..."
You gotta be-!!! [Kazuo's general constitution wasn't anything too amazing given that he was still just human. But he had learned to be quick and agile. He barely even manages to move out of the way and, in the process, he looses the grip on his original summoned sword. Not only that but he also loses his footing.] 1.0 - Highspeed Alloy! [He was extremely close to Metal Hogan, and so he would take this moment to make sure the Hulkster tastes the pain. He throws a punch at the air with his right hand as it gets covered momentarily by a black and purple armor. The usual void vortex appears and from it, gears and various metal parts fly at the Boss at even higher speeds than the original shoot he did against the first couple of shadows. It may bot be enough to go through it but it should be able to knock the shadow back a few feets.] The Imaginary Numbers grow in power with time, Giant Wrestler...! [He actually stands up and takes a few steps back as quick as he can.] Make it easier for us all and kill yourself.
Touma would stare on in disbelief but finally get snapped back to reality upon seeing it actually move and realizing it's real and not just a really gaudy statue. Upon that realization he charged in at the creature from behind hoping that his imagine breaker can do something, anything to be able to harm it. "I do not think your right hand will be able to dispel it" Othinus said to the boy who continued to charge towards the hulking mass of metal. "Then what should I do then?!" "In this place it's existence will simply reconstitute at the same speed as your hand can destroy it. Still, your hand will be damaging it's existence so at the very least you'll be able to harm it but be careful since-." she followed up as the boy came within range and threw a right hook with his whole body behind it. If what she said was correct then he would hear the sound of the world itself creaking at it struggles to against the hands affects. That might not really mean very much but- "Once you do, it's attention will probably be on you then." If that is what happens then the boy would simply curse under his breath and take a step back. If that's not what happens then he would simply take distance in hopes that Othinus could tell him of a way he could actually help.
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The Shadow is... Rather stunned for a moment by Kazuo's second attack. It was already reeling a bit from the missed strike. The metal bits flying at it do indeed knock the target back, not to mention some flying directly into the gaping hole in its chest from his earlier attack. The thing roars in pain. Only to be cut short by Touma's fist flying into as well, the thing's body wavers and warps for a moment, but it doesn't vanish into nothingness quite yet. Another arrow flies into the thing's skull, mildly slowing it down as it rushes straight for Touma with a shout of RUNNING WILD OVER HIM. Its fists rush at Touma in a flurry of blows despite the black ooze leaking out of its head now along with pools rushing from the chest. Though it does seem to be slowing down. "Seriously... I'm honestly kind of surprised that this thing was even in here, let alone that it was as tough as this." The girl just stares, for now, standing behind Kazuo and waiting to act. If she indeed can do anything to act that seems useful. "Hopefully it'll go down soon though, I'm sure that she's waiting over in that house. Even if I am a bit concerned about going to face her..." As for Faye... She'd come out right next to Madoka, appearing literally from the girl's own shadow cast upon the ground. Madoka just eeps for a moment in shock and looks over the Godbound. "What the heck, is that more of your... Godly powers I guess, that's such a weird thing to think about honestly. But um hi, this shadow is tougher than the others have been."
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Faye would just stare blankly at the shadow for a moment, trying her best to remain calm given the situation. "Yes, I'll bring an end to it right now. J-just as long I can see control this." She would gaze towards the odd wrestler shadow and try to peer into its greatest fears. She'd focus harder and harder, putting a decent amount of effort into trying topull its nightmares out from its minds and into reality. The nightmares would take the shape of a monster closely matching its fears, whatever they may be and would immediately begin attacking the shadow. "Behold, your nightmares shall come to fruition as the realm of dreams and reality becomes as one! This is it, the Monster from the ID!"
This should be enough to finish it. Too bad you couldn't come out. [The bracelet on his left wrist shines as three void vortexes show up on top of Metal Hogan's possible, and yet quite predictable path. They are angled in such a way that, whatever comes out, won't be in a straight down line.] Lawful Blades! [Three swords are summoned, all three of different shapes and sizes, none as small as a one-handed sword and non as massive as the hunk of steel he used earlier. They were all aimed at the enemie's noticeable wound with the sole intent of finishing it off. However, given that their mass isn't as massive as the hunk of steel, their falling speed certainly won't be the same, and the vortex itself does no propel anything but the Highspeed Alloys.] Whatever happens this is pretty much over, but I fear that whatever comes next will be a tad more complex to deal with. So disappear already, Musclehead.
Touma's body would immediately kick into high gear, dodging any attack that came at him almost before they were made. "Oi oi oi oi oi! Why does every statue have it out for the Kamijou-san!" he yelled as he jumped around and weaved through punches that came towards him. Well, despite that his moves regardless looked clumsy and untrained as if he was merely dodging by pure luck before he was finally hit in his side. He could feel his entire body reel at the pain, maybe even a few ribs breaking from the metal colliding with flesh as he lifted from the ground and flew a few meters back. He steeled himself however, clenching his teeth and sliding backwards on the ground as soon as he landed. "It's coming again." the miniature magic god spoke spoke to him as it hid in his hood and looked over his shoulder. "I know damn it!" he roared He tightened his fist as it rushed at him and as it's fist flew down at him he would simply move to the side as he stepped forward and send a punch directly towards it's stomach with all of his strength, the flesh on his fist splitting as he did so. He wouldn't remain there however and would immediately take that time to take distance from the metal monster to catch his breath as he continued to observe.
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Faye conjures up... It appears to be a tall shadow, also made of metal much like this one. But dressed in red leather with yellow boots on. The metal man shouts something about Hulkamania being a single grain of sand, before quickly rip into its foe's body with wild rage that tears off one of the thing's arms. Kazuo's blades do manage to fall right into the wound, the shadow fair too distracted by its greatest fear to evade them. As they do that even more ooze would begin rushing out from the wound, the thing falling down to its knees in pain and leaving it wide open. Touma naturally, would have an easy time taking advantage of that. His fist rushing straight into what passes for the guts of a metal monster made out of collective thoughts about an old wreslter, this time around it's far too harmed and weak to maintain itself in fact. With that final blow, the monster and Faye's fear construct both vanish. No longer alive in one case, no longer needed in the other. Madoka sighs in relief and begins walking forward once again. "Wow, thanks for all that everyone. That thing was... Weird, and harder to kill than what I'd have thought too. Seems like we're now nearing the end though, so let's go ahead and keep moving. Pretty sure getting out will be fairly simple once I'm done, I hope." The house doesn't seem to have anything else in the way going towards it. And indeed, Madoka is fairly easily able to reach the front door without more issues cropping up. Though she does wait outside for the rest before entering.
"Sorry if I'm a little late everyone, but the cavalry has arrived Sayaka would shout as she jumps down among the group from a nearby rooftop, she's breathing heavily but otherwise seems to be perfectly fine with a wide grin on her face. Having finally taken a good look at the group for the first time, she nods to Kazuo and Faye, only for her mood to drop a bit seeing Touma. She decides the best thing to do is probably focus on her friend, Madoka "You should have told me if you were planning on doing something dangerous. I'm always here for ya, remember? Here, let me take point. Your place, right?" as per her suggestion, Sayaka would try to get to the front of the group, so as to be able to keep the others safe as she moves to open the door
"Just....just give me sec" the boy would say as he was hunched over, hands on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. The boy was after all running for half an hour straight before suddenly fighting a giant metal man. Not the strangest thing he's ever encountered but was definitely up there. He took a few moments to collect himself, taking deep breaths before finally standing again and joining Madoka. "So uh, can someone explain to me again why we're here. I get we're in the TV world but why?" he asked though for him it was wholly an accident and seeing as he didn't know any way of getting back this seemed like the only other option. That being to follow the ones who did seem to know what they were doing, at least until their little separation happened anyways.
Faye would just look at Touma confused before speaking. "TV world? I'm not sure what you mean. This is a fragment of the uncreated night where those unfortunate enough to be defiled by forbidden divine power are fated to become misbegotten and from which the uncreated form in the depths. One doesn't simply come here, they either come in order to try to quell the uncreated night or by mistake, in which case they become trapped until they find a means of escape." After giving what she thought was a simple explanation of gibberish she'd continue following Sayaka, summoning a blade that seemed to be formed of solid night in her hand as she moved.
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Madoka would look at Sayaka sheepishly, the other girl isn't wrong... "Sure, I could have asked you. I could have asked Homura too, I know you'd both help. But..." She pauses for a moment, not entirely sure how to say this. Or even if she wants to say this. "Listen alright, I kind of get tired of hiding behind you, and her, and everyone else around me. That's all I can do most of the time, and it's what I've done now too... I want to be stronger than that." She then turns to Touma, the boy's questions are pretty valid all things considered. And she'll answer them as best she can. "I... Came here to do something, guess you could say I just wanted to face myself is all. Uh, Madoka Kaname, I don't think we've met before have we?" The girl then stares at Faye confused, that made no sense and wasn't accurate at all even based on what little she's heard. "Um... It's more so a world that shapes itself to the repressed emotions of those inside it, I think? I don't make a habit of studying this stuff, though I might start soon honestly. But that's what I've heard." Within the house, Sayaka would find... A straight path to the backyard. And of course, Madoka's Shadow. A smirk on her face sitting outside in the yard as she waves to the group from behind a glass door. Despite her better judgement, Madoka would quickly move forward to meet the shadow. A determined look on her face despite feeling, rather scared really. She still steps into the yard and faces her other self. M: "So, guess this is the part where you rant at me for a while about... What exactly? What's the deal, shadow." The shadow would chuckle a bit, clearly amused by Madoka's bravado. SM: "What to say, good question but shouldn't you know? How about I start with... Well I think you kinda accepted that part huh. You feel useless, sure. But that isn't the real issue, is it Madoka?" Madoka just tilts her head for a moment, clearly confused by that question as the shadow goes on with a heavy sigh. "Fine fine, I can spell it out. What I exist for, right. You do hate feeling useless, to be sure. But the real truth of the matter is more so you're terrified about being left behind. I mean come on, who'd want to hang around dead weight that usually just makes life harder for them? Come on, Homura's the only reason we haven't starved to death or something yet, maybe ended up in an orphanage at best? Everyone here had to bail you out just getting to me, more than once! So what makes us worth keeping around?" The pink-haired girl just stares quietly at that, utterly silent as she ponders the words said by her other self. For the moment, both are content to observe a moment.
[Kazuo had stayed silent in the moments after defeating Metal Hogan. Recomposing himself, he would pick up the swords he used against Metal Hogan, leaving them on top of the pile of metal he shoot at it. Luckily, the hunk of metal he used before was relatively close, but before he really became aware of his surroundings, he just kept thinking of an excuse to stay behind. Luckily for him, no one questioned him as they moved towards the house.] I better be prepared, you never know with these people. [He didn't exactly lose sight of them either enough to get lost. So once he saw them get inside of seemingly random house, he prepared to do what he must.] 2.0 - Deep Transmigration. [He claps his hands together as red, wild markings cover his arms and quickly move out into the ground and towards the scattered blades and pile of metal. Then, as the materials quickly take form, he would point his right hand at it.] I call upon your name, bearer of the mark. Manifestation of fear, let your heroic will guide it. [He snaps his right fingers as a gigantic serpent made out of metal appears. However, its appearance is far from normal. Its metal body was separated in smaller sections so it can move, connected by a black sludge. The metal parts of the main body had spikes in random areas of it, all connecting to a big head with a massive lower jaw. Said jaw had myriad razorsharp fangs. Its upper skull had something of a massive horn aimed to the back, as well as two curved tusk-like blades at the back end of the upper teeth. The front of the lower jaw was sharp and the top of he skull was shaped in a beak-like way.] 2.31 - Deep Alloy Serpent. [Serpent and Kazuo look at each other. The giant snake of at least 25 feet's eyes are hollow, blackened and shadowy, similar to those of an empty skull.] Stay close, anything happens and you'll know when to show up. [He hurries along the way and then, once he reaches his destination, casually walks in, just catching a glimpse at the...two Madoka.] Oh good, this might get bad real quick. [He mutters. Serpent was somewhere nearby outside the home but there was no way of telling where exactly.]
Sayaka had only seen Madoka's house a few times before, but it was obvious this long hallway wasn't correct. Still, since her friend wanted to go through, she'd head in first, turning back to Madoka, dropping her smile for a serious glance. "Not everyone has to fight you know, just think of how Homura, Hitomi, I, or any other friends you might have met here would feel if something happened to you. Besides, its not like I'm gonna die on you or anything." Sayaka gives her friend a halfhearted grin, she's trying to reassure them, but its kind of hard to when everyone involved already knows she's lying. Its only ever been a matter of time after all. Sayaka would lead the way to the back yard, glaring at the now obvious Shadow. But she'd do her best not to let the fake's words bother her, instead she'd crack a grin and relax, putting both arms behind her head "Did we really have to go all this way for some elaborate therapy session? Its easier to just talk about these things to actual people you know, not some evil monster in the Shadow Realm or whatever."
Faye would just stand by, unsure of what was going on. She had never seen an uncreated that so closely resembled a human before...than again...she had hardly ever seen any uncreated at all. "Hmmm, an oddly human figure trying to lead someone astray...No...It can't be right?"
After hearing the explanation from the strange bird woman he would simply look confused before hearing giggling from the miniature girl on his shoulder. Though after hearing Madoka's explanation he seems to be able to gain a better grasp of the situation. "I can only assume this Human came here of it's own accord in order to gain more power. Otherwise there are a multitude of other ways to 'face' oneself." Othinus said with an amused smile "Ah, Kamijou Touma. " he introduced himself to Madoka as he followed her into the house before responding to Othinus "What exactly does coming here and having to fight physical manifestations of.....Feelings?" he seemed to ask before shaking the thought out of his head and continuing "Isn't that a little too dangerous?" he asked the miniature girl before she pointed forward He stopped upon having his attention taken by the sudden stop of movement and then followed the small magic gods finger to the shadow Madoka that sat idly within the space before them. A chill ran down his spine as he looked at the being that looked oddly like the pinkette he only just had the pleasure of meeting. "What the...." he trailed off before feeling his body tense, preparing itself for any kind of combat he felt would soon come out of pure instinct "That is the reason she is here." Othinus pointed out to the spiky haired boy as she simply watched with an amused smile Even when he heard the creature talk he felt something wrong about it's existence but despite that he couldn't simply ignore the words coming out of it's mouth. "Oi! Cut the crap!" the young boy stomped as he heard what he could only consider nonsense "Friends aren't just defined by whether you're useful or not. Being able to share in each others triumphs and each others pain. Trying your best and being able to carry the burden alongside those important to you." he clenched his fist despite the blood that seeped through the wounds "Even if you can't fight alongside them doesn't mean you're not important. Simply being the one who can be their safe haven is enough. Everyone has things they are good at. There isn't a reason to force yourself to be something you're not. That's something your friends will always be able to understand and accept. Anything otherwise means that you yourself don't trust them!" he roared over the silence that previously covered the room. The only thing that could be heard immediately after that was the small magic gods laughter. "As entertaining as always Human." she commented to his small speech
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Madoka stares at Sayaka for a moment, the girl... Has something of a point, but it doesn't hit the entire reason she came here at all. Nor does Touma with his speech, and yet. They do manage to push the girl onward despite herself. M: "You... Have a point actually, both you Shadow. And Touma too, it's a stupid thing to be worried about. But I can't... Rather won't deny that the thought has crossed my mind at times. Even so, I know better than to really believe they'd do that!" The shadow chuckles a bit, clapping her hands for a moment before bowing briefly. SM: "Alright, that's fine then. I have more you know, but hey congrats you're getting somewhere at least." The ring on the shadow's finger would seem to crack a bit, looking less stable and gleaming with leaking magical energy as she turns over to address Sayaka. SM: "Gotta say though, hearing you say you won't die... It'd be funny if I weren't so pissed off! You are gonna die if you keep going down this road! You'll either die or end up a witch just like you did before! Oh but it's fine, we found an identical replacement so all's good!" Madoka winces heavily upon hearing that, standing between the blue-haired girl and her shadow with her bow aimed at her other self. Though she does look back at Sayaka. M: "L-leave her out of this, I thought we were here about me... She... Isn't completely wrong though, I worry about you. And more over, yes I have seen that. It's a long story, but suffice to say I'm not at all comfortable with you doing what you do." SM: "Of course we are! That's why it had to be said, and this is super funny to me honestly. Testing yourself apart is cool, but the moment someone else might be hurt now you're scared? Kinda hypocritical coming from the girl who made a contract over a cat isn't it?" Madoka just stares blankly at her other self for a moment again, absently beginning to mouth something at the shadow. But not quite finishing beyond "you're"
"Wait, are you.." Sayaka freezes in place. She doesn't have much of a response. She had known she was going to die at some point, and honestly lasting this long is pretty impressive. But... The girl takes a deep breath, looking straight at Madoka "What is she talking about what replacement? I... I've been your best friend for as long as we've known each other." Sayaka starts to shout, putting her left hand over her chest. Its easy for anyone to tell she's distressed, though only Faye would sense the undercurrent of fear beneath her incredulity "And don't try to kick me out of the conversation, I'm VERY MUCH involved in what happens here. Or are you just going to shut me out completely?"
Faye would look towards Sayaka curiously, unsure of why she felt fear in her. She'd begin speaking without even thinking as if on reaction. "Are you...afraid? Why would you be scared right now?" For a moment she'd realize how insensitive her words were but it was too late to take anything back.
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"Wha.. Oh don't you start too bird brain." Sayaka swings around, lashing out at Faye with her words too, the girl's hand goes to the sword at her side, but she thinks better than to actually try using it "We literally just met, how could you possibly know anything about me? I'll have you know I'm perfectly calm right now!"
Yes but this is not really about you, is it, Blue Haired Magical Girl? [Kazuo makes his way towards the group, finally catching up. He takes off his hat and holds it with his right hand, covering part of his mouth as he spoke.] Rather, how scared you feel and how clearly anxious you are should be left for another time, because right now, this is Madoka's spotlight. [He points at the the younger girl with his hat. He didn't really want this to escalate, and even if it did he knew he could quite possibly take care of it even on his own...and some help from a 25 feet Serpent.] We all do things we are not proud of but the question is: Will you own up to it? Will you be honest and tell the truth to those you might just hurt? Either is fine, because we, humans, hang on to whatever peace we can get. And if you really feel at peace by keeping secrets...well, I wonder what will come of that. [He says as he turns his gaze towards Shadow Madoka. Hoping his dramatism was enough, he puts his hat on once more.] Miss Shadow, you better have a clear idea of what you'll say and do because depending on what exactly it is...chances are you'll feel at least some pain.
"And what's wrong with that?" He said once more "Being afraid of your friend getting hurt. That's natural. What kind of heartless bastard wouldn't feel anything from seeing the ones they care about being hurt?" his eyes becoming half closed as his fist loosened. Flashes of horrible memories going through his head. Memories he would want to stay buried. Of a world gone and people dead. Of a nightmare of anguish and pain. Of watching everything he knew and loved.......... "Fighting for others sake is natural. Not wanting to see your loved ones in pain is natural. Being afraid of them getting hurt is natural. That is the mark of true friendship. Sure we may stumble at times. Sure we make mistakes but..." his fist tighten again as he looks back up with more resolve "There isn't anything wrong with that! Everyone has a fear! Everyone has things they don't want to lose! A place they want to be able to return to no matter what!" he said before turning to Madoka. "I don't know what exactly your problem is. I don't know what it is you're going through but." his gaze turned to Sayaka and then back to her "Regardless of what it is you need to be able to believe in yourself if you ever want to change anything. Believe in the people who believe in you. Steel yourself and harden your resolve. Only when you can believe in your own power and make an effort can you change things." "Truly, the words of a true idiot." Othinus laughed "H-hey!" he said a bit deflated from her remark "You needn't worry Human. An idiot you may be, I ,more than anyone, have seen the strength of your resolve. That those are not simple hollow words." she chuckled before staring at the shadow and then to Madoka "But in the end the one who has to make the choice is you."
The Flareon stands back and sizes up the atmosphere, pacing along the streets out the way of people. He analyses the situation and tries to make sure everyone is safe, or at the least as undamaged as possible. He lunges halfway towards Shadow Madoka, staring over her entire body. He then emits an stark aura of wide burst flame, trailing around him and scorching the earth in his tracks. He has a look of determination on his face, jumping in front of the real Madoka's legs in a defensive stance.
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The girl just takes in everyone's words for a moment, mostly she doesn't want to explain to Sayaka. And as the shadow starts to speak up with a retort aimed at the magical she'd be cut off by a phrase from Madoka. M: "Stop it, just stop talking about everything... You aren't the same as me." The shadow laughs loudly for a moment, the cracks in her "soul gem" are still there, but the energy rushing out increases several times over as she pulls it off. SM: "Oh man, I was wondering if I'd get to you that much for a moment! But here we are everyone! Now... If you really don't want anyone else getting hurt, I'll just say I can't live without ya miss martyr!" The shadow transforms... To be exact, she wears a pink dress with far too many frills, has the cracked gem just above her chest, and aims a wooden bow with a jewel in its center towards the group. For her part, Madoka just watches in silence. SM: "So, who wants to go down first in this fight. Honestly killing you all isn't my goal, but I don't expect to get to her without going through so whatever." Gleaming pink energy forms a string across the Shadow's bow, a burst of energy arrows flying up into the sky above the group and quickly raining down. She'd follow up by aiming a single quick shot straight towards Madoka... Which curves away to fly into Kazuo unless someone blocks it first. "As for your threat copycat, bring it. I'm not all that scarred of you."
"Tch. Fine, be that way. But we're going to have this talk eventually." Sayaka takes a deep breath, though Kazuo's annoying, he's also right in that they have bigger issues she should be focusing on. Sayaka doesn't even pretend to pay attention to the arrows, dashing straight for the shadow, a few of the arrows from the sky would go straight through her, but she'd simply ignore them, trusting her healing factor to deal with the injuries as she goes straight for slashing at the jewel in the shadow's bow. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't gonna enjoy this part."
Faye would take flight, hovering slightly above the ground and backing away in order to try to avoid the arrows. Any she couldn't avoid she'd slash away with the blade of darkness she conjured earlier. "That form, so you really are an angel in disguise..." Faye would begin retreating away from the rest of the group before a sphere of pitch black darkness appears around her, obscuring her image. From within the darkness, she'd already begin focusing, trying to pear into the shadow's fears.
[Kazuo finds the house behind him to be useful enough to hide from the energy bows raining down. He was almost grateful he was quick enough to remember that yes, maybe the roof will help him out this time. However, he is able to catch a a shot quickly moving towards him.] Shi-COME! [The ground shakes, everyone can feel an extreme rumbling and the sound of houses being torn open. A gigantic and long body of metal breaks apart part of Madoka's "home" as it goes through it and shield Kazuo from the incoming attack. Before anyone can even react to the snake, the monster quickly moves in to bite at the shadow; its teeth, metalic, razor sharp, hundreds of them from top to bottom as it opens its mouth wide enough to swallow an entire truck.] You guys better avoid looking at Deep Alloy Serpent at her eyes. You might not like it. [Anyone who dares to look at the wide, hollow eyes of Serpent would feel a deep, indescribable but powerful kind of primal fear.]
"Human, two steps to the left and use your hand." Othinus calmly instructed as she looked at the attack in disinterest. He'd quickly do as she told as he took two steps to his left, bringing him closer to Madoka and swiped his hand above him destroying a rain of arrows over him and the few that would have made it to the girl. The few that did make it through, maybe because of him moving to the side simply left superficial wounds on his person. A few cuts here and there but nothing too life threatening. He then prepared to rush forward towards the shadow again before he heard Othinus speak up again. "Though I doubt you'll listen this isn't your fight this time. This is something that human must figure out on her own." she yawned before making herself more comfortable in Touma's hood. "Like hell I'll just sit back and do nothing!" he said as he took a step forward before stopping and looking over his shoulder towards Madoka "Snap out of it! I don't know what it is you're fighting for or for what reason you're really here. If you just came here to get over something fine, but" he turned back towards the creature "You're the one who has to control your own fate. If you need help then I'll help you shatter these fucked up illusions!" he said before charging towards the shadow creature, hoping he could react in time to any attack sent at him.
Flareon, noticing the incoming attack, whimpers and cowers behind the real Madoka. They close their eyes and duck in the hopes that the arrows would miss him. Not being able to concetrate on trying to act intimidating, the fire surrounding Flareon simmers down and dissipates.
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Madoka Stirs a bit, shaking her head and seeming rather dazed. But Touma's words do get the girl moving again despite herself, bow held absently in her hands as she stands up. M: "That's... Thanks, though illusions is... A funny way to put it." Faye can sense several fears within the shadow, the two greatest seem to be a city getting torn to shreds, ripped apart by some horrible being floating atop gears upside down and wreaking devastation on a scale that if she could compare to, it'd likely be Made Gods. The other is a corpse, a black-haired young woman lying in a pool of her own blood with lifeless eyes. As for Sayaka, she'd find her strike landing true... Only to be pushed back by a blast of pink energy rushing out of the jewel. Followed by the shadow lunging towards her with speed that's inhuman, her left hand would attempt to grab onto Sayaka's neck and toss her straight towards the snake, though such an action might give the magical girl a chance to strike in return. On the other hand, that motion no doubt takes enough time for the beast to bite down into her arm for a moment, though the Shadow would quickly tear itself away and seem far more whole than it has any right to be despite the meatgrinder of teeth and metal. Black ooze seeps down from her wounds though. SM: "Ouch, that hurts a good bit copycat I won't deny it. But it isn't enough to finish me off, and besides, killing me isn't really the point anyway. Oh and crazy goddess lady? I'm not an Angel, I just told you that I am a Shadow, the True Self!" Flaeron is fine, given that Touma had blocked anything aimed at the pink-haired girl behind her is likely the safest place to be at the moment. Madoka would stand up with some effort and loosely hold an arrow in her string, aimed towards the other her. M: "Not the point... Guess not huh, but somehow I do feel a bit better. Need the right moment though, I guess." The right moment, the right mindset, whatever the case is, for now, the Shadow's still plenty dangerous. Touma would find it leaping high into the air and a massive arrow of pink energy aimed right for him, much like the monster they'd fought outside, he'd note a constant flow of magic into that keeps the attack from merely breaking down, though his hand would likely reduce the damage suffered some even if it hit.
Once the shadow gets in close enough to grab her, Sayaka would bring her left hand to her throat to keep herself from getting strangled while using her right to simply stab the shadow in the chest, no need to get fancy. Once she’s thrown, Sayaka would have to pay attention to the snake that’s coming at her. Thinking fast she twists in the air to be mostly upright as she grabs the side of an oversized sword from beneath her cape, and yanks it out to reveal a blade twice her size and putting it between the snake and her, more letting the serpent impale itself if it doesn’t move than attacking it herself. Naturally, the girl would be a fair bit irritated and shout “Try not to do anything too flashy, I’d rather not have a ton of explosions in my face.”
Touma would immediately put forth his right hand as the large pink arrow collided with the illusion killing arm. The very world seemed to tremble around the spiky haired bow as the force of the arrow continued to bare down on him. His bones creaked and sinew screamed under it's force as the imagine breaker held it at bay. The ground under him cracking as the force behind the arrow seemed to try to crush him instead of piercing him. The skin on his arm began to peel as his nails had even begun to split. However, behind him was a girl who was trying to change, to confront whatever demons plagued her mind and that was all the reason he needed to push forward. To make his earlier speech hold weight as he showed the power to change fate. And so he pushed his body further, surpassing his limits as his left hand reached out to grab the arrow of energy as well, grasping it alongside his right and as he put forth much more strength than he could normally summon he took a step to the side, twisting his body and then using the centrifugal force to throw the bolt of pink energy back to where it came from, directly heading towards the Shadow Madoka. "Madoka! Just tell me what you need and I'll do my best to make it happen!" he yelled to reassure her after hearing her words and waiting to react to anything that came. His breath was already ragged though despite the confidence he showed. In the end he was still only human but this was a human who would see this through till the end.
[Although Serpent's "skull" is metallic and unable to move, at that moment as she looked back at Sayaka, it appeared to be grinning with a certain malicious intent. After all, this creature was a lot of things, but not anything close to a dumb animal. As such, she took the chance the blue haired girl gave her and bites down on the sword. Normally, impaling would work, and Serpent's general carcass seemed to have been a bit damaged by the impact, but the fact remained that both the sword and creature were made of the same exact material, as Sayaka may be able to tell.] The goal is to beat you, isn't it? So if you die in the process it would shows how worthless you actually are. So I'm expecting that, no matter what I do... [Serpent launches the sword towards the air and catches it with her mouth, holding it now instead by the handle.] You'll pull through. [The Serpent quickly slithers her way towards the Shadow boss right in front of them, aiming to slash at her with the sword provided by her unknowing, distant fourth progenitor. Meanwhile, Kazuo closes his eyes and closes both hands into fists.] 4.0 - Do Re Might. [The battle around him, Serpent's movements making the ground shake, the magic, the screaming protagonists, all good vibrations. They are not eliminated of course but every vibration gathers around him, covering the young man in a white colored aura. His defense has now increased tremendously, and as such, decided to get closer to the fight.] So let's see what happens, and if I have to go all out.
Sana, standing still quietly. Sana, quickly forgotten. Sana, now making some actual sound after doing nothing thanks to her power making her presence entirely mute. She covered her smug smirk as she giggled in the back of the room. “Surely she would’ve tried to make her believe in herself. That’s a bit boring though, so I’ll leave it to those with knowledge on the subject.” It wasn’t until then that her muted message was met with a snap from her fingers. A snap that vibrates across the room and rang in everybody’s ears. She’d simply give a sigh to anyone that gave her any kind of looks. “Yes, I was here. And I clearly had helped, thank you very much.” Of course, these words were said in a thick, sarcastic accent and a tone that couldn’t really be bothered. She took out a bottle of perfume, spraying it as it came out in small, purple clouds, and flipped her messy hair, twirling it once again to wait for everything and everyone else.
Faye would gather something in her hand that couldn't be seen with normal eyes. In her hand pure fear would be condensed into a intangible spear. She would focus in on the shadow's location from within the darkness she had created. "Strange fears for an Angel and I'm not crazy. It'd be quite impossible for me to be crazy but as for you, I'm not surprised an Angel would be mad enough to call itself otherwise." She'd launch the spear towards it, her throw most likely unseen through the pitch blackness and the spear itself being comprised of pure emotion. If it hit it'd simply sink into the shadow without causing any external damage. Faye would begin reshaping the pitch blackness to match the shape of the horrible being from the shadow's fears. The spear itself would do the rest of the work, changing the appearance of the manipulated darkness so that it not only matched the fear in shape but in appearance too.
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The shadow doesn't much enjoy being stabbed in the gut, it doesn't kill her though and the sound seems to be slightly horrible than it should. It leaves her stunned though, and the massive bolt of her own magic would slam into the shadow soon after causing her to gasp out and fumble with her bow for a moment. SM: "Oh hell... Alright I'll admit I'm feeling it now, and where the heck did you come from weird sounding lady!?" She'd met the serpent's blade with her fist, covered in glowing pink energy that rushes a few feet outward and aims to blast straight through the sword to the true snake with I incredible force. That'd allow Faye's attack to sink into her body fairly easily though, and as a familiar shape takes from her eyes go wide with panic. She'd desperately try to avoid the rest as a massive arrow takes form, flying right towards the illusion while she shouts in a terrified voice. SM: "DIE DIE DAMN YOU, I CAN'T DEAL WITH THAT THING AGAIN!" The real Madoka would look on curiously for a moment before nodding to Touma. M: "What I need to happen huh... Actually I think I know kinda, gimme a clear shot at h- no not her. At myself... Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that should do it." The Shadow's "soul gem" seems a bit more cracked as the real girl pulls back hard on an arrow placed in her bow, aimed straight at the fake who's mostly too busy firing wildly at the fighters to notice. Though a majority of that fire is focused on Faye's illusion, some would still fly towards everyone else.
Touma would curse under his breathe before upon seeing the shadow Madoka shooting wildly and then rush back to Madoka's side, using his back at first to block the weaker attacks that came towards her before turning once more and using his right hand to destroy or deflect any attack that came towards him and the girl. He would nod to her words, showing he understood. "I'll protect you until you have the shot you need." he said, the back of his shirt ruined and his back covered in shallow cuts. Even the bruise in his side that he took from the metal man from earlier was visible, already turning a sickening color showing just how battered his body really was but despite that he ignored the pain in his body and continued to protect Madoka as she took aim. The miniature girl comfortably wrapped resting in the hood of his hoodie simply remained there, quiet, as if this fight didn't concern her whatsoever. Instead, her eyes simply remained on Madoka as if waiting to see the depths of her resolve.
[He instinctively covers his ears at the sudden loud vibration, he wonders what could've possibly made it happen and realizes it was the weird, quiet blue haired girl.] Why are the blue haired girls all so weird? I swear... [He would then turn forward and watch Serpent being blasted back, and so he throws himself to the ground and covers his head, as the gigantic metallic reptile was surely about to completely destroy the house. And so it does, and Kazuo's clothes get all dirty because of the dust and rubble. The Serpent's body is mostly okay but it will not move immediately. Furthermore, the giant sword almost completely destroys him, as it's right by his side, thrust into the floor.] 3.0 - Lawful Blades! Rain it down! [Four irregular blades of zweihander lenght fall from various meters above Shadow Madoka through void vortexes. From that height they are certain to gain some considerable speed and acceleration. Kazuo then stands up at the right time, and by right time I mean that he gets hit by random energy shots sent out by Shadow Madoka. However, beforehand he had prepared Do Re Might, and as soon as the energy made contact with him, it rebounds and goes straight towards Shadow Madoka. Kazuo, however, loses the shield and his defense goes back to normal.] Damn it, I was going to use the vibrations for something else...!
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"Wow, first thing I get called is weird. I'm sad now." Obviously a joke in her tone of voice, but seeing the random energy coming towards her, she sighed once more. Sana proceeded to hold her breath in, and her perfume bottle would actually make a purple cloud that takes up most of her figure, leaving only a slihouette. At least, until the energy goes into the cloud, explodes on impact, making the silhouette disappear. When the cloud leaves, all anyone could see was the oversized jacket a singed up mess. But, it isn't over. "Like hell I'm going to let that jacket go to waste!" An irritated Sana said from across the room, snapping her fingers once again. The remnants of the purple perfume cloud started to gather up near the destroyed jacket, making it disappear as it appeared right back onto her as if it never happened. Though, it did go over her shoulders, which she quickly denied since it looked kind of stupid and not stylish. "I'm starting to feel a bit sorry for this shadow. Then again, I should be feeling sorry for the girl, but I have no idea what's happening right now." Out of nowhere she pulled out her trusty notebook, writing something in it, and then promptly ripping out the page, which ironically doesn't make too much sound to everyone else...at least, everyone else except Shadow Madoka. The ripping paper echoes in her mind, and might make her ears bleed. "Note to self, never go to one of these, ever again." She simply let go of the paper, letting it float into the air, ripping itself piece by piece as it stood still, which also added to the initial ripping sound for some insult to injury. After that was finished, the scraps of paper now darted towards Shadow Madoka as if they were bullets, and Sana quickly found herself where Madoka and Touma are as of now.
Sayaka was definitely not gonna enter a tug of war with a creature 8 times her size so she let the serpent use her blade, creating a small platform to her left to jump off of and out of its way. The girl flinches at a sudden, screeching sound in her head, letting out another irritated sigh before shouting again "Ugh come on, I'm RIGHT HERE, how can it be so hard to just NOT hit me?" Sayaka doesn't really get what the huge shadow shape is about, but she's glad to take advantage of it drawing the Shadow's attention, the girl maneuvers around to the side, bringing a pair of her own weapons out to slash at most of the energy shots coming her way. She might get grazed by a few, but with her healing that much wouldn't even matter. Sayaka dashes into the air a little above and behind Shadow Madoka, gracefully grabbing one of Kazuo's Zweihanders as they drop by "Hope you don't mind returning the favor. Like this!" As the Shadow has to deal with Kazuo's rain of swords, Sayaka would try to get around behind them in order to strike them with the flat of her new, rather sizeable blade, hoping to smack her down towards Madoka for a better shot
Faye would simply ready another bolt of fear after flying back and behind her shadowy construct in order to avoid any stray shots that might come at her. She'd throw the spear of fear at the shadow once more as it moved through her illusion without notice or hindrance. If this one hit her illusion would begin moving and making noise. It would seem as though the arrows simply bounced off it harmlessly but in truth they simply passed through it. Large metallic hands would extend from the construct and begin trying to grab hold of the shadow. Despite these hands being an illusion that ignored everything else the sensation of them grabbing on would feel real.
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Touma would find that he barely needed to block or deflect much, a few things absently fly towards them that he'd likely easily tear down with his cursed right hand, but in the end, the Shadow's far more focused upon Faye's horrible illusion to really focus much on its real self. The Shadow just keeps screaming incoherently for the moment, utterly focused upon the horrid nightmare in front of it right till it feels both reflected shots ripping into its skin and Kazuo's swords flying into its body leaving huge pools of black oozing "blood" rushing out. SM: "Gah oh hell, that hurts a lot. You were kinda right copycat but eat this!" Her focus breaks away from the nightmare for a brief instant, a massive pink arrow of energy rushing towards Kazuo that quickly splits into a dozen much smaller ones. They'd rush around in all directions and try to attack the boy from several angles at once... Only for the Shadow to then clutch at her head in pain from Sana's efforts and scream a curse. Sayaka would find getting around the stunned and beaten down is simple, she's really in no place to do much against the girl and soon enough the rather large blade just slams into her foe. Finally, Faye's shot would land as well. The tumbling Shadow quickly being grabbed onto by the nightmare construct. Madoka just sighs and steps out from behind Touma, bow gleaming in dim light as an arrow flies from it and slams into her counterpart's "soul gem" with a sickening crack that leaves the being's chest pierced and her outfit returned to a school uniform once again. M: "I think that's all, right me? Can't spend all day throwing a pointless temper tantrum and trying to kill yourself." The Shadow stares back at her other self and sighs, still covered in the black ooze that makes up such a being's vital essence. But with a dim smile on her face. SM: "Hah, same to you though... Done shouting about how we aren't the same, even though you came here knowing we are?" M: "Yeah, I am. And to address your points. Yes, you're right that I'm far too willing to do stupid and dangerous things for the sake of others. Even knowing exactly how much it'd hurt some people if that happened." The Shadow nods a bit, just quietly listening for now and seeming to look less solid. Madoka goes on with a lopsided and tired grin on her face. M: "And yeah Stuff's weird, I've kept quiet about it and ignored it but stuff is really weird when it comes to Sayaka. Guess I can't just keep that hidden forever either huh, or it'll blow up on me one day. That's sort of the point of you in general though, isn't it? Your everything I keep trying to ignore and pretend isn't part of me. But it is part of, me. You are part of me." SM: "Hah, yeah alright game over. You're me." M "And I'm you." The Shadow fades away from view, a card taking shape in Madoka's hand as she grins a bit and turns to the group, glowing blue flames growing behind the girl.
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"I... Thanks, all of you. I guess that I could say more than that, but not right now. I am thou, thou art I. Come, Jeanne d'Arc." The girl's voice echoes through the air for a moment, the sound of glass shattering rings out through the air as a figure takes shape behind her. A woman with long brown hair flowing down to her shoulders appears behind the girl in a burst of blue flames. Standing about fifteen feet tall and with all but her hair covered in thick metal plate, armor which appears to be scorched and burned with ashes covering all of it. A gleaming steel blade held in her right hand, a silver shield with a cross on its front held in the left. Light shimmers around her, gleaming and looking far more solid than it has any right to, along with sparks dancing through the air a bit. But soon enough, the figure would vanish as Madoka lets out a strained breath and begins looking around. "Huh... So that's what it feels like, could get used to this I think. But for now, let's just try and g-" She'd cut herself off while glancing, inside the now ruined image of the girl's home. A TV crackling with an image of where they'd come in from sits as if waiting. "Think that's our exit, come on. I wanna get outta here before talking any more." With that, the girl would quickly leap through the TV screen. Landing outside with a roll and a grin on her face as she leans against an alley wall and waits for the others to appear. Ended up having to use two posts, first time I've gone over the character limit in a while.
“There we go, it’s done now, we’re good.” Sayaka takes a few heavy breaths after the fight, before yawning and stretching. She seems quite a bit calmer than earlier as she heads for the TV “I don’t really wanna look at this place any longer either. So...” Sayaka crawls through the TV after Madoka, one limb at a time. Once she’s clear the girl spends one last bit stretching her legs as she says “And now you don’t have to worry about me anymore. Later.” Before jumping off, and kicking off the building to the rooftops, leaving her bike behind in the alleyway as she heads out.
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[A victim of the last barrage of attacks, Kazuo is unable to avoid the energly blasts this time, and not even Serpent was in the position to protect him. The damage he sustains is considerable but not enough to keep him down for too much time. The blasts would force him into the ground though, and he would do his best to stand up, and so does Serpent who looks around the ruined house at the other fighters, as well as making sure the Shadow was now gone.] That was playing dirty, but yes, I was right. You really were worthless. [He wonders if all Shadows were such, and so far he had only seen two. Perhaps his own Shadow is also pathetic and weak. He has almost no doubt about that, after all, they who conquer themselves can conquer it all. He would then see Madoka gain her Persona, and so would dust off his clothes before following both seemingly magical girls towards the TV.] You did good, Uktena. Comeback. [The body of the Serpent, who had gained a certain interest in everyone around, would lose all "light" in her eyes and quickly crumble into rubble. Red marking would be released and quickly run towards Kazuo's body, where they would stay in his arms, light up in a red light before disappearing from sight.] You heard the girl, if you guys want any kind of info, you might as well come quickly. [Quickly making his way through the TV, he would be back at the alley and making it time to see Sayaka go away, leaving her bike behind. He would yawn and adjust his hat before talking to Madoka.] Tell me, Pink Haired Magical Girl. This new power of yours, this "Jeanne d'Arc". It's a Persona, right? I've seen them before but I would like to ask how does it feel to have one? I would imagine it's like an extension of yourself. I'm able to do it too, so I want to make sure it's normal. [He chuckles, showing some embarrassment at his question. He also wonders if he needs to go to the hospital.]
Sana's eyes had actually widened a bit, but she looked away from everyone else and scoffed. She shrugged a bit, before making a fully unsatisfied expression on her face, as told by her superbly exaggerated yawning. "Wow, I decided to show my face right when the battle ended. I should feel ashamed of myself." She pouted a bit, and sighed again. That's the most she's done so far. Sighing. Anywho, she did what everyone else was doing at the time, and jumping out the T.V. After she made sure she was back in boring old reality, she took out her phone. "Hi, I'd like to place an order again. Yeah, it's gonna be-" She looked back at Madoka and Kazuo and gave them a bit of a pouty look again, holding her phone low and merely said "Do you mind?...you know what-" Before she walked away, leaving those two to their discussion.
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Madoka just waves goodbye to Sayaka for now, she'll have to explain what the hell her other self was going on about to that girl one day. But not right now. Instead she just brushes off her jeans and shirt with a smile. She'd also wave to Sana and just absently lean back as the card begins to form once again, staring over at Kazuo for a moment. "Yeah, it is a Persona. And honestly, I'm not entirely sure... I think I feel, stronger? Tougher kinda? Mostly, I feel more in control though. Like part of me I didn't know I had before is listening now... Not sure about being normal though, normal is pretty far from what I'd call people with this kinda stuff." The girl pauses for a moment, smashing the card in her hand as the armored saint forms briefly behind her. Kazuo would see a blue energy rushing over him for a moment, it wouldn't by any means cure all the damage done to him, but it'd be enough to repair some of it and likely leave him feeling better. The Persona vanishes again in mere moments, Madoka gasping for breath and taking a knee. "Ack, that's... It doesn't feel bad, but it's different from what I used to do. And oh yeah, don't call me a magical girl. I kind of quit being that, for a lot of reasons. So it isn't a word that applies to me anymore Kazuo. And sorry you got hurt trying to help me, hope that spell helped enough cause it's all I got for now." The girl stows her bow and arrows back inside of the bag once again, she doesn't by any means feel great but she's good enough to walk home. And after taking a moment to catch her breath and hear what anyone else might say she'd do just that, wandering away from the scene with a serene smile on her face.
"Ah, a persona." Touma said after his fatigue seemed to have finally taken over as he looked up at the woman in armor appear before suddenly disappearing "Is that what that thing is called?" a curious look in his eye "Is that what this Kamijou-san risked life and limb for?" an exasperated sigh escaping his lips as his shoulders dropped. "The Saint of Or'Leans. Jeanner D'Arc. Quit interesting that such a person would be the representation of your true self Human." Othinus commented after climbing back onto his shoulder "Representation?" he cast a curious gaze to the miniature being "Simply put, that is the reason she was here. I killed quite a few of her kind during my prime but this is the first time i have personally bore witness to the process itself. Regardless, we don't have anymore reason to be here. I advise leaving and gaining medical attention before that walking library decides to harm you further for your recklessness." she pointed to the now active TV before he saw the woman appear again to heal the other guy which elicited an impressed whistle from the black haired boy "Healing. Ah, such an envious ability." he said as he walked over to the television and looked it over "So, I just go through? Is this seriously I got here before?" he questioned before looking back to the others "You guys coming or what?"
[He would nod at Madoka and smile. Undersating exactly what a Persona was and feeling grateful of getting healed by it. He does not feel as tired as he did before and his past injuries seemed gone for the most part.] Thanks a lot then, Pink Haired Persona User. [Stretching for a bit he would look back at Touma who seemed very confused about the current happenings. A white aura would cover Kazuo's body as he waved at him.] Maybe you didn't notice but we're back at the alley, you should be looking where exactly it is you're walking towards because no one is inside the TV world. [The white aura would soon turn into white, peaceful flames as a blank card appeared on the palm of his hand, floating.] But I did get something out of this, just like I was expecting it. [He would break the card by simply touching it with his palm. The flames would then take form behind him, as a strange, misty figure started to take form. Kazuo, curious, would look back and see a mock "Persona" be created. It had a mostly feminine figure. Its mask was completely blank except for two light black outlines where the eyes should be. The legs are like extremely elongated cones with a point end, almost like a knight's lance. The arms would seem all cracked, the fingers are replaced by claws. A trenchcoat would cover the entire torso, pat of the legs and a great deal of the arms, even if the sleeves were all scorched. Finally, around the neck, something like a cross bewteen a scarf and an anaconda would look everywhere.] You're looking good there, Lilith. [After this, the "Persona" would disappear and so does the white flames. After this test run, he would wave once more at the confused Touma, finally leaving by riding the bike Sayaka left behind.] Try not to fall back inside the TV~
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