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Greentext thread
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>be me >age 15 >kill redditf@gs >happy >ohno.gif >feelsbadman
Rosie slurs aren't allowed even on alts
what the fuck is this
>be me >play a fun game >beat three bosses >forget to save for all three hours of playtime >neglect to heal the characters for a bit >die to some low level enemy while grinding >have to restart where you were three hours ago >scream at tv >commit die
Rosie slurs aren't allowed even on alts I heard someone was talking shit
>be me >newfag to 4chan >make persona 5 general thread in /b/ instead of /vg/ >get banned from the board >mfw >check phansite >idea.mp3 >make thread >"Greentext thread" >they'll_never_see_it_coming.txt
so you made this godawful thread?
ah i see
wow this gay Gay ass gay Ass Mint Rodney style....youer not....mum >be me >gansgsta ass nigga >plsys carss rught >eat menkey >i like >marihuana (: Penis
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