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Aquarium Drainage
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Most can make a case that unusual events are more frequent then you like and to this it was no different. An aquarium tunnel building was under fire recently for the most absurd claim you could ever imagine. Titles like slice up walls and bodies lying all over the floor as pale as can be and particularly sightings of floating sheets swimmingly along in the shark tunnels. it sounds like a absolute terror of management and yet the company still wishes to keep their doors open even selling tickets half off ain't that a kind deal in these troubled time. Regardless of all that the building itself was in pretty good state even decorated with fish and bubbles all over the walls on the outside, a large sign title "Deep Cora Tunnell Aquarium", and the doors open and ready to let new customers in and experience something “whimsical”,it looks far friendly and inviting then the what news outlets would want you to believe.
A strange, short man in a black leather jacket and grey undershirt drives up to the aquarium on his motorcycle. His dark grey sweatpants appeared less loose than one would expect, making him seem just a tad bit less immature. He removed his helmet, pulling his medium-length wavy hair out slightly. He spoke with a light but slightly masculine voice, commenting on the state of the aquarium "Well, here's hoping I just fell for some bad yellow journalism..." He puts his hand in one of the pockets of the jacket and feels around for his revolver. After he grips the handle tightly and takes it out, he immediately puts it back and walks into the entrance of the aquarium, greeting the receptionist politely and asking to buy a ticket
A young, blue-haired schoolgirl keeps an eye on her phone as she walks down the street, there were all sorts of bad rumors about the place, which lead her to take an interest in it. The girl would be in her school uniform, and regularly looks down at the silver ring on her right hand, checking for something. Soon she’d arrive and, after waiting politely in the one-man line, purchase he own ticket in.
*Getting off a bus outside the aquarium is a young girl, a slightly older boy and a fox cub with nine tails. Maria giddily looks up at the Aquarium.* Maria: Aren't you excited, Christian? Aquarium's are supposed to be super fun. I'm happy I finally can go to one. Kidd: Hmm... I dunno... This place is supposed to... Maria: No need to be so nervous. C'mon! Kidd: Wha- Hey! *While giggling, Maria grabs Kidd by the hand and pulls him towards the enterance, Kyu following close behind the young girl. Eventually caving, Kidd sighs and buys the duo tickets to enter.*
A little girl with short, white hair skips on the street on her way to the aquarium, carrying with her nothing more than...3 teddy bears. Her bright, yellow eyes were glued onto the aquarium with glee, and she shook one of her teddy bears as she spoke in a horribly happy and high-pitched voice. "Oh, I've always loved aquariums! Mr. Bear, don't you agree?" When the little girl looked at her stuffed bear, the bear says nothing, as a stuffed bear usually would. Another teddy bear loosely dangled in her grip, and the other one was actually strapped onto her back like a little backpack. "I want one - no - THREE tickets, please!" She asked the reciptionist kindly as any child would, though not at all caring whether or not she actually got the tickets. The girl acted as if her bears were her chaperones, and also as if she never heard the rumors. Which she didn't. If she did, that'd probably just make her feel even more happy coming here. Nonetheless, she skipped through the entrance with a wide smile on her face.
A man would pull up to the building sitting on a motorcycle, wearing a black helmet which he quickly stows to reveal long brown hair with grey specks, a red long coat, a pair of black combat boots, and some simple jeans plus a red t-shirt. His right-hand bears a tattoo of a gun that almost seems too solid, and his boots would clank against the pavement as he walks up towards the building with a grin. "Hehe, these rumors seem... Like exactly my kinda fun if they're true, might even be something really exciting if I get lucky." He would wait in line for a moment, quickly getting a ticket given the fairly few people who seem to be here. Upon noting the blue haired girl, he'd wave to her absently with a chuckle. "Oh, you too huh? Not sure if ya remember me by now, but I try not to forget people, Sayaka Miki... Can't say I see anyone else I've met though, been running the store too much lately I guess." It's true, most of these faces are unknown to him. That's fine, just makes it a bit riskier is all since he can't be sure what they'll do if it comes down to the wire. Either way, he can handle it most likely. And they might be mere rumors... Yeah right.
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[Although he had heard of the rumors, he wasn't really scared or at all worried about them. As he was making his way to the Aquarium, he would keep looking at the device sitting on his left wrist, a tad distracted. He was secretely hoping there really was no reason to worry about anything at all, as he simply wanted to see some sea animals. However, before that, he would have to deal with hsi first obstacle.] The line's pretty long, huh.

An energetic, twin-tailed terror would arrive to the front doors of the fish establishment and push them a bit harder then they maybe needed to be pushed. Practically quivering with excitement this girl enters the place with fervor and starts looking around for cool looking fish. I can't wait to see all the fishies they advertised. Oh I wonder if they sell edible mackerel here too? Spotting more people up ahead she promptly skips over to buy some tickets.
A blue haired girl enters the aquarium, managing to get a further discount on the ticket price with a student ID. As she walks around, she manages to find Tatsuya and Sayaka. She waves to them and smiles, the large sword on her back rustling as she does. Heyo! Tatsuya-san! Sayaka-chan! Whatcha been up to? She walks up to them. You here about the rumors?
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The receptionist and staff at the fronts desk would be excited and kind to all the new coming customer waiting in line and made no hesitation in guiding them all to the elevators and stairs that descend down to what they said were the aquarium tunnels below the giant new attraction setting you “right in the middle of the sea” as they describe it, following would be main dome where you can really get exploring this “one of a kind” aquarium. When they finally chose to descend they would enter a room in a nice tranquil cyan and fish decorating all around up ahead was a glass tunnel ahead and a few staff members asking them to line up in two’s and proceed through the glass tunnel which in itself was a pitch darkness unable to make out much on what is beyond it other then mystery and a barley readable sign flashing, ominous indeed but the staff members rest assure it was safe and they may proceed once everyone was ready, it’s a bit evident they were nervous trying to keep themselves in check for whatever reason as much as they tried to reassure the customer and invest them on this.
*Maria's eyes seem to twinkle in excitement as the staff explain, unassuming of any possible dangers. She grins ear to ear nodding.* Maria: Let's go! Let's go! *Meanwhile, Kidd looks apprehensively into the tunnel. He looks down at Kyu, who is growling lightly, his tails parting slightly. He isn't just looking into the tunnel, but it's eyes dart between some of the other guests. It looks up at Kidd.* Kidd: Yeah. I know. Keep an eye out, Kyu. We'll keep her safe. *Kyu nods at Kidd before going back to looking between everyone.*

Ene notices the unusual behavior of the staff but opts to keep silent on it now. She had been in way too many situations in which calling out shady behavior was key to something happening. So today she was not gonna mess with fate and just enjoy staring at some fish. Being near the darkness of the tunnel causes the circuitry on her body to glow faintly blue. As her stomach growls while the thought of some types of fish pass her mind. I should have eaten something earlier. Sooooo hungry ..... Looking about for a distraction from her own annoyed stomach she soon notices some familiar faces. With a smile she waves to those she can actually call out. Hiya Tatsuya, Kazuya, and Nana-chan!
He just stares at the girl for a moment, he's almost sure he hasn't met her but... Whatever, you learn to roll with it in this line of work. "Yeah yeah that's me, but it's just Tatsu got it? None of that Tatsuya-san crap, I'm too old to waste time on formality kid." As the line moves forward and yet more people he knows appear, he'd wave to them all and take a brief moment to speak with each. He isn't quite sure how to deal with Nana, and his tone shows that. But it isn't unfriendly. "Hey Nana, been a while huh... Yeah yeah, you're right, what else would an old hunter like me be doing out here." Ene gets a smile and a casual wave from the man, she's a strange one but he's always found her pretty amusing. "Ene, glad to see you're doing alright! Been too long if you ask me so it's good to see ya around!" And Kazuya... The man laughs for a few moments as this strange little group moves forward, before walking up to him and looking down at the COMP with a grin. "Yo Kaz, judging by that look I'd wager you're hoping for the exact reverse of me eh? I get that though, but at least we should be good if anything happens right! Whatever the case ends up, let's try and have fun pal!" He'd extend a hand out to Kaz for a high-five for a moment, before descending downwards. Upon being asked to line up in twos, he'd simply go with whoever decided to come with him really. Absently flicking a lighter and staring at the darkness and nerveous staff.
Sayaka looks closely at Tatsuya for a moment, trying to place where she last saw him. He's definitely familiar at least. "You're that demon-hunter guy, Tatsuya right? I've definitely seen you before. Guess that means we're here for the same thing." Sayaka checks her ring, which doesn't seem to have changed since they got there, before nodding to herself and purchasing her ticket. As she looks back to Tatsuya she sees a few other familiar faces and smiles "Hey Nana, personally I'm hoping its nothing but here we go. Race ya" once everyone has their tickets she'd lead the charge going down the stairs two at a time before finally ending up at the base, she'd look around at the staff who don't seem to be in a trance at least, and heads up to the tunnel first "Alright, who's going with me? Tatsy? You're not scared or anything right?" with Maria simply looking down the tunnel Sayaka would take her chance to actually lead the charge with some other brave soul
Tatsu chuckles and nods to the blue haired girl. "Not really, no. Ain't like I got... Well nevermind that for the moment, let's go find out what happens yeah?" He'd simply line up beside Sayaka and stare at the flames of his lighter, ready to step forward with the girl when the workers tell them to.
Heyo! Rather than take the stairs, Nana slides on the banister between the two, waving to Kazuya and Ene as she goes. She shrugs at Tatsuya's comment. Well I came here for the fishes, for all I know you guys did too. But fighting bad guys sounds fun too. Hey, I wonder if they have pe- HEY! STAFF PERSON! DO YOU GUYS HAVE PENGUINS!?
[Their behavior was not normal but he was still trying, hoping for the very best out of this entire situation. The last thing he needed was to have an Izumi from the Brute race to show up and cause havoc. Despite this, he was very amazed at the-] Huh? [He was able to hear multiple voice coming from various sides. One from a blue-haired girl who had made him go to his very limits and even die more than once, another, the voice of an experienced man who he regarded as one of his closest friends. Joining the group, he first moves towards Tatsuya and answers his high five with, you guessed it, another high five.] Of course I am, it wouldn't kill anyone to be outside and hang out without having to kick someone's ass. Been a long a time, hasn't it? [Afterwards he would turn towards Ene and take a deep breath.] Hey uh...and how have you been doing since that other time a few months back? I never really heard anything from you after, you doing okay? No lizard shenanigans, right? [Even weirder was hearing Nana's voice after such a long time.] Wait, that's Nanaka, right? THE Nanaka?
The man budges towards the front of the group, stopping before Tatsuya. He whispers to the strange man "Pssst, hey." Then waiting for him to turn around "Came here for hunter work too? I overheard your talk. Shouldn't you be careful who hears that kinda stuff, though?"
The little girl absentmindedly follows everyone around the aquarium, at first not really noticing how the worker's behavior was a bit weird until she heard everyone else talk about it. She dragged her teddy bears along with her in hopes of crossing the dark tunnel. "Oooo, that looks scary. Mr. Bear, comfort me. And you too-" She stopped in her tracks, counting her bears, a red one, a black one, and a green one. Her eyes widened and she gasped, realizing she left one back at home. She stomps the ground in a little petty fit, and shakes one of her bears a bit violently. She looked like she was about to cry, until she looked back at the red one. "Huh? What was that, Mr. Bear? You hated him anyway?...I guess..." Of course, she was probably one of the only people here who couldn't really have a light source on her, so she took a little candy bar and nibbled on it while listening to the adults talk.
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The staff would calm down Nana let her know an arctic exhibit was available but mostly moving them along and waving them farewell as they descend down into the darkness the flashing sign was more visible signing them off as well with the a bold exclamation to "See a world you never thought to exist at all." before it vanishes as well from sight. It was a good few mins in the dark halls before a shimmering light could be made out ahead like it was etching forward trying to rock back and forth between he shadow holding it back. A few more steps and light will be gifted back as well as another gift to their eyes a mass of open water a bright light blue and greens surrounding the entire glass tunnel allowing for a full view around, above and below. With such a vast space is a vast decoration of flora immediately you see extensive flora in immediate area the form of kelp forests over to the east like a jungle obscuring your view, many sandy spires to the west raising high almost into the heavens itself and dune banks off in the north a distance away, already a rather diverse seems to have been established to amazing viewers right off the bat. Of course it would not be an aquarium without the main attraction of Fauna itself to dazzle and steal the show. Schools of fish can be seen in every direction you look coming in yellows, blues, and reds colours as the most common ones you see. Over by the spires more crustacean life has taken residence with lobsters or crabs scurrying about or being oddly root to the ground not move even an inch. In the jungle of kelp it seems larger fish have taken to hunting there as a pack of Leopard shark seems to be causing a rile commotion scaring off most of the smaller lifeforms away and taking control, aside from that a large unusual grey figure can be seen floating beyond the forest but the density of the kelp still obscures most of it making it to difficult to spot, Finally up ahead in the dunes some much larger creatures seem to be floating about but are hard to make out, though you can catch some distant cries from them that should give a hint or two on what it could be.
“Nice colors. It’s pretty cool how they move in a group like that. Kinda like... Us right now.” Sayaka keeps some conversation as they keep going through the tank. It’s not too weird, aside from the sharks being in the same tank as their prey, which lets the girl relax a bit, leaning back with both arms behind her head until something else catches her eye “Ooh, that one’s awesome. Looks kinda like... Ocean Sasquatch. Or the Thing from the Deep.” Sayaka points to the grey figure, though it’s hard for her to tell what it is exactly, it was definitely a bit more exciting than most of the others she’d seen before.
*As Maria enters the tunnel, she lets out an excited gasp and laughs before running forward, spins a circle and places her hands against the glass and looks out into the sea of... well, sea life.* Maria: This is amazing. CHRISTIAN! CHRISTIAN, COME LOOK AT HOW AMAZING THIS IS! *Kidd laughs nervously before walking up to her, smiling as he looks out on the scene as well.* Kidd: Ha. Well. This is quite the view. Maria: Is this what it's actually like under the sea? Kidd: Has to be, I mean right? It's wonderful *As Maria and Kidd marvel at the sight, Kyu makes sure to stay next to Maria in a protective manner, glaring at some of the other guests, not sure whether or not they are a threat or not yet.*
Nana smiles at Kazuya when he greets her. Wrong Nana! Don't worry! Nanaka's someone different! Hi Dad! Hows it been? Still kicking a- When she gets down to the actual aquarium, Nana's eyes light up and she runs all around the place, getting right up on the glass and watching the fish like a hyperactive little child's first time seeing a fish as she "ooh's" and "aaah!'s" The fishes are so cool! Aaaaah!

At Kazuya's reminder of her past incidents with snakes, magic, and additional worlds, Ene can't help but wince a little. She still suffered a few nightmares, who wouldn't, but she just wanted to be normal again. Well as normal as a girl like her could be. She masks her tension with an even wider smile and laughs out a response to Kazuya. I'm doing pretty fine actually and have taken up a few things lik- Entering the darkness stuns Ene and her circuits seem to pulse out a faint blue to the beating of her own heart. Before the darkness can get a bit unbearable it gives way to amazing scenery that leaves Ene speechless for once. All she can do is stare in awe at all the different biomes and once she spots the various schools of fish. She can't help but squeal and try to lean over the side. Omigosh this is so amazing! I didn't know so many colors existed in the sea!!! Upon hearing Sayaka's announcement she then practically jumps onto Sayaka to see the weird thing. So is it like a fish man or sea bear?
[He nervously smiles at Nana before attempting to reply. As he did the first time he got into all this mess, he had decided to simply accept whatever was said. He wasn't even able to properly reply to Ene before she too decided to run off.] O-Oh, okay, just...try to be careful alright! Don't get lost~! [He was amazed by this kind of sight. He had to admit that he had never seen anything even remotely close to this, never before going to an aquarium as a child, or even stepping into the sea, he was mostly used to deserts, wastelands and technological surroundings, not to mention the big city and its alleyways. What caught his attentions the most were the sharks scaring off the smaller fish, as he thought it was curious.] This is...this is something else... [He would then take notice of what Sayaka said, as he tried to get a better look of the unknown creature, or creatures.] They look more like sperm whales to me, that or...something related to Godzilla, maybe? [He laughs at his own comment, the monster had been on his mind quite a lot as of recently. The idea of new films took him all the way back to his childhood.]
As everyone else approached the good part, Penny practically speeds ahead to see all the fish, only able to utter a "woah" before admiring the scenery. She points to all the fish, listing all the colors, then puts the black teddy bear up to the glass for him to see it. "You see that, Mr. Bear?! It's magical!" She chuckled a bit before letting out a confused sound, squinting her eyes to see the newfound entity. She nods to the teddy bear she called "Mr. Bear" before looking back at the others who found it too. "You're right, Mr. Bear, that does look pretty cool." She went up to Sayaka and looked at her as her eyes were innocent, and blank as a fresh sheet of paper. Apparently, she didn't seem to phased by it. She tried to tug at Sayaka's clothing, but realized all of her hands were occupied, so she just asked her in her polite child voice and..."pointed" at the thing, though it's mostly just shoving a green teddy bear in it's direction. "Do you see that thing too, Miss?"
“Oh woah, sea bear?” Sayaka would stop in her tracks as Ene jumps her, unable to carry the slightly older girl along. She’d squint a little trying to make it out “Sea bears aren’t real right? They’re supposed to be really dangerous.” Ene could feel Sayaka shudder a bit thinking about it before she looks at the young girl who followed them in. “You mean the uh... Sea Bear. Or whale. It’ll have to get closer to tell.” Sayaka seems a little more nervous, keeping one eye on the grey sea bear as they continue their tour
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While they were distracted staring down the grey figure a Lepoard shark would swim out of nowhere close to the viewing party peeling their attention off the weird object, it was almost like it was staring back at them trying to figure out what it was looking at, it nudge its head agains the glass a few times before swimming along with the rest of its pack forward into the dunes to resume its hunting for whatever happens to live up head of them all.
Wooooooah! Cool Shark! Nana runs along the tank, following it as far as she possibly can.
Both: Ngah! *Kidd and Maria are both startled by the sudden appearance of the shark, lose their balance and fall over. Kyu licks Maria's cheek,* Kidd: That was unexpected. Maria: Nature is scary. Hee hee. That tickles Kyu. I'm fine. Thanks for your concern. *Kyu lets out a happy yip as Maria and Kidd get back to their feet.*

Ene feels the gaze of the leopard shark and an undercurrent of terror runs up her spine as it reminds her of a different creature. Not wanting to focus on the feeling she overplays her energy. Accidentally nudging Sayaka with her sudden movement. Sea bears are obviously real! Like look I saw one just now right there! She points to a completely random display and feigns surprise. It was so big and gray and furry! Hopefully it doesn't want to eat us whole~
Sayaka would be briefly distracted by the shark, causing her to lose sight of the Sea Bear. Around that time Ene would bump into her, leading Sayaka to jump. “There is? Where?” Sayaka looks all around the area Ene pointed to, only to find no familiar splash of grey fur. Now a little panicked she asks “Think it circled around behind us? Sea Bears are dangerous.”
[Kazuya looks all around to try and fined the so called Sea Bear, a creature that he had never heard about.] But...there's nothing. Are you sure you aren't just hallucinating, Ene? [He had to wonder if the frightening creature was a demon.]
Tatsuya glances over at Ene and Sayaka with a depressed sigh, he can't even begin to imagine why the magical girl would actually be worried... "Are you serious, sea bears aren't real Sayaka. Besides, even if such a thing existed... Eh, I'm not worried." He'd chuckle upon hearing Kaz's words, the thought of seeing something like Godzilla is a strange one indeed. But man, he can't deny that'd be kinda cool if they didn't die horribly. Though, their current sights are actually slightly interesting. "Hah, the King of the Monsters man? That'd be something else, around here I bet you it could even happen... Don't think I could fight that, but there's a very stupid part of me that wants to try if I ever met him." Ene's reactions draw a slightly raised eyebrow from the man, they seem even more high-strung than usual for her which is... Saying a lot really. The shark rushing off also makes him a bit curious. "Hmm though, wouldn't expect a place like this to have live hunting... It's very curious, to say the least, but what can you do?"
Penny gazes at the Leopard Shark curiosly with another innocent smile on her face, waving at it...or mostly shaking her teddy bear around at it. She looked back at everyone else. "Sea Bear?...what's a Sea Bear?..." She tilts hear head in confusion and looks at the red teddy bear, Mr. Bear. The bear wore weird looking necklace as she held it up. "Mr. Bear, would you know what that is?" The stitched up red bear would stay silent like any bear does. But Penny nodded to it once more as if they had some kind of telepathy with each other. "Nope. Mr. Bear doesn't know it."
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Most would chatter on but Nana would chase after the Lepoard sharks as they travelled deep into the sandy dunes ahead they would raise up over a large dune and disappear for a moment over the horizon of it. If you venture just a bit further the glass tunnel would also raise up onto the peak of the dune before declining very far down the dune into a pit deeper in the waters that the dunes surround before rising again on the other side to move on. From the peak of the dunes you can make out the leopard sharks joining together alongside some other schools of fish, rays and small sharks as they circle another strange grey object locate at the bottom of the pit locate to the left side of the tunnel. From the peak of the dune you can also make out a large glass dome up ahead this is the aforementioned main dome facility the aquarium is centre on and where you were instructed to head to as soon as possible.
[Following along the road and looking around just to make sure such a creature as that bear did not exist, he would reply to Tatsuya.] Just in case, and if, for whatever reason, Godzilla were to show up here. Just know that fighting it would be equal to trying to stop an earthquake with your hands. [He laughs at this as he takes notice of the large glass dome right ahead, wondering what could possibly be inside. However, he also takes notice of the fish's strange behavior.] Do...do they do that a lot? I'm not exactly an expert on sea life.

Wasn't hallucinating before and i'm pretty sure i'm not now. Just in case ... Does anyone else the sharkie gathering or is it just me? Trailing along with the group, Ene points to the the focused circling of the fish with a curious expression. She doesn't know much about fish so she has no idea if its normal, but its certainly something that stands out among the impressive dunes. Do you think they are trying to eat that weird thing over there? Her stomach growls again at the reminder and she coughs to try to muffle the sound. A light blush decorating her cheeks.
*Kidd begins to continue down the corridor.* Kidd: Come on, Mar. There's still plenty more to see. *Maria smiles and starts runinng ahead of him towards the large glass dome, Kyu hot on her heels. She stops at the top of the dune and spins on one foot to face Kidd, who is still at the bottom.* Maria: Hurry up then, slow poke. The mountain lord, Darth Mar, commands you. Ya ha ha. Kidd: Again with the Darth Mar persona? *Kidd shakes his head and follows Maria as she heads into the glass dome. Kidd stops to look at the sharks and other sea life circling the strange grey object. He hears what Kazuya says and looks up at him.* Kidd: I dunno. It doesn't look right. Do you think one of the sea creatures hurt itself or something?
“Y... Yeah. Of course they aren’t.” Sayaka would take a deep breath, shaking her head before running after Nanaka, taking a place close to the front of the group to look brave. She stops for a bit at the top of the pit before slowly and carefully walking down “Maybe that’s where they feed ‘em. Like how they throw chum in the water to attract sharks.”
Penny looked at all the fish crowding the grey thing with interest, her eyes suddenly going blank as she drops the green teddy bear she dragged across the floor. Her voice becomes a bit monotone and robotic as she speaks. "It would be normal for predators to try and circle around their prey to eat them...but I don't think that they're trying to. Even if they are, it'd probably end bad for them...all of them...wait-" She glanced over at Ene and took out another chocolate bar and gave it to her, then proceeded to pick up the teddy bear she dropped. "Thank you Mr. Bear for reminding me that we almost lost a friend!" She hugged the red one she called Mr. bear with a gleeful smile, her voice immediately returning to normal once she expressed her gratitude to the inanimate stuffed toy. She then proceeded to inch closer to the group, as well as try and get closer in the event that something bad actually happens.
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As you approach the large swarming school they would disperse rather quickly away leaving behind the grey figure which could now be identified. It was a poor Whale Shark quite large and grey in skin, pale white in eyes like the life was drained right out of him, the most bizarre yet awful thing about it was that it look lick someone came and sliced it up its tail and dorsal fins were cut clear off as well as the right half of its face and it was done so like a clean precise cut for each one it was awful to look at but it was the least of the odd occurrences to present itself. A white cape almost seem to also be lying close by to this mangled corpse it played still till every single fish was gone from the vicinity not making even a sudden sway until it was clear, once the last fish had left it would start to violently shake causing a dust storm to kick up soon to obscure all vision for those in the tunnel. When the dust settles it would be far off in the distance almost floating away to the glass dome and as for the whale sharks mangled body it would start to warp even more as it starts to dissolve into some weird grainy dust and being to move in the same direction as the possessed cape if you can even call it that but after witnessing that can you even find words to explain what you just saw. Most of the fish start to return though with the strange anomaly gone they seen to treat it as nothing has ever occurred perhaps they had nothing to worry about it to them perhaps it was just some strange path off their natural cycle but now everything seems to be flowing again yet none of them would ever try swimming past the dunes to the glass dorm not even in a school it seems most have reach the limits of their traveling packs.
*Kidd's eye twitches as he watches the strange cape like crature swim off.* Kidd: That... I don't think I've ever heard of a fish that looks like that. Or that can do... whatever the hell it just did to that shark. I'm just gonna... go get my friends now. *With that, Kidd would head off after Maria and Kyu, fast walking to wards the glass dome to catch up with her.*
Sayaka breathes a sigh of relief as they happen upon the seriously injured whale shark, blessed confirmation on the identity of the grey thing "Glad it wasn't a Sea Bear. Anyone else?" Sayaka looks at the cape-like creature as it... Floats off, another example of whatever sea life is in this place. With everything settled, Sayaka follows Maria in heading for the dome
Penny stood still for a bit as she looked at the white shark...that's somehow still alive for a bit. It almost seemed time had stopped, but her eyes lit up as she squealed and she jumped up and down in excitement. "Wow, that was so COOL! Did anyone else see that! Penny saw it! Penny thought it was amazing! Mr. Bear thinks so too, right?" Once again, silence. It also seemed that the stitching was going to fail at any moment and a bit of stuffing would come out, but that wasn't super important to her. She chuckled, giggled, and skipped her way towards the dome with Sayaka and Maria. "This aquarium is the best!"
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Ene looks at the whale shark with wide eyes and fails to feel the same relief. It's a sad scene to her seeing such a big creature stare with blank eyes and lie on the cusp of death. Poor big guy. Hopefully he didn't have a sharkie family or sharkie kids. With that said she moves on and follows the rest to the dome.
Nana stares at the shark until it dissolves. Wide eyed. Well.. uhh... That was... A thing? Never seen a fish like that... She moves further on, attempting to see if she can find the "sheet" again.
The hunter watches the strange new creatures movements with intrigue. Upon witnessing it's brutal murder of the shark, he jerks back in shock and remains silent, solemnly mourning the now deceased sealife. This same man then hurries over to the Aquarium staff members that accompanied the group and pressed them for answers "What's the big idea? That was no fish back there; Why would you let ordinary citizens somewhere so dangerous!?"
[Kazuya just stands there, stunned as he pressed his right hand on the glass as he saw everything happen. He didn't know much about sea life or whatever it was that lurked in the depths but he, sadly, knew how to recognize deliberate wounds that no mere animal would make. This was most certainly nothing normal.] I'm glad I wasn't the only one to acknowledge what just happened but... [He would turn his gaze to Tatsuya and sigh. Chances are he's going to be getting his wish granted. After this, he approaches the older man while turning his gaze at everyone else ahead of them.] Let's be careful, this is not normal, at all. The rumors are quite possibly right and I hate this. Dunno about you but I'll stay at the back and watch everyone, I don't doubt Sayaka will be fine but just in case... [He fist bumps the man's left arm] Be the first line of defense.
Tatsuya glances at Rowan talking for a moment, he must be new to this hellhole if he thinks anyone has standards. Like Kazuya, the man's been at this more than long enough to know the difference between an animal and an actual slaughter, that's the second one by his mark of it. "Well ain't that something else, I'm not shocked by it being open to the public though. That... Happens here Mr. Hunter, you get used to it." He'd nod to Kaz and reach into his coat, not feeling any need to be subtle at this stage as a small sword marked in runes with a rotating set of chain teeth is revealed. "And no, not it isn't. Gotta admit, that's why I'm here so it'd be a bit of a waste if it were... But I don't exactly like so many people being dragged into it either." He'd twirl the blade around with a grim look as flames dance around him. "You can count on me, I'm not ready to keel over yet after all." With that, he'd walk forward and begin searching around the area. Glancing at everything and trying to take in the entire sum of it quickly in case he needs to make a sudden exit or take advantage of something.
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Most of the group would take a march forward to the large dome attraction if any of them had questions for the staff or concerns on what happen it would not be answered as they seem to have their hands full with another crowded group behind the line but they seem to be rather halted and making a ruckus. It was clear then that the best way was to move forward and find out what was just witnessed. The approach to the dome was a more quiet trek the sea floor was flat like a open void which would be ideal for the dome building but also makes it feel like a dead zone on approach. The long walk is finally completed though and you finally enter the dome which is much more gargantuan now that you are up close. In entry you are open to a large space with a few points of interest a empty reception desk with a snack vendor located to the north east, two closed branching tunnels located to the east and west of their location, a strange monument located in the centre of the area, and a boarded floor in the general north west vicinity, finally all around the dome is clear reinforced glass allowing for a good peak on if something happens to approach but seeing how barren this area of the sea is around the dome tells you otherwise and makes you question why even building in this abysmal spot. The white cape was seen traveling in this direction but disappeared out of view, it was floating to the dome so it likely is somewhere around here to get a proper glance at.
"Huh, this really isn't what I imagined the job would be like... in hindsight, unexpected and demons should go hand in hand, am I right?" Rowan muses to thin air, loosely paying attention to Tatsuya as his tone shifts more confidently as if he understood that all along. After thinking on all this for a second, he goes to the vending machine to buy a bag of corn chips and some tic tacs. He then walks back to Tatsuya and pours a few tic tacs in his hand to put in his mouth. As he gently chews them, he tries to engage in more direct conversation with Tatsuya "Now that things are a little less crowded, mind if I help you guys? Or would I just get in the way?"
* Having arrived in the dome ahead of the group, Maria is currently spinning in a circle with Kyu running clockwise around her. Kidd finally reaches her and with one last spin in the opposite direction and a slight stagger, Maria stops spinning.* Maria: Heya. What took you slow pokers so long? Kidd: Something bad happened. We should go. Maria: Aww. But we just got here. Kidd: I've got a bad feeling. I think it's danger- Maria: Aw, don't be such a fuddy duddy downer pants, Christian. I'm not leaving cause more fun is to be had. Come Kyu! Let us go find the fishies! *With that, Maria begins marching off in a random direction and looks out of the dome into the sea. Kyu yips as it follows behind. Kidd sighs.* Kidd: Mar... That girl is going to be the death of me. *Kidd decides it would be for the best to stay close to his friend and as such joins Maria at her place staring out into the vast open space outside the dome. Though while Maria was looking for fish, he was looking for the strange cape to make sure it wouldn't try to harm them.*
Tatsuya stares around the area, trying to get an idea of where exactly he might spot this damn cape thing. As Rowan walks up, the older man shrugs a bit. "I'll honestly trust your judgment on that man, I've been in this line of work for a while but... You meet all kinds around here. If you say you can handle it, then I'm gonna be trusting you to do that, got it?" It's a grim statement coming from the man in his 40s with an air of near endless experience dealing in such things. Said in a voice that makes quite clear, that trust means he may or may not be able to bail the other man out if needed. He'd keep on searching the dome for their new friend. "Beyond that, just keep your wits about you. That's meant for everyone too, I don't want anybody to get lax here and end up hurt because of it..." Though he can't help looking towards the children in the group... That isn't exactly a good thing by his view, can't just let em take care of themselves most likely.
[He enters the dome after everybody else does and takes a quick look around, wondering what to do first. He figures that since the new kid that's with Tatsuya seemed excited to join in, he assumed that just to or three people in the same room can probably take care of whatever happens.] Might as well figure something out, just in case. [He would check the closed tunnels. First, he would try to open the one on the right, and if he failed, he would check the one on the left. Whatever happened, he wanted to learn something about these and to where exactly it leads. From time to time, he would look back to make sure the younger ones are still doing fine.]

With clear relief Ene follows after Rowan and shakes herself down for some coins. She manages to get enough so she taps away on a keypad and within seconds has some cookies. One issue solved raising Ene's concentration, focus, and other worthless stats. Hey you guys should check out the machine! It has some pretty good snacks. However, everyone else appears to be occupied doing some sort of task so munching away on her cookies. Ene gets to work. She walks over to the strange monument and stares at it for a while waiting to see if it does any tricks. If the monument does nothing then she will move to the receptionist desk and look around there.
Welp. Guess this is where the tour ends and the investigation begins. Nana also grabs a candy bar from the vending machine, however her demeanor changes. What before was a super excitable girl who acted younger than her age now talks calmly and casually, as if before's excitement was simply an act. I'll check the boarded up floor and the monument. Munching her bar, she walks up to the monument and examines it, and if it has text, reads. Afterwards she goes to the boarded up floor and begins prying the boards off, using her sword as a crowbar.
"Alright, looks like we've got everything covered, I'll just do a quick perimeter check then" Since everyone else was already busy investigating, Sayaka would do a quick jog around the dome, looking for the grey thing... Or any sea bears that might be lurking around the dome. Can never be too careful
Penny looked at everyone with a bit of curiousity, mostly to do...something. She thought Mr. Bear was getting boring, so she went up to the vending machine and bought another candy bar. After she retrieved it, she opened up the black teddy bear strapped around her back and opened it by it's loose zipper, stuffing the bar inside and putting back around her back. "Penny's done! Let's go, Mr. Bear!" After her little announcement to nobody in particular, she ran in some other random direction, looking around the dome as the green bear she's been holding onto was dragged around some more during her adventures.
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Looking out at the dome to jo surprise not much life is out their in the watery void but if you focus for a good while in the west vicinity something was floating right there way and it was none other then the cape yet it was moving at such a slow pace towards the windows near Maria and Kidd yet it would take a long while before it gets to the dome Kaz would inspect the doors and find that they are reinforced and solid shut not a gasp of air or water can get through no less him, both doors would be labeled differently for different rooms one label maintenance block and the other thermal vents both areas one seems more reserved for the staff and the other for the visitors. The Monument that Ene and Nana observe what seems to be a statue that seems to have actually been cut apart almost in perfect sliced and leaving a broken grey jellyfish statue hardly looking pleasant but you can make out what it was the rocks faired the same strange phenomenon leaving almost holes punctured in the stone because of such damage you can reach inside potentially and feeling anything inside. When Nana tries to open what’s under neath the floorboard next a most unexpected sight has revealed its new rear. A glowing white Fissure was hidden beneath the floorboards when Nana ripped the boards off completely though it would let out a glimmering flash almost like it was reacting to the light after being boarded in for so long it was blinding for a few seconds and then receded back. It doesn’t really do much to her but instead invoked a chain reaction. The cape outside sees the shining glimmer and starts to react it begins to dash right to the dome walls and like pure magic just phases right through it in such blistering speed it could hardly be registered. It would rise up and then barrel down upon the Fissure and Nana slicing the peace of the room into a sudden frantic threat standing right before them in less the a few mere seconds.
*Seeing the cape outside, Maria would gasp.* Maria: Christian. I found a fish. It's coming over- Woah! *Maria would be startled as Christian pulls her back as the Cape phases through the glass, falling to the floor.* Maria: Ow... Kidd: I don't that's a fish, Mar. This could be bad. *As Maria got up, Kyu would leap infront of her, it's nine tails spread and growling. Kidd too would get into a more defensive stance, watching the strange cape creature to see what it would do.*
“On your toes everyone it’s coming in fast.” Sayaka’s first response would be to try pulling out her sword... Only to realize she was still in her school uniform and didn’t have it. She’d first have to slip the silver ring off her left finger, prompting her Magical Girl outfit to materialize around her. She takes hold of her sword, first thinking to throw it, but instead she simply yells to the others “We’re still underwater so be careful, don’t want to break the glass.”

Ene's eyes widen with wonder as she sees the holes imprinted in the stone and she raises her left hand. Blinking he eyes she lights her left hand with blue waves of electricity and looks at it for a second. I'll see what's in there with my hand. She then reaches inside one of the holes with her electrified hand and attempts to feels around. She nervously does this since she knows her lightning isnt invincible but is willing to take the risk for now.
Penny looks at the cape thing with curiousity and awe, her eyes glowing as she holds Mr. Bear, making her opt to drop the one the green one after a bit. Of course, after seeing all of the things that have happened, she gets out of her trance, and forgets to pick up her teddy bear yet again. Instead, she pulls out the zipper that was on her black teddy bear, and take out a very non-detailed green army soldier toy, throwing it on the ground. Once that happened, there was a distinct pop sound as the soldier had seemingly came out of nowhere. IDS Agent: "Sir, yes sir! Reporting for duty, sir!" The soldier stomped on the ground and saluted Penny. They seemed to be a female soldier wearing normal soldier armor and carried a light machine gun, and also seemed to be as bland as sandpaper. They were speaking in a very disciplined voice, but it had a bit of a country accent added to it. She rummaged through her teddy bear some more, until she found another non-detailed green figure of a motor-bike. Penny throws it to the ground again, and the same distinct pop sound was made again as a motor bike had appeared as subtly as the soldier did. Then, Penny immediately got her and Mr. Bear onto the backseat of the motor-bike, and points towards the caped thing. Penny: "That. Penny wants to make it go, boom! Penny and Mr. Bear doesn't want to be late for Playtime!" The soldier looked over to the caped thing as the others got ready to defend against it, and jumped back, almost dropping her gun in fear. She looked over to Penny, and then at what Penny called Mr. Bear. IDS Agent: "OH, GOOD GRAVY! Sir, can't we just- Ah, nevermind! You'll never make me leave...I need my pay..." The soldier's stomach dropped as she got onto the bike, revving it up and getting ready to steer with one hand as she carried her light machine gun on the other. Penny was laughing and giggling in pure glee as she looked at the others, carrying Mr. Bear in hopes that he doesn't fall. IDS Agent: "Permission to engage, sir!"
No good. These doors are just not opening. I wonder if anyone else foun- [The weird being made its way into the dome out of nowhere. Some people were ready to throw down but he wasn't just yet, he needed to try the usual beforehand. He prepares his head set and makes sure his COMP is in the right conditions. It's on, it's functional. He made sure the translation program was activated before quickly closing in on The Cape.] I'm sorry they may be attacking but maybe we can talk this over. Who are you? What are you? What are you doing in this place? [His COMP, equipped with the Demon Summoning Program had been able to translate even the most obscure of tongues from deep withing the Abyss, maybe it would work out this time as well and find a non-violent solution.]
Nana, with her sword already pulled out, quickly changes it's form from a large greatsword to a green, semi-transparent longsword. She then steps aside, out of the "Sheet"s way and swings the blade at it. If the creature is non-physical, the blade would be able to cut through it, ignoring any attempt to phase through the weapon. If the creature is physical, and has no ability to become intangible or non-physical, the blade would simply pass through the "thing" completely harmlessly. RuneSave: This Longsword is etherial, and therefore cannot do physical damage to the enemy. Striking an enemy with this blade can have multiple effects depending on the intent when swung. 1. Target one Non-physical aspect of the effected creature, and seal it away. 2. Cut an intangible or nonphysical object or creature as if it were physical or tangible. 3. Absorb any non-physical damage and stores it as energy. 4. Release all stored energy in a single swing as Almighty Damage. https://pm1.narvii.com/6373/c9e4e7272060556709e3058b8863b461453fdbf2_hq.jpg
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Ene would feel out what’s inside and it can described as a smooth cold surface of metal that can be was rather easy to wiggle around and move in that space like it’s loose but without really being able to tell what’s going behind the stone wall it’s hard to get a clue on what to do with it unless you were able to shave off the slabs of stone encapsulating what’s inside. The Cape Like Creature would seems to spaz from directions to direction almost as if it was looking around at all these strange faces around it but it seems to try to ignore most of them trying to approach the glowing Fissure. Before it reaches its prized desire it would stop and swirl around at Kazuya maybe it was observing him and his attempt to try and communicate him or perhaps not understanding at all but still intrigued enough to pause it in its tracks, this would be its mistake as Nana would take strike at her provoker the cape would try to phase through it on instinct but the blades powers take effect the blade but not in the desired result as instead of cutting through it would instead cause the cape to be flung back by it out of its intangible form, right into one of the glass windows and then to flutter to the floor, the window itself would start to crack from the impact not bursting open luckily but it starts to quickly begin to leak water onto the floor in a small puddle. The Cape would quickly arise up from the floor and up into the air before violently shaking and clanking channel the energy inside it to seek out revenge for the hit and begins to experience a change in form as two limbs extend from its sides to make up cloth like arms and hands and a tendril forms below like a tentacle before manifesting a cage attached to the aforementioned tentacle it looks like a bird cage and it’s holding a weird clusters of sparks bubbling inside it unable to escape the confident the balls of light have been sentenced to. The true form is this mysterious cape creature has been revealed and seems certainly aggravated and ready to fight back. It would quickly dart again at a quick speed at Nana its hands lighting up in a glimmering white and try to slash at her twice in succession before pushing itself back and raising its cage up to block itself almost anticipating something to go wrong as it irregularly twisted and turned acknowledging that it was surround by others who may also put the pressure on it.
Hey, wait! [He would quickly move in front of Nana to both shield the attacks from her and to get in the way of any potential attack she might do. He doesn't lack speed but he wasn't exactly ready to throw down just yet, so recieves the full blunt of the first slash with his right arm, leaving a massive, ugly wound on it, but is quick enogh to draw his sword, the Hinokagutsuchi, to block the second attack. He tries to walk closer to The Cape who had just transformed, and tries to reason with it again, trying to latch on to the hope that it stopping before was because there was an attempt.] We don't have to fight, please try to talk to me. Otherwise it's not going to end well for you and- [He takes notice of the cracking dome, and realizes the situation may or may not be the ideal. He tries to come up with something, anything before anyone else can retaliate. He hopes the Translator of his Demon Summoning Program is doing trick.] Whatever it is that you want, please explain to us what it is adn why you want it. [He tries to cover up his wound as best he can, and puts his blades back into its sheath to show he doesn't want to attack it.]

Ene stops her hand when she feels a metallic cold sensation, but when she tries to grab at it she finds that she can't. The tiny tendrils of lightning at her finger tips appear to have no effect at all and she realizes that this isn't a job for her. Hey sword people! I found something under all this stone, but I need someone with something stabbity for it. Seeing the transformation of the Cape like creature she immediately runs over to surround it as well. Allowing tendrils of lightning to spark not just her finger tips, but also the metal parts on her face. So anyone have an idea what the weird light thing is?
"agh.. I said to be careful!" Since Kazuya's better at dealing with monsters anyways, Sayaka would focus on something she can try to help with. The girl immediately runs around the cape creature, towards the crack in the dome, though she doesn't have much actual sealant, she'd try the next best thing, forming one of her barriers of music notes around the stress point in orer to relieve the pressure and reduce the leakage. With her... First aid done she asks the others "none of you happened to bring flex tape did you?"
Well that wasn't expected... Usually swords cut... Nana looks at her blade, and the cut on Kazuya's arm. Thanks. I'll heal you! Nana puts a hand on Kazuya's wound, casting a quick, minor healing spell that while wouldn't completely heal the wound, would at least prevent it from getting worse. Looks like it can switch between physical and ethereal. We should be careful. She holds the ethereal longsword up, prepared to duck down, lunge, and strike should it come within combat range of Kazuya with hostile intent. The heck is flex tape? We need flex seal!
The soldier riding the bike with Penny perked up their head, and revved the motorbike even harder. Penny laughed, but it immediately stopped when she made a "hmmm?" sound, and looked at Mr. Bear. Penny: "Flex tape? Mr. Bear, what are you talking about?" IDS Agent: "Did I just hear...flex tape? I love that meme." Penny looked over to the crack in the dome where Sayaka was, casually waving to her before looking back at Mr. Bear. She seemed to pause for a bit, but she was actually listening in on what he was saying. Penny: "Penny says go to that girl. Mr. Bear says she has a problem." The agent nods, and then they finally use the bike to move, zipping past the others, Penny laughing giddily as she holds onto Mr. Bear. They appear where Sayaka is and the agent gets off first, to help Penny off the bike. Penny holds Mr. Bear in her arms and runs towards Sayaka with the agent walking behind her. Penny: "Hi, Lady!" IDS Agent: "What seems to be the problem, miss?" The IDS Agent had their light machine gun slung over their shoulder, and was holding a brand new flex tape can in their free arm. Penny snatched it out, making the agent give a big sigh as Penny gave it to Sayaka. Penny: "Here."
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"Oh, wow I was joking but hey as long as it works." Without any better ideas, Sayaka quickly unrolls much of the Flex tape, sealing it over the crack two, no three times in hopes of stopping the water before it gets any worse. She'd keep a hold onto the tape for now just in case the dome were to crack again "To show you the power of Flex Tape I cracked this dome in half!! Like that?" Sayaka grins as she looks back at Penny
Penny looked over at Sayaka, actually matching her smile in attempts to please Sayaka. However, the agent accompanying her actually snickered a bit, wiping away a tear under her visor. IDS Agent: "pfft, that was pretty funny." Penny: "Mr. Bear says that was nice. Anyways-" Penny poked the IDS Agent, and then they turned back into the undetailed green army soldier toy that she had before, and shoved it back into her backpack bear. She slung it back over her back and looked at Sayaka, pointing to the bike. "Can you drive that bike for me, lady?"

Ene looks at Sayaka with confusion but not having much else to do right now. Since a certain someone is taking the boring peace option. She strolls over to Sayaka and puts one electrified hand on the flex tape. Hmm this tape is pretty powerful~ She matches Sayaka's smile with one of her own.
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*Maria groans as she gets up from the floor. She then looks at the cape.* Maria: Why is the fish in here? Kidd: It's not a fish. Also, why Flex tape? *Maria would giggle.* Maria: Go miss Blue Hair! Slap it on with the might of Zeus. Kidd: Don't encourage them. It's stupid. Maria: But it works though. *Kidd would groan. Light gathers in one of his hands as darkness crawls out his sleeve towards the other. Both form two pistols. He trains both of them on the cloth creature. Maria grins, giggling lightly, as she steps next to Kidd, stretching. Both wait to see what the creature would do next.* Maria: This should be fun Kidd: That is not the word I'd use here.
Tatsuya would walk forward alongside Kaz, reaching into his coat and pulling out two things. In his left hand, a glowing gem that any demon or other such being would know as a Life Stone, a simple healing item. In the right, a small blade with rotating saw teeth marked in mystical runes. He speaks up in a calm voice. "Look alright, there are two ways this can go down buddy and I'd prefer the first one. First, you could take this here life stone, recover from being battered around like a ragdoll and just walk away from the whole thing. Maybe we chat about what's going on here, maybe you just leave, whatever the case everyone goes home without problems." He'd pause for a moment, eyes gleaming with white light as shadows dance around and anyone attuned to magic and such might note the shape of a large winged demonic being's outline behind Tatsuya. "Or, well I'd be lying if I said that I'm not willing to fight ya. Prefer not, absolutely. But if you gimme a reason, you aren't the first thing I've met that wasn't quite solid, far from it even..." The man chuckles a bit and grins, gleaming almighty energy lighting up his blade. "The choice is yours now, I would suggest taking the first choice though. It's better for us all from where I'm standing."
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By the power of flex tape the strongest tape know it was able to handle this tough condition and keep the water from leaking in proving once again nothing can outmatch the power of it. As for the cape like creature it would dart around looking at all ends of the dome at all those present and trying to calculate its move but slightly drifted back and forth almost lost. In this lost state Kazuya’s words seem to quell it down further like it was listening before trying to come up with a response but then Tatsuya enters and speaks some of his own words which causes the creature to back away in intimidation or fear? It would start to shake uncontrollably before it would zip right past the two of them and the others to the Fissure on the floor it’s prized goal! It dipped its pale grim cage into the fissure like a body of water as it seems to grow and shiny every second the cage was in there then when the cage finally is raise it back out the cage that was once colourful sparks flying in the cage and emoting from its hand was now a grey liquid substance suspended in its cage, leaving no chance to question what it just did it quickly move now to the maintenance shaft door raising its cage up high it bring it down bashing the door cutting a perfectly clean circular hole through the reinforced door also erasing any trace of it being there and zipped right through into the hallway. Right at the same time it was cut down a small wave of water rushed out from the maintenance shaft doorway and you were back where you started trying to stop yourselves from being flooded in but at least the caped creature fled?
Come, Beelzebub! [He was using his COMP to communicate, but he too could use it to summon at least one demon in a quick move. From behind him numbers begin to show up, 1s and 0s. They take the form of black mist, then small flies. A blue lightning strikes down on it. It was a giant fly-like creature. Its massive orbs were red and intense, almost like it was in a constant fury. Spiked and with three sets of limbs on each side. The Lord of the Flies was successfully summoned and it quickly flew towards Ene in an attempt to get a hold on her before she makes contact with the water.] Try to get the others too, don't le- [In his attempt to help the others he is hit by the water with no actual easy way out of the current. Beelzebub however understood what his Summoner wanted. So, the giant demon places Ene on its back as it quickly moved in to get a hold of the younger ones before they get hit or at least save them before they get taken away. Namely, Maria's group and Penny's party. Sadly, Beelzebub had a limit to how many people it could carry at once.]
Kidd: It... left? *As Kidd is pondering this, Maria witness Kazuya summon Beelzebub and freezes up. Darkness begins radiating from her hand, but Kidd grabs her arm, snapping her out of her trance. He shakes his head. Maria nod. She opens her arms and Kyu leaps into them and out of the way of the water, assuming Maria would get picked up by Beelzebub. Kidd chose to remain on the ground and would raise his voice,* Kidd: So, do any of you fine folks happen to have ice powers? I don't think Flex tape is going to fix this but freezing the hole shut might at least stop more water getting in at the very least. I can swim, but I don't really want to drown. Maria: That fish was very rude.

Kazuya! Ene shouts once she sees the devil summoner struggle in the water. She wants to help pull him out or at least make sure he is safe. Yet she reists the urge to not add electrocution to the list of things he is suffering from. While holding onto Beelzebub's back she tries to calm down her lightning but loose sparks continue to fly. Come on, come on. She mutters while pressing her hands to her cheek in an attempt to stop them from emitting any more stray bolts.
With the hole all sealed up, Sayaka would let out a sigh of relief, looking back at Penny and handing the Flex Tape back to her “I guess I could, it can’t be that different from a norma... Watch out!” As much as she might have preferred diving in to save the day, Sayaka focuses on what she can do right now, lifting Penny and off her bike and jumping above the water level, bringing into being a circle of musical notes beneath the pair to act as a platform. It probably couldn’t hold more than 3 people given its size, but it’s a temporary solution at least “For curiosity’s sake how many of you know how to swim?”
Penny's head almost spun with all the time she's gotten saved from drowning underwater. Which was only twice. Either way, it had made her confused. She actually was more excited riding on Beelzebub than getting stuck on a platform, but hey, it's better than dying. "Penny doesn't know what's going on. Mr. Bear is bored!" She reaches in her teddy bear backpack once again, trying to make use of her time on the platform. It was only then that she actually realized something and started tearing up a bit. "Wait...Penny left someone! Mr. Bear, why didn't you tell Penny, stupid!" Penny took out a green, undetailed model of a submarine, and threw it into the water as she cried her eyes out, an actual submarine suddenly taking up the room. She probably wouldn't actually notice until someone comments on it.
Ack! Nana takes a swing at the thing, but trips and falls on her butt, letting it get away. When the floodgate (quite literally) bursts, she stands up and channels her magic into her hands and runs up to the door that's currently spewing water. Getting to the door, she holds her hands up and deploy's a barrier stretching from edge to edge of the frame, hopefully stopping the flow, though the immense pressure from the water makes holding the barrier extremely stressful and difficult. I.. can't really hold this barrier for long! What are we gonna do?
"Urk, this is really bad!" Rowan panics for a second, gazing at the flooding water and than looking at the glass dome, checking to make sure the ceiling was also glass. In a sudden fit of desperation, he pulls out his revolver, quickly turning off the safety mode and pointing it at the glass dome. Before doing anything, be shouts to everyone everyone at the bottom struggling to get out of the water. "Alright, on the count of 3, i'm going to shoot the dome and try and swim to the top! Unless anyone has any better ideas, that is..."
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In the mass chaos while everyone was panicking on what to do and the flooding tides were being held back as best as possible the fissure was acting up again. The massive tear in the aquarium floor was starting to act like a drainage filtering out some of the water as it poured in the white hole and into oblivion, from this process it seems to start growing a portion large bit by bit as the seconds pass letting out wailing sounds and crunching metal as it expanded. This does buy you precious minutes to think of a plan but between the raging water held at bay and the growing fissure which could potentially engulf you whole to some unknown location time was of essence.
Hey, kid! [Kazuya manages to compose himself enough since Nana is able to hold the water back. And so, he immediately calls out to Rowan.] If you do that then the water pressure will crush everyone inside to death, we wouldn't even get time to drown, and if Ene makes contact then we will also get all electrocuted to death! [And so he pleads to the kid for the sake of everyone life. He looks around and tries to find anything, any plan will do right now. But then, he finally takes notice if the actual, real life submarine that the girl made appear.] Obviously we have to jump inside of the submarine! [Kazuya then makes his way to the giant machine and so does Beelzebub, who places Ene and the girl Maria on top of it before disappearing into mist, and then then fading numbers. He would then climb on top and stay there until everyone got inside.] So we have this thanks to the girl, so unless anyone has a better plan, I would suggest coming!
"Oh, yeah, you raise a good point..." Rowan throws his head down in disappointment before calmly evacuating to the submarine, crouching down near the entrance so he can help those struggling to reach it to get in. "After we all get in the submarine we should ram it through the glass anyways just to be safe."
Penny perked her head up quickly, Mr. Bear jerking forward in reaction towards the direction she faced. She excitedly looked down from her platform to find the submarine that she had thrown inside. Noticing this, she immediately jumped off her platform and right into the submarine entrance. "Penny totally meant to do that! Penny's happy we didn't drown! Mr. Bear, our friend's still dead though. No booms. Disappointing." More silence came from the bear, and she immediately looked out the window of one of the submarine to try and find out where she lost one of her teddy bears though. There probbaly wasn't any luck in trying that. "Mr. Bear said that this submarine was nuclear-ly powered. Whatever that means. Penny's glad that Daddy made the submarine big and roomy. Can somebody else drive Penny's submarine, pretty please?"

You don't have to tell me twice! Ene slides down from the top and enters through the main door of the submarine. However, before fully ducking in she pops her head out one more time and offers a hand to Maria. Need help getting in?
*Maria puffs her cheeks out slightly at Ene's offer.* Don't treat me like a kid. Kidd: But you are a kid. *Kidd manages to get to the top of the submarine without much of an issue.* I'm not. I'm twelve. I'm practically a grown-up. Kidd: Are you gonna get into the submarine or are you going to drown? *Maria stops for a second and looks at her friend. She then pouts and gets into the submarine with Kyu.* Kidd: That's what I thought. *Kidd laughs before following her in. He looks over at Ene as he does.* Kidd: Sorry about her. She's a hassle.
"My solution was running so I'll take it." Sayaka leaps into the submarine with no hesitation, though she has some second thoughts shortly before landing inside "Wait, isn't it gonna get kinda cramped in there?"
Ok! Is everyone ready!? Nana holds the barrier until everyone is inside the sub, then taking a breath, She casts a weak magic circle that should, against this pressure, last long enough for her to dash and leap into the sub. As she gets in she brings the hatch down and secures it. Now we need to go!
Tatsu grins a bit as blue flames blaze up around him, a tall large man wearing an open blue vest with a large white beard would take shape behind him. "Come Dagda, Aquary Tide!" Generally speaking this spell would require him to create vast amounts of water, flooding the area he targets and battering around foes. In this case though. He's already got the vast amounts of water, rather than forging more the Persona's magic power would take control over the rushing flood in an instant. He can't hold it back forever, but he can hold it back more than long enough to buy everyone some time. "Ya know, it'd be kinda great if we had more room somehow. Not sure I like the idea of all piling into one machine, but I guess there isn't any helping it huh? And... Who the hell is gonna drive this thing, I hope someone knows how because I sure don't without magical nonsense."
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Everyone was nearly secured into the submarine and safe from any effects of the harsh flooding that was still being held back at bay but once released the sheer force of the waves will deal some damage to the structure of this dome it won’t stand very long at all. This still leaves the glowing Fissure as well growing and growing in size and can almost make out some weird shadow object swaying in it as it absorbs large sums of the flood. As the gleaming Fissure sizes up so does what ever casted shadow inside it does as well swirling and dancing inside its space. Due to both these factors it the structural strength of the dome itself was whittling away its wall and reinforced glasses seems to almost crave in creaking and cracking all around you. Breaking the dome open would only seem like a easy task now but wouldn’t have to much risk being in the submarine aside from the aforementioned Fissure.
*Maria would laugh happily at everything that's going on, seemingly unaware of the great anger they were in. Kidd would fall to the floor and take a seat, Kyu sitting next to him.* I dunno what's going on, but this is the best Aquarium ever. Hee hee hee. *Upon hearing Tatsuya's question, Maria would raise her hand, waving it around excitedly.* Oh. Oh. Can I drive? I wanna drive! Pleeeeease. I've never driven anything before.
Nana finds a seat next to a console and sits, leaning back casually as she looks at the radar, noticing anything around them. I don't, but I can help... Upon hearing Maria speak up, she'd deadpan in a flat voice. Yes, because we definitely wanna die. Go ahead. Not like our lives are in danger or anything.
*Not getting Nana's sarcasm at all, Maria leaps in the air.* Yay! Now then... umm... *Maria looks around confused. She looks back at Nana* So, where's the steering wheel?
[As soon as everyone went down, he would also follow and close the hatch of the submarine to make sure no water could get inside. Looking around he would realize that the inside of it is not like anything he had seen before, normally he was used to vehicles having a window of sorts.] I get you Tatsuya but I have a plan. [He would ruffle Maria's hair to try to get her distracted.] I appreciate the enthusiasm, but for now you should leave it to the grown ups to do it. I promise you can pilot it later tho. [After this, he would turn towards Ene.] I know you can't become one with tech anymore but I've seen what you can do with your electricity. Think you can move it?
"I'm barely qualified to drive a bike, I have no idea what any of this stuff does." Sayaka looks over at the submarine console, with its radar and many fancy buttons, only to blink for a few seconds and instead decide to go somewhere less crowded in the submarine "I'll uh.. Just wait until something needs to be stabbed."

Penny would pout quietly in her own submarine, her grip tightening onto Mr. Bear as she fiddled with the necklace it was wearing. Suddenly, her head jerked downwards, facing Mr. Bear, and she leaned closer towards to “listen” to what he might have to say. “Penny thinks that’s a great idea Mr. Bear!” She would skip her way around all these people she doesn’t know, and make way towards the hatch that kept all water out of the submarine. It was only then that she looked at it intently with a smile on her face. After a few seconds, she turned back around where everyone else is and cleared her throat. “Penny doesn’t know you people. Mr. Bear says that if another submarine was out there there’s be less stupid people to worry about. So, Penny decided that-“ Immediately after her announcement was made, Penny reached for the latch, aiming to open it up and try and get another submarine out there. However, she obviously doesn’t know what would happen if she did, so it’d be best to stop her from doing that.

Well I could try. Ene moves toward the console and lights up her hands once again. No idea what will happen though. With that said she places one of her hands on top of the mishmash of machinery and allows her currents place latch onto it. She tries to focus her thoughts in simply steering the submarine, but has no idea if the machinery can actually obey her.
“Wait no, don’t! Some of us can’t swim!” Since she wasn’t doing anything anyways Sayaka jumps at the chance to be helpful, leaping over to the latch with grace and pulling Penny away from it “There’s still a TON of water out there.”

*Maria would cover her head after Kazuya pats it.* Stranger danger! My head is not for patting... not that I don't like it. *Maria retreats back to Kidd and Kyu's side, her want to drive a submarine forgotten. Kidd just laughs.*

Rowan lays down at the back of submarine, yawning and closing his eyes.
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The connection was a success and Ene found access to all of the function of the submarine from an engine system, to direction/momentum control scheme and even some weaponry systems installed right at ones finger tips ready for use at will. Most of the windows are cracking under the sheer pressure and chaotic factors going on causing many more hole openings to be made and water levels to rise providing some more room for the submarine to work with. The fissure quakes rattling the whole world in the moment, the shadow begins to soften as a white mass entity starts to emerge from the blank pit indescribable in appearance but you can catch a glimpse of a dorsal fin and black spots on what is presumably its back and some tendrils wiggling their way out of the fissure as it grows.

*Maria falls over as the Submarine shakes to life.* Oof. Kidd: You good. My bum hurts Kidd: So yes then.
Sayaka would make sure to keep a good grip on Penny as she walks towards the back of the sub, hopefully away from anything dangerous. "Ok, glad that's settled. Now uh... What now? We can't really go outside anymore at this point. I don't think."

Penny would pout and cry out when she gets caught out of performing her “master” plan, trying to hit Sayaka (albeit weakly) with Mr. Bear in a vain attempt to struggle out of her grasp. “Awwwww, Penny was going to do a good!” She’d start to tear up and begin to sob a little, being a bit upset and all. Granted, she’s ten so she normally does this whenever she isn’t getting what she wants. “Mr. Bear wants to go home! Penny wants to see her sister! Sigh, Penny’s sad. Penny hates this stupid aquarium. Can Penny make it go boom? Please?”

"So, since we'll be in here for awhile, might as well make the most of it." He sits crisscrossed and starts laying out a deck of cards in front of him, gazing between Sayaka, Kazuya and Tatsuya. He waits for the least eventive moment and spoke up to a general audience "So what do you guys think?"

I think... [Kazuya would look around and find the always useful persicope. He had heard that those are not very useful too deep in the water but since they weren't completely submerged yet, it was the best moment to use it. He would quickly lower it and look through it, noticing the...awfully difficult to miss, bizarre creature.] We should get as far away as possible from here. I don't want anyone to panic but that "thing" doesn't seem very cuddly. [He would keep looking through the periscope just to get info on the thing and its position, because submarines don't exactly have windows.]
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