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Silence in the Library
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It was an uneventful day, altogether. At least at first, the sun was shining brightly with only a few clouds dotting the sky. If anything it was too hot to be out, and with many people off for the holiday the steets weren't nearly as crowded as they'd normally be. Good thing too, as for some reason Jaywalking seemed to be a particularly significant problem for the day. It would be a fairly common sight to find people, often in ones or twos, with listless eyes simply heading in one direction, wherever it was. They would proceed in the same direction, heedless of the world around them as if there was only one place they could possibly be. That place being an old, run-down library near the center of town. Though it was still technically operational, the digital age had clearly done it no favors. A lot of the windows were in disrepair and even the building itself seems to have started gathering dust. Contrary to all this is the steady stream of people from all over the city who seem to have decided this was the best place to be all at once.
Kohaku is shaking her right arm as she walks, making sure it's in working order when she comes up to the crowding people. "I think I got overcharged for that healing... But oh well... Glad One-.. Madoka-san and the rest didn't notice me taking those things from the Museum. Hm?" She notices the crowd and de-forms, walking up to the edge of the crowd and pulling on someone's sleeve. Umm... Hello? Is something important happening here today?
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A young woman with black hair in a ponytail casually sits atop a building's roof, glancing down over the town and sighing to herself heavily as she sees people heading towards the ruined library. She's dressed in a simple dark blue t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts, the heat's starting to kill her with all this running around. "Dammit, is this more of their kind... Hey Homulilly, you wanna go find out if we've got another of your relatives around?" The girl would reach into a pocket and put her hand on a small bottle. Hearing a noise of agreement ring out in her mind makes Homura shrug a bit and snap her fingers. A burst of wind blasting out of her hands and tossing herself straight across to another rooftop. She'd keep that up for a time, following along with the people from above and watching curiously. Though upon noting Kohaku below, she'd ponder speaking to the girl before deciding against it, that can wait.
A familiar older boy would be heading to the library as well. His eyes seemed listless as well, so much so he might actually be mistaken for one of the crowd...if it wasn't for the fact that he was clearly using the crosswalk rather than just jaywalking. "I need to start studying again. Is the library around here still open? It's been a few years but I remember they had some pretty good books. Hmmm, I can't tell with all these people around...how annoying."
A young girl was staring at her phone with some purple cat-ear headphones on, her clothing...still being the same despite all the heat around her. She also didn't really seem to actually be sweating, but she does wipe her eyes before searching for another video. She walked absentmindedly, probably contributing to the jaywalking problem, not noticing the crowd near the library. She bumped into Kohaku, and her headphones fell as she locked eyes with her. "Oh, hey Kohaku. How's life been?" It was only now that she had noticed the crowd. The library was in no kind of shape to be gaining attention like this. Though, to nobody's knowledge, she looked like she was contributing to it's current state even more with the way she was decked out. Ideas rushed through her head that were mere assumptions, but she decided not to say a single one of them, and only asked the important part. "So, uh, why are there a lot of people gathered around here?"
*Slightly apart from the crowd, staying off the road, would be Pri, the hood of her cloak raised and her head looking down at the ground. She nervously fiddles with the ends of her sleeves as she walks. As the crowd approaches the Library, she would stop and look up at the old structure and bite her lip.* Oh. This place looks scary. I knew I should have just asked for directions instead of following everyone. But everyone seems to be heading here, so maybe there is an event on? I-I guess I can peek in and see what it is.
Damon had followed the crowd for no particular reason given that he had nothing much to do today. Plus it was hot and if there was one thing he hated it was being outside when the bugs were out. Already he felt the twinge of winter and eventually noticing so many going to one place. He just assumed everyone was going to a place with air conditioning and excitedly walked along. Pretty weird place with creepy vibes. Wonder if this is some summer horror event? The building is pretty unusual given his standards, but if it was quiet and cold he was fine with checking it out. He was also sure that if a bunch of people were going inside it was hypothetically safe for him. Nya Nya hope they have seats and cofeevee.
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Homura: from her vantage point on the rooftops Homura is not only able to see the other participants, she catches a few other things near the edge of her vision too. First being a somewhat familiar white, catlike creature waiting near the edges of the building, likely more evidence for her current theory. More concerning was the familiar flash of pink that almost seemed to vanish into the doorway as she approached. Madoka hadn’t contacted Homura since they split up earlier this morning, not too concerning on its own, but in a place like this? Much more worrying. Damon and Haruka: Two of our contestants enter the library itself, one half-asleep while the other was simply hot, they find a rather large number of people not reading, almost criminal in a library, as well as all the staff absent. Much to Damon’s dismay, the AC isn’t even on. The people seem to have split themselves into three lines going into a more open back room through three different doors, one to the left, middle, and right, each one person at a time. Though only Damon May recognize it they both catch sight of some pink anime hair entering through the left line The library is a small one, and as one might expect has an unoccupied reception/checkout desk immediately to their right. There’s an old, outdated computer and various papers scattered around the space, but nothing particularly of note. Save perhaps for the complete lack of pens. Some people have no standards. Inside the library proper are six rows of shelves, each labeled and lined with books using the Dewey Decimal System, with numbers according to their subject from 1-699, with the last books presumably in the back. Pri, Kohaku, and Maizono: The person Kohaku pulls on would simply pull back to yank his sleeve from her grasp before muttering something about a meeting that’s barely intelligible. Once he gets away the man would walk into the library himself Kyubey:”They can’t really hear you right now.” A small, cat-like creature with long, floppy ear... Things emerges from around the corner of the library, though they glance at Capri they seem far more interested in the two girls beginning to converse in front of the library. The creature, known to the aforementioned girls as Kyubey, though his mouth doesn’t move his rather high-pitched voice can be heard clearly Kyubey:”Actually this is a good time to give you a basic course. Check out that guy, back of the neck, probably just under his collar. Don’t worry about looking weird, he probably won’t notice. He should have a mark.” Kyubey gestures to a middle-aged businessman, suit and all, as they start to pass by the pair. He’s a little on the short side, but they’d still need to get rather close to check what Kyubey is talking about.
Kohaku gets close and jumps to see. Upon seeing it she steps back So.. they're like hypnotized? ....... Is this the same thing as that monster before?
Damon immediately hisses at the heat once he enters the library and promptly stomps over to the reception to file a complaint. Seeing no one there he absently taps on the keyboard for a bit as he considers his next action. Humming a slight tune to this thinking. After some time he messes with the papers in frustration and wander over to the lined up people. Hnnnng what are they waiting for? He asks to himself not expecting anyone to really answer. He then points to each line and chants out a playful tune under his breath as he motions to pick a line. What to pick? What to pick? Maybe it will be a death wish! Ha! His finger lands on the middle line which he is about to choose before he notices a pink blur in the left line. He can't really place where he saw it last time but it feels familiar so he instead settles for the leftmost line. Hopefully its not slower then the others.
Sonomi then had immediately nodded towards Kyubey, deciding to do the same thing Kohaku did, just with her phone in her pockets while holding onto her headphones so that none of her possessions falls. "Well, seems like it. I hope it isn't like last time, I just made everything harder for everyone else and-" Sonomi busted out of her train of thought so hard it practically crashed, contrarily doing a slow head turn in Kyubey's direction until she could get a clear view of them. She then walked up to him, and knelt down to pet his head to relax herself. "How come you know all of this? It's not like I don't trust you," that's a bit of a lie she never thought about, but her words usually were so honest they filled up a lake. "but you've done a bit much to help us. Is there some hidden motive I'm not getting hinted at?"
*Noticing the strange cat... rabbit... thing, Pri tips her head in confusion, thinking to herself. "Hmm. What a strange pet to have..." She then shakes the thought from her head and approaches Sonomi and Kohaku. She nervously fiddles with the top of her hood before swallowing hard and raising her voice.* U-Um... s-so sorry to bother you but, um, y-you wouldn't happen t-to know w-what sort of event is, um, is going on here... would you? I, erm, the thing is I... erm... Well, I got lost and I saw these people heading somewhere a-and I, erm, I thought... something interesting m-might be happening... here... or something... yeah... *Her voice starts trailing off. She scratches at the small blue disk on her arm nervously.*
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Homura's eyes go wide and she curses loudly. For a brief moment she converses with herself. In seconds though, she's come to an agreement. "Yeah alright, I think we can actually be in full agreement this once." The shape of her Persona takes place behind Homura, a shadowy hand gripping the girl and tossing her over towards one of the Windows, nearest where she'd seen Madoka of course. Homulilly would vanish as Homura slows her fall with a blast of winds and tries to locate the pink haired girl. "Dammit please don't be her, I can't deal with this right now. Just gotta focus though, I can do this if it is, kill the frigging witch and she's safe. Simple right? Yeah." Her body is half covered in thick magical shadows, voice coming out as two aligned perfectly while she glances around the building in a hurry.
Huh? C'mon Sonomi-san! Kohaku notices Homura enter through the window and grabs Sonomi's hand, ducking down and not waiting for Kyubey's answer. Using her small stature to quickly move through the crowd. Taking advantage of the cover of the crowd and the fact that the crowd isn't lucid, to transform. Once she transforms, she picks up Sonomi and kicks off the ground, landing in the window Homura entered, chasing after her.
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*Pri would watch at Kohaku dragged her friend off.* Oh. Well, s-sorry for... bother... ing... you... *Pri sighs, dejected. "I guess they mustn't have noticed me." She rejoins the crowd and starts heading inside the Library to see what was going on inside for herself. "I really hope this isn't an invite only event."*
Haruka would ignore everything else and head towards the computer. He almost didn't seem too bugged by the zombie like masses though even he couldn't admit to not finding it strange. "Are they...infected? No, it shouldn't be spreading this quickly. Yeah, people look like this in libraries sometimes, right?" He'd begin checking to see if the computer was still working and if he could more importantly see if they had any medical books in stock.
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Outside: Kohaku, Sonomi, and pri Kohaku and Sonomi look at the back of the man’s neck to see a red, rectangular mark, it resembles a stamp but where a seal or words would normally be is a mess of illegible runes. Kyubey circles the pair’s feet as he explains Kyubey: “That mark is referred to as a Witch’s Kiss. It’s a sort of curse they place on people that deepens their despair and leads them to the monster. It’s the main way Witches feed.” Though He wasn’t speaking to Capri specifically, she’d overhear most of the conversation, providing them with the same useful info. Once Kohaku does her own transformation, Kyubey would jump for Sonomi’s shoulder, he weighs about as much as a cat and thus shouldn’t be a real burden, before addressing Kohaku Kyubey: “how about you slow down and let me explain a few things to miss-Sonomi before you go chasing after someone who’s obviously unstable and would DEFINITELY kill me on sight?” The three wouldn’t have left just yet, but if Pri still wished she could enter the door to find the main room I described to Damon and Haruka while the others are busy. Homura: Homura goes through one of the broken windows to find an old storage room that doesn’t look like it’s been used in months. There are a few boxes piled up in one of the corners and a small desk and chair setup one of the employees probably used, but nothing of real interest. Straight ahead is the doorway leading to the rest of the attic, she can see the main air conditioning unit on the other side of the attic, as well as a folded up ladder over a trapdoor that likely leads back down into the main library Damon: Damon would find the library’s back room to be almost as boring as the front one, in fact it’s nearly identical in appearance, though it only has 5 rows of shelves as opposed to six and lacks a reception desk. The lines appear to have split into three different portals. Each of the portals is an old-looking yellow, bordered with what look to be drawings with a mark similar to two crossed pens in the center of it. The people pass through the portals, one at a time. Soon he’d see the pink-haired one pass through with all the others. Haruka: Fortunately, or unfortunately perhaps, he’d find that all the medical books this library has would be in the 000s or 500s, they cover subjects like physiology, the spread of disease, and of course they would have some medical encyclopedias. Though they all seem pretty outdated and most of the material is more of an introduction to the concepts rather than any advanced learning one would need in medical school.
Shadows burst out of Homura's left side and tear the trapdoor open, quickly moving down as she mutters in her doubled voice. "Where the hell are you, gotta find out fast I can't deal with this again... Can't go back either, not anymore dammit. Sukukaja." Homura would, if she could, keep on moving further into the building. Mostly after the listless fools who've been hit by a Witch's Kiss. Green light flows over the girl's body for a moment and she bursts forward with inhuman speed, casually dancing through the crowd and searching for the pink haired girl within it. "Come the hell on, we aren't gonna let you get eaten by some stupid monster..."
Sonomi was a bit surprised by Kohaku's sudden exit of the conversation, not even noticing Kyubey jumping onto her shoulder and moreso caring about leaving Pri behind. She put her free hand near her mouth and shouted towards her. "Uh, you can go in if you want to! I hope we can meet each other again!!" She looked back at Kohaku with a bit of a pouty face, but it wasn't very ill-intended. Then she turned her head and had responded to Kyubey. "No, Kyubey, you can just say Sonomi. No miss needed, heh. Besides, what are you trying to warn us about anyways?..." Her eyes darted towards the direction they were going, they were filled with a bit of shock. She screamed out, reaching for her gun that was still suspended on the waist of her shorts. "Oh gosh, why are we going THIS way?! I might lose my stuff..."
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Dang so this place has no air conditioning either. Who cares about all these books when it's clear the staff can't pay for some basic things. Damon rapidly edges into a frantic, impatient mood with the continued heat and the slowness of the line. Taking his jacket off and revealing a dark shirt underneath he then ties it's around his waist preparing to do some direct action. Sorry everyone but I have some weird hair color to catch. With that said he swings his book bag to his side and squishes in between people to cut the line. He does this for an uncomfortably long time until he reaches the drawing and stops. Time to see if this has a drop! Damon tosses his bookbag in and waits to hear some sort of sound from it. If there is a sound he follows in if not he waits a few more seconds but goes in anyway. Making this action utterly pointless in hindsight.
*Pri enters the library with the crowd, though as she enters she is quick to step away from it. Instinctfully she goes for her hood before stopping herself, leaving her hood up."I don't want people to be scared of me." Looking to the shelves, Pri decides to stay away from where the crowd is heading for the time being and begins searching through the book shelves for a book on astrology in order to try to make it look like she's busy and not just hesitating whether to leave or not. While searching, she begins mumbling to herself again.* This place gives me the creeps. Why would people want to hold an event here of all places? It's strange...
Akemi-senpai! Kohaku shouts as they enter the window, rushing after Homura while carrying Sonomi. Given her speed, she should be able to match or over take Homura even with her speed buff. Why are we in such a hurry!?
Haruka would grimace for a moment before returning to his neutral expression. "Well, they don't have what they don't have. Guess, I'll have to figure this out later." He'd step away from the computer and finally, look around. "Might as well see what else is around while I'm here though."
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Sonomi and Kohaku: Kyubey:”Kohaku, at this point you’re going out of your way to ignore me. What did I ever do to you?” Kyubey’s voice would seem irritated as it sounds in their head while Kohaku jumps for the window. She makes it to the second floor in time to see Homura tear out a small trapdoor in the floor, and toss it into the left wall, where it makes a loud “boom”ing sound as it is embedded into the wall. Following her further you’d see the lower floor, as described in the previous post, with three portals that seemed similar to one she had seen only a week ago. Her own target, Homura, would run through the left one shortly followed by a boy she may vaguely remember having seen once before. Homura: Homura tears out the trapdoor, carelessly tossing it aside where it strikes the attic’s wall with a boom and stays there. Looking down she finds a mostly ordinary library, save for the three portals in sight at the back of the room. She’d catch sight of the piece of anime hair she was looking for entering the one at the left, as well as the boy Damon looking inside it. Being fully aware of what these portals are, Homura would soon enter the leftmost one Damon: none of the people do anything to resist being pushed aside, rather they’d simply continue moving once Damon had moved on as if nothing had happened. Around the time Damon tosses his book bag in, he hears aloud “bang”ing sound coming from upstairs, followed by an obviously upset 14 year-old who was also weaving her way through the group, soon entering the left portal chasing after the pink-haired girl. Damon and Homura: Assuming Damon still decides to enter the portal, they’d walk in to find a library much bigger than the one they had left. To their sides are rows upon rows of bookshelves, each lined with books at least twice their size. These bookshelves would look as though they were carefully drawn on old parchment, giving a rough, but well-defines edge to their style, and due to their placement they form a bit of a hallway, with occasional doors branching off of blank spots between books. Lining these shelves that make up the wall are a series of bookworms, as in literal worms made out of books of varying colors. These worms would, as one, lift the boom in front of them, pass it off to the next worm, then set it down before repeating the process in an endless cycle. While the main line would move straight forward down the hall for some time, the person they were looking for would soon turn off, aiming for the second in a series of five doors that lined the left wall. Though all other doors within vision were shut, this one would open as she approached as if inviting her in. All of this would proceed absolutely silently, as if there simply were no noise in this place. In fact, we’re they to open their mouths both Damon and Honura would find no sound coming out, no matter how hard they may try to yell. On the bright side, it would be pleasantly cool in here as if the outside heat had no effect on the place Capri and Haruka: Capri would find a few basic books on astronomy, though their selection isn’t particularly large and serves as more of an introduction to the subject, they do still have some rather impressive pictures of the stars and constellations Looking around again Haruka would find a strange girl with curved, goat-like horns flipping through a few astronomy books as though they were pretending nothing was happening. Aside from that not much seems to have changed, the crowd of people would have thinned out, though a few more stragglers would be heading through the three doors in the back, one to the left, right, and middle, of the back wall, no more would be pouring inside.
Homura sighs as she enters the portal and realizes there is, in fact, no noise in here. On the other hand, at least she can see Madoka... A black card forms and Homulilly bursts forth with inhuman speed, shadows forming in front of the door and moreover, aiming to grab hold of the pink haired girl despite how hostile that might look. Homura runs forward as fast as she can as well. If her witch-like persona's attempts to grapple onto the other girl failed than at the very least, she'd already be moving forward as fast as possible. This might make Damon freak out of course, which is her worry. But she does do her best to try and offer the young man a reassuring look, a hopefully not vain attempt at making him realize she's trying to help. That said, she only spares him a very small moment as the shadows on the left side of her body almost seem to lunge forward to the pink haired girl. Albeit, in an effort to protect her.
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Huh weird. Damon says or at least attempts to say before finding that he can't hear much coming out of his mouth. He wonders if this gigantic library somehow turned him into a mime, but soon dismisses the thought. This place was less like a circus and more like something out of a children's fantasy novel. He chooses to continue following the tiny flashes of pink at the corner of his eye and eventually notices that its pretty cool. Finally air conditioning! Oh wait right no voice. This would take some getting used to for Damon along with the sight of a girl with some nonhuman creature flying around the place. If he didn't know any better this was all a dream. Maybe it was? He pinches himself to check and winces. Damon now felt reassured that he was still awake and the girl seemed to react to him. A sign that things were still pretty chill. Having been reassured he follows after the flying spectacle of a girl to the best of his ability. Leaving his backpack open in case some of those interesting worms want to join him. He could use a new pet.
Kohaku follows Homura through the portal, and presumably sees her persona reach for Madoka. She finally seems to snap to when Kyubey addresses her before she enters. Huh? Were you talking to me? I wasn't paying attention. I thought you were talking to Sonomi? If Homura manages to catch Madoka, Kohaku will simply put Sonomi down and walk up to the two. If she fails for whatever reason, Kohaku will put Sonomi down, lightening herself and rush ahead of Homura and try to intercept her sister. Regardless, she'd notice that her footsteps go completely silent upon entering the library.
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Sonomi merely flinches a bit and holds her breath as Kohaku dragged her figure around, with Kyubey with her too. She finally breathes out when she was put down, but then notices that it had made no sound. Complete silence. She became confused once again. "Huh?" She said, and she became even more confused at the lack of sound that her words made. She tilted her head in confusion, and dusted herself off as she got herself up. Sonomi looked at the sky, and made an indecent screech, holding her chest as she finished. She scratched her head in confusion. "..." Her panting was silent. A lot of things were silent, actually. She glanced over at Kyubey, and shrugged. Guess they can't have a discussion now. She walked over towards him and petted him, and carried him with both arms as she looked towards the others. Not that she didn't want to talk...she really couldn't...but just in case something bad were to happen. If nothing did, she'd wave to them casually, like any friend would, and walk towards them nonchalantly.
* Lost in the pretty images of stars in her book, Pri begins to walk away from her book shelf. Due to the lack of attention she pays to her surroundings however, she accidently walks into Haruka and falls over, her hood falling down and revealing her horns. OOC: Since the narrator mentioned them and all. Looking up at him, she starts panicking.* O-O-Oh... I-I'm s-sorry. I was just... I-I didn't mean to. I... erm... I was... just w-w-wondering if I s-should... um... c-c-check out...um... *Frantically, she would look towards the entry and then one of three doors and then back to Haruka before shielding her face with her book.* F-Forgive me...
Haruka would just looks at the girl with a hint of confusion on his otherwise blank expression. "What are you apologizing for? It's not like I got hurt or anything and even if I did it's not too big of a deal." For a moment he'd look at her horns, wondering exactly what they were. "Do people always cosplay around here? First that girl, Sayaka, with her superhero outfit and now horns. Though they do look really realistic."
H-Huh? AH! *Pri quickly goes to raise her hood back over her horns, fumbling a bit in her panic.* D-Don't tell anyone about those! P-Please... T-They...um... I don't.... J-Just please forget about them. I-It's... embarassing..? * She'd say the last word under her breath. Nervously, she gets up, still trying to hide behind her book.* I-I... erm... I-Is the event h-here invite o-only? I-I saw a b-bunch of p-people come this way, b-but I don't know w-why. I-I was gonna go check but... *Pri pulls at her sleeves nervously and starts mumbling.* ...t nervous...
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not Haruka and Capri: fortunately the pink-haired girl isn't moving very quickly, allowing Homura to block off the side door and catch up to her friend. Once she does she'd notice a black mark on the back of her neck, this one depicting a crescent moon ringed with bats. Of course, the girl couldn't say anything, even if she wasn't totally out of it, but at least she's pretty much safe. By now the line would be mostly cleared out, heading towards a point far down the hallway, all the worms lining the shelves simply ignore the group and all the other people within, possibly because they simply can't hear the group. However, in spite of the noise, everyone would be able to make out one, calm.... Voice, so to speak. Its not something audible but rather as if the thought was being transferred directly to their heads. Kyubey: "Well, that's one way to make an entrance. For the only person who hasn't seen me yet, allow me to introduce myself." Kyubey would make himself comfortable, snuggling up to Sonomi as he looks out at the others with his beady eyes Kyubey: "My name's Kyubey, and my job is to turn people into Magical Girls in order to fight creatures like the one that made this barrier. Now, before we move on, anyone have any questions?" Haruka and Capri: whenever they looked towards the three back doors they'd likely notice that the line had almost entirely disappeared, as though everyone who had intended to come in had finally arrived
Homura sighs in relief, it doesn't make any sound of course but she's insanely glad that Madoka is at least for the moment mostly safe. She'd take a moment to converse with herself while quickly taking hold of the pink-haired girl, not entirely sure where to move Madoka to yet, but she's working on it. Homura: Oh thank god, it's gonna be alright... Just gotta kill this fucking thing now right? Homulilly: You aren't wrong, but let's not get careless just yet. I don't wanna get caught off guard or assume the best right now. The Persona vanishes, and the shadows around her body recede. Homura isn't sure if she can even use that damn thing's weird mind speech, but she'd give it an honest effort right now despite not really wanting to. "I had to protect her, simple as that. Now that she's... Mostly safe though, I can focus on getting the job done. Only one question, do we have any idea what kind of witch this will be. I assume not, but asking never hurt."
*Pri begins looking around, noticing it was just her and Haruka in the immediate area. Realising this must mean the event is starting, Pri turns around and starts running ahead, passing through the middle of the three doors on the back wall, clutching her new book in her arms tightly.* S-Sorry to l-leave you now, mister. I-I'll find out myself. T-Thank you anyway. B-Bye. A-And sorry again f-for running i-into you.
Haruka would take a moment to try and process what the girl was saying to him. He wasn't quite sure how to respond as this wasn't a social situation that he was used to. "Well, um, good luck with that?" Suddenly, she would seem to leave in a hurry. Something started to seem off to Haruka as if this situation was starting to feel familiar to them. "This feels off somehow. No, I'm probably just thinking too hard on this. That girl didn't seem like she'd survive very long if something did happen though. Maybe I should go see." Haruka would walk forward as well now, heading for the middle door the girl before him had entered.
Damon startles and almost falls with the weight of his backpack once he hears a voice inside his head. He knew he wasn't sleeping so he almost consideres the possibility of having lost it. Yet thinks again when he sees others react as well. Then he notices a tiny white creature and reacts in appropriate manner. Awww how cute. I didn't know cats came in that color~ He would have continued to gush more but then the voice speaks once again. Do you create magical boys too or magical pets?
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Not Capri or Haruka: Kyubey would stare at the group for a moment in silence, looking at Damon's lips moving, though of course with no sound nothing actually comes out. After a few seconds the creature remarks. Kyubey:"Oh, right, give me a second" After the creature focuses, the others would feel their minds open a bit more, now they'd be able to communicate with each other through thought, just as Kyubey had earlier. Ignoring the need for sound for the time. Satisfied Kyubey explains Kyubey: "Now as long as you're with me I'll help you guys talk to each other. All you have to do is focus on who you want to hear it and project your thoughts towards them. Its a bit more complicated than that but you can leave the details to me. Anyways, in regards to the witch." Kyubey stretches in Sonomi's arms before he continues Kyubey: "Fortunately its actually pretty easy to find a Witch like this. All those victims were being drawn to it after all." Kyubey would nod to the line continuing straight down the hall, it would continue moving on, though rather slowly as it seems they had hit a bit of a stall Capri and Haruka: As the two go through the middle door, things get... Odd. As with the room before, there are rows of bookshelves, though now there's just barely enough space to squeeze between them. These new shelves are massive and look, reaching up to an improbably high ceiling and lined with books easily twice their size, all of which look like they were painted on old parchment. The two would find the entire area to be silent, as if no sound existed within it. They would be unable to hear themselves, each other, or the sounds of things moving within. Alongside these shelves are a series of bookworms, as in literal worms made out of books of varying colors. These worms would, as one, lift the boom in front of them, pass it off to the next worm, then set it down before repeating the process in an endless cycle. Straight ahead, through a crack between bookshelves they'd notice a young girl who looked no older than thirteen wearing a frilly, silver dress. She'd look about the area for a bit, before proceeding to the right along the series of shelves
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Okay so pretty weird. Damon shakes his head to rid himself of the strange mental sensation he just received and taps his ears a few times for good measure. He was familiar with mental abilities, but having one used on him was odd. He couldn't tell whether he liked it or not. Then there is the talking cat strolling around and acting all smug. That is what he considered to be an average Wednesday though. Not one to waste time Damon immediately thinks about Homura and tries to send her some cool mental message. Hey I think your costume looks hella cute and I would like to know how you can fly. You looked pretty cool soaring around just now. Oh also what is that cats deal and whos - He stops himself before continuing cause he knows that he would probably never stop. He then looks down the hall that was pointed out by the weird cat. The line looks like its going real slow now and he hopes that he won't have to wait in it again. He thinks to no one in particular. Ugh couldn't they have just made an escalator.
*Pri's running would slow as she enters the bizare new landscape as she slowly stops and looks around in a mix of awe and terror, dropping her book in the process.* T-This place is... *Pri would then notice she couldn't hear anything. Frightened, she frantically went for the blue and gold disk attatched to her arm. It would grow in size, becoming the size of a medium size Shield, before begining to float to the right side of her. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, exhaled deeply and then began proceeding forward, heading in the same direction as the girl in the frilly dress from before.*
Homura would take a moment to reply to Damon, she's more than a bit shocked that he's speaking to her directly but she's fine with offering what answers she can. "Okay so first off, not a costume I just wear this normally... Thanks though. As for flying, I can't, my Persona can. If you don't know what that is, I can explain it kinda sorta but uh, think of it as a manifestation of the self made real. The 'cat' is called an Incubator, name of Kyubey, long story. Anything else?" She doesn't spend any time on the last bit, if he'd wanted to know who someone was, he should have finished the question. Instead, she'd begin 'speaking' to the whole group, even Kyubey. "Alright, like Kyubey said there really shouldn't be much trouble finding the Witch. As for what they are, monsters of a sort. The details are something for later, what we need to know, kill it and we can all go home, the people who've been drawn here included. Exactly how to kill it, gonna have to think fast mid fight cuz they're unpredictable like that." She'd keep on moving forward, likely catching up with the Incubator soon enough and wondering why he's begun to move this slowly. Along with sending Sonomi and Kohaku a message. "Hey, quick question. If I gotta actually move in with whatever we end up fighting, can you two look after her for me? I know you both better than I do the guy, though he seems alright for now."
Kohaku, who's been standing here silently for a bit, answers. "But.. There's only one witch, right? So Madoka-san and the people she stays with won't be in much danger, right? So then, I'll go with you, and whoever can stay with Madoka-san, or try to take her out of the building. I'm not letting you go all by yourself." She smiles, walking beside the other girl. "I won't be useless this time."
Sonomi gave Damon a bit of a glare as she pouted at him, though it was obviously moreso in a joking manner than actual concern. After that, she looked over towards Homura with her trademark friendly smile on her face, nodding gently as she strolled along. "Oh, of course I'll try and look after her for you! I'll do my best." She also took advantage of the sound nullification that was in the atmosphere, letting out a "Maybe this'll help. Just maybe." to nobody but herself. She smiled at Kohaku, and then looked down at Kyubey as her grip loosened a bit. Her telepathic messages actually came out rather quickly for her first time. "Do you want to get down? Maybe walk around a bit? I won't mind it, if you want to, Kyubey."
Haruka would stare at the cycle these worms were repeating for a while as he walked. Something about it was oddly relaxing to watch for him but he would take note of the irregularity of it as well. It seemed that this was another strange area that might be dangerous for the unprepared. Not wanting to leave anyone in danger he would continue on, following the strange horned girl.
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Not Capri or Haruka: Kyubey would jump out of Sonomi’s arms, walking a short distance ahead of the girl, close enough to head back to her in a moment Kyubey:”I can walk with you as long as no one does anything crazy. But I’d rather stay close in case of an emergency, we might need you.” Though Madoka doesn’t really resist much, anyone who’s watching her would notice her focus is not with the other victims, rather she keeps looking back at the door Homura blocked off and making weak motions as she keeps trying to go towards it, muttering to herself Those who continued forward, walking beside the line, would soon come across a wide open space. The walls are still lined with bookshelves, but are much further out giving view of two other lines, all advancing towards three desks. These desks, like the bookshelves, are supersized reception desks with a hole in the middle along the floor that acts as a tunnel. Working at these desks are large humanoid figures dressed in sleek black suits. Though they lack a head, they wield a similarly oversized stamp with no apparent problems. The worms lining the bookshelves would pass their books along to these figures, flipping open the cover for the figures to stamp before sliding it back in line. The people in the lines would go through the tunnels one at a time, in time with the figures at the desks, though there’s nothing actually stppping them from going in pairs or even threes through the tunnels. Capri and Haruka: Capri goes first, leaving Haruka to chase after her through the bookshelves. They catch sight of the girl in the silver dress every time the worms lift their books for a while, until the girl stops on the other side of the bookshelf, looking at the wall away from the pair. Each time the worms lift their books, they lift it high into the air, high enough that one could probably go through anyways. Or If they’d rather continue in their own book lined hallway they’d find two separate doors on the wall to their right, though there’s no telling where they lead
*Not noticing Haruka following behind her, Pri decides to pass under one of the worms. When it lifted it's books, she would move. Her shield would move above her so that if something were to fall on her, she would be protected. Assuming she makes it to the same line as the girl in the silver dress, Pri would approach her. Her shield would move when she was clear, returning to floating at her side. "Hmm. If I can't talk, how can I communicate with her to let her know I'm friendly?" Pri thinks. Regardless, she still would timidly reach out to tap the girl on the shoulder.*
Haruka would just continue on his way, not even noticing the other girl Pri was following. He almost seemed casual about the situation, so much so that he didn't even notice the odd silence either. It almost seemed like this whole situation calmed him down even more yet despite that he knew it probably wasn't a good idea to get too settled.
Why would a monster make a boring place like this? Damon mentally asks Homura as they come before the wide open space with exceedingly large entities. The hugeness of well everything begins to feel a bit claustrophobic for him but like hell will he show it. Or his concerns about the fighting mentioned. Also are these like actual people people or fake people and if so are we even real here??? I feel real but I dunno sometimes Haha. Damon generally states this to everyone and pokes on the cheeks of some of the people in the line. Noticing now how weird they have been.
Homura winces as Damon asks that, it's actually a rather pointed question, even if he likely has no idea why. "That's... Witches aren't just random monsters from nowhere, you heard Kyubey talking about magical girls right? A Witch is just what you get when a magical girl goes past the point of no return, entirely consumed by her own despair and grief... So, this place is a manifestation of that which once mattered in brief. Don't go spreading it around." Homura stares at the overly large beings in front of her, Homulilly ponders how many swings it'd take to kill one. In the end, wait and see seems the best choice for now. She'd also note where Madoka seems to be trying to go, but can't think of anything to do with it now. And "Yes we're real, so are they, witches can just... Hypnotize people, in short, making them walk right to their own deaths. One of many reasons to kill such beasts on sight. And I feel like there's a good chance they'll attack if we just barge through, but minions of a witch generally aren't too powerful, do we wanna try to get by without violence and maybe be taken off guard? Or just kill them now while we have a chance to strike on our terms?" For the moment she observes, and keeps a tight hold on Madoka. She'd like to at least give the group a moment to speak before rushing in for once.
Kohaku follows along, watching the "Librarians" and "Listening" to the others. "If possible, I'd like to avoid as much fighting as we can.. L-like.. what if we accidentally hit one of the people? Or the stamp people hit them when trying to hit us?"
Sonomi strolls along with the rest of the group, walking without much of a pep in her step and moreso dragging her feet across the floor as she looked down at it. Once she enters the library, she casts blank glances at the librarians and listened to Homura's words with less attention than usual. She completely forgets to keep her thoughts to herself since that's their only way of communicating now. "I hope we don't have to fight. I only attended one of these...it should be easy as long as I don't get in the way." She glanced over towards Kyubey, being aware of the distance between her and him. She took advantage of the sound nullification once again just to giggle a bit at what he said. "We might need you.", he says, and she sighed, the sighing not making sound. "That's sweet of you. Maybe we will. I believe my friends will do well."
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Capri: Capri waits for a good moment before rushing under the book. It’s rather close, with the worm pushing her shield down to mere inches away from her before she bursts through, all the while seemingly unnoticed. On the other side you’d find the girl looking at a bookshelf similar to the one Capri had just gone through. She’s looking at a certain point on the shelves that, while the books are being raised, contains a simple brown door that swings outwards, away from the pair. She looks at it, almost ready to make a run, before the book simply comes back down denying her chance. The girl jumps upon feeling something touch her, swinging around and jumping away as a golden staff topped with a silver gem materializes in her hand, only to realize there’s no danger and calm down. The girl opens her mouth first, only to realize that she too is incapable of speaking, so instead she tries aggressively motioning with her arms back in the direction she came from, a slightly panicked look in her cloudy eyes/i] Haruka: [i]Haruka continues down his own hallway, soon coming into a massive, circular room. The room is circled with layers upon layers of bookshelves, extending both upwards and downwards as far as the eye can see. In the middle of this area are a great number of desks, barely visible in the distance. At each of these desks is a humanoid figure wearing a sleek black suit and lacking anything that could be described as a head, each frantically writing on their own book. When one is finished one of the worms would pick up the book, bringing it to the shelves where it is then passed on eternally, and allowing that writer to start once again. Haruka is in an alcove standing near the middle of these seemingly endless layers of shelves, atop one row of bookshelves that circle all the way around the room, leading to two more hallways. The only obstacle would be the occasional passing up of books the worms do, essentially tossing them atop the shelves for their brethren to grab Those not mentioned: Kyubey chimes in in his own way, looking around the librarians before casually dismissing Homura’s concerns Kyubey:”miss Akemi we’ve been over this. It’s mathematically impossible for the majority of Witches to come from Magical Girls, since Magical Girls are their main predators. But onto the problem at hand. We know these things can’t hear us because nothing makes noise here. So we should be safe to just sneak through with the line. We would probably be able to cut, or just pretend we’re part of it without them noticing.” Kyubey would circle back around to Sonomi, his tail weaving around her legs as he continues Kyubey:”Don’t sell yourself short, I’d actually like to make you an offer. If you’re willing to form a contract with me, you could easily become the strongest person here. I can grant you almost any wish, and in exchange you’ll become a Magical Girl, a light of hope to help me destroy these monsters of despair. What do you think?”
*Pri would jump back, letting out a silent yelp as she grabs her shield from her side and hides behind it. As she does so, her hood once again falls down, revealing her horns. She waves a hand wildly, trying to motion she comes in peace.* S-Sorry to bother y- *She'd stop and sighs, remembering the girl wouldn't be able to hear her. She instead peeks over her shield and looks past the girl at the door. "The way forwards I assume. Though I don't think she wants me coming along. Maybe I should-" Pri shakes her head. "If something wrong is happening, Mama would be upset if I didn't try to help fix it." Slowly, Pri would let go of her shield, letting it float back to her side, and point at the door. "She seems capable whoever this is. Maybe I can at least helpin a small way."*
A thoughtful look cross Damon's face as he considers what Homura just said. No wonder he felt small in this place. He just chalked it up to clautrophia, but no it was the negative feeling within that was bothering him. He felt like pinching himself for not noticing earlier, but what's done is done. Shaking his shoulders he starts to move for one of the lines. Guys I cut the line before so I'll just do again! Having forgotten the silencing effect around them. Damon shouts this and then becomes part of a line. Once in he carefully weaves in and out between people muttering unheard "excuse mes" along the way.
Homura mentally groans as the Incubator replies, what an annoying creature. Oh how she wishes it would stay dead, but violence doesn't work on that thing. "That's fine, but you won't deny some do right? We both know that's true. And what percent of magical girls die in the first few months of starting again? Refresh my memory." Instead of ranting like a mad woman she just replies calmly and begins attempting to move forward. Made only slightly harder by the barely aware Madoka she's still clutching tightly with one hand. She is attempting to blend in, though two people at once might draw notice, she can't be sure. "And yeah we probably can get past them. I'd rather not hit anyone too so that's for the best..."
Sonomi giggled to herself once more, almost to the point of busting out laughing out loud, even if it made no sound. This was what Homura was talking about when they first met. When she had eavesdropped on them for no reason. Her own friend had warned her about this. "I-" Her mouth made the motion of the sound, but it didn't come out. Sound nullification at it's finest. Sonomi wiped a stray tear away when it formed in her blue eyes, and walked up to Kyubey. She crouched down, and patted him on the head, blinking away another tear and looking at him intently, making sure only to give the message to him and him only. "I'll...think about it. It might be soon...it might be way later...but just know, I'm considering it." She got up, and walked back, taking hold of her megaphone gun, glancing back at Kyubey with the same gentle smile she gives everyone. With her free hand, she brushed her hair away casually, taking a silent breath in, and a silent breath out. Her private messages almost seemed to stagger despite her words taking a seemingly firm tone. "You can tell Homura if you want...but even so, thank you."
"Can't we just bypass the lines?.. Like, just go over them? Most of us can jump that, and we can carry the ones who can't.. right? If you wanna bring Madoka-san with you, I can try to jump over with her." Kohaku follows beside the line, thinking as she goes.
Haruka would be confused for a moment, he thought he'd been following the girl from before but it seems as though he has gotten distracted somehow. He wasn't too sure where he had ended up but realized it was already too late to start asking that now. "Yeah, this place is started to seem to lack logic. It seems I've ended up in another one of those Witch's territories. This time I don't even have anyone backing me up either." Suddenly...He'd also notice his lack of a voice. He wasn't too sure before but his words only seemed to come out in the form of thoughts rather than vocalization. For a moment he wondered if something was wrong with his throat but it didn't seem to likely to him that an issue would pop up out of nowhere that kept him from speaking. Not seeing much of a choice or sense in dawdling he'd choose one of the hallways to proceed down at random.
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Capri: The girl would let out a sigh of relief, before simply waving down towards the floor in Capri's direction, the simplest sign she could think of, before looking back at the doorway in the bookshelf. A few more loops would pass before she finally decides to try running through it, bursting through the doorway to the other side. Were she to ignore the girl's warning and, after waiting for the worms movements to align again... Haruka: Haruka would edge along the bookshelf, occasionally pausing to allow the bookworms in front of him to finish their business before moving through himself. He goes to the hallway to his left, with no way of knowing whether or not it would be better than his right, or even if the choice was really his. But that's enough philosophy, the hallway stretches on much like the one beforehand, until it finally opens up to.... Not Haruka or Capri: Sure enough Kyubey wouldn't really answer Homura's question, as is likely no surprise to anyone. Instead he simply trots beside Sonomi. He seems satisfied for now, or at least as satisfied as he can be. Cutting through the line as before, the people don't really offer much resistance to Damon, though they lightly move out of his way and occasionally mutter "Jerk". Or at least they would be if they could make a sound, with Damon already cutting a way through it would be even easier for the others to proceed along as well, and none of the familiars seem to notice them, or at the very least they don't care enough to act on it. As they follow along the tunnel it grows darker and darker at first, until finally they reach the end and its like all the lights came on at once, the group emerges to... Everyone: The groups emerge into the same room around the same time. Its a massive, circular room lined with bookshelves, much like the one Haruka had been in before. The room is roughly a hundred feet tall, with a bit of an outcropping made from the tops of the lower bookshelves at the halfway mark. Homura and pals emerge at the bottom of the room, initially able to make out little more than the feet of a towering figure. They would soon find they had managed to get to the front of the line, and are standing at the leftmost of three similar tunnels each leading to the center of the room. The people in these tunnels would keep walking towards the creature in the middle, as though transfixed by its appearance. Haruka, the girl in the silver dress, and Capri would all emerge on eye level with the creature on the walkways. Haruka would be on the opposite side of the creature as the two girls, and all three of them would have a difficult time discerning its mouths below, they'd instead be rewarded with a much closer look at its face. This Witch, standing in the middle of this grand room, resembles a well-painted pillar arising out of the ground. Its top reaches up to about the halfway point, leaving what passes for a head on the same level as a high-up walkway leading in a circle around it. As for the pillars base, as there were a dozen eyes and arms, so too are there a dozen mouths, each positioned at the creature's base. The transfixed people would slowly try to walk towards these mouths, though thankfully Madoka makes no such effort. The creature's "head" is a simple sphere, out of which grow one dozen blackened stalks, each containing a single eye which is focused on a book, one held in each of its dozen hands. Once the creature is finished with one book, it callously tosses it aside for the bookworms to deal with before taking another from them. and reading it instead. As with the familiars earlier, it doesn't seem to notice any of the group, either not considering them worth its time or simply being too transfixed in its own fantasy world.
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*Pri would look at the creature before her, her eyes shrinking in fear. Her shield moving in front of her in case she needs protection. She would slowly take a step back. The she closes her eyes and breathes, steeling herself, and open her eyes.* This is... likely the source of this place, if I had to guess. What even is it? It... at least looks peaceful. M-Maybe it's friendly? *Pri doubted it. She looked over to the silver dressed girl quizzically, as if asking her what they should do next.*
Homura stares at the scene before her, this entire thing looks bad and her very first move... Is handing over Madoka to Sana. "Don't let anything happen to her." She'd mutter a mental curse upon noting that Madoka isn't moving towards the thing. That means... "Another one, there's another one somewhere. I hate life." She observes for now, a black card held in her right hand as she prepares to try and intervene by sending up walls of shadows that would block off the people from entering the mouths. "So, I can't really say I have much of a plan... Anyone got fire? Maybe if we burn the books that'll help. Or destroying the eyes to keep it from reading? Truth is, these things are way too random to predict that well."
I can't say that I have something as cool as fire. But I could make a hell of a good distraction. Damon following in Homura's lead prepares himself by opening his bag and taking out a ball of rainbow colored string. He then reaches into his hair and pulls out a extraordinarily long piece of thread that is so black it almost looks like its cutting across his hand. He twists the thread around his pinkie and hold the ball in his free hand. This little girl turned beast looks huge but I could probably annoy her~ He generally think this to everyone and waits to see what happens. Though he is already eyeing one of the mouths with something in mind.
"Wow, look at us. Making plans before doing anything. I'm proud." Her words had been said in a breath of relief, but there was a slight undertone of sarcasm. She takes out her megaphone gun, adjusting the ammo being used. She slightly pulled the trigger, and a small flare had came out. She looked over to Damon with a gentle smile, as she always does. "Don't worry, you can do your distraction. I might be able to burn the books. But that means..." Sonomi looked over towards Homura and gripped her gun tighter. Then she looks over towards Madoka. She can't leave her. Why would she? It's a bad move in every sense. "...she might be alone. It'd be better for Homura knowing she's safe. What should we do?"
"Sooo... the plan is hit it till it dies? I can do that!" Kohaku kicks off and leaps to the next level, pushing off of it and leaping up again, and again, until she reaches the highest point.
Haruka would remain calm throughout the situation but there was clear resentment in his eyes at the thing before him. He wasn't naive or thoughtless like before, he knew what the thing before him was capable of. He'd pull out a simple handgun from his coat and with his other hand begin reaching out in front of him. The air seemed to begin cracking as he pulled on it. All at once he'd quickly tear it open causing blue cracks to shatter in mid air. From the void created within reality a humanoid figure would take shape. An avian like mask and a doctors coat with black leather covering what the coat couldn't. In one hand the figure held a scepter with angelic wings on the end and in the other an almanac with symbols covering it's cover. (Nostradamus! It's time to cure this infection in the world before it can bring harm to people. These things always seem to have some strange gimmick to them though. Right, now's not the time to be hasty. This operation will require some preparation and testing.) Nostradamus would open the book in it's hand. The text within would seem to glow as cracks seemed to open up behind the Persona. The air would once again break as a yellow colored fog would roll in, attempting to surround the sphere. The yellow mist would blur the vision of whatever it touched but if the witch proved to be immune to such effects the mist might hopefully be thick enough to block it from reading.
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Capri looks over at the girl in the silver dress, who has closed her eyes and is muttering something inaudible as she grips her staff tightly, it almost looks like she's praying, but the faint glow throughout the tip of the staff suggests the magic being charged within, it looks like she's preparing her own form of attack Whenever Homura makes her wall of shadows the victims wouldn't seem to be able to get through it, in fact they hardly even seem to be trying, simply lightly pushing against it before giving up and remaining in a relatively safe location near the room entrances. As all the walls are lined with bookshelves, as soon as Kohaku moves to kick off of one, the entire room seems to stop, if only for an instant. The bookworms turn to her as one, and the Witch, the creature in the middle lowers its books for a moment in order to stare at her with all twelve of its eyes. Though nothing can be heard, the creature's fury can be felt throughout the room, blazing like an inferno. Before it can act, a faint yellow fog would cover the creature's face, though it seems to be trying to ignore this fact. It looks in the direction of Kohaku, the target of its ire, and throws all twelve books at her. Each of these books is more than twice her size, and potentially heavy enough to crush her, however with its sight restricted most of these books fly off course, with only three or four actually coming near Kohaku in hopes of crushing her As for the hundreds of bookworms, now in a panic, they scramble to collect all of the twelve books the Witch had thrown, causing them to spread themselves throughout the room. Some of them are crushed on impact, but these familiars would simply be ignored as the worms attempt to bring back some amount of order to their lives.
*Pri would be initially confused by the formation of the yellow fog but, as she looks down below and notices Homura's team fighting, she would begin to look disheartened, realizing what's happening here.* Everyone's fighting again. Huh? *Pri would then notice the large amount of books being thrown at Kohaku. Shaking the doubts from her head, Pri would throw her shield towards Kohaku. It would stop, floating between her and the books, before projecting a barrier of seven large hexagon's hopefully strong enough to stop the books from hitting their target.* Marogold: Plataeu
Sonomi stared blankly at the yellow fog that helps them in the fight against the witch, and then her head turns towards all the books that probably missed Kohaku. She cleared her throat, and to no one in particular, commented "Oh, cool." in her head, which could most likely be heard by anyone near her thanks to telepathy. The gun flared up a bit more, and she looked at it, aiming the quick and sporadic red orbs at the 4 books in her line of vision. She quickly burned them, and then stayed farther back knowing how easily irritable the witch seemingly was. She sent a telepathic towards Homura, or, tried at least. "Homura-chan, wherever you are, can you try and watch Madoka-chan? I'm gonna have to burn the books."
Damon takes the initiative and has some of his black hair threads wrap around madoka. He makes sure that she is secure by wrapping a few of them around her limbs in a gentle manner. Don't worry everyone I have a hold on pinkie. He flashes a smile to Homura and Sonomi before attempting to stealthily make it up to one of the witch's eyes. Luckily Madoka is not dragged behind him but rather tied against his back as he moves about. Should he make it close enough he will then toss his thread ball to an eye and expect it to attach on impact.
With Kohaku's speed, dodging the books would be a simple task. But rather than simply dodge, Kohaku would take advantage of the thrown books and leap towards the closest one, landing and immediately kicking off of it to another, higher book, to which she'd do again. Using the thrown books as platforms, Kohaku would reach the top walkway and stop, looking around and taking in her environment as she charges an orb in each hand.
Homura stares over at Damon, only slightly terrfied for the pink girl's safety. She'll trust him with that fact for now, he hasn't done anything to make her think otherwise this far. The wall of shadows Homulilly had made naturally blocks off the random people from being... Eaten she assumes, but it'd do more than just that. The dozen mouths would quickly find themselves being wildly stabbed into as Homulilly tosses her arms out to the sides, magic extending further from her and blasting out with large spikes formed out of solid darkness. For her part, Homura just draws out her sniper rifle and begins blasting away at the thing's main 'head'. Inky black energy coating the bullets as three of them rush forward, upon impact with a target they'd quickly explode into a burst of curses that attempts to burn away at whatever is struck. The girl replies mentally at this point. "Alright, Damon I'm gonna trust you. Make sure nothing happens to her I... I care a great deal. And yeah Sonomi, hopefully burning those books will do some good for us. Though there's no telling for sure till it's already done."
Haruka would be distracted by the worms, almost feeling something of empathy for them as he watched them try to gather the books. "Nostradamus..." The Persona would fly forth attempting to gather the books and help bring them back to the worms. Haruka was unsure of how much he'd be able to help or of what it'd actually accomplish but he seemed uncaring of this fact, simply feeling bad for the bookworms.
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A couple of the books would slam into Capri's barrier, before flopping down towards the ground. All the books that wouldn't hit this were likely too far away to annoy Kohaku anyways, making it mostly safe. Damon tries to climb up the pillar witch, and though it doesn't take the time to look at him, it almost absentmindedly sweeps three of its arms across its body towards him.... Only for the girl in the silver dress to finish her chanting. She points her staff at the creature, and a circle of light quickly forms around these three arms, binding them together and raising them upwards, well out of Damon's way. With the path clear he'd soon be able to toss out his string onto one of the creature's eyes while it struggles to free its arms. With all this help Kohaku wouldn't have a hard time making it up to the second floor, they end up in an area along the walkway between Haruka, Capri, and the girl in silver. All the walls are lined with bookshelves, as before, and there's a great number of bookworms scrambling in the chaos. A large group of them would be pouring down the shelves, possibly carrying her with them if Kohaku's not paying attention. Homulilly tries stabbing blades of shadows into the Witch's many mouths.... Only for them to get eaten as the creature closes its mouths cutting straight through the darkness. It doesn't seem to get any stronger from it, but it also doesn't seem to mind the taste. As for her bullets, the Witch grabs onto one of the books that Kohaku would have kicked away, swinging it to block one of the bullets, the others manage to strike the creature in two of its eyes, causing them to burst like a balloon, spraying black goo onto the lower group. Nostradomus actually manages to catch one of the books, though as they are all twice the size of a person it would be somewhat difficult to stop its descent, he slows it enough to allow three of the worms to finish catching it before moving back to the shelves. The Witch seems to calm a bit as they work to put her books back into place.... That is until four of them catch fire. The bookworms still try to catch and reorganize them, which only leads to the familiars, being also made of book, to catch fire as well before running around in a panic. Naturally this agitates the Witch, who begins moving its nine unoccupied arms as quickly as it can Four of them move to snatch the blazing books, two of which slam down towards Sonomi in an attempt to crush her while putting them out. One of the four moves to smash Homura, while the fourth is aimed at Kohaku. With one arm occupied blocking a bullet, that leaves four more, two of which would scratch at the rings of light binding three of their arms, while one of the last two swoops down to try grabbing Homulilly, and the other aims for Nostradomus simply for being near its books
When she arrives at the ledge, Kohaku sees the swarming worms and makes sure not to get near them. Upon seeing the arm slamming down at her, Kohaku waits for the last moment before dashing off to the side, avoiding the fist before she carries her momentum into a push with her feet, launching herself forward and onto the arm which she runs up towards the center of the Witch. The orbs in her hands become less transparent as she charges them. Upon reaching as close as she can get to the center without putting herself in danger, Kohaku unleashes her charged magic, aiming both hands down and firing them point blank at the same spot.
Sonomi gives a lax stare at the two arms that try to slam her into the ground to crush her. She is seeming to panic a bit, but it wasn’t at the level of the previous witch hunt. Her inexperience is showing a little. “Heh. Wow. That’s...nice.” The room is basically soundproof, so nobody can hear this. She shoots the ground with a green orb, and then shoots upwards with another green orb. Once the green orb hits the floor, she’s gone. “I’ll be catching up with everyone, ok?” She gave her telepathic message towards everyone as she advances upwards, ending up right next to the silver-haired girl. Even though her transition was actually trash, leading her to fall on the floor. She dusted her leggings off and greeted her with a simple smile.
*It's job done, Pri's shield would return to her side. Looking around the arena, Pri would start muttering nervously, not that anyone could hear her doing so at the moment anyway.* T-this is really bad. I hate fighting. B-But there must be something I can do to help. With M-Marigold, I can t-take more damage than m-most people here. Ah! That's too p-presumptuous. I shouldn't... Gah! *Pri clapped her hands against her cheeks. "Calm down, Pri. You can do this. Focus. First, let's see if this thing can see properly." Pri would grasp her shield by the edge and hurl it like a discus at the witch's head. Once it was close enough, it would stop and float for a few seconds before emitting a very bright light. The light itself would be harmless, only aiming to blind the witch or at least get it's attention away from the others. Pri closes her hands together in a praying motion and closes her eyes.* I-I'm sorry. I'd rather no-one have to fight. I d-don't know what sort of being you are, but all life should be s-sacred. And if you would try to hurt... to k-k-kill others without a thought, I c-cannot just... stand by and do nothing.
Damon's ball of thread splits into numerous strands of string once contact is made. The many strands proceed to attach from one side of the eye to the other creating an interlocking pattern meant to seal the eye shut. Yes bull's eye! Damon shouts this mostly to himself and proceeds to outright say. Lethargy! The strand take on a bluish hue intending to have a calming affect upon the witch they are attached to. Damon himself also becomes pretty lax after using it and slides down from his location as his grip loosens. He barely registers touching the ground again until Madoka's weight shifts with the change in position. I did a thing and a thing might happen guys. He yawns and mutters this through the telepathic chat.
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Haruka would remain calm despite the situation heating up. He'd simply point towards Nostradamus and give out another command. "Nostradamus. Wings of Empathy!" The Persona would grow a set of spectral white wings from its back, flapping them rapidly as a glowing white mist spread throughout the area. Those touched by it would feel refreshed as all their pain seemed to be numbed. If the mist touched anything burning it would also begin putting the fire out. The wings would seem to specifically be aimed towards the burning familiars in an attempt to save them.
Homulilly is slammed into by the arm, but her body's more a mess of shadows than anything one can grab onto so easily. The offending arm would find its victim's own shadowy limb twisting into a black twisted left claw that strikes with wild rage and aims to tear into the Witch. Her right arm would quickly toss the weapon where Homura's bullets had gone, flying and being propelled quickly by a burst of wind that rushes from Homura's extended hands, now empty as her gun has vanished.
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Sonomi would find the girl in the silver dress to be focusing, or rather she was focusing until someone dropped out of the sky next to her, she blinks for a moment, opening her mouth only to once again find herself rendered silent, before simply shaking her head and focusing back on the Witch. She almost looks to be praying as the girl closes her eyes and points her staff at the creature, with the only indicator of otherwise being the soft, silvery light that gathers at the end of it. Kohaku leaps onto the arm, and though the Witch initially tries to sweep her off, soon a bright burst of light would go off near its orb of eyes. In pain, the Witch raises her arms to cover her eyes, which incidentally blocks Homulilly's weapon, which cuts into its arms rather than the head as intended, but also puts Kohaku much closer to the Witch so she can fire her own magic into it, blasting out another of the creature's eye stalks. Haruko's mist spreads throughout the area, soon not only putting out the fire on the worms, but also the few books that were still alight. With its collection safe, the creature calms down significantly, and almost seems to drift to sleep as its eight remaining eyes slowly close...
"Sorry Akemi-senpai! I didn't mean for that to happen! It looks like it's eyes are it's weak point though!" Kohaku leaps off of the witch and lands on the walkway, charging two orbs in her hands. "Guess she only reacts when you endanger her books?"
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*It's job complete in blinding the witch, Pri's shield would stop glowing and return to it's masters side. She would watch as the witch would calm down, it's book collection no longer in danger, and furrows her brow.* I-It cares more about it's b-books then it's own s-s-safety. It's so strange. *She would back away from the edge of the walkway and look back at the girl in the silver dress and jumps slightly at the sudden appearance of Sonomi.* W-w-when did... *She shakes her head. "I need to keep calm. I can only provide support, so I'll stand by and see what the others do." She looks at the girl with the silver dress, hoping for a sign of how she could help.*
Homulilly laughs a bit, not that anyone can hear her. They would see shadows snaking off her weapon though, aiming to rush from the arms the metal bladed rod is stuck in, and stab into her eyes like an inky black spear which splits into several points aimed at each eye. Homura would reply to Kohaku. "It's fine, not like you did anything wrong really. You can only expect such issues when we haven't practiced working as a team at all. Perhaps we should try and work on that some day?" She sighs mentally, that's a constant issue really when you just grab people at random. She's gonna have to work at getting better with at least some people.
Sonomi shoots the ground once more with a green orb, looking around nonchalantly before noticing Pri, who she gives an innocent little wave and a chuckle before aiming her gun upwards once again. "I don't know where to go, so I'm just going up. Keep them busy, I guess? Though this was sent to everyone who could hear it, she actually meant to try and communicate with those who don't have the telepathy. That being the ones she had stumbled upon. She shot another green orb upwards, and was gone again. Anyone who'd go to where she was before would be going in the same direction she was going in the same manner. She'd boot up another telepathic message towards everyone else, noticeably confused as she always is. "So, are we supposed to calm it, or...do we just take out all the books...does it go either way?..."
Damon shakes his head to knock out the mental cobwebs imposed by lethargy, but he still feels groggy when standing up again. His ball of thread now returned to his hand after the temporary use. Damon then notices the state of the witch and feels a twinge of relief when he sees that she is okay. She seems pretty lost rather then truly malicious. Can we just sorta leave her alone? The monster seems fine as long as she has her books. He communicates this to everyone telepathically hoping for a better solution.
Haruka would wonder what to do next. He'd watch as the other attacked the witch but felt a bit odd about doing the same. The witch almost seemed to have ignored him this entire time, as if it didn't see him as threat and he was starting to wonder if it was really as evil as it seemed. "What is this things deal? What is it really after anyway?" Nostradamus would fade from its location and appear at Haruka's side again. For now he'd just watch idly as the situation progressed.
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Homulilly’s attack takes the otherwise sleepy witch by surprise, allowing her to pierce its remaining eyes, this of course wakes it back up, it quickly brings up its 9 open arms to tear away the shadows and keep itself from being permanently blinded. Back on ground level, Kyubey would casually lick his paw, having had nothing to do but watch until now, there’s an almost condescending tone in his voice as he answers Damon in his head Kyubey:”Don’t forget the reason we’re here is because it was going to eat people. Witches are creatures weaved from despair who survive off people’s misery. Nothing can change that. The only solution...” Up top the girl in the silver dress blinked, since there weren’t any apparent Magical Girls nearby, she wasn’t expecting to hear a voice in her head, she briefly replies to Sonomi Silver Dress: J... Just stay out of the way, I’ve got this. And sure enough the end of her staff starts glowing with a brilliant light as her final attack is readied, she points it at the center of the witch, rather than its head so as to avoid hitting anyone who might be on the other side, before firing a laser easily twice her size to pierce through the creature, and devastating the bookshelf on the other side Kyubey: “is to kill them.” The Witch lets out a shriek as it loses control over its barrier, sound is the first thing to return to normal as the walls, books, and worms all seem to start to melt around them. Soon the entire place would warp, before ceasing to be, leaving everyone in the library once more. Those on the second floor, Haruka, Kohaku, Capri, and Sonomi would find themselves in the attic, several old, dusty books stacked in the corners as if they hadn’t been read in ages. There’s a rectangular hole in the floor, it’s evenly cut so it was likely the intended way up, a conclusion that would be supported by the nearby folding ladder that’s currently embedded into the wall. Those on the first, Damon, Homura, Kyubey, Madoka, and the forever nameless victims would find themselves on the first floor. The victims would slowly snap out of their trances, with the Witch defeated, and while they’re all rather confused, and some unpleasant, they’d soon enough start heading out the front door. However, Madoka’s condition wouldn’t change, save that she seems to have given up trying to move altogether for the time. Kyubey carelessly scratches his ear, not even bothering to comment on the situation.
H-Huh? *Pri would be suprised everything shifting around her. She looks around in a panic but slowly comes to realize that they are back in what seems to be a normal place. She lets out a deep breath. Her shield reattaches itself to her right arm and shrinks in size. She would nervously scratch behind her ear.* I...erm... W-W-What just happened?
Sonomi's transition is the same as before, -which is still trash,- leading her to fall down on the floor again. She shakes her head and looks around at the new scenery, sighing a breath of relief before standing up. "So...uh, we won. That's nice?" She coughed a bit in the dusty attic, covering her mouth before going back downstairs. She scratched her head and walked around in a confused manner. "I'm glad that this was succcessful...I guess. Anything else we need to do, because I'm running a bit late for something."
Damon's black strands of hair twitch and rapidly unravel around Madoka as the scenery changes. These strands then retreat into the rest of his blueish follicles. All of this happens within seconds as the cat creature shoots down his suggestion. I see. Is all Damon says with a slight smile. His fingers twitch at his sides aching to do something, but there isn't anything to be done. Letting his dark blue thread slip into bag. Damon unceremoniously tosses his rainbow thread ball back into his bag. I thought this monster was girl but it seems like a thing all along.
Hm? Kohaku notices Madoka's lack of being untranced. Hey.. Akemi-senpai? Is.. uhh... S-.. Kaname-san alright? She doesn't look like she's coming back to us?
Homura watches the target die off with... No real feelings about it, she hates to agree with Kyubey, but here she is. "Kyubey is right, there isn't any way to deal with those things except ending them. Maybe they were people once, but now they're just threats." She'd then look over at Madoka with a grimace, dashing over and pulling the smaller girl into a bridal carry with a sigh as she responds to Kohaku. "Of course not, I already said there was another witch... Gonna have to find something else to fix it." She speaks up louder, voice ringing through the air as she looks around at everyone. "Any of you know anything about mucking with emotions? A witch's curse is basically overwhelming despair so, if you could do that could probably remove it? I hope? I dunno, I just know she needs help."
Haruka wouldn't even bother with the ladder. Part of him wanted to check the older books but it felt like there was no point, plus he was more intrested in whatever else might be going on down below. He'd jump down along with Nostradamus, the Persona seming to grab him to slow his fall. "That's another infection cured. Thou I don't think I did that much."
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Upstairs The Girl in the silver dress would fidget around nervously a bit, Boeing and apologizing to Capri Silver dress: “I.. I’m terribly sorry you saw that, I was trying to get you somewhere safe but nothing was coming out and....” She goes on muttering like this for a few moments until Homura gelling snaps her out of it and she actually answers Capri’s question Silver dress: “You kinda... Wandered into the home of a monster known as a Witch.. I... My name’s Risako, and as a Magical Girl it’s my job to deal with them... So you really shouldn’t have... But it’s fine, everyone’s fine... Or...” Looking back down after Homura’s voice, the girl starts to panic a little, though only those still upstairs would hear her Risako: There should have just been one, right? Senpai only told me about one.... I... Oh no... Soon Risako would end up getting the ladder out of the wall and sort of... Haphazardly replacing the trap door before going back down herself. Downstairs Kyubey would avoid mocking Homura, knowing this to be a generally poor idea, instead he simply moves to intercept Sonomi as she starts to head out Kyubey: “I left you a way to contact me as a bit of a going away present. You can take your time making your wish, but the sooner the better. At least you’ll probably want to make it within the next three months.”
I dunno much about despair but I can help with feelsy things. Damon places himself at Madoka's side and gets down on one knee. He quickly retrieves his ball of thread from his bag and unknots of the mess. After a few moments of searching he finally yanks out a golden thread that appears to glow in the light. The thread weaves itself on a piece of cloth over Madoka's heart with a portion of it touching her skin. She can have some of my hope if that helps. It's pretty fragile, but helps in a pinch~ As its master speaks the thread momentarily flashes an intense yellow and then it climbs back to the ball. It rejoins as a pale string and Damon is left with a barren sensation in his own heart. He slowly breathes out before turning back to everyone and giving a thumbs up. Did the best I could.
Sonomi is surprised by Kyubey appearing in front of her, but her eyes actually seemed to be blank. She let out a sigh, before kneeling down to pat his head. "Aw, thanks Kyubey, you didn't have to. Though, you heard me, I'll get to it." Afterwards, she got back up on her feet, looking towards the exit with a bit of glee and impatience. She put a smile on her face and skipped out. "I didn't do much...but I didn't cry either. I guess I did nicely this time..." Her muttering directed towards nobody in particular was a bit audible, but it wasn't like anyone could try and ask what she said she had finally gone through the exit door to who knows where.
Oh... erm... s-sorry about that. I...erm... I sorta t-thought it might have been d-d-dangerous. B-But I alos knew some other people were in t-there and... *Pri starts mumbling nervously, fiddling with her sleeve.* ...ma would....mad... did nothing. *Pri sighs deeply. She looks back up at Risako.* S-S-Sorry. I'm erm...Capricorn. B-But please. C-C-Call me Pri. *Pri would nervously reach for her hood before finally realzing it had fallen down earlier. Panicked, she throws it back up, covering her horns, and pulls the hood down beneath her eyes.* Geez this is embarrassing. *Pri would silently follow behind Risako. As she approaches the group, she would pull at her hood nervously but stay quiet, unsure of what to say to the others. She slowly moves towards the Library's exit in hopes to leave without causing a fuss.*
Homura would look down at the string, Damon's been nothing but helpful to this point and she doesn't have better choices. So despite not really liking strange magics poking about in the other girl's mind, she'd wait quietly as it takes effect... In a few moments, Madoka's eyes flutter open and she speaks up a bit while the black-haired girl smiles and offers Damon a thankful nod. M: "Eh, what... No, I know what happened, um thanks whoever you are!" She'd look around for a second, blushing as she notes she's held up. M: "A-ah, you can set me down now though Homura. I'm fine, really!" Akemi just chuckles a bit and does as asked, though one might note her holding onto the smaller young woman's right hand tightly. She looks over to the group with a calm smile. H: "Thank you Damon, and everyone really. Not so sure I could have done that myself... All's well that ends well though. And I'm glad that's over." M: "Ah, yes it is good that people seem fine at least. Sorry though, I just ended up being a problem for you all, you especially Homura..." H: "Don't be sorry, I'm just glad you're safe now. Anything else that needs to be said though? I wanna get home soon." She'd absently pull out her phone for a moment, looking at the time with a wince and leaning her head on Madoka's shoulder.
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having recently gotten back downstairs, Risako would continue apologizing to people for accidentally getting them involved, even though she had little to do with it, before she starts looking around the back room of the library, though she fails to find anything of value. Risako: "We did... Kill it right? Where'd the seed... They always drop one..." Elsewhere: Out in the city there's a white room. It has only the barest of furniture, a few small couches and a similarly small table, all shoved to the side for objects of greater interest. On one side of the room is a series of watercolor paintings, all portraits and mostly of cheerful-looking girls. There are five set proudly on display while many others are lying, discarded by the wall, all with Xes over their eyes. On the other side are a series of pictureframes, each with a fairly large photograph in it. The pictureframes depict fairly large monsters and move in real time, though none of them have anything of interest going on. Only one of the frames has ceased moving, one depicted a tower with twelve arms and twelve eyes, resting its eyes in the middle of a crowded library. Sitting on the couch drinking tea is a single girl, her short, white hair is cut to a little over her ears, so as not to get in the way as she eats some candy while waiting on something. White-hair:"Could have gone better, but I suppose beggers can't be choosers. At least you tried." a small, mouse-like creature pops up from around her collar, its largely black though it has some white markings on its face like a mask, empty of a mouth. It would nuzzle up closer to the girl, who giggles. White-hair: "Yes, I suppose you do deserve a reward don't you MihMeh? Even if your little distraction didn't work. Here, catch." The girl takes out three pieces of the candy she was eating, some chocolates wrapped in a colorful sugar coating, and tosses them into the air one at a time. "MihMeh" scrambles to the top of her head, leaning off and stretching their mouth to catch the chocolates as they fall, eating them together with a satisfying *crunch*. The girl giggles a bit as she talks to the room's only other occupant. White-hair: "Good girl, even though they didn't take the bait, Kyubey still got a decent chance to talk. All's well that ends well. Now, whatever happened to your sister?" The mouse-like creature remains still for a few seconds, before its head expands a bit once more, in a few more seconds it spits out a small, black gem adorned with a pen-shaped mark which the white-haired girl easily catches White-hair: "Annabelle this one, somewhat reclusive but I'm sure she'll be useful. Thank you for helping her." The girl keeps a grip on the black gem as she looks towards the five pictures still hanging in the back. In the center is a portrait of Sonomi, flanked on her left and right by ones of Sayaka and Risako respectively, as she watches one of the two portraits on the edge simply draws over itself, Xes appear over its eyes as the white-haired girl breaths out a sigh before she sets the black gem on her table and walks towards the wall White-hair: "Great, another one down? Now I'm going to have to rearrange them again."
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