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Very obscure video games you're a fan of
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Y'know when you're just playing a game you bought and thinking, "Huh, this is a really nice game." And then you tell all your friends about it and they have no idea what you're talking about? Those kinds of games. Obviously over the internet it's easy to find people that play those kinds of games but does anyone have any really obscure games that they really like? I'd like to know.
Any Sega game that isn’t Sonic definitely
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Any Sega game that isn’t Sonic definitely Ristar wants his existence back.
I'd say Fire Emblem but that stopped being obscure after awakening. I honestly really enjoyed Star Wars Galaxy at War (And Forces of Corruption expansion pack. Amazing RTS game)
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Endroll... I've always thought about playing Endroll, especially since I'm into RPG Maker games. Speaking of RPG Maker, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea is pretty good.
I’ve enjoyed the BoxBoy series so far. I’d say it’s still pretty obscure.
Lobotomy Corporation is pretty good. SCPish monster management game where the goal is to try to generate energy by interacting with abnormalities. Most people seem turned off by the art style but the game is pretty fun.
Would say Danganronpa but that's recently increasing in popularity (which is good and bad because I don't want it being ruined by trash fans) So Fossil Fighters! I've talked about it before, but Fossil Fighters is a really interesting RPG series that started on the DS. 3 on 3 dinosaur combat. THREE ON THREE DINOSAUR COMBAT. That alone makes it awesome, but the game play is very simple and easy to learn, while still being super fun. You even get to dig up the fossils so you can use them! The second game, Champions, was just as, if not more fun. Then the third game, Frontier, most likely killed the series as it hasn't had any games since, and I can see why as the game sucked. There were a couple of cool things, but it changed everything and not in a good way. Hopefully a revival comes out on switch.
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Is Journey obscure? I think Journey counts here. Even though it's short (like an hour long), it's such a good game with a good story which is told through the OST and the actions on screen instead of words. I play through it every now and again when life gets me down as a sort of meditation. Also, I remember liking Spectrobes on the DS when I was a kid but I haven't played it in forever. There also hasn't been a game released for the series in like forever either, which is a shame.
Gin, ever heard of the Wii game, Spectrobes Origins? Criminally underrated game but it's probably one of the best in the series, mostly because they had Disney's budget to go all out and make it a full on JRPG with cutscenes and voice acting.
Star Wars Galaxy at War (And Forces of Corruption expansion pack. Amazing RTS game) I agree with that statement but it's Empire at War, not Galaxy at War Galaxies is a ver different game Also, uh The Bouncer It's bad but I like it
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I've heard of Spectrobes before but I know literally nothing about it. There's a little trailer for the game in an old DS game I have. I don't know which one it was though. It looks kind of good though. Also, I've played through Danganronpa 1 and 2, basically Ace Attorney with bullets and killer bears lol. pretty fun times
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Anyone played Fluidity/Hydroventure? It's a pretty cool WiiWare game where you tilt the stage to control water with the Wii Remote. You can't really buy it anymore, but there's a 3DS sequel on the eShop. Quality game.
If you seriously think Danganronpa is obscure, I don't know what to tell you Almost nothing in this thread is actually obscure.
Not sure if this one's obscure but the Lost Child is pretty neat for anyone looking for bootleg smt. Basically, alternate reality smt where the main character is an occult detective with a gun that catches demons. It was PSvita originally I think but it also has a switch port.

I have heard of it. I've beaten it actually. Shame that was the last in the series. Games could do with a 3DS (unlikely) or Switch (Slightly less unlikely) reboot. Mostly so they can bring the four big bads again. Specifically the girl and the frog guy. Also, Lost Dimension was good. I remember the doctor guy was pretty broken because of his attack having the ability to inflict every status effect in the game to an enemy in one hit with one of his skills. It was fun. I never got a chance to play Last Story unfortunately. I always wanted too though.
a list of lesser known games i like off my steam library: - a story about my uncle (a cool parkour-esque puzzle/action game) - the silent age (point and click) - paint the town red (beat 'em up, very bloody) - haunt the house (a cute little puzzle game) - yuppie psycho (a really fun survival horror, one of my new favourite games)
Oh yeah half the fun of the Lost Dimension was all the ways you could break it. My favorite is Agito trivializing every boss fight by teleporting the whole squad next to him. In a game where nearby teammates get to do bonus attacks. Or the telepath letting the MC spam his extra turn move so it’s always your turn
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Does No More Heroes count as obscure?
i don't think so
Climax Fighters
I wouldn’t really call it obscure, but I never see Broken Age getting the love it deserves.
Oh, I've got a good one. So you know that one Capcom series called Ghouls n' Ghosts? Those hard-as-hell games where you die in two hits no matter what? Well in 2002 they released a spiritual successor to those games called "Maximo: Ghosts to Glory", a hack-and-slash 3d platformer for the PS2. It's actually hard as fuck just like it predecessor, as you lose most of your abilities every time you die, and it has a lives and continues system that gets more expensive each time. Despite being a decent game almost nobody knows about it. They even made a sequel to it that was more combat oriented that was even better.
There’s actually this cute obscure game my sister and I loved as a kid, it’s called Zack & Wiki and it’s by Capcom, honestly I have no idea how we got a hold of it in the first place but we loved it and it had such fun characters and designs and story elements and it really was trying to set itself up for a franchise but unfortunately it was just brought to the public at the wrong time, it’s a real shame since it was just such a fun and interesting game
I hardly see anyone else talking about this series but I love the Ace Combat games. A series by Bandai Namco that follows a series of wars in a fictional world. Superweapons, cool planes and surprisingly gripping narratives were what I uncovered in the first few games I played. I definitely recommend playing Ace Combat 7, which is on PS4, Xbox One and PC as it basically gives you a taste of what the other games in the series have to offer. Shout outs to Ace Combat 4, 5, and Zero specifically btw.
Definitely Solatorobo: Red the Hunter. Partly because furries, and partly because your bootleg forklift robot is surprisingly fun to fight with. A solid game, but haven’t completed my second run. There’s also One-Way Heroics, a kind of sidescroller turn-based RPG. It’s like the gameplay of PMD, but on a field that scrolls left every turn. Pretty cheap, pretty neat. Also, Yu got me into Lobotomy Corporation (and Kalib bought it for me) and it’s fun. Also Lost Dimension is a cool game too, was surprised to learn that more than one person here played it.

Deemo, cytus, and a whole lot of other rhythm games~ They are now on the switch so there is some popularity but most of the fanbase is in East Asia even though they have western composers. Stories are also good for these games and whether you like classical, anime, or rock there is usually a game that has appeal for someone. I specifically mention deemo and cyrus though cuz those games have been an always fav of mine and they have great stories.
dunno how obscure this is, but i know the creator isn't really the Chzo Mythos series by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw neat group of AGS point and clicks + a text parser with a horror lore that gets more intricate after the first two Trilby: Art of Theft, a side game with the main character of two of em, is also p cool, but shit's hard on keyboard after a few levels
a lot of the mogeko rpg maker games
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Anything to do with spider riders will make people go "what?" And there is a spider riders game I like a bit though I dont remeber what its called fully, battle for Arachna or something like that
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