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Sun Mall Magica
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A pair of girls wander through the mall, not an unusual event in most times. The fact that one of with black hair has her eyes darting all about the area warily might strike one as odd though, the pink haired girl with her just sighing and shaking her head at her counterpart's mood is perhaps more normal. Madoka: "Geez, you seem to be uh... Paranoid today Homura-chan." Homura: "Yeah yeah, nothing to worry about too much. It's just, stuff Madoka, sorry." Homura would flip her hair back a bit and absently begin leaning back against a wall, a cup of coffee held in her hands as the other girl just watches her with a concerned look on her face. For the moment, she'd simply lean against Madoka and sip at her drink every now and then. Various crowds pass by, storefronts are open, the fountain in the area's center is running, it's a typical morning in Japan all things considered. Though those outside the building might note the downpour of rain and the slightly strong winds blowing about. M: "Kinda surprised you wanted to get out today though, this weather isn't exactly the best." H: "Hmm, not really but I felt a bit restless at home. Wonder if anyone interesting will be around..."
A blue-haired girl of similar age would be walking the mall, kicking along a rock as she goes. They seem to be a little bit dressed up, with their hairpin and bowtie, yet the way they look at the ground makes them seem a little dejected
A young man with blonde hair and amber eyes would rush into the mall, trying to escape the downpour outside. He was breathing kind of heavily as he had been running to escape it. "Dammit...Just barely made it before the storm really started picking up. Guess being lucky isn't too bad sometimes. What's with this freakish weather? Maybe I should...No, using magic for something like that sounds like a pain. Also, guess I shouldn't say that so loud. Wouldn't want to freak out any future employers and this looks like a good place to go job hunting." The strange young man would continue walking through the mall, keeping an eye out for any places that might be hiring.
*Stepping into the mall, a nervous girl in a hooded cloak looks around sheepishly. She brushes some rain drops off the shield on her right arm as it begins to shrink in size.* I-I hope no-one minds I'm here... *Continuing inwards, the girl nervously darts her eyes around at everyone as she makes her way towards the nearest available seat in order to rest.*
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Madoka would glance around for a moment and look over towards the blue haired girl, a wide smile crossing her face as she waves to Sayaka and begins running towards her. For her part, Homura just very slowly follows along and fiddles with her dress a bit, clearly unused to wearing it. As she greets Sayaka, there'd just be a blank and somewhat tired look on her face. M: "Ah, Sayaka-chan! I haven't seen you around as much lately so, it's good to know you're doing alright! Um, you look kinda bad though, anything I can help with?" H: "Hello Miki-san, how have you been doing lately? We surely don't see each other much, though I don't mind talking to you actually." Homura's ears would perk up just a bit upon spotting the strange blonde man, something about... Work huh, she could actually use a bit of help around her place. The fact he was muttering about magic might worry some, to her, it might be helpful. She'd walk up to him, leaving Madoka with Sayaka. M: "Beyond that though, I hope you've been well lately Sayaka. You know you can always come to visit me right, and Homura-chan... She was actually a little worried for you, believe it or not." H: "Ah, excuse me sir? I couldn't help notice you saying something about being in need of work. My name is Homura Akemi, and I'm actually kind of looking for work. It isn't much of a job, I just need a bit of help running a cafe, but it is to be sure better than nothing right?"
[It had been too long. A young man in his early 20's makes his way into the mall, ruffling his own hair as he tries to get rid of the pestering rain drops that had gotten him wet. He checks his wrist; his COMP is still safe.] That was close. [He says to himself in a quiet voice. Wondering what had been going on with people, hoping that everything had remained peacefully, Kazuya makes his way to his favorite spot: The fountain in the middle of it all.] It has been a long time after all, you gotta wonder if I'll meet with anyone at all.
Gad would notice the young seeming girl talk to him. At first he was a bit thrown off by it but after hearing her offer, the gears in his mind seemed to begin turning. "A cafe job? Hey, that actually could work. No way casual work like that could be too lucky, right? Yeah, I think I might be interested in your offer." He hoped she didn't hear him mention magic earlier but he had to make sure. "By the way, you didn't hear me say anything odd earlier did you?" His eyes would begin glowing with a golden light but to anyone watching it would seem as though they've always been like that. He'd try to discern whether or not the girl would answer honestly or what her intention with her answer would be.
A young, rather pale-haired girl would dart into the mall, using a book bag to cover herself from the rain. She'd breathe a soft sigh a relief as she slumped over once she reached safety, taking a moment to look at her surroundings. She'd immediately note all the candy-colored hairs, not quite realizing the irony in that observation. "Wow, people are starting to look weirder by the day. Pretty sure I didn't somehow walk into Harajuku." She stepped a bit closer to the group before her, not so subtly eavesdropping on the conversation between the two young girls and the tall blondie.
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"Huh, Madoka?" Sayaka hadn't noticed them earlier, and would initially step back in surprise. The girl awkwardly scratches the back of her head with a chuckle "Woah, maybe slow down there a bit? Its nothing too bad. Just uh... Tried this online dating thing a bit... Didn't really go well. Got stood up on my very first try" The girl would manage a somewhat awkward smile, waving back to Homura as the black-haired girl goes to deal with someone else before drawing closer to Madoka, lowering her voice as though trying not to be heard "You serious? I honestly started to get the idea she didn't like me much.... Its been kinda awkward all around if you ask me"
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Homura giggles a bit at Gad, she sees no reason not to be blunt though. H: "Truth is I did, yeah. I don't mind though, you just said something about magic and meh, not the first person I've met who does that. Truth is, this town is a bit odd so even in a small little place like mine, it... Doesn't hurt to be used to the strange. Not that I expect to be dealing with monsters, but still, it's good to know you won't freak out on the off chance something did happen. Oh hang on, thought I saw someone I know." She'd then glance around for a moment... Spotting, someone listening on in her? Well that's odd but okay, she's not exactly saying anything she wants to hide. On the other hand, she'd see a familiar face to her and begin walking towards him with a small cheerful wave. Walking up next to the fountain and leaning back against it. "Hello, Kazuya-san, been a little while since I've seen you out and about huh? Heh, unfortunately, I can say that your training has paid off a little, I never really wanted to need it now that I well, sorta got out of that... 'magical girl' stuff, but life has other plans I guess. How've you been?" Madoka would laugh a bit upon seeing Sayaka's reaction, she can't help but blush a bit at being told to slow down. Right right. M: "Oh, yeah I um... Guess you aren't really used to Homura-chan and me huh? But she doesn't dislike you, mostly I think you did something that scared her a little a while back? Never really shared the details, but I got that impression. Really though, I think she'd like to try and be your friend. And even if she didn't, you know that I always am, right?" The girl would beam at Sayaka for a moment, before glancing towards Homura and giggling a bit upon spotting her talking to someone... Mostly looking happy, mostly.
*Capricorn pulls her hood down a little bit below her eyes and fiddle with the edge of the hood nervously and mumbles to herself* It seems that everyone already knows each other. I feel like just being her is me being intrusive. Hmm... *Capricorn sighs, letting go of her hood.*
[Kazuya is taken out of his trance as soon as he hears a familiar voice to him. Female, but also young, and he could swear he had hear it from two people at once at some point. He turns to face the girl and realizes who it was, Homura. He smiles.] Hey, it really has been a long time. [And so, he was expecting some thing to have changed, tho not so drastically.] It's fine if the training I was giving to people didn't really amount to anything important, the experience is there and so is the knowledge, which also means you can apply it to anything. Besides...I am of the opinion that fighting isn't the answer all the time... despite what tends to happen. [He laughs at his own comment and realization, that there is never a dull moment. He soon notices a girl with blue hair in the distance, young and about the same age as Homura. He had seen her a few other times, and even shared "adventures" across this mad reality, so it was easier to recongize her.] Hey Sayaka! Been a long time, Sword girl!
As Madoka isn't looking, she wouldn't see someone sneak up behind Sayaka, giving her a hug from behind, though Kazuya probably would see her coming. Hey guys! The girl looks.. somewhat? Familiar, with copperish skin, white fluffy hair that goes to the floor. She wears an armored outfit that looks to be made of some kind of bone and a large shield on her back. She smiles at everyone as she let's go and gives a lazy salute It's been forever! How ya doin?
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Gad would just observe for now. The golden light seemed to vanish from his eyes as if he was no longer putting any effort into maintaining it. "Seems like everyone here is acquainted already. Guess that's only natural being new to town and all. Also, wouldn't say I don't freak out when I see something strange but I know how to deal with oddities now. Guess that comes with the territory of not being so normal myself."

Sana saw Homura give her the strongest side-eye she'd ever seen in her life, causing her to reel back a bit. She then immediately noticed the sudden crowd of people, tilting her head and commenting not so quietly. "These girls know a lot of folks around here huh...? I guess sometimes the world really is that small!" She steps over to a nearby bench before laying down, pulling her phone out as she casually covered most of the bench like a moron. She looked over to a bench not so far from her, noticing another girl hiding in a hood. "It's not raining in here you know! You don't have to keep that up!"
"Did I? I can't really remember anything...." Sayaka pauses a bit in thought, but ultimately fails to come up with anything substantial, leading her to shrug her shoulders "Oh well, I'll just have to apologize to her sometime. Maybe I just didn't notice." With that, Sayaka grabs Madoka around the shoulder, pulling her in closer with a smile while they're looking at Homura "Of course, you should still have my number right? From back in Mitakihara? We could totally go out for karaoke some time. Or..." is about as far as she gets before getting hugged from behind in turn. She lets go of Madoka in her surprise, blinking as she tries to get a handle on things "Kotori? Is that you? You look like you've been through a lot." similarly, Sayaka waves back to Kazuya, though its a little hard with the other girl clinging to her back "Hey Kaz, lookin' cool as ever. Certainly has been a few. Still running that training place or whatever?"
Ah! *Capricorn would jump at Sana addressing her before stammering.* W-Well, I'm, erm, s-sorry. B-b-but I would, erm, I'd r-rather to...ah... k-k-keep it up... erm, if you don't mind... that is...ah ha ha... *Capricorn scratches at her shield as she laughs nervously.* S-So sorry to bother you though.
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Homura would sigh a bit upon hearing those words, she can't help but nod in agreement though. "Truth is Kazuya-san, I kinda wish that it hadn't amounted to anything. But I guess now that I've awakened to 'persona', trying to be normal is a fool's game huh? Good news though, it has been quieter at least now that I don't have to hunt to survive. I agree though generally, fighting isn't usually the best way, if I've gotta then I want to be ready though, for her sake if nothing else..." Madoka on her end, smiles a bit at both the new gi-... Wait she's seen that girl before, and of course Sayaka. She'd giggle a bit as Sayaka lets go of her and wave to Kotori casually. "I'd like that sometime Sayaka, I um, could make sure to come alone if you want too... I mean, I'd like if you two can get along but, we're friends too and it's not like I don't spend a lot of time with Homura anyways. And you do look very different Kotori, it looks good on you though!" Homura would sigh a bit and nod to Gad, she'd give him a friendly wave as acceptance of his explanation before moving back towards the other three girls. Madoka smiles over at Kazuya and bows politely for a moment given she's not even met him in passing before. H: "Hmm, I guess you do know Sayaka-chan too huh Kazuya-san? And hi again Kotori, how have you been as of late? I think it's been even longer since I've seen Kazuya-san that we've met, right?" M: "Right, Kazuya-san. Nice meeting you! I'm Madoka Kaname and um, I guess if you know Sayaka and Homura you must be alright! How do you know them anyway?" She tilts her head curiously for a moment as Homura just pointedly shrugs and decides to explain later, maybe.

Sana rolls over on the bench and offers a friendly smile to the other girl, extending a hand in greeting. "Mori! Sana Mori, nice to meet you! Don't worry about the hood, I have friends who like to do that sort of stuff all the time!" She let out a hearty laugh, but quickly had her attention ripped from her as she heard the word 'persona' from nearby, her eyes darting around to figure out where it came from. "Another one?! How many persona users live in this damn town?!" Sana didn't seem particularly hostile, nor did she even really seem like she'd pose a threat even if she was. She'd simply stand right up from the bench, her hands cupped around her ears hoping to catch some more info.
Yeah, but we changed places but so far I've had more than a few new students! I keep the lessons about the "demons" to myself though, I don't really want any other Devil Summoners running around this place, it's too risky...! [Kazuya laughs nervously, knowing that he has had some hand in introducing the demons, their nature and even the Demon Summoning Program which may or may have not caused some issues in the past. Regardless, he decided to wave back at Kotori, who he had seen not too many times but still knew. At least, he hoped it was the same person.] Hey Kotori, I hope you have been doing well~ [He says as he follows Homura, he might as well get closer since he already knew most of them. He politely bows to his new acquaintance.] Hello, my name is Kazuya Yasuo. Nice to meet you too. [After bowing, he goes back to his usual casual stance, tho playing a bit with the scarf around his neck] Well...you see, we met at work. I run a Dojo and before that I was on a particularly dangerous type of profession. Let's just say a group of remarkable people got together to do some pretty amazing things for the sake of others. [The word "Persona" makes him a bit uneasy still. It had also been a long, long time since his last battle.]
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Madoka would look over towards Sana with a wince, Homura despite the seeming lack of threat stands in front of her girlfriend as a black gleaming card takes shape in hands. Madoka's voice is small as she stands behind the black haired girl with a slight blush. Homura's is quiet, yet easily heard by Sana. M: "Umm, Homura you don't n-need to be so twitchy about me..." H: "Better safe than sorry. As for how many there are, I'm not sure but it's quite a few, miss. I'd be fine talking to you if you're done spying on me and shouting about things best kept quiet in such public places." She sighs as the black card vanishes and shakes her head, extending a hand towards Sana with a sheepish smile. H: "I'm just a bit on edge because of something that happened recently, sorry about that. If you'd like to talk, I'm fine with that. Homura Akemi by the way." Homura just nods along with Kazuya's words to Madoka, the pink haired girl shrugging a bit and nodding. She knows enough about Homura's... Skillset to take a guess why she'd know such a person. M: "Oh, well I hope she hasn't been any trouble for you Kazuya-san, Homura's pretty helpful generally though so I'm just joking!" The black haired girl blushes and reaches up to push her glasses... Before recalling she isn't wearing them right now. H: "G-geez, you don't have to put it like that Madoka... Well, it's fine though Quite the strange gathering here though, huh?"
Gad would respond to Kazuya's introduction with an introduction of his own. "I'm Gadello but I'd prefer if you just called me Gad. I'm-" For a moment he hesitated before letting out a slight sigh. He didn't really see much point in hiding it at this point. "I'm a wandering God of Fortune. Not that you'll probably believe me."
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H-Huh? *Capricorn looks at Sana in confusion for a second before shaking her hand.* O-Oh right! My n-name is Capricorn. P-please call me Pri though... if it's not to much of a problem of course. S-Sorry. *Pri withdraws her hand and starts fidgeting as she watches Sana's actions.* S-Sorry, but erm... what are you doing, miss Mori?
Kotori takes a place in the group of friends chatting. Now that she's standing up, everyone could see that she looks a bit older than she was, and at least a foot taller. She also, unfortunately, looks just as dumb. Thanks! It was weird at first, turns out becoming part dragon kinda changes a lot about you, but after I got used to it I liked it. A lot... She puts her hand to her face, reminiscing. I guess you could say that.. met dragons, got beat to near death by a dragon.... Gave me a baby. But I'm ok. I got some gifts from them too! Her cheerful face dips into one of worry. I kept having bad nightmares that what happened to Senpai would happen to the rest of my friends. So I came to see everyone. When Kazuya greets her, Kotori bows to him. Hello Sensei. I've been ok. The last two years have been... Busy. .... You guys look just the same as when I left though.
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"Oh come on, you know what they say the more the merrier. And besides, weren't you just asking me to...." Sayaka would cut off that sentence as Homura gets back with the group, she puts the question off for now, choosing to nod back to Kazuya instead "Yeah, glad to hear it. Oh, and if you ever need anything delivered make sure to hit me up alright? I'm still running my own little mail thing so I'll be sure to give a good price." Sayaka gives him a thumbs up before shifting nervously a little before trying to transition into some kind of conversation with Homura "So uh.. Akemi-san. You said you found something freaky recently? And like, not in the normal way kinda freaky? *muttering* as weird as that is to say" Sayaka would just blink for a moment as she looks back at Kotori, clearly surprised. She had a few questions but on review decided it probably wasn't good to ask about. Instead she just says. "Some dragons... Gave you a baby? Are we talking like, an actual baby, a dragon baby, some kinda egg thing...."
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Sana looked towards Homura, then Capricorn, her face a little red from embarassment. She'd rub the back of her neck, not quite making eye contact with either of them. "S-Sorry! I just get a little err... excited over this stuff! I've only gotten my persona recently, within the last half year, really, and I've been trying to find a way to figure out how it works!" She clapped her hands together, nod-nodding enthusiastically at Homura before turning to Capricorn and smiling widely. "Do you have one too? A persona I mean! Wait, maybe I shouldn't be asking that question, it might be a secret..."
Don't worry, Madoka. Homura has never caused any trouble, and she is in fact quite capable, I can attest to that without a single doubt- [Kazuya doesn't break his line of sight with the stranger, Gadello. Just hearing the word "God" makes him feel a bit on edge, however, he knows better and decides that it would be for the best to set aside his own personal stigmas until he really knew about this being. For that, he places his right hand on his hip, and his left is simply hanging to his side. He just knew his face went from "Casual" to "Serious" for a second or two.] Excuse me if I got taken aback, Gad. And I have no reason to distrust such a statement, you would be surprised at how many other deities and creatures of legends I've been able to meet through some... not so pleasent contexts. [He turns back to Kotori, slowly taking into consideration the amount of information she just gave to then, and her entire change in appearance. He decided to disregard the part about dragons and not question it, as he had seen tons of weird things back in his own world, and this one way too many to count. Perhaps, in her world, it would be rude to ask such a thing.] Yeah, things really seemed to have changed for you. I'm amazed how much you've grown too, then again...I already hit my own limit. But two years, I swear, last time I saw you must have been barely a year ago. [Kazuya would then give Sayaka a thumbs up as well. He offer was taken into consideration immediately. After all, who, in their right mind, would reject such a service without any good reason? He was not one to just say no to such offers.] Miss, can you please keep it down with the "Persona" talk? [He decides to tell the unknown girl that, he felt, was saying a bit too much... despite how well known some of his friends are, not to mention their powers.]
A... what? I-I'm so sorry miss Mori, but I... erm... I don't know what you mean. I mean, I have Galdrake... *Pri raises her arm, showing her shield a bit more.* But I, erm, I don't think this is the "Persona" thing you mean. S-Sorry to disappoint. *Pri glances over at Homura, raising her cloak above her mouth.* Oh...I...erm...Hi.
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Homura would look back to Sayaka with a sigh, this isn't exactly something she'd wanted to talk about in the least bit... But it might be good to mention it anyways. She leans into the girl's ear and begins whispering. H: "Long story short, I uh got dragged into a bit of a bit of a witch hunt. It was pretty standard fare though, what happened after it though, The In-... Kyubey asked some others for help, most were fine. One though, kinda said she wanted to murder one of the others when we got out. Didn't happen, but you can imagine why I'd be worried. If you want to know more, just call Madoka later, or drop by my place." Homura moves away from Sayaka and goes back towards to Madoka, leaning against the girl's left shoulder absently as the pinkette giggles a bit. Madoka shrugs with her other shoulder and grins at Sana. M: "I wouldn't worry about it a lot too much, I think everyone around here knows things aren't always what they seem, just don't shout it from the roof or anything! And I'm... Ah okay Kazuya-san, I'm glad to hear Homura's been a help and um if you think it's best to keep quiet that's fine!" H: "Thank you Kazuya-san, if you want to talk about it later Miss than I'd be willing as I said. But this is neither the time nor place for such a thing at all." Can't even fight her without worrying if it goes badly, for example. She won't voice such thoughts though, and as for Gad's intro. It draws a shocked gasp from Madoka. And a simple shrug and nod from Homura as she stays leaning against the pink haired girl. M: "A g-god Gad-san? That's amazing... Um, I'm just Madoka Kaname myself, an average school girl... Feels a little weird talking to so many more incredible people." H: "Don't sell yourself short Madoka, you're pretty amazing too even if you don't really get how. Anyways, I'm not entirely sure why a god of all people is looking for work Gad. But it doesn't change my offer or anything."
Kazuya's serious look would make him nervous for a moment until Kazuya had explained. He almost seemed to let out a nervous laugh in relief. "Yeah, other Gods I've met haven't always been the most friendly of individuals. Always all about gaining worshipers and exacting divine justice or something. Maybe it might make you feel better to know that I wasn't born a god or actively chose to be one. All that follower stuff and attention seeking honestly makes me a little uncomfortable. That's why I prefer to just be Gad, the random guy with really unbelievable luck." He'd acknowledge Homura's curiosity as well but wasn't quite sure how to answer. "It's not like I can just make money out of thin air and despite all that god stuff I'm still surpisingly mortal. I still need to eat and sleep like anyone else, just with the lucky to usually get what I need. That doesn't mean I want to be reliant on that luck though. Also, I'm not exactly sure what to do with myself right now so for now I just want to work casually without my luck interfering too much."
"seriously? I can't believe he'd..." Sayaka shakes her head and crosses her arms, no it isn't that ridiculous for Kyubey to do something like that. The creature had always been a little off "Nevermind, I'm just glad you're doing well at least. And um... Sorry for earlier." Sayaka would give Homura a grin as she scratches her head before finally taking note of the much larger group around them with a wave "Hey there, I'm Sayaka Miki, one of Madoka's friends. You guys seem nice enough, so just don't make trouble and we'll be cool alright?" She says that last bit with a sly grin and a wink making it clear she's loose on the 'trouble' part
[He would turn to see the hooded girl that seemed to be drowning in her own anxiety. He felt a bit bad for her, but mostly because he used to be the same way until a few bombs forced him to change.] Miss, you should try to breath and relax, no one in here is dangerous and deserving of someone else's fear. Not that I'm aware, anyways. [Then, turning his gaze towards Gad. He would let his guard down a bit more as the man explained. Of course, he has his reservations and wouldn't think it twice, but he seemed honest as honest gets.] Yes, gods have the tendency to display a worrying amoung of ego. But if you say it's okay, then we'll go with that. Guess we're lucky to have you. [He gives him a smile and a quick pat on his right arm.]
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Homura shrugs a bit at Sayaka's shock, nothing that damn thing does can shock her anymore but she isn't gonna let loose with her true thoughts to the blue-haired girl yet. And Madoka hears it more than enough. Instead, she just nods to Gad, his reasoning seems fine and if he's fine working for her then... Alright, he seems like an honest person and that luck might just make him good at the job regardless of anything else. Madoka seems to be blushing a bit confused by Homura's words to her but just nods to it. H: "Yeah Kazuya-san, I don't exactly know of anyone here who's done anything to be worried about either. And that's fine Gad, I doubt that it'll do much more than keep you from spilling things or breaking dishes in such a simple line of work. Most likely. And don't worry about it too much Sayaka that was a while back anyway." M: "T-thanks Homura... And anyway, I'm glad to hear you aren't running around uh trying to get worshippers or anything Gad-san. I'm surprised you've seen gods before Kazuya-san... It all sounds a little crazy to me, but I've seen crazy stuff too I guess now so it's not entirely impossible to imagine."
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"Well if everything's fine I trust you wouldn't mind coming out with Madoka and I for some Karaoke later, right?" Sayaka would nudge Madoka's arm, like she's looking for backup on the matter "Figured its as good a way as any to get everyone together to hang out right? Long as you're not too busy of course." Sayaka would nod to Kazuya before looking back at Kotori with a wink "That'd include you two too of course. Unless you're getting too old for that Kaz."
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Madoka would nod to Sayaka's words, it sounds like a good time to her at least. M: "Yeah, come on Homura it'll be fun! And besides, you have said you wanted to hang out with people more!" Homura's eyes look blank for a moment, she can't really argue with Madoka's statement. And really, keeping her mind off of what happened might be fine for a bit... Gotta get stronger soon though. H: "Alright, that does seem nice I guess. Well, I'm a horrible singer if I'm being honest but sure I can amuse you all by failing." She'd reach into a... Pocket? Yeah, she's sewn pockets into a dress. Soon after, she'd hold a slip of paper in her hands and give it to Gad. H: "Directions to my place, speaking of which I should head over there tonight. Gotta make sure it's ready to open and all. I think I'll head out." She'd begin walking off, waving to the group with a smile on her face. Madoka would quickly offer goodbyes to everyone and follow soon after. As the two leave everyone's presence, Madoka would look to Homura with a question. M: "So, what exactly happened Homura... You haven't been too forthcoming on it." H: "I... Listen alright, gimme some time to gather my thoughts Madoka. It wasn't a pleasant day to be sure, let's get home and I'll say more." M: "I'm holding you to that Homura Akemi, and don't try to avoid it either, you clearly need to talk." The pair walks home in quiet for the most part, hands held and smiles on their faces despite that.
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