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Making Pancakes for Akechi
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Today we will be making the perfect pancake for our boi. How this game will work is that we will write a recipe to make the perfect pancake. It can be as ridiculous as you want it but we all have to go along with whatever is going on. Example: Person 1) Stir while screaming “We are the phantom thieves” Person 2) Take a drink of water because your throat hurts from screaming
throw out the pan and make cake. just cake. no pan.
Let’s instead make waffles for Akechi. They’re much better.
poison it
Give him lasaga
Thank you for the kind wishes Morgana, i appreciate it. My sole interest is uncovering the truth and these pancakes will help me. Also i shall ignore the words of someone called like that, person with Jojo profile pic. i shall speak to you only if you are detective_prince. They know what i mean.
Ugh, so secretive.
They reminded me of someone i haven't talked with in a long while. I kinda wish to know if they're doing fine.....
im going to shit on your pancake
Now now, King Crimson.
why can't we just buy pancakes from a restaurant
because there not as good
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because there not as good I hate to be that guy but it’s “they’re” There: refers to a place Their: possession They’re: They are
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And the final step is for you to go in the end go out and buy some pancakes from a cafe. Cause they’re much better than this mess.
Or we can use the soles I have obtained over the years to make it spicy.
Give me the pancakes and no one gets hurt
Also use some hot chocolate....Got nothing else
Give me the pancakes and no one gets hurt Calm down Pankechi
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