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What do you think about the new OP?
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I can't wait to listen to the full song! What about you guys? Do you prefer this one or the original one?
It Looks heckin awesome!
I love it. Once the full version comes out I'm going to make a cover of it.
i love the new op. its great! though im not sure if i prefer this or the original lol
Did we need a new OP? Also can someone send me a link or somin for it.
The New OP is so effin good!
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I literally have it linked on my profile ♥️
I just can’t wait till we get the opening animation with it
It's real good, but for some reason I feel like this would have better suit the anime? It's just that I like the upbeat and empowering vibe from the first opening as a sort of contrast to the dark themes present in game. Still, Persona 5 songs continue to impress! Can't wait for full ver!!
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