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What is the most powerful Persona?
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Personally, I think it's Black Jack as he can say the n word.
The greatest Persona is obviously Izanagi, but don’t take my word for it let him tell you how it is
Messiah, because Jesus.
Alice; gotta love high insta kills
Duh, of course Haraedo-No-Okami is best Persona. Using Dragon Hustle is just the best feeling :)
I think Izanagi-no-Okami is the powerful persona
Stat wise Izanagi-no-Okami is one if the most overpowered Personas in recent games. Easily overpowering Setanael and Messiah in terms of power and having access to skills of every element. However, if you go back to Persona 2, Atlus decided to have a little fun and made that games variant of Lucifer super hard to unlock putting it behind a optional boss that was harder than any other fight (Aside from maybe Philemon) and required a lot of grinding to even summon. Lucifer in that game had a 99 in every stat, acess to some of the most broken skills in the game, and nulled or reflected almost every element, only taking a fraction of the damage from anything they didn't null/reflect.
But I think my Personas r powerful they r: P3 Zues P4 Link P5 Deen
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>Persona 3 >Zeus Mind if I introduce you to a certain persona I call "Messiah"?
Well there my Personas for each game if I was in P3, 4, and 5
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