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What will be FemC's Persona in Royal?
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No idea just looking for peoples ideas
fujiko mine duh
Yeah Persona 5 the Royal is just a sequal Block
Based on what the character says, they are not a FeMC for the main story. If this is a side story, then maybe. Most likely, they will be a Marie like character.
Based on what the character says, they could still be a FeMC trying not to tell everyone she's a Phantom Thief despite Ryuji screaming it everywhere

Here is a problem with that. Any of the characters that are phantom thieves normally say they support the thieves but say they aren't thieves. The character says they don't support the thieves.

obviously she's just knockoff au tatsuya
Idk it might be a new character for the sequal of P5
Idk it might be a new character for the sequal of P5the sequel for p5 would be persona 6, archan. persona 5 the royal is clearly something to do with p5, but it's definitely not a sequel.
Yeah it is probably a game like Golden
Idk there r people on YouTube saying that P5 the Royal is a P5 sequal
We won't know till the other trailers come out
I can kinda see that happening
P5 epilogue where you have to take down the final true villain of the game... jokermod...
what exactly is persona 5 the royal?
We have to wait for Atlus to tell us what it is

My hope that it is a P3FES like game. It is definitely not a sequel.
The theory's people disagrees with u Mono or should I say Monokuma
any idea that persona 5 coming to switch?
the source to the phansite twitter where they show it: https://twitter.com/ThePhanSite/status/1113251486375522304?s=20
i cannot wait for the possible future of this franchise i thought at first this game was dumb but when i played it on ps4 i absolutely fell in love with it.
A sequel should not even be taken into consideration. I feel like it's too soon compared to how long it took for P5.
Gin u don't know who Mono actually is right
what are you even saying
Mono is half of the name Monokuma
(edited by Archer4534)
that was the one thing i did understand what do you mean gin doesn't know mono?
Why are you trying to decipher what Archer is saying?
I mean is Joker in smash even CANON to the Persona universe or is this just a copy of Joker. Like I mean if Joker getting the letter took place during Persona 5 that wouldn't make sense because they would have mentioned a letter for Joker right? That is where my theory comes in *AHEM* so my theory is that Joker coming into smash probably takes place after the events of Persona 5 I know what you guys are going to tell me "But didn't the metaverse disappear?" Yes, it did so I think Persona 5 The Royale is sorta like an epilogue like Persona 3's *The Answer* but like so much better. So, in my opinion, I think in P5R the metaverse returns with the rebellion of this new female. I mean like this could be a femc like we know that this girl is an alternate skin in Smash Ultimate for Joker. I don't know but, in my opinion P5R will explain why the Metaverse returns and why Joker is in smash and Probably survives the World of Light Massacre with Kirby and Piranha Plant. If you read this whole thing THANK YOU I really appreciate it. Have a nice day.
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