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Ok say you were a true phantom thief
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What would your code name be What would be your persona and Lastly who would be your thieve counterparts
I wouldn't have a code name because I don't fear people knowing my name, my Persona would be Apollo of the Sun Arcana. And I don't quite understand the last question.
Pretty old question, but I think I used Genesis as mine in the old threads. And I think Anansi, is not existing persona? It's like a spider in lore.
i don't need a code name, i'm just gonna kill shadows and take stuff from the palaces to get money
I think it's time for me to admit the truth... ...my true inner self... ...would be a tree. I admit it, I'm a tree hugger who fights shadows in the metaverse to change people's cognition so they'll recycle.
My codename would be Rat and my persona would be King Frost.
Codename would be Canis and persona would be Nebiros
My codename would be Leto and my persona would be Principality
My codename would be skelly and my persona would be sans.
Code name: Angel Persona: Raziel the angel of mystery

...Bread, only bread
My codename would be Leto and my persona would be Principalityjared leto's joker, you mean
My codename will be Archer and my Persona will be Deen or Nathan Drake

Codename: Nelo/Phantom Persona: Probably a larger hell hound I would probably be the traitor of a thief group, honestly.
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