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Question for new members
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Noticed a lot of new people so I was curious if anyone would mind sharing where they found out about the site. Just seems like a lot of new faces all at once.
I remember finding out about it in a YouTube video (Is 1 month still new......?)
I just remember playing the game and thinking, "hey I bet some fan went and made this a real thing." So I looked it up and boom, here I am. Same as Pipuu tho, is one month still "new"?
Honestly, I didn't know this site existed until I just randomly found it while surfing the net a couple years ago. Glad I did.
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i just looked up "phansite" and bazinga
I saw it a long time ago, but just the part with the poll and where you click yes/no to the question. I didn't really explore it further and forgot about it until suddenly, while playing P5, I remembered about it and went back to the poll section, saw there was a forum, and bam, now I'm here.
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