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FE: Three Houses Discussion
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So, we got new info from the Nintendo Direct about the Fire Emblem title coming to the Switch. I haven't seen much talk online about the new mechanics, but here are some things I do want to talk about. The avatar Looks like avatar customization got tossed out the window for the most part. You either select the boy or girl avatar, name them, possibly select their stats, and start the game. Though, I did see on Behind the Voice Actors that the male canon name is Byleth, which makes me wonder if the female avatar has the same canon name or different, and what their canon name is in the Japanese version. Voice acting & cutscenes HELL YEAH! They're finally gonna have full voice acting in a Fire Emblem game instead of grunts and victory remarks! I also noticed that there were some anime cutscenes in the segment talking about the game. Will they be in the actual game? We shall see! Oh, and remember the sleeping girl from the E3 trailer? Well, her name's Sothis, and she's voiced by none other than Cassandra Lee Morris (who we all know as Morgana in the English version of P5). Cue the "go to sleep" jokes New mechanics There’s a new training mode for units based around school life, and I think it’s interesting how the game has your avatar as their instructor. I also think custom units are gonna be a thing in this title, but we’ll see how that plays out. The support system got a makeover, though I don’t think child units will be a thing in this title. I also noticed that the “Gambit Boost” mechanic is kinda like Persona 3 & 4’s All-Out Attack, and that makes me happy. House system/leaders First, we got Edelgard (the white-haired girl from the E3 trailer). It looks like she'll be the "canon" love interest for the male avatar and probably the most popular choice for house selection. Next, there's Dimitri. He could be the "canon" love interest for the female avatar, but we'll see how fans take to him. The only thing I can say about him is that he looks like Garroth Ro’meave from Aphmau’s “MyStreet” series (lol). Finally, we got Claude. I can already tell that he’s gonna be the least popular House leader. To me, he’s the equivalent to Spark from Pokémon Go (Team Instinct leader). But I’m willing to give him a chance: if people online say he’s a really good unit, then I’ll consider picking his route. Overall, I’m getting Pokémon Go/Harry Potter vibes from the House selection system. Not sure if it’ll affect the avatar’s alignment tendencies in any way, but if there’s a way to get a neutral route, I’ll take it!
So, what do you guys think? Day one pick-up or solid pass?
It looks interesting, but I would say to wait a little while. While Echoes was good, NOA botched up the dialogue for Fates and literally removed dialogue from it. I'm afraid they might do the same to this. Just keep an eye on anything involving its translation before you get it.
honestly, I've been waiting to play a more... Serious? Fire Emblem game for a while. Like, nothing against Awakening its just that it and Fates kinda took the thing from Medieval fantasy to more.. Generic Anime stuff, and I'm interested in seeing it take a few steps back. Plus if they take on a more mission-based system, it offers an opportunity for multiple endings based on which house you support which is always interesting if done well, but considering the whole "Fates" Fiasco, while I plan to buy it ASAP, I'll keep an eye on the thing so I can complain later
i mean, you're a teacher it's not like you'll be completely aligning with any one house it more like you grow closer to the houses as you move along, it's not like harry potter where it's just like "i'm with them now, fuck the rest of you" i'm gonna wait a bit more for new info
From what we've got so far, it sounds like we're primarily aligning with one house, as in only using recruits from there and focusing more on their territory. And considering how these games go there's a decent chance it'll get totally split by war towards the end. That's just kinda what war games are
Jee, A Fire Emblem game with a war? I have never heard that before in my life.
People keep saying they get Harry Potter vibes, but I keep thinking about Final Fantasy: Type 0. I mean it's an academy where peopel can learn magic. Capes are a part of the uniform. The new unit (shown) uses fists just like Eight. (I always used him so I should remember his name). The world involved has multiple differant kingdoms. Actually, about that. I garuntee that the three rulers of the houses are or will be best friends by the end of the game. That's a textbook thing that you can see coming a mile away. I can also see some Valkyria Chronicles 2 aspects like the leveling/class change system they have going on. Also the Archer in Edlegard's group looks like Magari from that game, but maybe that's just me. I also feel that after fates, everyone will be playable at some point of the game regardless of the house you pick to teach at the begining. Another thing about the protaganist. I didn't see him as a unit. I'm pretty sure they showed RObin and Corrin off when they were announced as Avatar units, but no Byleth. Makes me wonder if their going back to the Elibe sort of Avatar where they were just there as the tactition, though obviously a bit more important than Mark. Also, he's a mercenary under a troupe lead by a grizzled veteran father at the start of the game and that is PoR Ike. That is literally PoR Ike. I'd keep going, but I don't have a Switch to play the game so any opnions I have don't really mean much in the grand scheme of things. Too poor. Woe is me. Maybe when Prime 4 comes out. Final Fantasy type 0 was filtered in classes not in houses though, that is why they compare it to Harry potter. Also design wise from the character I think it had more from that then Type-0. (Eight is a good boy, but I mostly used Seven and Nine) I myself to be honest don't like the character designs or names much for these, I think the only one so far I find looked alright was Claude. Also I do hope they don't make these choices another Fates fiasco. But mostly what is up with those names, I had to laugh as I heard Faerghus. And It's just like they took some pretty old german and medival names and though "Sure why not". It just sounds kinda eh. So overall I am pretty sceptical of the game as a whole.

So, I just thought of something that I couldn't be bothered to make a new thread for. Do you think there will be child units in Three House? I hope to god there isn't cause that would be really weird cause, even though I'm assuming they'd be closer to University/ Colledge student age than High School student age, you play as their teacher and I'd rather not think that it would be a thing. Then again, Awakening and Fates relationship stuff was really popular so it could be a thing despite the setting not really being good for it.
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From what I could tell, child units most likely won't be a thing in 3 Houses. I don't see how they'll fit into the overall story.

They had them in Fates when it didn't fit into the overall story. That's no excuse.
I dunno what this "Fates" thing you're carryin' on about is, but it worked pretty alright in Awakening thanks to that time travel mess, so as long as they keep it cool I'm sure it'll work out just ifne
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They had them in Fates when it didn't fit into the overall story. That's no excuse. There’s hope that the team at IS learned from the Fates fiasco, but we’ll have to wait until E3 (or when the reviews come out) to get confirmation on this.
Tbh the main problem with Fates was that they tried to do way too much in way too little time, it had about the same development time as Awakening, but was trying to make something three times as big, so it’s kinda natural that they ended up way behind. Unfortunately it kinda looks like 3 Houses is doing the same thing with the routes, but we’ll have to see. If nothing else odds are one of them will have decent map design

But hey, at least we pay one time for the full experience instead of buying it three times.

As I said before, I got a feeling that some if not all of the characters will eventaully be playable no matter the choice of route, especially the house leaders. As long as we don't have any random hidden ghost kingdom or something or FUCKING ANANKOS we should be fine. Nor "Radiant Dawn" or "Rekka No Ken" fine, but still fine.
It’s not Fire Emblem if you don’t fight a huge-ass dragon
That’s quite true

Well, Sacred Stones but that isn't the best games. I'd also count Radiant Dawn since it isn't the final boss but on the other hand Dheginsea is harder in most runs of that game, so whatever. GOLDOA WILL NOT MOVE
i've never played a FEmblem game before, and i'm hoping this will be good one to start with, because it's going to be the one i start with since it's easily accessible to me.
Well, Sacred Stones but that isn't the best games. I'd also count Radiant Dawn since it isn't the final boss but on the other hand Dheginsea is harder in most runs of that game, so whatever. GOLDOA WILL NOT MOVETwo words dude, Draco. Zombie. It doesn't have to be the final boss, but there's always a dragon somewhere
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