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Yer boi is a big fan of horoscopes and wants to know a little more about the sites users so here we go https://strawpoll.com/xh1h6ds1 Survey with your sign and you can also post about it in this thread, talk about if you feel your sign is accurate or if its total bogus, personally I know it's all made up, but it sometimes hits the bulls eye and it's really hard to tell at times.
Aries, I think it's pretty accurate since I am actually a God of War irl.
Capricorn, which I feel is accurate, considering I feel about as useful to society as a goat fish would.
At least a goat fish could feed some people and maybe make goat milk cheese
I have yet to claim a single boyfriend Well, "flirty" doesn't imply success.
Well, "flirty" doesn't imply success. Fair point
Capricorn here as well, baaaa.
Thread Creator

Why the hecc am I always the lone Aquarius
Pisces doesn't fit me. Sad.
uh, i'm both leo and virgo, i can't answer this poll it isn't inclusive and i shall report this as cyberbullying
Elm, there's a difference between a Virgo and a Virgin. You're the latter, not the former.
well, i'm both and a leo
aries but im no where near a leader or whatever so eh
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