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Events on the Phansite
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Hey, does anyone have any details on any recent events in the Phansite going back to May 2017? It's for personal reasons.
i joined on june 8, 2018 a very important date to the phansite
We used to have a wikia that had events down on it, but it stopped a while back. The wikia was wiped. Nothing is on it anymore.
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What exactly do you mean by events? Like events started by Mishima or one of the mods or just by the users? Also, what counts as an event? There's been a lot more RP events on this site than general events so I feel a distinction might help. Most of what PK listed for example is more RP than anything else.
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RP events, specifically

I'd love to help, but my memory isnt that good, and the WayBack Machine won't allow me to visit the wikia in the past.
There was also that one time when Haru was asking someone out, and then someone said to strap a bomb onto herself, and if they didn't accept her, then she'd blow up. And then she blew up and the site went down.

All I remember when there were people who posted ARG like codes. I used to help solve them.
There was the New Years event for the end of 2017. It was basically like a contest to see who could participate in the most RP thread before the end of the year. There were also nominations for which characters did what best. I could also list the RP events I hosted or at least tried to. Nyxmas was one I was heavily involved with setting up even if things didn't go entirely as planned. Back in the older days of site there was also the sins plot (as much as people don't want to remember it anymore.) It lasted a good while though and a lot of people were involved. I specifically was the sin of Pride Hubris in that and while the plot itself never had a proper conclusion I did end up doing my part for it (Although quite late.)
i joined on june 8, 2018i'm fucking dumb, i joined on the 5th
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https://imgur.com/zxikXSw ;)
i mean, there was that civil war thing that notigor caused that also caused actual drama that was a fun time
The Haru bombing is missing, as well as Baskers chat, Ramengod I remember clearly because I fought in this, as well as Narcissius. I kinda miss the old sin battles. As we had the wiki it was much easier to keep track of everything that happened.
Narcissus battle reminds of the old Persona awakening service I used to do. Those were fun times, lot less people willing to play along with that now though.
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OH MY GOD ITS 2019 also mario site was great #BringMariositeBack2k19
Hmm, I wonder how the phansite was back then
Ah let’s see what I can drag up Mario site was a war between the Mario convertees and the Phansite faithful in which Faggor held the line in Anon chat against the tide of Waluigi hentai while Aristotle Anti-memes and I, as well as a few others fought through the forums with copious amounts of chalk and heelies. As far as plots go I also had the Morning Star arc about a year and a couple of months ago which was basically ripped straight from Shadowverse complete with the “dreams of everything you wanted.” Trope, and a few more not worth mentioning since they never went anywhere due to a lack of interest Then I was also Envy in the sins plot, which due to a variety of circumstances ended up being more of a growing up thing with Envy as the little kid of the Sins family. As far as the PAW thing goes I’ve had several characters I would be interested in ‘em for, but you’re alway busy so I figured there was no point in asking. ‘Course, one of ‘em has a magic crystal greatsword now and the other never got past the “yuri with a vampire” stage so I’d say it’s kinda shut now
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Can you give me details on the sins plot? Also, if it wasn't pertinent already, this is to help with the timeline of events on the Secret Phansite Wiki: https://secretphansite.wikia.com/wiki/The_Secret_Phansite_Wiki
I wasn’t here for all of it, but here’s the tldr Naked Mitsuru and Narcissus were not originally Sins, but we’re retconned into Lust and Vanity respectively, I wasn’t there for those but I’m sure plenty of people could give the deets there. Third and when it really kicked off was Ramengod, who wanted to MC everyone into eating nothing but Ramen, and was beaten in a Palace style dungeon arranged by Liam, who you can ask for more details. He was Gluttony Fourth was kinda a mess, but Wrath and Envy kinda triggered st the same time and since that was too much Envy basically just became a jealous kid who was kinda an energy vampire and wanted a lot of stuff, he got his own body and was named “Kuudere”, now a friend. That one was me so I guess I can DM you if you want more Ira, the sin of Wrath, kinda laid low for a while while Hubris, done by Yu, started off with a thing where he’d give them fractions of his power to become perfect like him. Everything that started could be its own post, so I’ll leave it there. Sooner or later Ira came up for first a challenge dungeon, then to actually fight players himself, he nulled magic and it was a Shadows of the Colossus type thing, the user for it, Kazuya, left a while back but I’m sure someone can give more info. A little before that came Aergina, the sin of sloth. She was mostly a sleepy loli. We don’t talk about it much. After Ira came Mammon, Sin I’d Greed. I missed most of that but I’m sure someone could give actual info there. He was the firstborn of the sins and as such all belonged to him, including all abilities. It was organized by user Delta-M, who left With that out of the way next came the final confrontation with Pride, who was initially untouchable but I already said who worked on it if you want more details. Somewhere in the mess was an exposition dump about Succoth Bennoth, who made the Nexus or something and the Sins yo control it, but not much came from it so we don’t really talk about it much
We don't do that here.
Damn Succ me off Ben a Duck

damn, this brings back memories. Those really were wild ass times.

should we talk about the minor rp's we did too? if so I did some touhou inspired shit as well as a haunted mansion/ die'n retry type thread.
I think the whole “Akechi-kun killed PK at the GYM” arc is worth mentioning on the wiki. Though, I don’t think it went anywhere past Tatsuya and Kalib organizing a party to figure out how to save PK and catch the perp– that is, if you don’t count my now-retconned involvement at a time when the plot was going nowhere fast.
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