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today is an important phansite anniversary
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on this day 1 year ago the infamous cornwiggle (TogoSystem) was banned.......... he will not be missed but he has shaped the lore of this site forever
All I remember from Togo is that he was an asshole to me sometimes.
He was not good at all.
Yare yare daze
Man, you just had to remind me of that didn't you. There's a whole lotta reasons I usually don't think about it. Anyways yes he was a petty dick, good riddance to that one.
Call me ignorant but what exactly did they do?
This... this does put a smile on my face.
Call me ignorant but what exactly did they do?all you need to know is that they were a huge prick who caused a lot of arguments.
i wasn't here but i've heard some stuff
with the stuff that I read, it seems like almost everything that they said was just trying to get on someone's nerves. I really disliked him when I was reading the old threads
We also lost KQ on that day, who leaked all of TS personal info on anon chat wait, he did? Also, speaking of KQ, he had a strange..thing..? with me
KQ? I think you mean Togo's husbando
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