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Where are the Big Chungus meme RP'ers at?
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So, the meme's like what, a month old, and I haven't seen anyone on here make a Big Chungus (or any of its variations) RP account yet. If no one wants to make a Big Chungus alt, then I might do it. I'm just saying!
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I'm okay with that. It's a meme, after all. Plus, I'm trying to lighten up after submitting a recent assignment.
What the fuck kind of thread is this Can you not make the phansite anymore cancerous please and thank you?
Just buy The Anarchist Cookbook and make some stuff from there. It's pretty cheap and very effective.
That post was cringey and bad gae
This post was made by M16 gang
This post is deleted
But... it’s still here...... oh no.
no, it's deleted.
Why am I like this?
It’s beautiful
poetry in motion, but unmoving
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You did good, Sarin. You did good.
no, he didn't. he knows what he's done
Did God leave again Yes when did god ever return? ye i bumped it for my comment, sue me
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