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Ideas for Persona 6????????????
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Joker becomes a skeleton who hates their life, makes jokes and likes ketchup
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Didn't it already come out earlier this month? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/489986549270839296/531181690224246799/DwGtZ4jVYAAYQ2n.png
What about little chungus
little chungus died in the first game, don't you remember?
oh shit i totally forgot but you might wanna put a spoiler tag, that's a pretty big plot point in the first game
Eh, its totally like, 8 years old, pretty much common knowledge. Kinda like how you can't spoil Final Fantasy 7 anymore
pls don't spoil it, i've never played it and i want to i've also never heard anything about it
Cloud's hair is actually the final boss of Final Fantasy 7.
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im the final boss of Final Fantasy 7
you play as sans
The protagonist can take an art course at Kosei High School like Yusuke. And getting into a different reality can be done like this: You need to draw a certain door (with special symbols or something like this), after passing into which the group finds itself in a certain lobby (As in P4). Throughout the game, the protagonist team will confront another group of persona-users, who will steal known paintings using a parallel world. Although with these opponents real rates will not be felt, so later a group of opponents may begin to kill people they dislike for any crimes against real art (for example, Madarame). It would also be nice to play as female. Not for the ubiquitous femenism, but simply because why not. Of course, this is not the best idea, I don’t deny it. It's just my fantasies about what may be the 6th part and that's it. I hope my english isn't extremely terrible.
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