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The shrine with a parasite. [maybe part 1.]
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It was a simple job, really. Go into this weird Shinto shrine. Check it out, and if there's trouble...exterminate it. Who gave this job to one whose reputation would make you believe who couldn't do anything without someone judging him, but the person...or thing. Was just two yellow eyes, that was all, the eye's said that if they take care of this problem, it would [or could] fix alllll of those problems. And with all the things he's done, he accepted the second it said those words. So after a solid day of planning and a real small but of researching. Reperzell The Snakipede was going to start his small adventure. And now, he was at the beginning of finding the shrine: In a very large forest at the night. With fog covering the ground floor, and big tree's blinding the sky. But the question is...What will the snakipede find?/
An explosion could be heard in the distance, followed by a tree collapsing to the ground and a short burst of smoke trailing up into the sky before seemingly dispersing. At the site of the explosion would be a boy wearing an oddly eccentric outfit, almost like a performer's. He'd be picking up all the wooden debris and leaves from the tree that had fallen and would be putting them all away in an oddly spacious bag before strapping the bag to his back. That tree seemed to have a decent amount of materials. I'll be sure to synthesize something interesting out of all of this. Maybe I'll even have some materials left over in case I get a job.
a tall, dark stranger wanders through the forest, though what his business is none can say, he towers above most mortal men, even though his posture is quite abysmal, the man lets out a yawn and steps across the path "Yeah, its another one of those days isn't it? Oh well, nothing wrong with it yet. That's a relief."
A beautiful woman wearing ragged clothes wandered through the forest. It had come closer to night and as usual there were no places she could truly sleep. At least, no places that welcomed her, and so she heard about this abandoned shrine that she planned to use as her new base for a time. Of course, upon arrival she would notice the others surrounding it as she cursed under her breath. "Dammit Taylor. You said this place was abandoned." she grumbled to herself before looking around more closely. Why the hell would there be anyone this far out here anyways. The shrine really didn't look like a homely abode.
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For now. The giant 7'3 snake centipede hybrid was currently in the forest. He was told that it was somewhere in said forest. Course that's all The snake was told, so it just kind dashed around in the tree trunks. Jumping from branch from branch. Hoping the high ground could possibly help him look for it. But for no use...until that explosion happened. The snakipede's head twists around to hear and see the explosion. This leads the snakipede to find it, and with god-like speed, he found it. Hiding in one of the taller tree's. And just watching it. Course this wasn't his concern. So he just shurgged it off and just dashed away. Like the snakipede. The dark stranger just found tree's and fog...course then was the explosion. Wonder what he does. The ragged clothed women course found the shrine...but it wasn't any ordinary shrine. It was many shrines, connected to each other, making a square. All of them except one was layered on concrete...But it had a gate, so lets see what she does.
The man didn't really seem to notice the explosion, whether he's too far away or just too sleepy, instead he continues wandering into the shrine, leaning against one of its well-worn walls with a yawn. As Velvet had mentioned, the shrine wasn't particularly well-kept anymore, almost as though people had been avoiding it for a while now.
Alt would look around for a moment. He remembered he had come out to the forest to collect wood but think about it, he hadn't really explored the rest of the forest in detail. Who knew what rare materials might be hiding further in. He'd begin walking towards where the trees seemed to be more spaced out, in the opposite direction of where he entered the forest from. This direction would eventually lead him to the shrine's location as well. Strange forest, makes me feel a bit like I'm being watched. Probably why everyone else just avoids this place. More materials for me to collect anyway.
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Btw. im goin to wait for Alt. Nicola. And Velvet. And now Niko. to speak before I do. So i can say it all in one piece.
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Niko walks through the forest aimlessly. Was he looking for adventure? No. Was he just bored? Yes, completely.
Velvet would walk up to the shrine, ignoring anyone else around. She came here to find a place to sleep and if at all possible she would do exactly that. She walked into the first shrine and if nothing popped out to try to kill her then she would find a place in a corner and sit in it, closing her eyes and hoping that nothing would be stupid enough to wake her up.
A young man in strange spider themed armor wanders out from the fog, a lost look on his... Mask, the mask actually shifts to show his emotions to an extent for some reason. "Aw geez, what the heck am I even doing here? And for that matter, why exactly am I hearing bombs go off like crazy... Spider-sense isn't saying anything about that yet though, so I can't be sure what the deal is." He'd come upon the shrine fairly quickly, puzzled by its presence and disrepair. As if no one has used it in quite some time by his guess. All in all, it's a freaking dump to make even New York subways seem nice. "Great, just great. A weird shrine filled with fog, what is this the Silent Hill version of a freaking Shinto place of worship or something? I'm leaving if any damn representations of my inner trauma appear ya hear me world."
Also,I'm fairly sure Nicola actually had to sleep OOC. I'm on Discord with him and it's pretty late where he is.
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