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Phanganronpa 2: Fatal Frame
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[THIS THREAD IS A CONTINUATION OF THE PHANGANRONPA THREADS] --- [Only half of the member of the Killing Game were still alive. One new person had joined, but will they be reliable? Only time will tell.] "It is now 8 AM! A new area has been opened on the 2nd floor! I feel like this is obvious, but the previous motive is now moot, and killing the Transfer Student will no longer be an easy way out."
Geoff would see the map, and rush to the second floor to check out the cinema.
goddamnit start labeling your fucking threads with chapters
[Jin headed to the Cinema that had been opened.]
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[Geoff and Jin found that the cinema had around 20 seats, a big black screen, and a single control pannel on a wall, with a keyboard and keyhole in it.]
Shoji also made his way to the cinema and saw Jin and Geoff there
Well howdy folks. I see I'm not the only person who thought ta check this place out. *Jack enters the Cinema shortly behind Shoji and tips his hat to the people inside.* Think they have Kamoshidaman on this cinema? Heard it was comin out soon and It looked real interestin.
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[After Jack had mentionned Kamoshidaman, Monokuma appeared, enraged.] "None of that! I hate that guy!"
Really? Man, that sucks. I was lookin forward to seein that movie as well.
omgomg iTS MY TWO FAV THINGS COMBINED- ( can i ever join-?)
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OOC: No. --- "Well too bad, cuz I hate that guy!"
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Well that sounds a little bias of ya.
*Alam walks to the cinema* I see... A cinema, how interesting. Knowing the others, they will check it out quick, unfortunately. Who know what they will put up on the screen. Whatever it is, it will be despair inducing for sure..
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Geoff would walk over to the control panel and try to flick it on. "Screw off, murderer." he would say to Jack
Gazette wakes up and heads to her Ultimate lab, to inspect it as best she can
Well, I see your a bundle a sunshine, son. Anywho, what movies does this place has if not Kamoshidaman?
I am sorry to intrude in this conversation Sir Geoff and Salaud Jack. I do not recommend to watch any movies here. Knowing Monokuma, they would be snuff films. Perhaps, even past cases were recorded.
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[Geoff saw a list pop up on the black screen as he touched the panel, and, while most of the list was greyed out, he saw that 4 options were available: The three trials that had happened, and something called "Ultimate Despair Video". --- Gazette found that her lab contained a large globe in its center, with multiple desks that each had typewriters on them around the globe, and shelves full of books and files lined up the walls.]

"three of them are the executions from the look of it yeah." Geoff would call back to the others. "One's called like.....The Ultimate Despair Video...? Though. Sounds kinda nifty."
Gazette walked to her shelve to see if any of the books had any thing Good on it
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[Gazette saw that the books were mostly mystery novels and speculation about the identity of Jack the Ripper and other such individuals.]
Hmph! Gazette took a book off and moved to her globe Does the room have a lock?
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Shoji looks over at Geoff "Yeah ... don't play that. Just the name of that video makes it clear that it's not anything good"
[Jin decided to push Geoff and Shoji out of the way and play the Ultimate Despair whatever.]
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[A text box popped up on the screen saying "Insert your Key".]
[Wondering what the hell that meant, Jin put the key to his room in one of the keyholes on the thing.]
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[As he did, the screen turned to black, and Jin himself showed up on the screen. He said:] "If I want to be in this killing game? Damn fuckin' right I want to! And I'll send all of them down into the deepest fuckin' despair!" [He then disappeared from the screen, and the list came back on, with a new option now available, titled "Jin Masato - Appliance".]

“What the hell was that about?” Shoji glares at Jin “You mind telling us what that video meant?”
[Jin just... Blanked for a moment, before answering.] "I don't fuckin' know!"
Oh my god. Jin is the mastermind. Now I think about it a mechanic could create talking bots and death machines. *Jack smirks.* Heh. As if it'd be that easy. Still, interestin thing this is. I assume that "Appliance" thing is the video title yeah?

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. It can’t be as simple as it seems. There has to be more to this” Shoji takes out his own room key and inserts it into the machine
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[Just like when Jin did it, Shoji appeared on the screen, saying:] "Normal video games have gotten so boring for me. I wanna play a game that’s a bit more interesting. A game where I can spread as much despair as I want." [He then disappeared from the screen, and, again, the list came back on, with Shoji's own appliance added to the list.]
"... Shit..."
Yeah, that's about what I expected. So let me guess. If I do the same... *Jack would insert his key next*
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[Jack, like Jin and Shoji, appeared, saying:] "Normal gamblin is such a chore nowadays. A killin game with my life as an ante sounds right up my ally." [Like the others, he disappeared, and his appliance was added to the list.]
*Jack takes his key out of the machine* Huh. I expected somethin along the lines of "Blah blah blah card game analogy. Blah blah blah Despair". Guess I've gotta bit more class than that.

“So I’m assuming we all have a video like this and none of us remember recording them. Could these just be fake videos?”
Hmm. Possibly. Though I didn't hear much discrepancies in my own tone a speech. It's possible we were made to say this and our minds were wiped before we got here. Either that or we actually willin'ly joined this mess.
I see, I do not recommend putting your keys in there again, sirs. These videos must be faked for sure. However, I am curious how these were recorded.. Were they made by Monokuma?
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"We might be able to learn something about who did this if we can get everyone to put in their keys though." Geoff would say, before putting his key in as well, incredibly interested.
You can't sir, you do not want to do that. You may see scaring scenes unravel.
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[Geoff appeared on the screen, saying:] "Nothing is interesting anymore. But I think I can make something interesting. I want to see how far I can push people without breaking them. I want to see just how far people can go...And I want to be the one to nudge them just past that point, so I can watch as they spiral down and down until there's nothing left of them at all, and then...I want to feel what it's like to crush that hollow shell of what was once a human under my boot." [He disappeared, and his appliance was added to the list.]

".....what the fuck..." Geoff would let out, after staring at the screen for a good few moments.
....I see.... Sir Geoff, do not believe those lies. As I said earlier, they are fake. If you are still shaken, I will make some tea for you to calm you down. *Alma stares into the screen* I see malice in this...
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"...Yeah....That'd be nice thanks." Geoff would say
*Jack smirks mischeivously.* Hey Alma. As the owner of your life, here's my first order. Show us your video. Put your key in the box.
..As you wish, Salaud Jack. *Alma puts her key in to the box*
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[As Alma put her key in the box, a person appeared on the screen. However, it wasn't Alma. It was a young man with bleached hair and red eyes. He said:] "This is the mastermind speaking. Congratulations! You have made it to Chapter 4! That is truly an achievement worth complimenting. As a reward, I will now tell you what the next motive will be. Each of you still alive will be given the key belonging to one of your dead comrades, and you will be able to show its according video to anyone you desire except for one person- If that person sees the video, you will die. Happy killing!" [He disappeared, and a new video was added to the list- Titled "New Motive".]
...So, Salaud Jack, are you proud?
I don't regret my descion if that's what ya askin.
You do not care? How..interesting. I do hope you all don't watch what are in those keys. However, Salaud Jack, you do not care, yes? You are going to it anyways, that I know.
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"... What the shit?! They didn't give me a key!"
It is for the best, sir.
"Tch... Whatever, I'm gonna work on my... Thing... In my lab. Don't disturb me." [Jin left for his lab, visibly pissed.]
Unlucky for you, Jin. And your right Alma. I will watch this video. Just... not right now. *Jack would slip the key under his hat* Maybe later.
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..Why was he angry, Salaud Jack? I do not understand.
I'll never understand that Gorilla, Alma. I think he just wanted to have one up on someone but didn't get it. So he's mad the mastermind cheated him. That's what I think anyway. Welp. Ill see ya around. Later, Alm. *With a wave, Jack would leave the cinema.*
Ah, I see now, I guess I understand. *Alma looks at the key she was given* I must hide this..
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Shoji looks at the key he was given and puts it in his pocket before leaving the cinema behind Jack
This..is horrible. I should... *Alma goes back towards to her room.*
...Goodbye. *Alma was guided to the word "Goodbye"* I'm so sorry, Anne, how horrible. *Alma stands up* No information, just how she wants this "Victor" dead. And she broke my tea cup in anger as well... I have to clean this up.
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"So, if we play the video we get. It gets archived right?" Geoff would call out to monokuma. "So basically don't watch the video unless you want to die right?"
All done, it was risky, but no cuts. *Alma threw away the last of the pieces of the fallen tea cup.* Hmm... What now? *Alma looks at her map.* The "Ultimate Terrorist Lab"? Ah.. I see, it must be locked then. He had past away sometime ago.
I suppose so, I guess that you all are lucky for this lab being closed..for now. An explosion would knock this door off easily. Especially the other closed doors, they are still tough to open, but with enough force they can be broken into...I think. Of course, Monokuma will kill you on the spot if you try to break in. *Alma placed her hand on the door.*
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Dunno why your tellin me this. I ain't gonna try an kill anyone again. It would be way to obvious. *Jack shrugs.* That bein said, ain't there a breaker room on this floor? Wonder if ya could shut down the security system by pullin that.
Ah, that, you could.. It would be a way to open them i guess. However, Monokuma will be angry for sure, Salaud Jack.
If he's mad, he can only blame himself for leaving the door to the breaker room exposed. If anything, I think he expected us to figure that use out so quickly.
You are right, but it could also be used for...murder. I think that is the reason why it would be not locked.
So you're sayin that that sandy haired wierdo behind the bear didn't even think about the fact his security could be taken down? Wonder if that's cause his security system is attached to a different server.
Maybe so, I sadly do not know for sure. I will go check out the workshop fully, I will tell you all of i find something of interest. *Alma walks to the workshop.*
Aight then. Later. *Jack would head for the Cinema. Assuming no-one was there, he'd move towards the Despair Video player and pull Nobidy's key out from out of his hat.* So. What secrets this video gonna reveal about you, mute?
Gazette looks at her key and sighs (can't imagine why anyone would want to someone to see this...it's pretty dumb...regardless with this i could...) Gazette made her way to the dorms, looking for Hana's room
Wood, tools, and more wood. There is not much of interest here... I have not seen miss...glasses today, perhaps I should ask for her name as well. *Alma walks out of the boring workshop* Where would she be..?
Ah...How about the dorms? She might be around there... *Alma goes to the first floor, seeing Gazette near Hana's door.* Hello, miss, did you have a good night's sleep last night?
Gazette turns to the girl, the bags that once covered her face seem to have just vanished from. With a warm smile she waves at her Good morning Alma, how are you today? I was give this key not too long ago and i wanted to see if it could actually open Hana's room. Also, I'm doing a lot better, i actually slept in my dorm yesterday.
Thank goodness for that, I am glad that you are doing better. So you have a key as well, huh? I do too, but I will not do anything with it. Perhaps it will unlock miss Hana's room. After all, it must be the same key, yes?
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Well i prefer not to watch her video, what ever that is, but i am glad i got her key. I was actually planning on trying to get into her room for a while now. Gazette leaned against the door but i can wait a little, especially to chat with you. Oh yeah... Gazette reaches her arm out to her for a shake I'm Gazette Luizen, Ultimate Reporter. Nice to formally meet you
Ah... My name is Alma Faust, or at least that is what he called me. I am pleased to meet you, miss Gazette. *Alma tries to shake hands, but it was terrible.*
Gazette was able to recover the handshake by using her other hand to fully enclose Alma's hand, shaking it with both A pleasure to met you...formally Gazette giggles So whats your talent? I was kinda wondering it for a while now
My..talent.. People will say it is foolish and useless, but I am a paranormal investigator. I speak with the dead frequently, sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad. A spirit named Anne broke my tea cup in anger today.
Gazette smiled brightly at her Oh, you're talent is similar to mine. I didn't expect that. And... Gazette raised a brow at her Anne? So a ghost is actually following you around? Is there a way for me to see?
Well, I just met her today, I don't think she follows much. And it is quite uncommon to see spirits. Sometimes you see them, sometime you just do not. Though I just get a feeling when a spirit is around. To tell you the truth, I think there might be one on this floor..
hmm...now that you mention it, sometimes when I'm pulling an all nighter in Classroom i thought i could hear ghost talk to each other... i know i heard something a while ago i...can't put my finger on who...but Gazette looks at her again Aren't scared of the ghosts?
No, I am not, the thing that gets me the most is when they say where they died. After that, if I go in there I get a rush of emotion in what was the spirit's last feelings were. I have seen many die in this place..I think. I am not sure if they all take in this place or not..
What you're saying is, that in this place, others died beyond the 6 that were already killed? Or are you saying that maybe...their spirits still linger here?
Somewhere, Leo is looking for the bodies, for legitimate reasons.
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Both are correct, they still linger, however... I feel like the six here are more lively to say the least. I hear them clear as day, sometimes I think I see something in the corner of my eye. I know it is stupid, but the people who were executed are more lively than ever. Well, also miss Setsuna as well, but It is like they are spectating you all, like how I did.
Gazette ears twitched as she grabbed Alma shoulders and looked her dead in the eye You...you spoke to Setsuna? What did she say? How is she? Why...did...why did she do that?
I barely heard what she said, something how it is a game. And also the plant that killed her was is named Petey. She did not teach them not to kill their master. Seems like she took her death well in the end..
Gazette nodded and turned away from Alma to hide the single tear flowing down her face I'm...glad then. Anyway...you don't have a room Alma? Is your room back at your lab?
My room is my lab, however I cannot sleep well in there. Because that is where Anne died. Two nights ago, I suddenly got a burst of emotion and decided I want out of my room, but I stopped when I saw Salaud Jack dragging sir Olly's body.. I have decided to investigate my room after that.
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Gazette nodded and took her hand again If you want...you can sleep in my dorms. I'm use to staying up long nights trying to wrap my head around this place. Besides.. She smiled You need a good nights rest too, after all you did tell me to get one as well Gazette snickers at her
I see... Very well then, I will accept your offer. You care about everyone it seems, but I wonder.. Why do you trust me so much?
Gazette giggles Well...compared to the others...you seem to have no intention of killing any of us. Besides your obvious cuteness you look trustworthy as well. And....i do try to care for the others in fact... She tapped on the door Its why i wanted to go in here to begin with. I seen that Mitsuko been down ever since Hana's death so i wanted to get something here to get her closure. Hana had no intention of winning the trial right? So i think it plans to reason that she could've left something there for her
I see... I hope you able to open this door. I am sure that Hana would be happy about that. **Alma starts to tear up* Oh..it seems that... Hana is happy after all. I feel.. sorrowful happiness. She might be nearby..
Gazette puts a hand on her face and wipes the tear away Yeah, well i guess someone needs to start caring for these people. The living and the dead. And... She looks at her into her eyes That includes you too Alma, alright? I...i want to leave this place without anymore murders happening and I'll be dammed if i let you die. (Communicating with the dead? I can only imagine the questions Elm will have for me...
No matter what, I'm still a fault. I could have tried to stop the mastermind in the past. But I did not, I was afraid, I wanted to die, I have seen many's last moments with my own eyes. I acted as an assistant in some cases. Usually the executions..
Gazette straighten out her back and brought Alma to her chest in a hug Stop. Stop talking like that. This is not your fault and it never will be! Gazette started to tear up It wasn't Elm's fault, it wasn't Setsuna's fault, it wasn't Hana's fault, it wasn't Leo's fault, it wasn't any of their faults! Its all that teddy bear's fault. Gazette grit her teeth It was Monokuma's fault. Your afraid? Then fight back! Stop saying you want to end things before even trying to do something! I won't let you die, how about that, hmm?
Why are you nice to me? I do not understand this. I just do not understand this. Someone will abuse your kindness if this continues, but... I see hope in your eyes, a bright one. I may not understand, but you have good intentions. Just being nice to me after I said all of that is confusing to me, miss.
Gazette smiles softly and sighs Murder...death....it...never gets easy watching another body drop. There's no way to prepare yourself to do it...but...i guess despite everything i've been through i...want to leave this place with everyone... Gazette rests her head on hers i'm just sick of all of it...but...but someone has to be positive. Between The murder Jack, Geoff's crazy behavior, Mitsuko meltdown, Jin's terrible personality, and the absent minded Shoji...well someone needs to do something. Someone needs to find a way out for everyone, and i don't, with the exception of Shoji, that any of them can. This is not a game. Its a joke, and i hate to keep playing it. And...i...i want to see the outside again...Alma...do you have anyone waiting for you outside of here?
I do not remember anything, other than being with the mastermind. I do not remember if I had a family or not. I do not remember anything about my past. I just exist with no memories.
.......... Gazette squeezed her tighter well then it's decided! If you can't remember your memories once we leave here, you're coming to live with me! And I'm sure i can help you regain your lost thoughts! What do you say, is that reason enough to keep fighting?
Alright then, miss. I will try to come with you after all of this. So strange and yet so nice. Alright, I guess I will try to live. I will keep in touch. And if your friends tell me something, I will tell it to you, okay miss?
Yay! Gazette pecked her forehead and let her go Also, thank you. There is a lot of things i don't know about them...mainly about Jack...oh! And don't worry about Jack, once this is all over the wager will be canceled if we leave. Gazette giggles More reason to get out of here with everyone else. In the meantime, i can show you my dorm where you'll be sleeping
[A new, orange Kub appeared on the Cinema's screen and in everyone's room, with a childish voice echoing through the school.] "Hiya! I'm Monogaki! It's 10 PM, dummies, so the Cafeteria, Gym, Storage Room, Pool and Cinema are gonna be closed! You can't sleep if it's outside of a bed! G'night, stupids!" [Monogaki disappeared.]
It is time, to be honest I am rather exhausted. This day was quite long, yes?
Gazette nodded in agreement Yeah, well I spent most of it in my lab so... Gazette took her hand Shall I lead you to my dorm? You did say you were exhausted, after all.

Geoff would go to his room, annoyed.
What? But I was about to. *Jack sighs, putting the key back under his hat and returning to his room.* Damn you bear.
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[Monokuma appeared on screens and his voice yada yada yada.] "It is now 8 AM! Wake up and get to killin'!"
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Good morning miss Gazette, I went to my room to make tea for us. I hope you do not mind. Last night, the spirits were rather quiet.

After hearing the announcement Shoji immediately leaves his room and heads to the cinema “I know it’s a risk but ... I can’t help but wonder what’s in Leo’s video” Shoji goes up to the machine that took the other keys and put Leo’s key in it
Gazette nodded and yawned See? It is better to sleep with me. In m-my room of course! Anyway...thank you for the tea. Gazette took a cup What kind did you make?
It is Apple Chai green tea, miss. My personal favorite, I just love the taste of it. It helps me relax when times are rough.
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[Leo appeared on the Cinema's screen, saying:] "A killing game... Yes! I would absolutely love that! There'd be so much despair... So much inspiration! I'm already thinking of a dozen possible scenarios!" [He then disappeared, and his appliance was added to the list.]
*Jack would head into the cinema a minute after Leo's video ends.* Well, here's a suprise. Didn't think ya'd be willin to playa long with the motive, Sho.

“I just felt like I had to see what was on that video, I assume you’re here to do the same” Shoji looks all around the cinema “It doesn’t look like anyone else is here, so I should be safe for now”
Gazette nods her head and takes a sip Hey..if it's fine with you...you want to go for a walk? I mainly want to see your lab and...i can shown you mine too!
Hmm..alright then, I shall show you. Be aware, there will be spooky items.
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Spooky items? I'll be fine as long as your there. Gazette looks at her Lead the way.
[Jin went back and forth from his room and his lab with crates of various sizes.]
Alright then, I shall lead thy way. We do have maps so we will not get lost. Third floor it is, yes. *Alma goes near the elevator* Shall we?
Gazette giggled and took her hand With pleasure
Ah, okay, miss. *Alma escorts Gazette to Alma's lab* There is something i do not understand. I hope I would not offend you miss, but you are very touchy. I am not used to that.
o-oh sorry.... Gazette kept holding her hand You want me to stop then? O-only if you want to stop that is....
Yes, I am sorry, miss. I don not like physical contact, please forgive me.
Who me? Nah. I'm here to watch Kamoshidaman.
Gazette nodded, slightly dishearten but lets go nonetheless Its fine....a-anyway what do you have around your lab?

“I’m gonna Ignore that comment and be direct with you. Who’s key do you have?”
Nobidy's. I can tell by the list you have Leo's. Why'd ya ask?

“I’m just curious, since you’re clearly here to watch his video I figured I might as well know what we’re about to see”
Heh. Very well. Since you ain;t the person who's gonna die if ya watch this, I suppose I won't mind the company. *Jack would put Nobidy's Key into the Despair machine and wait for the video to start*
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[As Jack put in the key, a man they had never seen appeared on the screen, saying:] "Of course, I'll participate. There would be no point in this killing game if I were not in it, would there?" [The video ended, and Nobidy's name was added to the list.]
Well, KII EMF meter, SB7 Ghost Box, USB Digital Recorder, Non Contact Thermometer, a passive infrared motion sensor, candles, Ouija board, a small notebook of prayers for the board, and a small piece of silver. There could be more stuff around here that I do not know about.
Well that was... boring
Gazette whistled Sounds expensive. You know how to work all of those? Gazette looked at her rather impressed
To tell you the truth, I only used few of them. Like the Ouija board, the candles, and the notebook. I did not pay attention to the other items. Mostly because I did not need them.
Well I'm still impressed. Can i ask you something then? How did you make the tea? Was it in your room and can you show me your room too?

“Yeah, there really wasn’t much to that vid. Nobidy didn’t even say as much as the others did for some reason”
I made the tea in my room, I cannot stand the cafeteria because I see nonexistent blood. Just blood and guts. I just panic, I avoid that place for a reason. I know no blood or guys are actually there, but I just see it.
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..... i can see why. Then... Gazette thought to herself You can't stay in your room because....of death? Does that mean....well anyway...you want to see my lab now?
Ah, yes, sure miss. I have no idea what the other labs are like, well except for the occasional lurking.
I guess we'll never know anythin bout 'em. Shame that. Ah well. Can't be helped I guess. *Jack shrugs.* With these videos up, we've put ourselves on the firin line, ya know? The worng person watchin it ends out lives.
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Gazette nodded, almost reached out to her but turns away instead Anyway, it's not too far off so.... Gazette leads her to the elevator and descends down to the 2nd floor

“I considered that before watching the video, I’m fully aware of what can happen to me now”
You and I are both the same in that respect. *Jack puts his hands in his jacket pocket.* Well, unless people start binge watchin these things, I doubt that's an issue. Though I wonder. If someone dies from watching their video, would that make the watcher the murderer?

“I would assume so, wouldn’t really be much of a motive for a game like this if someone just died and that was the end of it”
I figured. Then, allow me to offer ya an ultimatum. If I tell you who the person who must not watch my video is, will you do the same? It'll save time during trials if this happens to be the quote on quote murder weapon.

“Alright then, let me hear who can’t see your video, then I’ll tell you. It’s not like it’ll do much good to either of us to keep it a secret from each other”
I'll write it down for ya. Keep it safe and keep it hidden. *Jack would pat his pockets and pull out a pen and a scrap of torn paper* Eh. This'll have ta do. *Jack writes down a name and gives it to Shoji.*

“Hmmm, I see” Shoji takes the pen and writes down a name on the other side of the paper before showing it to Jack “Here you go”
I grant ya my thanks, Shoji. I was a bit worried ya wouldn't go along with the idea's of a murderer. Are you really that quick ta forgive?

“I don’t really care, I don’t know how I come off but I’ve never been one to care for others, especially people I hardly talked to. Besides, like I said, it won’t do anything to help me if I keep it a secret from you”
So, miss, have you checked out your lab before?
Yes actually, it was quite packed. I love for you to see it, i think it was done well, much like yours The elevator stopped and Gazette walked to her lab
Mitsuko left her room for the first time in what seemed like ages. She looked visibly different from her last appearance. She had barely left her room, save leaving in the dead of night to go smoke well over a pack a night, much higher than what her consumption was before. She was constantly shaking, with pale, swallow skin from not eating or doing much. She developed a bad smoker cough, and her eyes were now comparable to that of a dead fish. She was also visibly skinnier and weaker, barely able to hold herself up. The whole student body was lucky the dorm rooms were soundproof; she was up all night every night yelling and screaming, throwing furniture in her rampage, crying and sobbing until she just fell from exhaustion. She screamed at herself in the mirror many times over, knowing she was at fault for sweet Hana's death. She had many scars frlm scratching and torturing herself, due to her deliriously guilty state. Hana was the first and only person she ever felt for, and she was the one who made her meet her demise. If there was one word that was left to describe the hollow shell that was once known as Mitsuko Fujioka, it was despair.
Huh...? I feel sadness in the air... Miss Gazette, shall I check the first floor? Only for a bit I promise you. (I...feel horrible. I feel like I should go down there. Could it be a spirit?)
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She wrapped a blanket around herself, her clothes now much looser than before and the wind easily blowing through her. She slowly moved, making her way to the cafeteria for a green tea, a luxury she had not allowed herself. Once she went under the lights, the most evident part of her face were her eyes, soulless and sunken deep in her skull. She tried to be quiet, but her newly developed smokers cough kept that from hapoening. She went and made herself a green tea, qnd stood alone in the kitchen.
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gazette nodded and looked at her Sure you don't want me to come with you? If not.. i can stay here
You can come, I just thought I heard something. And well, I think... A certain someone needs help, I think. I feel like I need to go there for some reason.
Gazette nods and smiles Course. If needs help, I'm more than happy to help them anyway i can. Lead the way, Alma
Alright then, back to the first floor we go. Again, I am sorry to trouble, miss. *Alma proceeds to go to the first floor to investigate with Gazette*
Mitsuko silently stood in the kitchen, shakey. She sipped her tea silently, tears rolling down her face while she did. She sipped in a slight haste, wanting to protect what little shreds of dignity she still had in her by avoidimg the others. She hadnt attended the recent class trial, but watched it on her moniter. That was only how she could even tell anyone was still alive, hell, she could've died and she wouldnt have even noticed. "But if I am a ghost..." she said silently. "Why am I still neing communicated to...?" She finished her tea and gathered herself again. She started hacking, coughing up a tar-looking substance, a consequence of her recent chain smoking. Even after she coughed it up, she continued for well over 5 minutes, ending up on the floor. She struggled back to her feet, and while she continued her uncontrollable shaking, started makimg her way back to her room.
Gazette looks around the first floor with Alma can you give me some idea of what we are looking for?
..I..may have misheard.. Miss, do you have another classmate? I... Hmm? (I hear whispers.. Check? Help? Hmm.. I can barely even hear you.)
another classmate? What do you mean? Like an extra student?
No, I mean, has anyone disappeared lately?
Disappeared? Just Mitsuko from the last trial...still don't know where she is...i wanted to give her Hana's key to show her the room but...i can't seem to find her. Why? are you telling me that she's....
I think we should check on her, I am sure she is not dead. If she hasn't been out for days, she could be in trouble.
Mitsuko continued trying to walk, but faltered. She was exhausted, as she hadn't slept, tears were flowing down her face, blood slowly dripping out of one of her self-inflicted wounds, and from a previous session of deluded guilt - one of the fingernails on her right hand was nearly torn off, barely hanging on to her finger. She felt so much pain, she had already become numb to it. But she felt so tired; she sat down near the exit to the cafeteria, and allowed herself to sit there, in agony and despair.
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Then let's go! We are the only girls here now! We have to look out for each other! Gazette scanned the area, looking for any sign of Mitsuko
[Jin saw Mitsuko, and decided to go and give her some food.] "Eat up. Starving is one hell of a shit way to go." [He sat next to her.] "You know, I've been there. My best friend died because of me, too. So if you need some help, just ask me, alright?"
Mitsuko saw the food in front of her. She wanted to refuse the food - she felt like she didn't deserve to eat. But she didn't want to be rude to an act of kindness, so she pushed a small "thank you" out and slowly began eating. She heard what Jin said, and between a bite, she spoke again. "...okay. Thank you, Jin." She didn't understand why someone was being kind to her, much less Jin. But somewhere deep inside of her, hope began to grow again.
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Geoff would head to the Cinema, seeing the two already in "...either of you uh...Watch your videos?" he would ask. "I want to test if they're still watchable, and don't want to accidentally kill someone...again" he would add.
Miss Mitsuko? Are you there? We need to see you. *Alma scans through the room, she doesn't see anything.*
(edited by Alma_Faust)

“We both watched our videos already, I’d suggest not watching any of the other videos that are already here. We assume that if you watch the video and someone else dies, then you’ll be counted as the killer”

"I just want to see if the videos of the dead people are playable after we play them." Geoff would say heading over to the box. "Though I don't want to put either of you at risk, so I guess I'll try it with my own." he would say, before putting Elm's key into the cinema box. (OOC: is discord down for anyone else right now or is that just me?)
(edited by dopl)

"...Who the fuck is Bram?"

“Oh... well that’s interesting. One of these videos was actually useful in telling us something. Before we discuss anything else though we should test to see if we can replay these videos” Shoji attempts to press Elm’s appliance on the screen without using the key to see if it would replay
Thread Creator

[As Shoji pressed Elm's appliance, it played a second time.] "Seriously? I mean, at first I thought you were joking about this 'killing game' shit, but clearly you're serious. You really wanna see all your friends kill each other? Alright Bram, I'm down. Ah, but don't wipe my memory. I don't wanna forget about everyone."

"....Ok so...we should probably all tell everyone who we have...and who can't watch what..."
With Hana's key in hand she made her way into the cafeteria to see if Mitsuko was there. What she did see, she would have believed came from a wild fantasy. Regardless she made her way to Mitsuko Mitsuko... how are you holding up?
I-I see... miss Mitsuko was in here.. Ah, I cannot.. stay in here long. *Alma closes her eyes, but she sees it. Blood everywhere, her senses love to decieve her.* I-I apologize, I need to get away from this room. Please forgive me, miss Gazette and miss Mitsuko. Please do take care... *Alma goes toward the elevator and decided to check the theater.*
(edited by Alma_Faust)
Alma! Gazette held her by her shoulders You don't have to be in here if it hurts you this much, alright. You can wait outside...i want to give Mitsuko some thing... Gazette hugged her briefly, remembering she didn't like to be touched So...are you okay Mitsuko?
Mitsuko looked up at Gazette. Though she had a small speck of hope in her soul, her eyes still looked like that of a dead fish. "I'm not allowed to be okay. I sent the only person I've ever cared about to death. I deserve the pain and the torture I've felt, but self-inflicted and non-" before she could finish her sentance she started coughing again, more black tar making its way out of her lungs and into her hand, along with a small amount of blood. She coughed so hard the fingernail on her right hand dislodged even further, barely holding on to her hand. More tears flowed, and she sat there, trying to regain her energy.
"Alright, listen here stupid." [Jin looked Mitsuko in the eyes.] "What would she say if she saw you moping because you did the right thing?"

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? It could make a murder pretty easy. Even if we don’t watch the videos someone could potentially murder someone else and blame it on whoever wasn’t supposed to watch their video”
Mitsuko looked at the key Gazette was holding. Her eyes widened. "Is...Is that Hana's room key?" All her memories flooded back and she remembered what she also had in her room. She gently took the key and held it in her hands. "I'll go with you. But on one condition." She swallowed hard and looked at Gazette in the eyes. "I need time alone once we get there. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Understand?"
*Alma goes into the theater* Excuse me, sirs. Curiosity overflowed, I assume? Remember the motive that was given, do be careful.
(edited by Alma_Faust)
[Jin decided to go to the Cinema, since he had nothing better to do.] "So, did we learn literally anything useful, or are we still fucked?"

“Well Elm’s video did provide us with something pretty interesting, however I don’t want to kill Geoff here by playing it to the wrong person so...” Shoji turns to Geoff “Is it fine if I play it to Jin and Alma here?”
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[In Hana's room, Gazette and Mitsuko find... Nothing much, aside from something that seemed to be under the pillow, an empty bag, and a dead flower. It looks much like their own rooms, although its mini-fridge has disappeared.]
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"Yeah...Gazette is the only one that can't watch Elm's video. How about for you two?"
I have a key as well, but Salaud Jack cannot watch the video. Though, is describing events allowed? *Alma thinks for a bit.* We cannot risk it, that may count in Monokuma's eyes.
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[Mitsuko saw a photobook under the pillow- Looking at its content, it had pictures of Hana, her parents, and a single one of her brother.]

“Elm’s video is really the only one that has anything important in it, so if we only play that one, we should all be fine. We just shouldn’t watch any of the other videos” Shoji plays Elm’s video for Jin and Alma
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[The video plays again.] "Seriously? I mean, at first I thought you were joking about this 'killing game' shit, but clearly you're serious. You really wanna see all your friends kill each other? Alright Bram, I'm down. Ah, but don't wipe my memory. I don't wanna forget about everyone."
This is rather interesting yet upsetting. I do not know the reason for this game to occur, but why their friends? Did he act like he cared to them? Did he use them for his own benefit? No matter what, it is betrayal.
"Sounds like whoever that Bram guy is, we're supposed to know 'em. And apparently, Tree knew exactly what he was doing. Meaning he must've had beef with Nobidy before."
That makes sense, Nobidy's death was rather brutal. I have it scarred into my mind. I cannot go to the cafeteria long because of that.
"I...love you, too..."
Mitsuko felt her heart stop for a moment and she bolted up, frantically looking around the room. In that moment, she could've sworn she heard Hana... "H-Hana? Is that you?" She swung her legs over the side of the bed and looked around. 'Well, obviously I wouldn't be able to see her...' Mitsuko thought. 'Maybe it was just a hallucination?'

“The important thing is ... this proves that the other videos aren’t fake. We know that they were real and we had our memories erased. It also provides us with other clues. We know that we all somehow knew each other before all of this started and that we agreed to participate in this game for whatever reason”
Mitsuko otherwise decided to leave Hana's room. She kept the photos in her pocket and returned to her room. She held onto Hana's room key, and returned to her own room. She put the two photos for Hana's brother on the table, and kept Hana's hat on. She took something she found in the storage room - a small heart locket on a chain. She was never one for jewlery, but this seemed like her best option. She gently cut out the photo of Hana to fit in the locket, and put it on. She left Hana's room key along with the other photos in her room, locked her door behind her, and went to go shoot - something she hadn't done in a while.
That seems possible, very much true.. However, sir Shoji, we do not have the full story. It does not help that my key had shown the mastermind and this motive.
While Mitsuko was shooting she found her pockey felt heavy. She felt in it, and found Hana's room key. She remembered Hazette had tole her to return it, so she put all of her equipment away to find Gazette.
Even if you all know everything behind this, how are you going to stop the mastermind? They will continue this until there are one or two people left.

"So uh...Anyone know where Gaz is?" Geoff would ask. "I just. Want to make sure she doesn't accidentally kill me by watching it."

“Well we haven’t seen every video. We should get the keys and watch the rest of them. It’s possible that more videos will hold clues similar to Elm’s video”
Downstairs I believe, sir. She was with Jin and Mitsuko.
Gazette walked out of Classroom 1-3 after a long while. She stretched and went over back to the dorms to see if Mitsuko was done and if she was better Hello? Gazette called into the dorms
"I doubt there are more vids like Tree's, Unless you're tellin' me others kept their memories."
I highly doubt it, after all, the mastermind probably wanted one person to keep their memories anyways, sir.

"A'ight thanks." Geoff would say, before heading downstairs to find Gaz. Once he found her he would try to pull her aside. "Hey uh...I need you to do me a solid, and not watch Elm's video in the Cinema. kay?"

“Even so, we should see the rest just in case. At this point I don’t see a downside to at least checking them. I’ll go find Gazette and see if we can get her key” Shoji followed Geoff downstairs to speak to Gazette
Mitsuko circled back to the dorms and saw Gazette. "Yo! Gazette!" She ran up to here. "Thanks for that...I really needed it." She reached into her pocket and handed her Hana's room key. "If...If it's okay with you, I might wanna go in there again sometime. Its good for me honestly." She adjusted Hana's hat that she was still wearing, and started to walk back to her lab. "Thanks again." She called back. And it was at that point, her eyes regained their light.
Maybe there is still hope after all. How interesting, I did not expect for this to happen. It was quite surprising.
Gazette smiled and bows at her It was no problem Mitsuko. You helped me with Setsuna so... if even i could've helped you just a little... that is enough for me. Gazette waved back at her Anytime, just give me a visit and you can see Hana's room when ever you want. Gazette puts the key away and turns to see Shoji and Geoff Are you talking the dumb murder motive Monokuma made? No thanks, i won't be seeing....Elm's video...but then can you tell me what was on it then?

"Elm remembered everything. Most of us probably knew whoever the mastermind is from the sound of what Elm said. Their name is Bram. That's about it."
The mastermind never told me his name, sir Elm knows more than us then. However he is very much dead, I think.
Then...Geoff you have the key to Elm's room, right? Would it be possible to get in there and see if he left anything that might point to the mastermind?

"While you guys handle that, can I get Hana's key and go see her video?"

"Wow yeah...I didn't even think of that. Yeah let's go now."
Gazette handed Geoff the key You better give it back when you're done. And don't let Mitsuko see. Now where's Elm's key?

"Right uh...Here." Geoff would say, passing the key to Gaz.
Gazette looked at the key, it felt a lot heavier than the others Alright, will I go alone or will someone want to accompany me?

"I'll come with."
Gazette nods and walks to Elm's room What do you think we'll find?

"I doubt anything, but no point not checking."
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[Inside Elm's room, Geoff and Gazette found a note, entitled "Death trap for Victor Vanhaup", and detailing how Elm made the bomb that eventually killed Nobidy.]
Gazette read through the instructions, transferring them to her notepad. Victor Vanhaup? I thought his name was Nobidy Hear? Gazette went to Elm's closet and took out 5 pairs of gator underwear I need these for research. What do you think of this?

"I think it's creepy that you're stealing the underwear of a dead murderer." Geoff would say flatly. "Maybe this Victor is one of the masterminds though...Maybe Elm wasn't trying to kill any of us, but whoever it is that's been in charge of refilling the fridge. Maybe that's Victor."
Wait... Elm knew the mastermind, right? So you're saying they're more than one? I guess that makes sense, the likelihood that one person all by themselves can force 12 people in a killing game is preposterous and couldn't not carry this pass maybe the first game. Gazette strached her head

"I don't know if there's more than one mastermind, but more than one person working on this almost certainly."
*Alma decided to check on Geoff and Gazette after a while.* Did you two found anything in sir Elm's room?

"Gaz stole the dead murderers underwear. Other than that, We might've found the identity of one of the people holding us hostage...Victor something or other. Elm might have been trying to kill one of our captors with the explosive."
Victor..? Could this be the one who killed Anne in my room? If this is the case, Anne was murdered before you all got here, yes? Perhaps Anne can tell me more later.

"Uh...Who's Anne?"
A girl who was killed in my room before me. She was killed by her best friend, Victor. I will talk to her after this, hopefully to get some information, sir.

"Uh...wait...but you just said she's dead..."
Now it is a good thing I am a paranormal investigator, yes? Hopefully Anne has calmed down a bit, sir.
Gazette wrote all this down then paused Wait... they wasn't an Anne when the game started right? So that means two things.... 1. In fighting between the captors or.... 2.... Gazette took a breath There was another killing game before this one... Alma. Leaf the way..
In that case I will take my leave to my labroom. See you all soon after. *Alma goes to her room and locked the door. She prepared to talk to Anne once again.* ...Are you there? Anne, do you hear me?
(edited by Alma_Faust)
Thank you Anne... *Alma was guided to the word "Goodbye" on the board* I see now... That is who Victor is, huh? *Alma goes back to the group.* I have received new information from Anne. This Victor is already dead, he was apparently the one who..blew up in the kitchen.
Gazette turns to her confused W-what! That's.... Gazette though back to Nobidy's remains Impossible! The Ultimate Agent died there! Unless you're saying.... Gazette eyes widen Hey... Who has Nobidy's key?
"Sir Victor is very much dead. He probably even passed on, I have not heard from him at all. Though, that is the question... Who has Nobidy's key?
(edited by Alma_Faust)

Shoji walks to the cinema with Hana’s key after he took it from Geoff when he wasn’t looking “I can’t believe I got away with it. I feel just like I’m in that one game ... uhhh... Metal ... something” Shoji enters the cinema and puts Hana’s key into the machine
Inside Gazette's head, the pieces started to get into place If he wasn't an organizer than... oh god. (How long has this been going on for?) Alma, you want to come with me to look for the key?
Sure, miss, I shall go with you. *Alma follows Gazette*
(edited by Alma_Faust)
Gazette nodded and headed towards the cinema, hoping to run into Jack or Jin who she hasn't seen their keys Thank you Alma. You're a really big help to me
Since Chad is prob asleep rn so uh. Imma do this for him. Don't kill me again pls. [As Shoji puts in key in, Hana was shown on the screen.] "Ahahahah...This world is already filled with despair, you see? What's is the point of anything anymore? Where is the fun, the hope, the heart? That's right, it is gone. Just give up. There is nothing more to see in this world. We have seen it all. Now, shall we all just drop dead? ...How was that, Bram?-" [The video just ended there.]
It is no problem, miss.

“Another rant about despair. Just how screwed up were we before all this? However... the world is filled with despair? Hope is gone? Something about those words ... makes me feel uneasy. Just what’s going on in the outside world? Why did we agree to this game? I just don’t understand any of this” Shoji walked to the exit of the cinema and noticed Gazette and Alma coming his way
Hello, sir thief, where are you off to? You would have hope that we would not notice, yes?
(edited by Alma_Faust)
Gazette folded her arms and looked at Shoji What did the video show?

“Hana said something pretty interesting in the video, although it might just be easier to show you. Come on” Shoji went back inside the cinema and over to the machine. Hoping Gazette would follow him
...Alright then, sir thief.

Is this Link’s Awakening now?
Gazette glances at Alma and follows Shoji in Come on
You have got my reference, haha! Okay, miss, I shall.
(edited by Alma_Faust)

Shoji presses the button on the machine and plays Hana’s video once more for Gazette and Alma
[As Shoji puts in key in...again, Hana was shown on the screen once more.] "Ahahahah...This world is already filled with despair, you see? What's is the point of anything anymore? Where is the fun, the hope, the heart? That's right, it is gone. Just give up. There is nothing more to see in this world. We have seen it all. Now, shall we all just drop dead? ...How was that, Bram?-" [The video ends in that note, though, it seemed like some stuff was cut out..]
*Jack looks over at the group from his place sitting on one of the cinema seats.* How many times are ya gon watch these videos?
Ah Salaud Jack, you have Nobidy's key, yes? Maybe have it to access his room? Also, who can you not show his video to?
(edited by Alma_Faust)
Gazette doesn't turn around Hey, Jack. Who key do you have and can i use it to check the room if its Nobidy's?
Knock yerselves out. *Jack hops out of his chair and walks over to the group.* I'll come with. Haven't done much in a bit. Oh and for all witnesses here, Alma cannot watch Nobidy's video. If I die randomly, you know did it.

“If we’re gonna check out his room then I’m gonna go too”
I see, i cannot watch it then. Do tell me the basic plot of it, please.
Gazette made extra note of that Noted. Then we all heading over than? Also we may as well check everyone's room while we're at it. Which keys are we missing then? Gazette said as she lead them to the elevator
He literally just says "You can't have a game with out me" and that was it. I guess we're destined to learn nothin about him.
Gazette sighed Anyway...how is everyone's day? Gazette said, waiting for the elevator to descend down
Shoji. No. Just... Just no.
It was...alright... Why do you ask?

"I ... guess it hasn't been the worst. Not sure what else to say about it"
Gazette nods and looks at Alma Just wondering... it feels weird. For once it seems like... we're all actually working together to achieve something.... maybe.... Gazette smiled We can all actually get out of here... no more deaths...no more killing game
Maybe so, but do not jinx it. No matter what, the mastermind will do something to make you all kill. No matter the cost, sadly.
Your gettin ahead of yourself, Gaz. *Jack would smirk.* Save your idealism until your outta here, would ya kindly? Keep your eyes on the table or you may miss a trick.
Gazette nodded at both their comments, though not caring much for Jack's Yeah...after all the motive is still on... which is very strange...also...if we don't have hope now then when do we...well The elevator opened and Gazette walked out, motioning them all to follow To the dorms, unless the night announcement cuts us off from it
Yes, but what happens next? I am quite sure there are multiple people behind the scenes that even I may not know of. What do we do then?
Gazette stops and turns to her Well it's obvious we were some how forced into this or... we wanted to get into this but...that doesn't mean i want it know. Look, who ever the mastermind is wanted us to see that we signed up to do this... but for what purpose who knows. There is more to here than just Monokuma and that mastermind has to be within this building... oh if you mean when we leave this place you're coming with until you can get your memories back
...Just don't hope too much. I do not want to see you all in despair.
(edited by Alma_Faust)
I'll leave you gals to your heart to heart, shall I? *Jack heads off and unlocks Nobidy's room.*

Shoji follows behind Jack "Jack, there's something that's been bothering me about Nobidy's video. Are we absolutely sure it was Nobidy who appeared in that video?"
Maybe. Who knows? I never met the guy. He blew up before I could. Why?

"I didn't see Nobidy too much when he was alive but the more I think about it, I don't think that was the real Nobidy in that video. If it was someone else then that means there's more people than just us who agreed to participate in this"
There's only one person here who feel into despair... anyway thank you Alma. For caring about us and about...m-... Gazette points to the room Let's just get going here...
Well, if this is like any other job, naturally there would be more people interviewed than hired. If this is a game and we all agreed to be a part of it, then we were the lucky chosen and others were deemed unworthy. Just how it goes.
It is not a problem at all, I shall follow miss. And..That is an interesting way to think about it, Salaud Jack.
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