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Last Post Wins: New Year Edition
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So as the rightful winner of the last one (and the sudden idea to revive this,) I'm gonna host the first one of these of 2019! Same rules apply (if there even are any, don't ask me, my memory is 10 seconds long please help my brain) and uhh, let the battle begin..? As a starter, how are y'all and what did you do for the new year? Also, any resolutions? (using it as a talk post too, sue me b)
*Jaguar Warrior slowly rises from the ground.* IIIIIIIT'S JAGUAR WARRIOR!!!! *Air Horns*
Hmm? Gin? Don't know him? I am JAGUAR WARRIOR!!!!! *Air horns*
I cannot make you disapointed in humanity. I am Jaguar! A Warrior! A... God!
Me and who? Chad?

is jaguar warrior a skin for gilgamesh?
try me cat-bitch
kicks your ass
OHNO! *And then Jaguar Warrior (Air Horns) Died*
thank god, finally
*Impales Elm from behind* HA HA! Jaguar Warrior shall never die. You have been much trickered by the mighty me! NOTHING PERSONEL KID!
(edited by Jaguar_Warrior)
Nani the fuck?
you underestimate my power
*Runs up a tree* It's over Elm. I have the High ground.
*runs away* haha fuck you no prequel references in my presence
(edited by elmco)
[Teleports behind Jaguar_Warrior] "Nothin personnel, kid"
oh god oh fuck
Nani the Fuck?!
Teleports behind MonoShadow Die, Libtard!
not spider-anime!
not if i have anything to say about it! *elm grabs the JAGUAR WARRIOR by the tail and suplexes him*
NOKUKUHAVEMERCY! *Jaguar Warrior is suplexed.*
get rekt scrub
*sips tea* I could join this fight, but that's none of my business.
I have come to purify
I want die but didn't Chad win the last one??
and i will purify this one
Oh ok
you'll be first
Oh shi t
...... definitely first
No, I'll be first Because I always come first
chad, you are suck
Thread Creator

No, I won the second one and Lulu won the third one. BLESS YOU CALLED ME LULU ALSO HAHA GIN GOT EXPOSED AND WHEN DID THIS BECOME AN RP POST And FYI I was first fuckers, I created it and I won the last (does that mean I can participate in this one?) Also when did you do a name reveal ya chad
Can confirm
What's a name reveal?
I think she thought your name was actually Chad..I think.
Thread Creator

Yeah idk alts nowadays but speaking of Chad(s), I like RT and their smash tournament was fun one day I wanna do smth like that (coming from someone who's never played Smash)
nah, i just started calling him chad one day and it caught on
I was convinced he was Sarin
more like you just suck ass
Correction, I eat ass Very different
Yeah idk alts nowadays but speaking of Chad(s), I like RT and their smash tournament was fun one day I wanna do smth like that (coming from someone who's never played Smash)also, there is a phansite smash tournament server https://discord.gg/YSZPMm you can just chat even if you don't have the game
Shaddy, let me win.... Pls? :3c
imma win this one
Thanos will snap us
(edited by Micah)

I saw what you posted with that alt, why change it?
No way i'll let this one go, pika pi ;)
its my time
Reggie hired me for his Nintendoninjas so Kokichi is watching you guys here.
Shaddy, let me win.... Pls? :3c Were this any other game, I would comply. However, this is a game I cannot allow myself to lose. Again
Thread Creator

Ree elm it'd either make me feel lonely or well uhh I still don't use discord-- the 25th was an exception ya loonies ngl tho I was thinking about it bc I thought of Ferno and then I started to miss him (hi if you're reading this pap, how's mum and my unoblings??)
what in tamriel are you talking about moonchild
no shit
time scares me
You scare me
Responsibility scares me
thanks vaporeon, that's so kind of you to say
Do you ever just
Hi i wanna win k.
Do you ever justdo i ever what
Thread Creator

what in tamriel are you talking about moonchild it's a very confusing lore, I swear psst Rep, no one cares if you wanna win, cause they wanna win duh
Thread Creator

Plus, I find it nicer to just hold a conversation rather than spout jibberish (sorry for double posts I think edit is still broken)
I care if people wanna win Because if they want to win I can give them even bigger D E S P A I R once I win
Why have despair when you can have dis pear right here? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/432391193356271626/530820558519140352/iu.png
What about asian pears? :( https://blog.aarp.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/iStock_000021956100Medium.jpg
(edited by Micah)
This pear talk is making me blush https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/432391193356271626/530823593920299049/iu.png
Thread Creator

what the duck..should I have put this under meme......
No, this isn't my life
nah, it's just something from phanganronpa
Im still dead, a dead meme that is
Noo Luna, whyyyy

??? what are you on about nat
Drunk Lessons with Kokichi: Never try to tickle a monkeys butt.

i'll commit that to memory thanks wolfboy
Who are you calling a wolf here?
I’m no biologist, but I think that’s a building, not a wolf
Thanks for the win guys!
what if that was a small image plastered ON a wolf Nice pun.
(edited by Leo_Orava)

Everyday we stray further from God
(edited by Micah)
For that pun you shall be purify
(edited by Nicole_Winstein)
I just called my bro Satan, he said there is no cure.

Wtf autocorrect, why start??? I put stray...kms
Good thing too, God’s a prick
Inb4 He enters this thread like “u wot m8”

u wot m8

Yes I made that alt just for that shitty joke
Thread Creator

Noo Luna, whyyyy Suki, what's wrong?!

suki more like sucky ha gottem sorry not sorry Nat
A challenger approaches


yeetus that fetus
Y'all need Naga

I have several questions

where have you been rom
Discord, really. Kinda took a break from the site for a while
laughs in hidden
Poster below is a furry
Poster above is a lolicon

y'all are all fucked
Just keeping it real
one in ten are dragon loli
I'm not a lolicon. Lolicon is exclusive to liking little girls Poster below hates gamers
This website is a scary place
Are you saying you like little boys?
Are you saying you hate gamers??? Fucking heretic!
Lmao fuck a gamer
This is a society
Yep. This one is going in my virgin compilation.
Good one??
I don't quite get it but the effort was there

what the fuck is happening
Gamers are the real chads
Last post wins b anything goes
Be the chemo to my cancer thread
Post below automatically loses
Be the chemo to my cancer thread Thanks but I'm good, I'm not really the type to issue treatment... I'D RATHER JUST KILL IT!
This is the kind of cancer thread that doesn't die
Joker in smash FTw


ew no thanks
ohgodohfuck why is there another last post wins thread

because i need to win this don't try and stop me sarin

i shan't
spell qui gets ultimum nuntius
What have you done Queef?
Probably nobody wins
I'm hoping for 500 posts
Not if we do it first I mean what?
Post above this is null, but rad
I cast ur mom gae

i cast no u
I cast if gays like men and ya'll moms are women, therefore ya'll moms are attracted to men so what
objection, what if my mom is dead?

Then it's necrophilia
is it necrophilia if both participants are dead?

nope it's just reverse living sex
corpse bashing lifeless fornication dying the dirty Reverse Living Sex

reverse living sex
Whoa hey now guys that's a little racy

I'm scared

I'm excited to see where this goes

im not
It’s sad that anon ends up dying before we reach 200... someone make this post a legend before he dies
Awe he died D:
It's blasphemy
“You are about to embark upon a great crusade for which we have striven for many months...”
We finna curse this thread 666 party with the devil bitch
more like 667
Why is this going on
When the world was born I bet it didn’t know about this thread
HAHA HAHA! The world didn't know this thread... But it knew I! The Great Super Shadow Tatsuya! I shall rule over all as the greatest Shadow, and when I do all will be forced to dance madly all day on Monday!

the one and only true god is young sheldon from the hit show young sheldon bazingo
the one and only true god is young sheldon from the hit show young sheldon bazingo YOU FOOL! I AM VASTLY ABOVE YOUNG SHELDON, THE GREAT SUPER SHADOW TATSUYA SHALL DESTROY HIM!

Bore Ragnarok more like uhhhhnhbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjbhhhhjjjjj

but this ain't weeb reddit, this is the phansite, the coolest place on the internet. Mish can attest to that.

the cool page of the internet
I’m already Tracer, sorry.
I just upvoted my aunt while she was being lowered into her grave. Can I go to Hell now?

what the hell are you talking about
Tatsuya, huh? Heard that guy liked motorcycles. I wonder what it's like to ride on one...
>Shadow Tatsuya >Tatsuya You forget that Persona 1 and 2 doesn't exist, therefore you have no power over us mortals. The only real Tatsuya is Tatsuya from P3's Hermit Social Link. Wrong you stupid meme spewing fool, Persona 2 and 1 are both noble parts of the series history and I shall not hear you slander them. Also, motorcycles are pretty cool, but not as cool as evil.

god, you're super annoying
Good Elm, I am super at everything as the the Great Super Shadow Tatsuya so that's only natural! Annoying you is merely part of my plan.

ugh, i just wanna win this
Imagine trying to actually win a last post wins thread. I'm just here to shitpost occasionally.

don't, you're stopping me from winning
i think ill win.


I want die
More people to outlast just means more glory at the end

we all want die, micah
I am already dead
All you need is kill?
All we need is DRIVE

all your base are belong to us
This comment is not gay, guarenteed!
I am still a trap.
i will win
Bippity bine The last post is now mine
The amount of furry porn on the internet is about the same amount of worth and shame that this forum is after the last two posts.

ralsei porn ftw

i don't think anyone wants kokichi porn
Whats porn? Can I have any?

We need you under a press.
We need heretics like you to be burning on a cross

We need you under a press.thats a yikes from me
Can someone please explain why this forum gives us cancer
We need you under a press. Jokes on you, I was but got revived by Satan.

I got the “y’all” card from my Alabaman friend but I don’t know about y’all

"y'all" belongs to most of southern usa, so my alabaman friend is perfectly fine
Idk about any of you but Neptune-Chan is bae and y’all is not me

. On the dot
On the dot? So all precise-like then. That's pretty cool, seems like a lot of effort though.
Yeah I'll be late to my own funeral
Yeah, exactly like that! Totally Rockin’ dude.
This thread isn't allowed to die so soon
It takes nine days to lock dude, ain’t no harm in letting it stew a bit
I'm tryna be the last commenter tho
And I just like an active thread
Aren't we all? Unless you're here for the shits and giggles. Then, by all means, go ahead.
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