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Welcome in the year of the Pig!
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At least when we go with chinese zodiac. I would be interested to know everybodies Zodiac. For myself it's: Sagittarius and chinese it's Rabbit
year of the snake, and either virgo or leo. it depends on which site you check
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Kokichi being cancer is as ironic as me representing Takumi being Sagittarius. It fits too well.
Capricorn and Tiger as it turns out. Whole time I thought I was a rabbit
Scorpio Dragon Whatever that means
Year of the Pig? No! It is the year of the Jaguar! My star signs are Jaguar and Warrior. Eastern and Western respectively. Yes they're real. It's not a phase, Kuku!
why are you like this
Cancer and Pig.
Capricorn and Rabbit
Where my Aquarius or Horse bois at
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