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Phanganronpa 2: Love Affair, Love Despair
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[THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF THE PREVIOUS THREAD] --- [It was the morning right after Elm's execution. Monokuma's announcement echoed through the school, and everyone woke up.] "Oh, and go to the meeting room! I've got a surprise for everyone!" [And so, everyone went to the Meeting Room.]
[Jin waited to see if everyone left to the meeting room before coming out of his own room- He was slightly afraid of being stabbed by one of Elm's friends, mainly Gazette.]
"...The hell will it be..?" (Hana taps her foot) Please tell me it isn't another motive....
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Mitsuko arrived at the meeting room, and took her place among the crowd.
What now? Setsuna says with a groan before rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. It wouldn’t take her long to get changed and get down there, somewhat irritated after last night
Gazette woke up to an unconformable sleep in Classroom 1-3. She took a water pouches that was left here by Geoff. She rubbed her eyes and walked out to find Setsuna, thanking her for trying to conform her.
*Jack walks in smiling.* Good mourning folks. Whatda ya think the bear has for us this time?
Leo walked in, with a notepad. He moved into a corner and began writing descriptions, feeling pretty cavalier.
"So...now what..." Geoff would say after making the trek from his room to the meeting room and waiting for everyone else, his eyes were red.
"Er..Geoff You okay? Your eyes are rather red.."
Gazette sat down on one the desk, silentl to not disturb anyone as she reflects off of what happened last night.

"Yeah I'm fine, just feel like shit." he would say rubbing his eyes. Looking closer at them, there were streaks of wetness as if he had been crying.
"Me too.. I guess you didn't sleep as well..?"
[After everyone had walked in and waited for a bit, a smaller version of Monokuma jumped out from behind the podium.] "Wassup B? I'm Monodoro. Daddy told me to tell you all that the 2nd floor is now open."

"I don't think I slept at all." he would say, chuckling lightly. "How about you?"
... "The fuck's this?"
"I'm the complete opposite." Mitsuko spoke, approaching them, scratching her arms. "I haven't had a smoke in a while, I need one bad. I'm starting to go through withdrawl, and it's making me really fuckin' tired. If it wasn't for that, I prpbably would've had trouble sleeping too."
Setsuna stares at the cub for a few moments before muttering “It’s... Kinda cute. In a weird way.”
... Jin, I'm sure the bear won't find your creation funny. You might wanna remove it before he gets here. Just sayin.
"I didn't make this shit, the shit I make is 20 feet taller!"
..... A second floor? How do we get to it? She looked up to the bear-s for confirmation.
"You get to the second floor with the elevator. Your maps should have been updated by now."
"yeah it is, I would say it's better than monokuma" after that, Leo made a new entry.
"What the hell? Is this a bootleg Monokuma?"
Isn't this bootleg Danganronpa I'll go... check it out.... i guess. She started to get up, first wanting to head to her room to eat something
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[Monodoro turned to Hana.] "I'm one of Daddy Monokuma's many children- He calls us the Monokubs."
Ya didn't make it Jin? Strange. *Jack smirks.* Looks so tacky I figured it had to have been ya work
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"You've never even seen my giant robots!" [Jin noticed that the "Ultimate Mechanic lab" was open on the second floor.] "... Until now." [He smirked and went to the 2nd floor.]
"Daddy? Um, okay, so you are his kid..?"
"Yup, and I'm not the only one. My siblings are busy, but they'll come out to play once more trials are cleared. Well anyway, that's it on my end. So long! Bear well!" [Monodoro disappeared in a puff of smoke.]
Gazette scoffs as she leaves More... trials? yeah right. Gazette made her way to her room
Setsuna looks at the map on her mono pad, eyes lighting for a moment as she pumps her fist A gym? Awesome I’ve been waiting for this. The girl would hurry back to her room to grab the basketball before heading to the elevator
"A gym? Upstairs? Well that is a lawsuit bound to happen if the floor isn't stable." ( Hana looks more into the map.) "Three labs? What are they for?"

"Labs? You three...make things?" Geoff would ask.
"Wait a sec- I need- oh" Leo walked out to the elevator.
Mitsuko took a look at the updated map. "Oh shit I get my own lab?" She smirked wide. She grabbed Hana. "Come on, if that lab is what I think it was, I wanna show you what I can do!" And with that sudden burst of energy, Mitsuko dragged her to the elevator.
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[Upon getting in her lab, Mitsuko sees that it contained a shooting range, a few rifles and bows, and the equipment to take the pelt off a dead animal.]
Mitsuko completely freaked when she saw what was in the lab. "Oooooh HELL YES!" She shouted. "Finally, I can work on my shooting again." But then she paused for a sec. "Oi, Bear, where my cigs at? This ain't my lab without my cigs!"
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[When Mitsuko said that, a mechanical arm carrying a pack of cigarettes and a lighter on a platter came out of the wall.] "You only get to smoke in there, smoke outside of your lab and you're dead."
"I can deal with that..." she said. "Thanks Bear, at least you're not leaving me to withdrawl." She turned to Hana. "How about I show you how to shoot on the range? Also uh...mind if I smoke?"
"That is some technology.. I wonder, do I have a lab too?" (Hana turned to Mitsuko) "I don't mind if it helps you, though I don't like cigarettes. And I never shot a range before.."
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[Monokuma appeared in front of Hana.] "Yup! Everyone has a lab! Even Ultimate Agent and Ultimate Terrorist had labs, but... Well, now they're closed."
[Jin looks in his lab for anything that could be used to build good stuff.]
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[Jin gets to build that]
"Well, I don't mind abstaining from my smokes for a little longer if you don't like 'em. Grab a bow, I'll show you how to shoot." She said, grabbing herself and Hana a bow and quiver. She quickly set up, took aim, and hit a perfect bullseye. She set up again at the speed of light, took aim, and hit the ultimate shot; another perfect bullseye, piercing through her previous arrow amd splitting it. She lowered her bow and looked at Hana. "They don't call me the Ultimate Huntress for nothin'" she said with a wink.
"Yeah, maybe you could also be the Ultimate Archer as well!" ( Hana tries to use the how and arrow but misses the target) "Ah, I'm not really a bow and arrow person, haha." Melee is what I'm good at i guess?
After heading to the elevator, Setsuna would follow-up by going to the Gym to see what’s in there she can work with
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[Setsuna finds a mostly empty room with a strange floor, and a control pannel next to the door. The control pannel seems to be used to control what sport is played in the Gym.]
"Believe me, I've done that my fair share too. I've been shooting bows and guns since I was real young, and I proved to be a prodigy quite quickly. But just because of that doesn't mean it didn't take practice to get this good." She went over to her. "Here, let me help." And she switched Hana's positioning and fingers. "Okay, lookin good. Now let 'er fly!"
Leo goes to the kitchen, to cook a decent last meal
"Okay!" (Hana releases the arrow and bam! A bull's eye?!) "We did it, thank you, Mitsuko!"
[After tinkering on something for around an hour, Jin got out of his lab to drag a huge crate from his lab to his dorm room, and locked the door.]
Expecting if to be a bit less... Empty, Setsuna dribbles her basketball over to the only notable thing in the room, the control panel to see what’s on it
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[Setsuna sees that there are buttons on the control panel, and that each is labeled with a different sport. Basketball, Baseball, Voleyball, Soccer/Football, and Tennis, among others.]
Setsuna looks on the panel for first a “Gymnastics” button, and if that’s not there she’d look for “track and field.” Assuming her go to we’re both gone she’d At last resign herself to basketball
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[After pressing the "Gymnastics" button, Setsuna, and basically everyone on the same floor, heard a deep rumbling sound, and saw that a large portion of the floor was opening itself, with another floor, full of Gymnastics equipment, taking its place.]
Just as she was hoping, there were balance beams of different heights, high-jump bars, even those two ring things. Plenty of mats. With a grin, Setsuna cracks her knuckles and begins rearranging the gear inside
The smile on Hana's face made Mitsuko's turn 10 different shades of red. Amidst her poundung heart, she smiled and said kindly "H-Hey, no problem, my pleasure and all that, yknow?" She said, a shy smile on her face. "H-Hey, want me to show you how to shoot a rifle next? I-It might involve getting a little closer, c-cause yknow, aftershock and all that...", with Mitsuko at the end of that unable to make herself meet Hana's eye's fully.
Leo decides to head downstairs to his own lab. Leo went into his lab
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"Um..s-sure!" (Hana 's face turned pink rather quickly) "I never shot a gun before!"
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[In his lab, Leo finds a lot of writing machines, a few books, and an absolute shitton of paper.]
Leo heads to the hunting Lab, checking out the others on the way
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[In the Ultimate Huntress' lab, Leo saw Mitsuko and Hana handling a gun. Monokuma then pulled him out of the lab.] "Now, now, you shouldn't intrude on people like that! Nobody wants the fanfic to turn out canon!"
"Alright... That should work..." [After having finished what he was doing, Jin left his room, leaving the door wide open, and headed to the cafeteria.]
With that ruined, Leo asked, "could I get my room key? and what did that mean?"
Mitsuko quickly went to grab her and Hana each a rifle to hide how shaky she became and how hot her face was. She was cursing herself, wondering why she was feeling such a way that she never has before...she quickly brought back the guns, layed one next to Hana, and went over to the shooting range for rifles quickly. "S-So just load it up by putting a shell in here..." she put her shell in and locked the gun. "Aim...pull back the safety...and shoot." She said, going through the motions as she spoke and hitting the human-shaped target right between the eyes. "H-How about I help you shoot Hana? I-I don't want the aftershock to bruise you." She said with a shy tone.
"Oh! U-um sure!" I tried avoiding love because of my mother but...is this the best feeling in the world? It..hasn't been a week yet, but is this..?
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[Monokuma threw Leo a key with a pen keychain.] "Now go bother another bear."
Leo went back to his lab, made a paper airplane with a note, saying "remember, lock your door" and threw it into Jin's room, before going upstairs.
Gazette decides to follow Setsuna into the gym
Mitsuko knodded her head and grabbed the gun she put next to Hana. She gently put her arms around Hana to show her how to properly hold a gun, aim and shoot; all while shaking and barely being able to talk properly. "S-So...you pull this back...aim...a-and don't be scared to shoot, I'll be taking the aftershock for you...s-so pull the trigger...now!"
Gazette finds that the gym equipment has been rearranged into n obstacle course of sorts. Various mats have been stacked to form a small staircase of sorts leading to a pair of escalating balance beams leading Setsuna to jumping and climbing over the ring stand, landing on the other side of the ground with a *thud*. The girl doesn’t seem to notice Gazette entering, instead focused on going through this self-made course of hers
"O-okay!" (Hana shoots the target in the chest) "That.. Thank you!" (Hana hugs Mitsuko) "I was very nervous, but nothing bad happened!"
Gazette waves slightly, leaning against a wall and watching. It's not everyday you can see an Ultimate use their ability. At least not to this degree.
After finishing a run through her course Setsuna would take a deep breath, wiping her forehead before she took notice of Gazette standing along the wall near the front. She pauses for a moment, before walking towards Gazette with a sigh “Alright. Let it out.” Setsuba awaits what’s likely coming, after all she did kinda end up getting Gazette’s boyfriend killed yesterday. That’s never a good sign
Mitsuko let out a little squeak at the hug, her heart pounding even harder, her palms sweating more, and her face becoming feverishely hot. Her mind caught up with her in a slight moment, in which she quickly returned the hug. "N-No problem Hana, a-anytime, just ask okay?" When Hana let go so did she, and just spend a moment looking into her eyes...and then her brain caught up again, and looked away. "R-Right, uuuh...i-is there anything else you wanna do? I-I'm up for anything if you want to do somethin'"
Hey... Gazette bows her head then looks up back at her Thank you for yesterday and sorry for storming off, I just needed some time to myself. And... She handed her a water pouch Here, someone left a few of them on a desk so I thought you might like one.
Setsuna has tensed in expectation of much worse. After not getting hit she breathes a sigh of relief before accepting the water Nah, it was my bad. In hindsight. I figured I was probably the last one you’d want to talk to. Setsuna takes a quick drink before continuing I’m not really sorry about what happened, seeing as I coulda died and all, but I kinda get what you’re goin’ through.
Nah the worst person to talk to is Jin. Now that is the last person I ever want to talk to. Gazette giggles and looks over at the room So this place can switch with any type of sport?
"Oh, u-um how about the gym? It seems popular today!"

After basically avoiding all social interaction and spending so much time in his lab playing video games, Shoji decided to finally get up off his ass and look around the rest of the floor “I should see what everyone else is doing, I should check out the gym and see if anyone else is there right now” Shoji makes his way to the gym

Geoff would begin exploring the second floor finally, trying to distract himself from the panging hurt from Elm's betrayal.
"O-Oh, sure! If you mind waiting for me for a bit, I just wanna get a smoke in before we go. You can wait over on the other side if want, I'm just gonna smoke by the vent so you don't gotta smell it." She lit her smoke, inhaled and blew it into the vent. "So, what places have you been, Miss Ultimate Traveller?"
"Oh w-well let's see...North America..Scotland..Australia..Russia..Germany...Italy... Basically too many to count!" I don't remember much of them though..
You can say that again. Setsuna chuckles at Jin’s expense before shaking her head Pretty much any sport anyways. Setsuna shrugs before starting to walk over towards the control panel Though free-running isn’t technically support so I had to make my own thing. It’s better than nothing
Alright. *She walked over at the pad* How about a game of tennis? I'm quite good all things considered.
Setsuna grins and steps off of the paneled floor to the safe area with Gaz near the control panel "I'll admit, that's one of the ones I haven't gotten to play as much. Right after Baseball. So maybe you've got a shot."
Ha. I've been playing for years! Gazette watched as the room switched into a tennis court. Gazette grabbed a tennis racket and moved to the other side of the net You're going down!
Leo went downstairs to the gym, just to watch.
Setsuna would follow Gazette to the court, grabbing a racket and ball as she heads to the court Alright, first to fifty as usual I take it. since she's the one with the ball Setsuna gives Gazette a moment to ready up before tossing the tennis ball a little bit into the air and slamming it towards her lets see what you've got!
Gazette moves to the side and wacks the ball back to Setsuna, hitting to the left of her Take this!
leo begins writing down stuff
Setsuna moves forward to meet the ball as it approaches her before striking it straight ahead towards Gazette's right while getting closer to the net And so the game begins!
Shot. Gazette attempts to wack it back, however was late to hit it in time Pfff. Fine! 15-Love. Gazette moves back, grabs the ball and smacks it hard to Setsuna's left
"Oh wow, you've been quite a few places haven't ya?" She finished up her last puff of smoke and put out her cigarette. She popped a piece of gum to get the smell off her breath. "You should come hunting with me sometime. I normally go out to Africa or somewheres around there. I went to Australia once, but never again for hunting. I was getting close to shootin' a wild caribou, but some sorta damn spidey-fucker snuck up on me and fuckin bit me. Was an aggresive lil shit too, woulda killed me if I hadn't crawled my way to a hospital on the outskirts. Believe me, even if I went again, I'd never take you out there sweetness. Much too dangerous."

Hearing the commotion, Geoff would head over to the gym, and seeing the two play, would watch with some interest.
Love indeed Setsuna grins triumphantly, making a finger gun to the sky before remembering they're still in the middle of a game, she quickly takes a few steps to the left, catching the ball towards the end of her racket and sending it straight back at Gazette
"True, it is rather wild out there. I kinda kept in to the cities. Even then I seen some spiders."
Gazette spins her racket, planting both feet on the ground, striking at the ball and smacking it back to her Gotcha now, Set!
She caught herself quickly after calling Hana sweetness, and her face went 100 shades of red. "O-Oh uh, sorry. I-I, uh, umm...y-yeah." She quickly caught herself and tried to steer the conversation. "S-So let's go to the gym, yeah?"
Setsuna steps out of the way to the right, swinging the racket behind her to swipe at the ball. While she catches the edge of it, the only effect is to send the ball spinning into the wall Fine. 15 all then. with a deep breath, Setsuna heads over to the wall to grab the ball again, giving Gazette a moment to get back to her space before striking it towards the other girl's left but that's the only one you'll get
"Sure!" ( Hana follows Mitsuko)
More like the only one you'll be getting. Gazette cocks a smile and grins, letting out a giggle as she walked back to the middle, moving more towards the back Your move
with a deep breath, Setsuna puts back on her smug grin before suddenly tossing the ball up and striking it towards Gazette's left Sorry, was tryin' to be considerate of the slow
Ha. Good one. Gazette dashes to her left and smacks it to Setsuna's left with a smile Is that the excuse you'll use when you lose!
as if! Watch this. Setsuna sidesteps towards her left, striking the ball to send it high towards the back of the Gazette's court, perhaps a touch too high
Mitsuko walked with Hana in an awkward sort of manner, both of them in close proximity but unable to share any words. They got to the gym. "H-Hey, we're here. Wanna go for a run in there or play a match of something?"
Hey! Gazette says while jumping to hit the ball. Barley touching it she smacks it... to the ground. Her cheeks puffed as she looked over at her Hmph! You win this point cheater! 30-15. She made her way back and smacked the ball directly at Setsuna
"Seems like they are in a middle of a game, Mitsuko!" ( Hana precedes to sit down on the floor and watched.)
all's fair in love and war dude. Setsuna says with a grin as she gets back to her own spot, readying herself for another round. With the ball coming straight at her Setsuna uses the chance to run forward towards the net, striking the ball off to Gazette's right as she does so
Ha! Gazette side steps to the ball as she stretches out her arm to hit the ball back, although weakly Tch.
and its over! especially with the ball going more slowly Setsuna easily runs over to catch it as it goes over the net, slamming it down and off to the side opposite Gazette near the net
Still being far behind at the back of the court, Gazette fails to make it over and the ball dribs on the ground. Okay! But I'm getting the next one! She grabs the ball and makes her way back, smacking it to her on her right. 40-15!
Mitsuko sat down next to Hana, with her inching closer to Hana to gauge her reaction.
We'll see about that. keeping her grin, Setsuna skitters to her right, keeping the racket low to strike the ball skyward again, this time it'd land near the middle of Gazette's part of the court, with Setsuna taking the chance to get closer to the net here's a free shot for ya.
"Oh um, you cold? It's okay! Though I don't have any scarfs but I can move closer!" ( Hana moves closer the Mitsuko)
Free shot? Gazette moves forward, holding her racket flat as she paddles the ball up, striking it with heavy force to hopefully get it over her head
As soon as Gazette hits the ball, Setsuna can tell where this is going, she takes a few steps back, reaching up and jumping in an attempt to hit the ball, but since she's so short she only manages to nudge it higher so it hits the wall behind her about halfway up Hey! Its not nice to take advantage of the vertically-challenged you know? in spite of her words, Setsuna maintains her competitive grin, turning around to scoop up the ball as it rolls back towards her before saying 40-30, game point. Setsuna paces back to her original position, tossing the ball against the ground once before sending it flying towards Gazette
Oh? What's that? Is that an EXCUSE I hear? Gazette laughs to herself, looking over to Setsuna and matching her grin with a soft smile. She shot her hand up to wave at her in a taunting glare, mostly winking. Ha, like I'll let you score another one on me! She charges at the ball, keeping her racket low and smacking the flying ball back to Setsuna, hitting it to her let side
Lets see how you like this then! Setsuna takes one big step to her left, setting her left foot firmly on the ground before lifting her right and pivoting to strike the ball hard right towards the back end of Gazette's court I've just gotta keep you running.
"O-Oh yea, I'm cold. T-That's why I'm so close to you, haha..." she said, crimson spreading across her face.
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[As the Match went on, Monokuma's announcement echoed through both floors.] "It is now 10 PM! The Storage Room, Cafeteria and Gym will be closed! If you're there, get the hell out! If you need to sleep, go do it in your room or lab!"
[Hearing the announcement, Jin moved back from the Library and into his room, not bothering to close the door.]
"Well Hana, I'll escort you back to your room if you'd like, it's on the way back to mine anyway. Shall we?" She said, contemplating putting her arm around her shoulder again.
"Yes, I'll escort you too! Haha...I haven't been this happy in a long time!" (Hana goes to the elevator)
"Well, thank you Hana" she said with a quiet grin, blushing from knowing she's made Hana happy. "Yknow, no ones ever actually done something like escort me anywhere, so I'm glad you're the first one to do so." She followed Hana into the elevator, palms sweating like crazy, heart pounding with the power of an entire firing squad.
"Me too..." Even though yesterday was hell.. I ended up feeling a lot better today. I'm still upset about Nobidy and Elm, but surely these trails will never happen again, right? (Hana's face turned red as well.)

Shoji moved over to his room and went to sleep

"I'm glad to see you're doing better." Geoff would say to Gaz, before heading to his room.
Mitsuko and Hana reached their rooms. "Well, goodnight Hana. I'll see you tomorrow, kay?" She said to her kindly. Her face was bright red, her heart pounding, and in that moment, with no thought; she hugged Hana tight, and realizing what she had done had only made her able to hear her heart beating in her ears.
"Goodnight, my light. I hope you have sweet dreams!" ( Hana pats Mitsuko's back and went on to go in her room.) " My light? Ah is it too cheesy?! Gah.. " (Hana preps to go to bed and sleeps, or course her door is locked.)
Mitsuko heard Hana's words and saw her dissapear, and just stood there, stunned. "...woah." she said quietly. Too stunned to even realize her craving for a smoke, she unlocked her door, locked it behind her, grabbed an asian pear from her mini fridge, and layed back on her bed, thinking about what to do next with Hana. "But...could she really like someone like me? And...could I really make someone happy?" It was no secret to her that Mitsuko knew very few ways to show affection. She never got much from her parents; all she got from her parents was how to hunt, and only the very basics at that. She was extremely self-reliant, and was never expecting to end up falling for someone - much less a girl. She had spent months at a time alone in wilderness', far from home, with no food, shelter, or anything; alone with a water canteen, the clothes on her back, and a sack full of her custom tobacco blend rolled up in cigarette papers. She knew Hana was worth it; but she was just hoping she could learn how to do something so simple.
Tch. Gazette pouts and looks over at Setsuna, pointing her racket at her You got lucky you hear! Just 10 more posts minutes and i would have won!
[Monodoro appeared on everyone's TV, and his voice echoed through the rest of the school.] "Rise and shine, Ursine! It's 8 AM, and Daddy has a motive for you all. There's a note on your desk, related to someone else. If you read the note that concerns you, your secret will be revealed to everyone after 24 hours. Well, that's it. So long, bear well!" [The small bear disappeared from the TVs.]

Geoff would dash out of his room, a piece of paper crumpled in his hand.
Mitsuko heard the announcement and woke up. She saw the note on her desk, and decided to ignore it for now. "Before I do anything...I need a smoke to clear my head." She left her room, locked it behind her to safeguard the note, and headed up to her lab where she smoked her morning cigarette.
[Jin woke up, looked at the note he was left with, and decided to go to his lab.]
"Huh...a note?" (Hana sees the small slip of paper on her desk) "I shouldn't check what is in it then..." ( Hana grabs the note and put it in her skirt's pocket).
What's this? *Jack would read the note.* Uh huh. RIght. I think this was meant for someone else. *Jack would slip the note into his jacket pocket before leaving his room.*
Oliver looked over his note. He laughed, realizing just how dumb it was. It definitely isn't worth killing someone to keep. I'm sure ----- won't go crazy even if someone found this out. But I won't tell anyone. Oliver shoved the note in his pocket and stared at the wall. Does that mean someone else has my secret? I guess I should see how everyone else is reacting. Oliver walked outside his room.
Setsuna Wales up to find her TV running, weird, she thought she remembered turning it off. But looking at the program she soon realizes it’s the bears again That... Doesn’t sound good. Setsuna checks her desk to find a note. After a few moments, she breathes out a sigh and decides to put it in her pocket Better keep this safe
A game of secrets this turn is it? Heh heh. That give me an idea. *Jack smirks before running off to the storage rooms. Clattering can be heard from the room.* Come on. There has to be some in here... Tch tch tch.
(Hana walks out of her room towards the Cafeteria.) "I guess it is time to see how the others are doing, but I'm rather hungry right now..."
Leo read his note, before walking outside. As he passed by Elm's room, he suddenly felt a rush of emotion Elm. He was nice. he was courteous. and he might have been my friend, but now he's dead with a tear, Leo penned a small memorial and went to the kitchen.

Shoji notices the note and decided to peak at it “Oh... that’s interesting, I’m not sure what I could do with this information though” Shoji makes his way to the cafeteria to see if anyone else was there
Leo, who was trying (and failing to) make eggs benedict noticed Shoji while getting some eggs to replace the "defective" ones. "Hey, Shoji."
Mitsuko finished up her morning smoke, considering a few things, but wondering about lots - what may be in the note about her, for example. She thought for a moment and remembered - could *that* be it? The reason she hides parts of herself - is that what it is? She let out a sigh as she headed to the elevator to go join the others in the kitchen - she didn't really care if people knew. The coverage was moreso to keep her from looking freakish. But now there was one person she cared about - and who she cared about how they viewed her. "...if my secret gets revealed...I hope she can still accept me." She then quietly headed into the kitchen, lost in thought.
*Jack walks into the cafeteria holding a box of stuff. He begins taking out a jar of dice and a few plastic tumblers from the box and setting something up humming to himself.* Let's hope people are good enough to play along. Hmm hmm hmm.
Heyo, Mitsuko, how you doing? It seems we have another motive..." I just realized this, that means my family secret is in someone's hands.. Surely they won't... Gah forget it..
[After tinkering on a few things in his lab, Jin went to the cafeteria.] "Heyyy, what's up? I'd just like you all to know that I might steal your notes and reveal what's on all of them with a megaphone. With that out of the way, I'm going to my room." [Jin went back to his room.]
Leo took his monstrosity out of the kitchen and ate it in the cafeteria.
"Ugh...what an asshole. Well I'm going to get food from the fridge, what do you want, Mitsuko? I will get it for you!"
He has to steal the megaphone first. *Jack mumbled before pulling a megaphone from the box. He fiddles with it for a while before it turns on. He then clears his voice before speaking.* ATTENTION DUELISTS! LOOK THIS WAY!
"What the-?" Jeez, it's too loud...
"What," said Leo "Are you talking about."
After thinking for a moment, Setsuna leaves her room to join the others. She winces upon hearing an extremely loud reference and follows the sound to the cafeteria with a scowl Oh it’s just one of the idiots. What do you want now dude?
Huh. Effective. Wonder if there would be a way to project more than sound from this? Like a way to hack shit. Nah. That's ridiculous. Well whatever. *Jack chucks the megaphone back into his box.* Now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jack and I propose a game. A game of secrets, now with an extra meaning thanks to our hosts little motive. A game of dice. The winner gets a pass from the motive. The person with their secret must keep that until the motive has concluded. The loser, however, must read aloud their secret that Monokuma has put out. *Jack smirks.* Of course, I shall put my own on the line as well. So. Who's interested in my little gamble to keep this lil game intrestin? We're being forced to play. Might as well bring our own terms to the table, no?

“A game? Well ... maybe if our secrets are out then we won’t have a motive anymore. I think maybe it’s a good idea”
"...It sounds like a good idea, but sometimes people's secrets could be big, like a family one or even a country's. Risky, but it's... Wait. Does Monokuma have a connection to the outside?! "
[Jin heard about the game and showed up with the note he was given.] "I'm in."
So let me get this straight. Setsuna pauses, putting her finger on her chin before nodding to herself You’re essentially asking us to bet the secret we’re holding against our own secret, so that we don’t actually lose anything for losing do we?
"Hey Hana. You mind just getting me a bit of green tea? I don't normally eat breakfast, just some tea and a smoke. Thanks, dear." Mitsuko said, pretty low energy and tired.
"And oh yea, the secrets." She let out an exhasperated sigh. "I still haven't looked at whatever one I got, and I have no clue what my secret would be..."
Got it in one, Set. The goal is simple: Change the playing field. With this we can get a sense of how omnipotent the bots knowledge is. if the secret revelaed is somethin minor, we can assume he doesn't have anything major on us and this whole act is just to try and make us act rash to protect nothin. If it major, we know the bot can back up his words and we should be more catious around it. Either way, we win the most important jewel we can get in these tryin times: information on our host. *Jack puts three dice in a tumbler and starts to shake it. A low rattling can be heard from within the cup as the dice bounce around.* The game is simple. Guess the total number of the dice. Closest to the actual number wins. Furthest away from the actual number loses. I can go best of three if Y'all wnat me to, but I'll only do that if requested. Last call. Who's in and who's out?
"And...well, I'm not much of a gambler myself. I wouldn't mind watching though."
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"I'm in."
Mitsuko pulled up a chair for herself and Hana while Hana was in the kitchen, right up at the table.
"Okay, i'll get it for you!" (Hana rushed back into the kitchen) "Hmm...where is it? It should be around here...Ahah!" (Hana finds a packet of green tea and tried to brew it in a cup full of hot water) "It may take a while..."
In that case.... Setsuna closes her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath before letting out a sigh Best of three. And if we can find how you’re cheating everyone wins but you, that a deal Jack?
"Hey! Could I join?" Leo runs out to the table.
"Done!" ( Hana grabbed the freshly made green tea) I may not have made green tea before, but I hope it's good... "Hey, Mitsuko, the tea is done!" ( Hana gives Mitsuko the tea) "Here you go!"
Mitsuko's eyes went big at the sight of Hana gleefully bringing her tea. Under breath as quiet as she could, she said "holy fuck I could get used to seejng that every morning." She realized what she was doing, regained herself, and spoke up. "Thanks so much Hana! It smells great! Here, I pulled up a seat for you." She said as she patted the seat next to her.
*Jack smirks slightly at Setsuna's accusation before going slamming the dice down on the table.* Sure. Two practise games. Highest score is 21. Lowest is 4. I threw a quarter I found in the libary in there as well to make an odd number. Heads is 1. Tails is 3. Three dice in the cup, so maximum number on the dice is 18. You can only choose whole numbers. No thinking your funny and choosing a decimal or I will immediatly dub ya the winner. Mitsuko can be our arbiter since she doesn't wanna play. Pick a number between 4 and 21. Closest to the actual number wins. Furthest away loses. I pick 9.
"Oh thank you!" (Hana starts watching the match that ensues) I wonder if... No, Setsuna is going to lose then..
I’ll claim eighteen. Setsuna keep a close eye on the cup, though she’s certainly not expecting him to cheat in the practice game, it’s syoll worth investigating
*Jack spins the cup slightly before raising it up, first towards him and then revealing it to the others. The three dice all read 5 while quarter was at tails.* Oh hoh. Setsuna has the first game. Exactly 18. Good job. I bet Jin is happy you called the two practise rounds though. Ah hah hah. *Jack eyed Setsuna, smiling at her before collecting the dice and coin and shaking them once again. After a few minutes of fancy shaking, he slams the cup down again.* Call it. 19.
[Jin slams his fist on the table.] "Nine."
Setsuna closes her eyes for a moment, wasn’t anything weird on the tumbler so she decides to focus on Jack’s Hand that’s holding it instead Five

*Once again, Jack would slightly raise spin the tumbler before lifting the cup, first towards himself and then revealing it to everyone else. Setsuna may notice one of his hands is hidden until the cup is revealed.* Not so lucky this time, Set. 14. Leo wins this round. But that was the last practise game. If anyone has anything to say, speak your piece before Lady Luck decides our fate.
"Let's play, god damnit! I'm betting on eleven!"
"Fifteen" It was a horrible secret, but it would be worth it.
I think I’m on to you then. Setsuna looks between Jack’s hands, anything he does has to involve them after all. She decides to focus on his left this round Eighteen
*Jack smirks, shaking the dice, before slamming the cup down on the table.* 4 *As before, he turns the cup slightly. He then raises his hidden hand with a smirk before raising the cup, first to him and then revealing the dice and coin to the others. The total score reads 21.* Oh dear. Looks like I lost. So much for the Ultimate Lucky Student I suppose. Such a travesty, but thems the breaks. I guess it's time for me to bear all, yeah? Heh heh. *Jack smiles before sticking out his hand towards Setsuna.* If you would be so kind to hand over my note, Set, I would be grateful.
Excuse me? Setsuna raises an eyebrow The winner’s the one who’s safe. And besides, best of three. You said the first two were practice so we’re not done
"Betting on Six!"
Hmm? You wanna keep goin? We already played two practise rounds and one real thing. That was three unless I miscounted. Best of three, right? *Jack smirks.* Three really is the best number after all, so only the third one counted. Unless you'd rather two was the one that counted.
"Jack...Are you that curious?"
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[Monokuma appeared out of nowhere.] "As this school's headmaster, I declare that the first two pracitice rounds did not count! Go on for two more rounds." [He then disappeared.]
*Jack lowers his hat below his eyes, annoyed.* Tch. Fine then. If that's how you wanna play it, bear, we'll play it that way. *Jack shakes the dice slightly around in the cup.* Call it. 14.
"I'm staying on six!"
Setsuna breathes a sigh, she was gonna take it since it favored her, but better to see how Jack’s doing it at least Fifteen
"Already called it, fifteen."
*Jack raised the cup, not even bothering to check it this time.* 14. Games mine. *Jack took the dice again and shook the dice cup.* You think I'm cheating, don't you Set. You makin it too obvious you know what the secret the bot gave you about me is. And it ain't nothin I care about hidin. *Jack slammed the cup back down on the table.* No tricks. Not anymore. 7. Call it.
"I'm calling... Four."
Eight . Setsuna says with a sigh before she looks back at Jack Every Gambler cheats. It’s part of the job. The real fun’s in finding how.
(edited by Setsuna_Tamaki)
"Jack, you can you stop?"
"C'mon Jack, no need to be a dick."
Appologies Miss Hana but the game don't stop til these last two games are done. That's how this goes. Best of three, right? *Jack reveals the score at 7.* Games yours Miss Set. One last round, right? *Jack shakes the dice in the cup one more time* Your accusation does a disservice to gamblers everywhere. It's an insult to an entire profession. But, I will admit, I cheated in that game I lost to get the score I wanted. You'll be happy to know I've stopped now though. The true game ends with this. Fair and square. Just how you wanted it. Call it.
I’ll admit, I haven’t seen anything these last two bits. But I’ve seen more than enough of these sideshows to get how it goes. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. People pay for entertainment. So they pay and you give ‘em the thrill of chance. That’s how business works. I’ll go for my lucky number eighteen
"I'll try... 21!"
4 *Jack reveals the cup. The numbers show 6.* Funny thing about luck. It always seems to go my way. Lucks like the games mine this time around. My secrets safe between the two of us. Not that I don't think you'll keep it. You seem to have given the game away already. You know, Set, I'd be careful if I were you. People like you. The ones who wanna spoil the fun of my games for everyone. They never get what they want. If they did, I'd be behind bars long before the bot dragged me off my streets. *Jack scoops up the dice and starts to pack up.* Oh. And Jin lost You gonna play along or are you gonna go hide in your lab? Either way, with the bear endorsing my little game, I doubt your secret is gonna be secret much longer. Unlucky, son.
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[Monokuma shows up.] "I didn't endorse anything!" [He then disappears.]
"So what you are saying is you don't like Set? Is it because you know that she has something that could ruin your career?"
(edited by Hana_Fujita)
"Anyone thirsty? I could make something." Leo nods to the kitchen.
Setsuna closes her eyes with a sigh. Before taking a folded note out of her pocket I didn’t see anything. So fine, you win. But there’s one thing you didn’t consider. Even I haven’t read this one. Setsuna folds it again to make sure it’s safe before tossing it at Jack And there’s your proof. I’d ask you don’t take your little hissy fit out on whoever this poor dude is.
*Jack sets the dice and the cup back in his box. He then reads the note. He then chuckles lightly, putting the note with the other one in his jacket pocket.* And after all of that nonsense, it wasn't even you. You were just another paranoid gamer. Heh. What a joke. Seems my secondary objective was a failure after all. *Jack removed his hat, bowing slightly.* My appologies. I let myself get carried away in baseless conjecture. Seems I was wrong in the end. Still, I enjoyed my games. Perhaps we can play again next time. Maybe not dice though. I prefer cards. *Jack then picked up his box and made for the exit.* Oh, by the way. I'm leaving that quarter behind. No idea who's it is, but if it's important to someone, they can have it back. Looking forward to hearing your secret, Jinzo. Nice day. *With that, Jack returned to his room with his box of game stuff.*
"Jesus....He really wants to find who has his secret, huh?"
Leo walks back to the kitchen to make something to drink.
[Jin returned to his room as well, leaving the door wide open.]
"Well, even if he finds out his secret, we'll all be let in on it within 24 hours more than likely. It's almost like he's pushing himself into a corner from paranoia."
Well that could have went better Setsuna closes her eyes with a sigh before shaking her head and leaning over to grab the quarter. May as well use this. Guess we’ll see what happens soon enough. Pocketing the quarter to replace the note, Setsuna waves before heading to her own room.
"True, I hope he doesn't snap though."
After finding nothing, Leo, went back to his room.
"Well, him snapping isn't too likely I wouldn't think. Fuckface bear put a lot of emphasis on our secrets, and him having more than any of us gives us him pseudo 'power' over us. As long as someone believes they're in power over at least themselves, they won't have a reason to snap."
(edited by Mitsuko_Fujioka)
"That is true as well, but why does he want everyone's secrets? Blackmail? " (Hana looks up to the ceiling) "I have to keep watch I guess."
"I'd assume because then he has control. I mean, in this game, control is everything right? From eating food and leaving others to starve, to holding all the secrets and, in turn, threatening blackmail. If it gives a feeling of safety and security, people will go to any lengths."
"That's true.." (Hana looks to Mitsuko) "If my secret comes out will you...still talk to me?"
"Of course I will Hana." She looked endearingly into Hana's eyes. "Nothing could stop me from...yknow, uh...talking to you." Mitsuko looked down for a moment. "H-Hey...you wanna come out with me to the hall for a sec? I uh...I wanna show you what mine is and get it over with...i-if you don't mind, of course." Ooc: it'd just be moved to Discord DMs for the one part
"Sure, I'll tell you mind as well..." ( Hana walks out with Mitsuko to go to the halls)
Gazette staggers out of Classroom 1-3 and makes her way to the cafeteria. She made it right when the game ended. She got breakfast and lumped over to her seat, looking up at everyone with a wry smile* Hey... how...nah... She just started to eat, looking over at them What happened here?
After some writing, Leo went to the elevator, to go to the gym.
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[Monokuma's voice echoed through the school.] "It is now 10 PM! The Storage Room, Cafeteria and Gym will be closed! Sleep tight!"
Leo went to bed, to get some rest.
"Well, I guess it is time huh? U-um.. Will it be okay to escort you back to the dorms, Mitsuko? " Oh God it sounded wrong. Fuck.
"Yea, sounds good Hana." She said with a smile. "I'll escort ya too. An' hey, thanks for not thinking I'm weird cause of my secret." Mitsuko said, a gentle tone to her voice.
"No, I have to thank you for not judging me." (Hana said with a relaxed tone.) "I bet if I told someone else here thank would stay away and hide from me, you know?"
Gazette shrugs and makes her way to Classroom 1-3. She waves at anyone left over before heading in. Good night everyone.

Shoji makes his way to his room
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[Monokuma appeared on everyone's TVs and his voice echoed through the school.] "It is now 8 AM! To get you to kill soon, I'll add a new clause to the motive! If you don't kill the holder of your note within 24 hours, your secret will be blasted all over the speakers for an entire week!" [Monokuma disappeard from the TVs.]
Setsuna wakes up, rubbing some of the sleep out of her eyes before breathing in a sigh "Oh now that's just excessive. Wouldn't blasting it once be good enough?" The girl closes her eyes for a moment, before getting ready and heading out to the main floor, grabbing her baseball bat as she goes "Can't trust any of 'em after all."

Shoji wakes up and hears the announcement made by Monokuma “Well, I don’t have any secrets worth killing for, however I still don’t know what everyone else’s secret is... maybe one of them would kill for their secret. Going out might be dangerous for now. I should just stay in here” Shoji decides to just stay put in his room for a while
Gazette eyes widen as she awoke from Classroom 1-3 as she cursed under her breath. she had to do something, anything to not let her them find out who she was. Maybe... they wouldn't mind? Looking at this one... could someone have done worst? She looked at her note
(edited by Gazette_Luizen)
Leo went to the cafeteria, yawning.
Mitsuko woke up to the announcement. "Well...Hana knows what mine is, and I'm not even gonna touch whatever's in mine, or even look at who's secret it is." She then got up and headed to her lab again for a quick smoke, before she headed into the kitchen past the cafereria to make herself some herbal grey tea.
(edited by Mitsuko_Fujioka)
since they're the only other one around, Setsuna closes her eyes before following Leo into the cafeteria. She goes to get something to eat before asking "So I guess we could look forward to someone making a move today. Mind telling me whose secret you've got?"
Gazette made her way out of the classroom and into the cafeteria to eat breakfast, glancing around her to make sure no one was trying to take her out. she still didn't know who had her note and... if they plan to do something about it
Holy shit! someone's talking to me! And It's a Girl! "Me, uhh, well don't tell anyone, but I got my own secret."
Setsuna lets out a friendly chuckle before continuing to eat "If you read your secret wouldn't the bear have announced it by now? That's what he said anyways." Setsuna closes her eyes momentarily before shrugging "Oh well, figured it was worth asking anyways."
"My secret...?" (Hana gets up to look at the note she was given.) "Even though it could ruin...I just can't." (Hana grabs an asian pear from the mini fridge.) "Though I think nobody would kill to keep theirs. At least I hope so." In this case I have to watch Jack then. (Hana finishes her pear and went outside the dorms.)
"Guess he changed the rules. But wait, whose secret did you get?" Leo digs into the leftovers of a failed eggs benedict.
"Good question." Setsuna lets out a sigh before shrugging her shoulders "Never read it. Then Jack won it in that game yesterday, so who knows how that'll go."
Gazette staggers inside the cafeteria, walking over to the kitchen and making breakfast. She walks out and sees Setsuna and Leo H-hey guys... Gazette turns away and sits away from them
"Oh well," Leo sighed, "That's fine." Leo's instinct told him to broach the topic, and so he did he took a deep breath first, and said, "What's wrong, Gazette?"
"Looks like she's seen a ghost." Setsuna smirks and turns around, having mostly finished her breakfast, she gives off a friendly wink
"Yeah." Leo smiles, after taking a chunk out of the eggy beast he has wrought upon the world and looks at Setsuna.
"I should explore more on the 2nd floor, but first the cafeteria." The air is very tense after all, and I'm sure there are people in edge. We have to stick together, because what happened last time was... (Hana went to the cafeteria with a worried look.)
Gazette studders at them, sighing to herself I am just.... worried is all that someone is going to try and murder me... hehe She gives off a weak smile and glance over at the both of them with a soft blush H-how are you guys?
“You say that like that hasn’t been an issue for the last week.” Setsuna chuckles and stands back up with a shrug Besides, long as the subject doesn’t know you have their note they’ve got no reason to target you. Setsuna waves to the group before she heads to the library You worry too much
Gazette flusters and turns to Setsuna C-can i come with you?
Setsuna raises an eyebrow, before breathing out a sigh and nodding sure, knock yourself out. I've got no problem with it
Gazette looks down and nods T-thank you... Gazette follows Setsuna Gazette Joins Your Party
(edited by Gazette_Luizen)
Setsuna heads over to the library, with no real plan in mind, and simply begins looking through the shelves without even bothering to check if they had a third companion or not "I'm not doin' anything interesting really, just checking to see if there's anything good. All I really need to do is wait after all, someone'll snap sooner or later. Guess that might come off as insensitive huh?"
Gazette nods looking at Setsuna with a sigh You're probably right all things considered. Its just that i hope its not me... or you. Gazette held her note in her hands C-can i ask you something? She said while turning the other way, looking for a mystery book
Leo had been looking behind some books, despairing what would happen next. It was all a question of when. When would someone kill? When will my secret get out? Will it be my time soon? Leo decided to sit down and read Alice in Wonderland some more, quietly listening.
(edited by Leo_Orava)
“You just did.” Setsuna pulls a book off the shelf and begins rapidly flipping through the pages, before ultimately deciding angsubsf it and putting the book back “But you’re free to ask another if you’d like”
Gazette took a step forward, reaching out and Setsuna's hand, holding it between her hands. She looked up, blushing as she spoke I i-i. I li-.... umm... will you still hate me... no..nnnggg. Gazette cursed under her breath and looked at her Can I tell you my.... s-secret...
and in an instant, things were getting real awkward. Setsuna blushes a little herself, pulling her hand away from Gaz’s and crossing her arms I don’t hate you or anybody. Dunno where you got that idea from. The girl closes her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath to gather her thoughts before replying I wouldn’t suggest it. Way I see it whatever happens doesn’t change who I’m dealin’ with. But if you insist I won’t tell anyone.
Gazette nods, moving closer to her, leaning in as well I-i rather you hear it from me than from the bear... Gazette whispers into her ear her secret
Setsuna pulls back, shaking her head in surprise before breathing out another sigh "You really shouldn't have told me that. But I guess we're all about to find out anyways huh?" Setsuna closes her eyes for a moment, trying to calm her beating heart. A few seconds pass before Setsuna decides to simply walk away
Gazette staggers forward, reaching out her arms as she hugged her from behind W-wait ummm don't l-leave... i need your help on something...
Setsuna doesn't pry Gazette off of her, as awkward as this mess may be, instead, the girl glances behind her with a sigh "What is it?"
Gazette hugged for a little before speaking Is it fine if i show you who's note i have? Gazette said, still hugging
Setsuna closes her eyes for a moment, she grabs one of Gazette's arms, but decides against pulling the other girl off. You know, if you don't want to be a target you could just hand it to me. I wouldn't have to read it. Setsuna opens her eyes again to glance back but fine, if it concerns you so much. Doesn't make a difference to me.
Gazette looks at her silently, then pulling the note and showing it in front of her W-well you really take this away from me? Its just... aren't you scared of getting your secret getting called out?
Setsuna looks at Gazette with a grin, swiftly grabbing the note from the other girl's hands. "Unlike some people, I was listening when the bear announced it. It'll only happen if I read my own note. So as long as I don't read any of 'em, there's no risk." Setsuna sticks the note in her pocket beside the quarter, without even bothering to read it "besides, if no one dies soon then it'll all be out anyways. And we'll all be in the same boat."
Gazette laughs to herself, squeezing her tight I guess you're right, after all, it can't be worse than mine! Gazette pecked her cheek and let go, turning to walk away and cover her face I'll be heading to the gym now, see you around! Gazette started to walk away
[Jin was standing just outside his room, in the dorms.] "Hey, shitstains! Come here and with your fuckin' notes, I got a plan."
with a little bit of a blush, Setsuna wipes the place where Gazette had kissed her, hiding it under the pretense of adjusting her collar before going back to looking for a book see ya Gazette. And good luck. after picking something out, Setsuna would head towards her room, noticing Jin as she walks past what is it now?
"I plan on pissing off the bear as much as I fuckin' can."
"That.... Is extremely believable. What's the plan?"
Gazette makes her way into the gym, stepping inside then leaning against a wall, trying to compose herself. To no avail as she covers her face in her hands (Why did i do that... i just needed to get away after something like that!) She sighs then ponders. Her expression darkens as she thought to herself (Will it be better if i can some how convince everyone to share their secrets? If mine gets blasted...)
"We get everyone's notes and I burn 'em. Worst case scenario, the Bear kills me. Well, worst for me."
“You’re crazy.” Setsuna chuckles to herself before nodding to Jin “I’ll try to gather people then. Sounds like fun.”
"Sorry for budging in, but Monokuma would kill you, Jin. I kinda thought about it before, but Monokuma doesn't like it."
(edited by Hana_Fujita)
"Yeah? Well the bear can go fuck himself."
"Listen, you will die if you do this. We don't even know if he has back up slips!"
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[Monokuma appeared, laughed, and left.]
"Yeah, I might die. So what? I thought you guys didn't like me."
"Well, I don't want any other people die! With the whole added thing, there is a higher chance someone will die. So I guess what I'm thinking is we should lookout for each other. "
"I mean, I think everyone here is paranoid from this. That includes me of course, but.. " (Hana looks around.) "Sometimes I feel like I'm being watched." I think it is him.. Honestly I'm so fucking worried. What if someone has some dark secret and has her slip? They would kill her. He has two, I need to make sure he doesn't do anything suspicious.
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[Monokuma's voice echoes through the school.] "I'd just like to mention that it is now 1 PM! No pressure or anything, just felt like reminding you that you've got a limited time to murder someone!"
“Look kid” Setsuna brushes the hair from her face and breathes out a sigh as she turns to Hana “We can’t really look out for each other here cuz we don’t know who might try something. Pairing up would just be setting ourselves to be stabbed in the back.” Setsuna starts walking out of the dorm to find some of the others, but she briefly looks back “You’re cute and all Hana, but that innocence’ll only get you hurt.” With that, Setsuna heads up for the Gym to see who’s around
"You are right, Setsuna. You are right.." (Hana goes back into the cafeteria and sits down at one of the tables.) What can we do..?
"Unfortunately, not much til we find out how to get out of here without resorting to something as disgusting as murder."
"....I'm lost. " I'm scared, I'm worried, and I'm upset. I can't think, on!y paranoia is there. There. There. Over here.
(Alright, i should be fine. Maybe i can play some sports to clear my mind off of Sets-) Gazette looks out the door to see Setsuna coming up the gym (Crap, is she mad about the kiss? Or maybe... she wants more? AHHhhhhhh i don't think i can handle that!) Gazette starts to set the gym to a track field as she started to run along the trails.
"I'm going to stay in m-my dorm...I'll..see you later Mitsuko.. " (Hana silently goes to her dorm and locks the door.)
(edited by Hana_Fujita)
Setsuna takes a brief glance around the gym, only person here's Gazette, who shouldn't have a note anymore. While she never took the other girl for a runner, its hardly Setsuna's business to figure out what they're doing, so for now there's no reason to bother them. So, Setsuna simply heads back out of the gym to look for some of the people with notes, like Jack. For now she goes to check Mitsuko's lab, someone's likely to be in theirs after all
(Oh no, she's right there... staring at you! Is she judging or... checking me out? Why now, I umm) She continues to run, running at full force to show off her speed. She did a quick glance to wink at her, only for her to start to leave (Phew, now don't say anything weird...) B-bye Setsuna i-i loverm... ummm bye!
After a while, Mitsuko approached Hana's door to try to comfort her. She knocked on the door. "Hey Hana, it's Mitsu. I wanted to talk to you for a minute, dp you mind if I come in? Or if you want, you can come out here. Hell, if you want we can go do some shooting. " sigh "Truth is Hana...I just wanna make sure you're okay. I may not let it show but, I really, really, really care about you, in a way I can't even explain myself. I feel connected to you in a way that I've never felt towards anyone else. Look, I may sound like a complete idiot for saying this, and I mean, I'm shit at expressing emotion but...I just feel things for you I've never felt for anyone else, and I'm not leaving here until I know you're okay."
"Mitsuko..? Okay, I'll let you in, I want you to be safe especially.." (Hana opens her door.) "You can come in, I feel safer in here rather than out there for the moment."
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