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Phanganronpa 2: Back To (get) School(ed)
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[All participants have signed up. If you are not registered, just read along. Thank you.] It takes a while for you to open your heavy eyes. You're not sure where you are, and you don't remember coming here. All you know is, you're sitting at one of the six tables in this room, long enough for two people, facing a podium. It's some kind of... meeting room. But who are these people with you?
[Jin woke up, and seeing the others sleeping, decided he would pretend to still sleep.]
[Geoff woke up. He didn't want to be the first one to wake up and everyone else was sleeping, he would look around the room, seeing the kinds of people that were around him, before he would examine the desk, he was bored. This was a meeting room. Meetings are boring. Was there anything interesting in here?]
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"...mmm....huh?" Where am I? I recall to be in North America for my trip... Or was it all a dream..? I can't think well. But there seems to be others around here.. (Hana gets up to see if other people are awake) "Hey, sorry to ruin your sleep, but do you know where we are?"
[Jin then stopped pretending he was asleep.] "So you're awake, too. Nice."
"Some kind of room" Geoff would reply. "That's about all I know, really...uh...uhhhhhhhhh...what's your name?" he would ask, glancing the person up and down.
"Ah, okay.. Do you know where we are or am I just crazy?" I hope I didn't turn crazy, don't want to have that.
"By the looks of it, this seems like some sort of meeting room." [Jin paused.] "Looks like the others are still sleeping, huh."
(Hana turns to Geoff) "Oh really? Okay I guess we are on the same page of confusion then. My name is Hana, what's yours?" (Hana turns back to Jin) "I guess the others are sleeping pretty well, huh?"
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With a soft yawn, Gazette wakes up, stretching her arms and glancing around the room. You don't usually get a lot of time to sleep in her line of work. Or any in some cases. She would first listen in on everyone's conversation before nodding her head. (Alright, so they're the same as me. Should probably greet the early birds)

"Uh, Geoff." he would reply. "gotta say I can't blame them...this is pretty jarring, that's gonna be the last good rest I have for a while."
"Same here, though I never had good sleep in the first place." Traveling a lot make you do that to get in the destination in time.

Shoji slowly raised his head from the table and looked around trying to make sense of where he was before turning to the other people in the room “Who are you guys? Where are we? Why are we here? Wait ... let me calm down” Shoji takes a deep breath “Okay ... can any of you explain what’s going on here?”
"Well, all we know is that we're all here and we're waiting for the others to wake up."
Gazette glances over at Shoji. If I'm honest, I don't know either. Or if anyone else does. So yeah, I think it's right to panic.

"Did uh...Anyone try the door actually?" Geoff would ask the others. "I would but...ehh."
Elm raises his head, slowly acknowledging what's going on. It's too early to deal with this. He puts his head back down, drifting off.
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"We won't know until we try, huh?" [Jin moved to the door and tried to open it.]
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[Jin finds out that the door is locked.]

"How's it look?" Geoff would call over to the guy who went to the door from his seat
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"Well, uh, Jeff or whatever, do you want the bad news or the good news?"
"The door is locked? Surely there would be a key somewhere..."

"Unless we're like, hostages or being trafficked..." Geoff would say, "Then any kind of key would be on the outside. And sure, that's close enough, though I don't think you've introduced yourself?"
"Name's Jin. Jin Masato. My coworkers also call me 'Beet Buster', but I doubt that's relevant."
"Hostages? Trafficked? God I hope not.. "

"Hey, that's worst case. I don't see any thugs threatening us...so uh, it might not be that. Nice to meet you though Jin." Geoff would say trying to lighten the atmosphere somewhat
"Eh, there's 12 of us and we're all in this one room, I'd say worst case scenario, we're on some TV show. Wouldn't be the first time for me."
"..Huh? What do you mean by that? Shouldn't there be contracts or something?"

"...A show where you don't remember signing up for it? That would actually be pretty neat. I'd be down to watch it at least."
"I think it would be terrifying, if we are on tv we don't know what will happen at all..." Worst case scenario that it would involve killing.. Haha that won't happen..
Thinking about it logically, that probably wouldn't be worst case scenario. It would probably be best case scenario, with the hostage or trafficking being worst. But my intuition is telling me it's none of those.
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"Know what? Let's try to break down this door! I'm getting worried!" (Hana tries to kick down the locked door.)

"What would your intuition be telling you then?" Geoff would ask.
Don't hurt yourself! Elm says in a sarcastic tone, putting his head back down on the table.
"Oi, i have been traveling to many places and it ain't endn' here!" (she continues to kick the door)
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[Hana kicked the door, and it did not budge. A high-pitched voice was then heard in the room.] "Hey now! Don't try and break school property! That's punishable, y'know?!"
I've got a real bad feeling about this...

"The hell do you mean school property?! Actually, who the hell just said that?!" Geoff would yell, looking around at the other still unconscious people.
"The hell? Who is there? Show yourself! You got a lot of explaining to do!" The hell, punishable..? (Hana looks around the room.)

“Where the hell did that voice come from!? At this point I just hope we get some information about what’s going on soon, honestly this room is giving me a really bad feeling and that voice did not help at all... maybe the one responsible for all this will tell us something when the rest of us wake up, I’ll wait it out until then”
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"You'll know once everyone wakes up! In the meantime, make sure I don't catch you kicking doors!"

"Why not? from the looks of it, it won't budge either way, so what's it matter what we do to pass the time?" Geoff would ask annoyed.
Hm... What if I killed myself, right here, right now?

"....Wait what!? W-why would you even suggest something like that." Geoff would ask the guy worriedly.
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"Well, there's nothing against that in the rules, but the trial room isn't really clean yet, so put that off for about an hour or two."
A school? Hmm... some place I take it. She stands up, examining the room as she walks up to the podium. If there's suppose to be someone to greet us, then there has to be something here... She looks around it.
"I had a feeling this would happen, I should have brought someone with me while I traveled! I guess for now we should listen to whoever that is, even if I hate that. "
T-trial room...? Elm shudders at the thought of any kind of trial.
"Trial room, you say? That sounds interesting..."
Mitsuko opened her eyes and surveyed her surroundings...there are a lot of people among her in a place she didn't know. In a daze, she raised her head and felt lighter...groping around at the empty air that took up her pockets, she realized she was left unarmed, when she *always* at least takes her hunting knife with her wherever she goes. The people were a bit hysterical and there was a voice from no where. She felt unnerved completely; she looked around, went up to the group and loudly proclaimed;

"Oh good, another room to never go to like this one then. Trials are so damn boring." Geoff would say rolling his eyes as he would lean back into his chair. He'd begin cracking his knuckles one at a time trying to pass the time.
"Okay, what in the good name of FUCK is going on here, and which one of you took my goddamn knife?" Staying loud near the beggining, and lowering to a growl when she spoke of her missing weapon.
"Calm down, there, number 6, nobody took your shit."
Wait, do we have numbers?
"Jesus calm down, my stuff is mostly gone too ya know? Though I didn't bring valuable stuff with me in the first place." Oh fun, this will be just interesting..

"Ok so, one, no need to be so noisy. Two, we're in the middle of bumfuck who knows. And three, No one, I think I was the first one up, and no one ever moved towards you. It was probably taken before you were chucked in here with us." Geoff would say annoyed.
"Oh, I'm just giving numbers to people whose names I don't know. Speaking of, what's your name, number 5?"
"Are you talking to me? If so, I'm Elm. Tully. Nice to meecha."
"Alright, then, Tree."
(Cursing, getting anger, and panicking. It's almost like this crap was planned) Hey, why don't we all try to calm down and survey the place. If we're all kidnapped then there has to be a common thread in our memories.

"I hope that threat of killing yourself was more bark than bite." Geoff would joke, trying to lighten the mood
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"Tree? Is that the nickname I'm getting stuck with? Ugh... whatever."
She gritted her teeth, angered. She took an exasperated breath. "Look, I don't like to be loud or brass, I'm just a little more than pissed off right now." She offered a gloved hand to the blonde girl. "I'm Mitsuko. Don't expect much in terms of noise from me when I'm not pissed off." She finished the handshake and took a survey of the room. "Still, this has to be *someones* doing. I mean, I don't remember jack shit of wherever we are, but I never leave home without my knife, and no way in hell did I drop it. Someone must've taken it..." she said in a quite tone, thinking aloud.
"Well so far, the ideas are TV show, hostages or human trafficking. And apparently we're in a school."
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"Guess what, Ultimate Fucktoy! One of those three is correct! As for you, Ultimate Huntress, we did take your knife. You'll understand why... Very soon."
(Hana shakes hands) "I'm Hana, I'm sorry for my mood, just terrified and angry at who ever did this to us." Oh God, this is bad. Ugh....
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"What? Did you just call me a fucktoy? Well I'm sorry that I'm trying to rationalize a situation that clearly makes no sense!"
Nobidy's eyes slowly cracked open, his body stiff from his unfortunate sleeping position. He quickly checked to see if his mask was still on before looking around the room when he confirmed it was still there. Where am I...? I haven't been kidnapped in my sleep again have I? Best to try and figure out where I am. Seems like there are other people with me, not all have woken up though. I should observe unless one of them wishes to talk to me.
(Hana notices Nobidy) "Hey sorry to ruin your sleep and all but we were kidnapped. Do you know anything at all?"
Gazette rolls her eyes, rubbing her eyes to show her annoyance. She pulls out her notepad (blank) started to write everyone names until... Wait, you guys are Ultimates too?

"Congratulations number uh....Seven or Eight." Geoff would call. "I'm Geoff, the doors locked and won't budge, and there's some annoying voice yelling at us from time to time. Bets are TV Show we don't remember signing up for, kidnapping, or hostages." Geoff would all over. "Welcome to probably hell."
"Well Hana, I understand. I mean, you said your shit got stolen too so I guess theres some level ground between us." (Announcement) "So YOU'RE the bastard who took it! Give it the FUCK back, that's my best knife you asshole! And what the HELL is this shit about Ultimate Huntress?!" She quickly joined Hana while she continued yelling profanitys and threats, kicking and punching at the door. "WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, YOU'RE DEAD YOU SON OF A BITCH! I'LL FILLET YOU LIKE A FISH!" She kept kicking and punching at the door, feeling bruising on her hands in the process. It seemed at this point, til she could be calmed down, her anger could not be controlled. It felt strange to her, seeing as she was normally quite composed and held a cool head but...this was too mucj for her at the moment.
Mitsuko looked at who she presumed to be Gazette, calming down and tired from all the anger. "Well, I don't know too much about this Ultimate shit, but presuming the voice was indeed talking about me, I guess I can be and am considered the Ultimate Huntress. I mean, I am quite accomplished wildlife and rare game hunter."
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[As Mitsuko started doing something stupid, chains came out from the ceiling and shackled her wrists and neck.] "Keep doing this and you'll be sorry!"
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"Woah.. Mitsuko calm down, we have no idea what they'll do to us! I stopped kicking the door for a reason!"
(When she was still punching the door) She felt herself constricted. She finally felt cornered and let her logic kick in, stopping. "Fine. I'm done. Now do me a favour and get these off me." She said, in a pissed off tone.

Geoff had gotten up to stop the 'Huntress' from assaulting the door, but now just stood stock still staring at the sudden chains that bound her. "Uhhh. Ok so, no attacking the door. Got it."
"Ah....What the!? Mitsuko you alright?!"
Nobidy slowly stands up and stretches his shoulders. Though he was wearing mask, you could tell he was smiling. He looked over to Hana making a mental note of what she looks like and other features "Sorry I just woke up. Besides, it's a bit early to jump to conclusions. I think we should wait until everyone wakes up. No doubt the room is locked though. My name is Nobidy, by the way."
"Huh, that's the least threatening death trap I've seen yet."
"Yeah, I'm fine." She looked up to where she heard the voice coming from. "But I'll be better omce this bastard delivers kn his end of fhe bargain. Seriously, I stopped and I won't do it again, let me go goddammit." She said, anger increasing.
"A-anyways we are all Ultimates here? I'm the Ultimate Traveler, but I need to keep my title for a reason.."
"Wait, you guys are Ultimates too? Well, I'm the 'Ultimate Mechanic', from what I was told."
"Ultimates, huh? I'm the Ultimate... oh. I don't know."
Yea, I don't really know shit about Ultimates. I mean, never paid too much attention to school anyway, I've spent most my life in homeschooling in far off countrys while I hunt, but then dear old Mom and Pop decided I actually need an education, so here I am. I mean, its a cool title but I doubt many of you have heard of me since most of my accomplishments are only in hunting magazines and such, not too mainstream." She said, a calm tone suddenly on her voice.

“I’m the Ultimate Gamer, I’m not really sure if I deserve the title but that’s what I am”
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[Mitsuko's shackles clicked open and withdrew to the ceiling, dropping her on the floor.]
Hmm.... She wrote all the title down, trying to connect them to the names so could hear. So we all are Ultimates. I wonder if that's the connection... (For why we all are here)
"Probably, but why i wonder?"
She hit the ground hard with a thud. She rubbed her arm and then her forehead, sitting up. She got up, still rubbing her head. "Well, thanks for letting me go and all." She walked over to join the group. "So, anyone got any bright ideas of a first step? Or are we just gonna be some sittin' ducks?"
"Ducks most likely, if we don't find a key that is.."
"Sitting ducks is all I can recommend right now, as trying to leave would get us all shackled up as well, or worse." Elm is lost in thought, trying to remember his Ultimate talent.
Maybe to see all our talents? Maybe we all are performing for a show. Granted what show would want a gamer, hunter and mechanic is beyond me.
"Eugh. Y'know, it's one thing to be a predator sitting in wait for your prey...but another thing entirely to be said prey." She said, grabbing a seat.
"Hmmmmmmmmmmm..." [Jin walked over to the door and looked at the doornob, and specifically, the lock.] "Does any of you have like... Any sort of metal on them?"
Nobidy looked toward the ceiling for the source of the voice that had appeared, and for where the shackles had disappeared. What was that? Our kidnapper? He simply shackled someone, however that means he has this place rigged. This is more dangerous than I thought.

“I don’t know what we can do, someone is clearly watching over us so I’m sure we’ll find something out eventually” Shoji pauses for a second “Oh! I just realized that I was so caught up in all this that I never told you guys my name. My name is Shoji Shunsuke”
Rifling through his pockets, Elm finds a quarter buried deep, and flicks it over to Jin. "Here, catch."
Mitsuko felt around on her outfit. "Well, I do have some on my boots and such, but this shit is made to hold. No way in hell is anyone getting anything off it."
"A quarter, huh? That should do..." [Jin tried to pick the door's lock by using the quarter on it.]
Mitsuko looked over at Shoji, and approached. She offered Shoji a hand in the same fashion as Hana. "I'm Mitsuko, sorry that my hanging from the ceiling kept from a sooner introduction."
"I wouldn't recommend that."
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[A chain and shackle take hold of Jin's right hand.]
"Yeah, that's what I expected."
[Jin noticed the shackle around his wrist.] "Yeah that's fair."
The boy sitting near the far left seat finally began to move. Thankfully he doesn't snore or this would be an awkward awakening. He slowly sat up before looking around. Woah, where the hell am I? Oh looks like a meeting room, makes sense why I fell asleep. But who are these guys? Oliver simply stared at the strangers going back and forth on something.
"Can I have my quarter back now?"
Mitsuko looked over at the boys shackled wrist. "Well, thats to be expected." She turned around to walk away and looked back. "Hope you don't taken to the ceiling, if you have no training than dangling your entire body weight by one wrist will end badly."
"My hand's kinda stuck, Tree. Come get it yourself." [Jin also noticed the new one waking up.] "'Sup, number 9?"

Nobidy began to search around the room, noticing Oliver beginning to wake, the familiar look of confusion on his face. "First time?"
Noticing the boy on the far left, Elm makes a comment. "Morning sleepyhead! Took you long enough. Jeez, the people in here must be Ultimate Sleepers or whatever to be able to sleep through all this noise."
"If I have to stand up, I'll get it from you later."

"I mean, I'm the ultimate procrastinator, so by that logic why didn't I wake up last?"
Mitsuko looked at the boy who woke up and approached him. Coldly, she said "Oi, get up. We got shit to do, it isn't time to be dreaming of rainbows and unicorns."
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"My money's on the jetlag."

"Hey, you think if we prop him up, we can convince this guy we're all awake?"
"Bringing up jetlag, where in the world are we?" Elm looks around, seeing all the sleeping faces. "How many are still asleep?"
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[The shackle around Jin's wrist came undone after a hook came out of the ceiling to grab the quarter and throw it back at Elm.]

"I'm sure we'll figure it out when we have some way of telling anything at all."
"Nice! My quarter! Thanks Mr. Kidnapper!"
"Ahh...We can't do anything but wait..?! Ihatethissomuch... " God I hope my little brother is doing alright...
"Well, everything feels the same to me, so I know I' home at the very least, and Hana and Jin don't seem too jetlagged either." She paused and looked around. "My best bet, we're somewhere in Asia. I come from Japan and I don't remember any plane rides or such, so my bet is Japan."
"Odd i remember being in North America... Where are we then?"

Geoff would raise his hand. "I'm uh, I'm from North America and I'm not jetlagged at all, so how do you explain that?"
"I grew up in central London, but I came to Japan recently, though I can't remember why..."
"Man, I miss Beet. He always had funny shit to say in those situations."
"Eh, just a guess. Not much we can do but theorize at this point anyway."

"Friend of yours?" Geoff would ask Jin.
Oliver stared blankly still not making sense of what was going on. I think I was heading to the finals and then... black. Can't think of anything further than that. He turned to Masato. "Yo" Oliver groaned still tired, he then looked at Nobidy. "I like your mask"
"Also, wouldn't you need to know the time to feel jetlag? What time is it? The windows are boarded up and there are no clocks."
[Jin turned to Jeff] "He was my-... Partner really is the best way to put it..."

“How did someone even manage to bring us all here? It seems like something like that should be impossible in just one night”

"Ah. Congratulations." "How do we know we were only out for one night...?"
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"Who said it was one night? We don't actually know how long we've been out."
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"I took it more from people waking up and such. Assuming we all slept a normal 8 or more hour night, we all wouldve woken up roughly where our internal clocks are set in the morning, so it seems like most of us folks from Japan and the surrounding areas woke first, with a few exceptions. Of course, I could be wrong, but like I said, just spitballing at the moment."
"Congratulations? What do y- Oh, no, that's not, alright, listen, Beet's a robot, okay?"

Oliver would tell that Nobidy was smiling while tipping his hat over to him. "Thank you, I made it myself, though that is not what I am most known for. My name is Nobidy if you were curious. Ultimate Agent."

"Unless we were drugged, in which case we would wake up when those wore off for the most part, not anything to do with our internal clocks right?" Geoff would ask.
"True. Internal clocks don't really affect drugs."
"Numbers 10, 11 and 12 must have had bigger doses than us then."
Oliver whistled at Nobidy's talent. "Ultimate Agent huh? Aren't you still in high school? One hell of a life to be branded that title that early." Oliver laughed while beginning to stand up and look around. "My name is Oliver Romero by the way. The dramatic pause... ultimate Out-Boxer."
"What's an out-boxer?"
"Yea, but we all wouldve had to been drugged at the same time and brought in quickly, and even then we would've woken up much closer to each other than we have...hmmm..." She thought to herself and started pacing.

"A Boxer who fights outside the ring I'd guess." "But couldn't they just keep us all drugged until they were ready for us all to wake up?"
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Oliver almost chocked on air somehow at Elm's remark. "You... have you ever watched or read about boxing?"
"No, not a big sports guy. Sorry."

Nobidy began to laugh seeing the reactions to Oliver's talent.
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Mitsuko sighed and put her head in her hand. "God, you really aren't the brightest bulb on the chandelier, are you?"
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".......Who is that directed to...?"
"...So you any of you guys worried about our families?"
"Why a chandelier? There are so many other ways of using that metaphor, many a lot more applicable to your lifestyle. So why a chandelier?"
"No relatives left, so I'm good."
"I've got 5 older siblings, and even my younger siblings are more responsible than me. I don't have to worry."
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"I'm trying to distract myself from that worry right now thankyouverymuch. Anyways! Anyone have anything to pass the time with?"
"Because it's a metaphor even this dimwit" (points to Geoff) "can understand. I mean good lord." She started pacing and pinching the bridge of her nose, wincing a little from her forming bruises rubbing against each other.
"I got my quarter back, so... heads or tails?"
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"Betting it'll land on middle. Just a hunch."

"heeeeeeey, I'm not stupid, keeping us dosed up is a perfectly reasonable thing to assume if they were nabbing us from across the world. Tails."
Oliver glared at Nobidy before walked over to Elm, keeping his distance an arm's length away. "First lesson, Out-Boxing is kind of a fighting style. With so many different body types, there will always be someone who packs a bigger punch than you because of their body type. I'm not exactly the heavyweight kind of body type as you can guess. So..." Oliver shot his arm towards Elm, the sound of his fist cutting through the air as it stopped inches away from his face was blindingly fast. "I keep this amount of distance so my punches can get the most power and range as well. That, is Out-Boxing." Oliver said, the scars on his knuckles proving his effort.
"And well, I'm a big girl, I can do things on my own. Mom and Pop aren't the worst, but I can't say I'm too attached. Circle of life, circle of death. It's just life." She said in a cold tone, pausing her pacing and nose pinching.
"Tails." ooc: i looked it up with google so it's all fair
"And now I know what out-boxing is. Which doesn't really ameliorate this situation."

Nobidy stare at Oliver's demonstration. A fist so fast he couldn't see it. Heh, interesting. This might be useful. "I could barely see the punch, this is what I expected from the Ultimate Out-Boxer"
Mitsuko kept up her pacing and thinking, not involving herself too closely in the activities of the others.
Oliver felt his ego inflate from Nobidy's comment but went back down with Elm's comment. "Y-yeah I guess... soooo where are we?" Oliver said trying to change the subject.

"I take it you're heads then?" Geoff would call over to Mitsuko.
"We're still trying to figure that out."
Sbe looked over at Geoff. "Honestly, I don't even know what you guys are flipping a coin for, but for posterities sake I guess I'll take tails."
"Okay everyone, this is serious. Heads or tails?"
(Arguing already? Didn't expect them to be that cliche) Hmm so we, all being Ultimates, were brought here for.... arguing? I'll write about this later for sure.

"Ultimate Debate?" Geoff would ask
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[A crane arm pulled the quarter out of Elm's hand and flipped it. Instead of falling on one side, it stayed up on its rim.]
"I bet it my little brother picked tails it would turn into heads real quick haha.. He is not really lucky, but he is quite something!" And oh the rim? How is that possible?!
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"I knew it."
"How rude. I take back my thanks."
"Well, would ya look at that? How fucked is this place anyway?"
"Clearly very. That claw stole my money!"

"I mean...just pick up the coin?" Geoff would ask Elm.
"The deed has been done. It is far too late for forgiveness."
"Yeah, I mean picking up a coin isn't deadly...right? "
"Yoink" [Jin stole the quarter.]
"I wouldn't take the chance personally...that's how predator lures in prey."
"AAAAAAAAAAAH! GIVE IT BACK!" Elm starts freaking out.

"Damn...I wanted to pick it up."
"If you want it back, then build a giant robot and fight mine."
Elm calms back down. "I feel targeted."
"Welp, this is it."
"What is what?"

"The rest of our lives."
"Pretty much."
"Oh well. I hope we'll at least have beds to sleep on, the tables are uncomfortable."

"Maybe if we push them together we could have half decent beds?" [Geoff would try to push 2 of the tables together, if successful he'd lay on them to see how comfortable they are.]

“We have to spend the rest of our lives here? Well in that case I just hope they have video games somewhere”
"2 tables is still just a bunch of tables."
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[An arm with a boxing glove decended from the ceiling and punched Geoff in the face before putting the tables back in place.]
"Jesus you alright?" (Hana walks toward Geoff)
"It's time for our Ultimate Out-Boxer to go head to head with that arm!"
I don't think they liked that.

"Y-yeah, fine" Geoff would say, rubbing his face with his hand. "Y-you could have just given me a warning, moving a table doesn't tend to damage it."
So, sorry to interrupt, but are Y'all this crazy or can I hope to have a normal conversation with someone? *Jack, who had just been silently observing for the past half hour, finally speaks up.*
"Glad to see you're not dead, Number 10."
"2 sleepers remain, I guess. Who are you, and what's your ultimate talent?"

"If by crazy you mean trapped in a room after being kidnapped, you're not gonna have much luck here."
"IS that a challenge?!" Oliver yelled looking around for the source.
"Oh hey you are alive, nice."
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[As Jack made his presence known, a "Ding Dong, Ding Dong" was heard.] "It is now 8 AM! And it is time for me to show you just who your headmaster is!" [Smoke blew from behind the podium, and from below it appeared... A short, black and white bear.] "Heeeello everyone! And welcome to this Killing Game!"
10? You... talkin to me, son? Cause I don't like being reduced to a number. It's... kinda uncalled for. But where are my manners? *Jack takes off his hat and makes a bowing motion with his arm and head.* Names Jack King. Ultimate, er... Lucky Student. Yeah, that's right. Lady Luck loves me. Heh heh.
"Okay, what the fuck"
Elm gets startled by Oliver's sudden yell. "What the heck? Who's challenging you?"

"uuuuh...Why's there some little kids stuffie on the podium?" Geoff would ask dumfounded
"wait what the fuck"
Aaaaand right back to the crazy. Aight.
"And clearly luck doesn't love you enough to trap you in a room with a locked door and a talking teddy bear."
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"I'm not a 'Teddy Bear'! I'm Monokuma! Your amazing headmaster!"
"Fantastic, I probably ate some weird stuff from a gas station. I'm nuts or am I not? A small panda or something is right..there." Ok what the fuck
"Headmaster? So... this is a private school?"

"...So uh, where are you?"
Red, I trust my Lady enough to know this be just another opportunity for me. As for you, Mr Headmaster, the fuck you mean by Killing Game?
"over there, duh" Elm says, pointing over to the podium in front of all the tables.
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"Very simple, Ultimate "Lucky" Student! You're all trapped in here! And the only way to get out is to get away with murder!"
"Wait, killing? And nice to meet you, the name's Elm. Murder?" Elm is visibly anxious.
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Nobidy shoved his hands into his pockets, interested in what the teddy bear had to say.

"....We're supposed to...kill each other?"
"And I'm assuming we're not allowed to pass on this?"
"I've been in... Slightly... Worse situations."
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"Of course not, Ultimate Dumbass!"

"So what if we just...don't."
Yeah no. I don't kill people. And what was that sarcastic tone in saying Lucky?
"Well fuck, fuckity fuc k fuck.."
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"If you don't... Well..." [His right eye shone up] "You'll regret it for the 'rest' of your lives."
"Now I'm for sure being targeted. And I'm fairly certain "Ultimate Dumbass" and "Ultimate Fucktoy" aren't my Ultimate talent."
They do sound pretty accurate, Red
"You've been up for 5 minutes, what the fuck would you know."

"so....you want us to kill someone, and if we do...we're free to go?"
"Shut up Ultimate Disappointment"
"Ominous. So, why would we kill each other, exactly? Do you have a motive for us, or something?"
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"Yup yup, Ultimate Lazy Ass got it!"
"I'm definitely being targeted. I'm gonna go cry in that corner over there, let me know when you're done." Elm proceeds to walk over to the corner of the room and curls into a ball.

"With how many right guesses he gets, maybe he's ultimate multiple choice?" Geoff would fuck off to the corner to console the most entertaining person in the room.
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"The only motive I have is to be sure to beat the Headmaster's ass." Course I can't, but I want to..

Shoji looks over at the bear “How do we know you’re telling the truth? Will you really let us out if we just kill someone else here? Also even if that is true, what’s the point of all this? This is all ridiculous”
Talking teddy bear! It's sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! She blushes, looking over at him
This stupid bear and his equally stupid nickname...
Elm calls out from the corner of the room. "Geoff, you're the Ultimate Lazy Ass! He was talking to you!"

"I'm not lazy, I just get distracted easily." Geoff would mutter, going off to his own corner to sulk now.
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"Aw, you're making me blush, Ultimate Reporter! But long story short, yes, one of you has to kill someone else." [A clicking sound was heard from the door.] "You're free to do whatever while I think of a stronger motive! See you soon!" [He then jumped and disappeared into the ceiling.]

"Hey can we all like...not? Sound good?" Geoff would ask.
Elm gets up and walks over to everyone else. "So, Heads or T- WAIT JIN STILL HAS MY QUARTER"
You're gonna kill me with your cuteness!!!!!!!!!!
"Did you just gloss over everything that thing just said? What kind of reporter are you?"
"Well, shit guys we are so dead. If I had some eggs, I would give one for everyone."
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"Tabloids have reporters too I guess." Geoff would guess
"Hey, Tree" [Jin showed Elm the Quarter] "Bitch" [Jin ran out of the room and into the closest door he could find]

“He just ignored my questions... well I guess I can’t do anything about it”
"HEY GIVE ME BACK MY- wait, the door is unlocked now!" Elm runs out the door after Jin.

"Oh hey, literally anything other than dwelling on this shit, wait for me!" Geoff would hurry after Elm and Jin.
"Well this will be interesting..." Very very interesting indeed...
Welp. Good luck with not dyin, people. *Jack walks out of the room, heading for one of the rooms at random.*

Nobidy nodded at the teddy bear's short but sudden announcement. Hm, looks like I've got time to gather my bearings. He told a interesting tale. I guess I should try and prepare for the worst. Judging by talents, I should get close to ones with the most dangerous abilities. Nobidy turned to Oliver and Mitsuko. "hi"
Losing sight of where Jin ran off to, Elm steps into the nearest open door. "Is this... the library? There's a lot of different books here, and in tons of different languages as well! At least there's something to pass the time until I get my quarter back."
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[As he looked around the library, Elm felt something kinda soft hit the back of his head.]
"Ouch. What was that?" Elm looks around to see what hit him.
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"Well where to go... Since this is a school, I should find the library... " Why am I talking to myself? Ah who cares...
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[As he looked, Elm saw a piece of crumbled paper on the ground behind him.]

Geoff would get bored of chasing Jin and Elm quickly, and simply walk around the building trying to figure out everything that was around, and peaking into each spot as he came to it. When he arrived at what looked like an elevator, that was of particular interest.
Not wanting to open the paper right away, Elm shoved it in his pocket and walked swiftly out of the room to do some more exploring. Next, he found the dorms, each with a little pixel sprite version of every person present. After finding his, he realized he didn't have a key for it. "Shit..."
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[As he saw Elm go out of the library, Jin chuckled.] "Perfectly as planned." [He then started to look around for books that might be interesting.]
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[Geoff arrived at the elevator, and realized that it seemed to be stuck.]
Gazette rolls her eyes. (Like it matters what these scrubs say) Gazette walks into Class 1-3
"Hmm, Jin what are you doing?"
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"aw. well that's boring." Geoff would mumble before continuing his route around, wandering to the classrooms and peering into each, to see what they looked like, and if anything interesting were in any of them, starting with room 1-2.
"What I'm doing? Well, you see, I'm trying to find a good book to hide Tree's quarter in."
Elm gets the feeling he's being pranked, but ignores it.

Shoji decided to check out the dining hall “Wow, this room is huge, it kinda feels a bit too big for just 12 people but I guess I have bigger things to worry about than that”
"Can I help?"
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[At Shoji's comment, Monokuma dropped out of the ceiling.] "Well, you see, this place is big because it's supposed to accomodate to 16 students! But your numbers were cut for budget reasons!" [The bear then disappeared again.]
"Help if you want, I don't mind another pair of hands."
Elm gets a really bad feeling that he's never getting his quarter back.
"Nice hmmm.... Uh how about in a Spanish glossary?" (Hana points to a book on a table)
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*Jack wandered around the classroom.* Hmm. I wonder what i can find...

Shoji quickly recovers from the initial shock of seeing Monokuma jump out like that “I see ... that was sudden but I understand” Shoji thinks for a second “Wait ... did he just say budget reasons? Is this a TV show after all or is he just messing with me? ... He’s probably just messing with me, who would even want to watch people kill each other?”
"So do you agree Jin? That we put the quarter in there?"
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After trying every door in the dorm to see if any are unlocked (which they aren't), Elm walked out. He walks over to the storage room, only to realize it's the only sliding door in the whole building. "...What the heck? Could there be a specific reason for this? Or just the creator's negligence? Hm..." Elm opens the sliding door and walks into the storage room.
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"So... Is the silence a yes or..?" This is awkward ..
"Yeah, that seems good."
"Okie dokie then! Time to hide the quarter!"
"And there all done! Hmm, I guess we should check the other books out too?"
Elm finds a sports mat in the storage room, and lays down on it. "Heh, not bad. Comfy enough to fall aslee-" Elm falls asleep. ooc: i'm gone for an hour, i'll wake up when i'm back

Nothing. Of course. It was just a classroom with nothing remotely interesting. Books it was then. Geoff would head to the Library after all then. Find the most interesting looking books he could and just read.
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