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Don't you love witner?
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The sun was engulfed! It's only 6:00 but its pitch black outside! Dear god, who extinguished the sun!!!
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Also I misspelled winter because everything's dark! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Personally, I find my terrorist actions go best when it's dark. So I'm a fan of winter as it provides more cover.
A Midwinter's night dream. The cold grows, biting at your skin. Snow falls, coating the land with a white garb. Ice threatens the lives of those who dare venture into the wintery landscape Mother Nature brings upon us. It is a world of dreams, death and excitement. AH! Such a land speaks to me like the greek muses! Ah ha ha ha!!! Come forth, Winter! Fill me with inspriation for my greatest story yet!
You uh okay there crazy story man? Not that I really have a right to judge people as crazy, but still. That's a bit melodramatic dontcha think?
Melodramatic? Ha! I am William Shakespeare! There is no drama to great for the greatest playwright of all time! Ah ha ha ha!
holy shit yu you're right where the fuck is the sun i can't see it either it's 6 pm and it's pitch black
The sun is for losers, us true Romans spend most of our lives in the shadow, hiding from the burning gaze of the light
Argh, I cant do my training in these darkness, well I guess its chow time ;)
I like,,,, sno
I was sweating today when I was outside. My state does not understand what a "Witner" or "Winter" is.
I accept this as long as snow falls
Hah! Pussies! I live in Michigan! I was born in the cold! Molded by it!
>Michigan Wait, that's a place that exists? I thought it was about as real as Middle Earth
Nono, you’re thinking of Canada, Michigan’s a state, I know people there
as a person from canada, i can say that winter is just the usual around here
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