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How Would You Live A Year Alone?
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Heyo Forumites! Royalty is back and hitting you with a thought experiment! How would you live a year alone? Firstly lets set up the scenario and rules! Your the location you are right now and everyone simultaneously disappears. You have to survive for a year alone with nobody to help you. For a bit of difficulty lets say that the power turns off in a month, and the water turns off in 6 months. What do you eat, drink and do for that year? Personally I live in BC, so for water I can set up a rain catcher and store up lots of it for the summer and winter. For food I can make my own butter and bread so toast is a thing. I've also farmed chickens for a bit so I could get some eggs, run raids at a grocery store and pick up ingredients for soups and live off them for the year! Gonna be pretty bored without electricity though so maybe try and pick up a hobby like playing an instrument? That's just me though!
swamp gang. burn shit and raid all local stores since they are close as hell. Guess who has a fucking generator too.
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The actual mad man
Oh heck no. I'm good at living by myself and mostly ignoring everyone else, but jeeeeez. Where am I supposed to get my Takis?!? And the electric goes out here all the time! Plus my partner ): I love him too much
I will eat meat to survive and train for the whole year and become the best martial artist ever! Hwatta Although how can I survive from not watching kung fu movies?! Argh I cant do it!!!
Download as many youtube videos as possible, download as many games as possible, and stock up on as much gas as possible for the generator.
kill mesilf
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