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The White House: Not Owned by Cory Baxterâ„¢
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It was a dark and dreary ni- Just joshin' you, it's a bright and sunny day a week after a dark and dreary night, nothing much happening until... "Alright, on my cue, 3. 2... 1." He opens the doors as "It's Not Unusual" begins to play, strutting his way over to the oval office. The area he walks through seems to have quite a few... Fleurs-de-lis everywhere, as well as some nice looking purple wallpaper. "Alright, let's get this started." He sets up recording equipment. It's voice activated, how futuristic. He takes a seat behind the desk. Strange head bust on the desk, doesn't look like anyone he's been seen with. "Set phasers to kill." The equipment starts, broadcasting a message to most if not all TVs. He takes a deep breath. "Hiya, everyone, so I'm the president of... Well, how can I explain the enigma of the Nexus?... I guess you could say the United States. Well, no one knew until I was president now, at least I don't think anyone knew except those close to me. This place is in good hands, trust me. Anyway, as celebration, there are gonna be tours free of charge, as well as the fact that you'll get to ask me questions. Ciao." After he says Ciao, the recording ends. Doors are wide open people. Don't mind the guys in very heavy bulletproof armor, though, they're not important.
A small, petite girl with pink hair, wearing white shoes with blue tips on it, was walking into the White House. The only reason why she was there cause she had some money to travel outside of Japan so that she can get away from the cramped city of Tokyo. She read that the White House was going to open it's door to people. Wouldn't that compromise the President's safety, she thought, but she shrugged it off. She walked in and sat on the bench since she got tired from walking around. sighs Jesus, my feet is hurting. Damn tour guides in this country don't have courtesy...
A wandering Spell Punk floats around misguided not sure where he will end up and now his travelling and curiosity lead him to the whites house but for what purpose. “This is...quite the different look not something i’m familiar with what is this for again uh...something about world leader maybe like that spellslamzer warlord so this is a warlords home. Wait no that wouldn’t make sense uh...ah maybe this is like some archive place or something I hear lots of too secret stuff happening in the house of white!” The spell punk starts wandering about ready to tamper and cause some unintentional problems.
Off to the side of the cameras, a Sylveon leaned against the wall smoking some kind of special substance. It's legal now, man. She exhales and winks at Niko. Nice work. As your first lady, I'll gladly do some side appearances if need be~ I can handle... messy situations. She winks. She wasn't quite high yet. Not that she'd function any less effeciently. Sylveons were cool like that, or something. (Don't worry Splat Tim, you're still president of the rest of the Nexus to me <3)
A momkey wearing a Police hat and a dark pair of shades is leaning on a wall in the main room, silently munching down on a fresh banana with the peel included. Like the armored guards, he seems to be watching the door for any suspicious individuals.
Isabelle goes up to the White House. After hearing that the president was opening the doors of the White House for free tours she was excited to go visit it. She wagged her tail as she walks through the front door
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Niko smiles at Sylveon. "Ya think so? Well, thanks." He checks a tablet on his desk, he sees he has guests, he doesn't look too much at who they are, but he gets up. "Visitors are here. Come with me if you want." One of the guards block the spell punk's path. Guard: "Excuse me, but where do you think you're going? If you want the tour, wait in the room with everyone else." Niko gets over to the room where everyone is gathering. After giving a thumbs up to Police Momkey, he takes a good look at his visitors. "Welcome to the White House, good citiz-" He recognizes Natsuki. "Oh hey, Natsuki! Didn't think I'd see you here." He also takes notice of Isabelle, but decides not to say anything for now. "Anyway, just tell me when you're ready for the tour and we shall begin. Trust me, you'll like what I've done with the place."
Blaze enters the White House, looking around as she does so. She’s obviously intrigued. She starts muttering to herself. “It’s about damn time. more animals need to be in positions of power.” She patiently waits for the tour to start
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Natsuki brought out an apple and started eating on it. She looked at Splat Tim and noticed him sniffing. Why you crying? Aren't you the Vice President or something? shrugs Natsuki then went back into munching on her fresh and crispy apple. As she kept on eating the apple, she stopped and noticed Niko. What the fuck? How did you became the President? Oh hell no! Well, if you were gonna be President, then you should of talked to me and took me with you at least. But yeah, I'll take your tour for now. Those guards of yours look scary.
The Spell Punk circle around me the guard in curiosity clearly not taking his words into account really just circling around in loops. “Ah they even have guards here this reaffirms me theory perhaps something of great value is here. Maybe something even magical I could securely use that I MUST FIND IT AT ONCE NO SECRET UNTURNED TAKE ME ON THI TOUR!” The Spell Punk points it’s flappy robe sleeve in the air almost as if he was trying to declare something with energy pumping in him. In other words he’s ready for a tour and perhaps some secret looting.
Upon taking notice of President Niko giving him a thumbs up, he salutes to him with pure respect. nice to see you, mr. prez. He glances over to the commotion regarding Spell Punk but doesn’t give any mind to it.
Isabelle notices Niko’s acknowledgement of her but tries not to overthink about it “It’s probably nothing, just relax” she said to herself Isabelle then looks over and notices Splat Tim crying to himself and notices Natsuki yelling at the president “What’s going on around here? This is ... much different than I expected” she thought to herself again “uhhh... I’m ready, Mr. President”
Sylveon quietly watches Isabelle, sizing her up. She was cute. Fluffy, plump in all the right places, Sylveons kind of girl. She'd just stand there, smoke the dank and give her the eye, though. She heard a very loud voice, that of belonging to Spell Punk. She hoped no one planned to start trouble; she could get dirty, as mentioned before.
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Looking at most of the people in the room, they're total cabinet potential, not spell punk, though. He takes notice of Blaze. "Heyo, Blaze, welcome to my humble-ish abode. Alright, the tour shall now begin. Follow me everyone." He motions for everyone to follow, walking over to one of his favorite places, the indoor garden he added. The plants being grown there are totally gonna need explanation. "So, this is the garden, where I grow some of the dankest shit you'll ever smoke. We've got experts to take care of these things. It's.... Marijuana of course." He grabs some bags from the a shelf there. "Anywaaaaay, free samples for those who want em."
Natsuki was following behind Niko as he took him to the weed garden. As she was walking behind him, he see's him eyeing on Blaze and Isabelle. She was getting thoughts about how their wedding be and... she shrugged the thought and kept on following Niko. She took the weed samples and puffed and smoked that shit like a chimeny. I still hate you for not taking me, but this is some good shit~
Blaze follows, and politely refuses the free samples. “I’m not much of a smoker. Also, no, I will not be your feline lighter, and if you ask I’m gonna light a fire where the sun doesn’t shine”
Spell Punk follows with the group into the garden and after the mention of free samples he quickly grabs a bag and tries to pull out the sample in curiosity. “Hmm...distinct smell...nice texture...strong life elemental force. Yes this is just what I menant by something resourceful and magical let us see what you can do.” The Spell Punk starts casting a few bolts and chanting a bit it seems he is trying to play with the weed to make it enchanted magic weed. High level stuff in the buisness.
For the safety of the group, Police Momkey quietly follows behind. He takes a look around the indoor garden, impressed with the amount of marijuana that he will most likely smoke later.
Isabelle notices the way that Sylveon is looking at her and can immediately sense a hostile attitude “Hello ... i-it’s nice to meet you, I hope the tour goes well” She walked away as fast as possible and immediately began following Niko “I’ll uhh... skip the free samples, Thank you”
Sylveon followed in tow with Niko, brushing her tail against Natsuki as she walks. Hey baby, how ya doin~? sorry about the short notice, international mail is difficult in such a disorganized dimension. Sylveon smiled at Isabelle as she addressed her. It was warm, sweet, maybe slightly seductive? a very waifu smile at the least. Don't worry, my dear, the new administration cares about you and all people in America and beyond~ if you are confused, don't neglect to ask me questions. Someone as cute as yourself deserves only the best here in Washington.
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Niko awkardly smiles. "A-are you sure you guys don't want any? Alright." He look over to spell punk and shrugs. He has something else on his mind. "Well, do you guys wanna see my office? Oh, or maybe my collection of the rarest animals?"
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Blaze shrugs, she’s just busy taking in her surroundings. “It’s up to you Mr. President. It’s your tour after all.”
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(Enters the White House) Well isn’t this interesting
Natsuki started to giggle a little when she felt something brushing against her. She looked back and saw Sylveon. Hi Sylveon~ I'm doing okay. Just wanted to leave Tokyo and wanted to get some fresh air. But I'm happy to see you here.~ Natsuki then gave Sylveon and warm and cozy hug. After she was done hugging her, she looked at Niko, still being baked from the weed she smoked. Uh, can we see the aliens that you secretly store away? I always heard they look green and has giant black eyes so I wanted to feed my curiosity.
Spell Punk gets perked up when he hears the mention of Aliens by Natsuki. “Forgiven life you say in here right now!? Oh yes we must positively see this what info we can find.”
Aliens?! Well I have nothing else better to do so let’s see some aliens
Isabelle wasn’t really sure how to respond to Sylveon’s comments since no one has ever flirted with her like this before, but didn’t want to come off as disrespectful. She immediately realized that she misunderstood Sylveon’s initial intent “Oh ... thank you, I ... hope for the best for you as well. I ... think you’re pretty cute as well... anyways I should really follow the president for this tour right now” Isabelle turns to the president after hearing his question “I’ll let you decide, Mr. President. I’ll go along with whatever you choose”
While patiently waiting for the group to move on, The Momkey spots Mr. Detective from out of the corner of his eye. jeez, the detective’s here too? ...why the hell am I surprised?
Sylveon smiled affectionately at Natsuki. Feel free to relax here~ it's not as bright as Tokyo, but well, we're working on the infrastructure~ Sylveon giggled at Isabelle's reactions. Adorable, she thought. She followed alongside as she held the joint in her ribbon, taking a puff every now and then.
(Hears momkeys comment) And what’s the problem with me being here?
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The guards in heavy bulletproof armor take aim with their semi-auto shotguns at Mr. Detective. One of the guards: "The prez told us about you, sir. Leave the premises and we won't have you thrown in jail for sexual misconduct. Don't try anything, you're outnumbered." Niko takes the fact that most people would like to see the collection. "Alright, follow me, but there aren't any aliens unless you perhaps consider them aliens." He motions for the group to follow him to the collection. It's filled with glass jars of shrunken animals, the main focus is the.... Goddamn dinosaurs. "So, welcome to the collection, I may or may not have gotten my hands on all kinds of technology to get myself these things. Crazy stuff, right?"
Blaze sees the dinosaurs and faceplams. “Am I about to be in a bad Jurassic Park reboot? Or are those dinosaurs properly contained? Either way, I’m ready to shoot them full of flames at a moments notice.”
Sexual misconduct?! (Backs away to the entrance) You know that’s a lie right? Where is your proof?
Spell Punk floats over to the glass jars in awe, his eyes sparkling as he marveled the site. “My word are these actual preserved prehistoric creatures this is truly remarkable now where on earth did you collect these and for what purpose just simple research or more.” He was beaming and circling around Niko.
Natsuki then followed Niko and saw the miniature dinosaurs. She was blown away from it. Woah, like I don't know what kind of technology you used but did you fuck over space and time by doing this to them? She scratched her her pink and fluffy haired head, trying to comprehend it.
Sylveon, clearly high, looks upon the dinosaurs with a wide eyed glee. Ahh, such beautiful creatures~ truly a species that is the highest and strongest of genetic species... I wonder why they initially went extinct? The historically ignorant huffs again as she stands in wonder on her fours.
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guess that answers his question. The Momkey continues following the group, not even taking the time to look at the shrunken animals.
Isabelle notices the small animals and immediately has a ton of questions flood her mind, but she didn’t want to be a bother so she just decided to accept it “This is all pretty interesting, I couldn’t imagine how all of this is possible. The White House really is amazing”
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One of the guards places the shotgun up to his head. Guard: "It's just orders." Niko shrugs. "Oh don't worry about em getting out, the glass jars may seem pretty normal, but... Just watch." He attempts to punch one of the jars, only to be stopped by something invisible that seems to make waves when the fist gets close enough. "Forcefield technology, although it's only been able to be produced on a... Small scale. All these jars have a device on em that produces this field, basically combining them together into a wall. The most interesting thing is behind the dinosaur wall, but I'm not gonna show the public that just yet." Niko smirks. "Where on Earth? You mean when on Earth, right? The purpose of bringing them here is because... I felt like it, they look cool. Take a long look if you want, but if you'd like to make our last stop at my office, then just tell me and we'll get going."
Spell Punk stares long at the glass jar with a more devilish look like he was thinking something but what? “Hmm I see very well...can’t show off everything must keep some things under bars. Very well we can move on...I guess.”
Natsuki eyes widen, hearing about the force field technology from Niko. Woah, force fields.~ Natsuki tried to tap on the jars but was stopped the the force fields. Natsuki kept on tapping on the force fields anyway, since she was entertained by it, plus her baked mind didn't know any better so there's that.
Ok then ( Walks out of the White House and then Presses a button, soon mr.detectives car pulls up, mr.detective hops in the car) Oh! By the way guards, tell your president I have evidence on him and that he’ll be hearing from lawyers! (The car starts driving at high speeds, quickly disappearing from view)
“Force fields? Time travel? Wow, I just don’t know what to even say, it’s all too amazing” Isabelle continued to look around for a bit more until she was satisfied “Okay, i’m ready to go whenever you are, Mr. President!”
Sylveon listens to Niko' explanation intently, taking a big huff from her joint as she exhales and smiles. She's totally baked at this point. Feels gay man. Life is like, super interesting.
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For some unknown reason, The Momkey has fallen asleep while standing up, though it seems that he’s still on guard just in case any trouble brews. zzz....
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The guards start laughing their asses off. Guard 1: "Can you believe that guy?" Guard 2: "Doesn't he know that congress and the supreme court have already been "removed"?" Niko motions to follow for the last time. He heads over to the office. The middle seems to be purple with another Fleur-de-lis. There's a strange bust on the desk facing away from the door, but hey the office is very finely furnished, so there's that I guess? "Alright, go ahead and take a look around, lay on the couches, do whatever. But... I do have a nice little announcement for everyone but the floating mage guy. Just tell me when to give the announcement and I'll go ahead."
Natsuki saw Sylveon puffing on her joint, reminding her that she still had her joint. Oh fuck, I forgot I still had this. Thanks for reminding me.~ hehe Natsuki took one long inhale of the joint and exhaled all the smoke into the air. Aaaaaa, so much better~ She followed Niko and the rest of the group into the office where she laid down on one of the couches.
Sylveon decides to park her furry loli ass on one of the couches, ending in a pose with a joint in her mouth. Reminder that these couches are made of laventer, the finest fabrics~ the superior socioeconomic system has allowed for the finest quality of living for all, including us, the ones who govern this fine American establishment, much better than the last one may I add. No wigs, no false promises, only dreams... And pleasure~
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zzz... After sleepwalking all the way to President Niko’s office, he literally collapses on one of the couches before curling up into a comfortable fetal position.
The bust on the desk catches Isabelle’s attention and she decides to ask Niko about it “Uhh... Excuse me, Mr. President, but what’s the story behind that bust there, I’m just curious”
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Niko sheds a tear. "That bust is of the greatest man." He takes a good look at it, sweet shades and great hair. Very handsome man. "I only knew him for a few moments before he died in a plane, I learned more about him from stories of him and from written text. His name... Was Johnny Gat." Niko sighs. "Anyway, I'll get to the announcement in a moment." He approaches Isabelle. Just act natural, don't be creepy. Don't reveal more knowledge than you need to. "I never got your name, miss. You caught my eye at first but I wanted to wait to talk to you."
Natsuki kept on puffing on her joint as she was relaxing on the couch. She looked around, being amazing he the interior of the office. After she was done looking around, she slowly closed her eyes, and taking a nap. Zzzzzzzzz
Isabelle was shocked that the president showed interest in her “Oh right! How could I forget to introduce myself to someone as important as the president!? My name is Isabelle”
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Niko smiles. "My name is Niko, don't call me Mr. President, you can just call me by my actual name now, Isabelle." He clears his throat. "Now the announcement is that everyone in the room except floaty mage man will get to be part of the cabinet. You know, a position of power. You'll get anything you could ever ask for, and whatever it is you want, I'll do everything in my power to make sure it's the best version of it..." Niko winks at Isabelle. "...Even if it's something as simple as a seashell, I'll make sure that I'll get the prettiest one there is."
As Natsuki was about to take her nap, she jumped up and heard that she can have a spot in the cabinet. A spot in the cabinet? I'll gladly accept it. Thank you Niko~ Still being baked out of her mind, she gave Niko a kiss on the cheek and shook his hand.
Sylveon giggled at winked at Niko. Anything I want, hmm? I'll keep that in mind~ Feeling somewhat left out by Natsuki's affection and Isabelle getting most of the attention, Sylveon, feeling she is the superior waifu, walks up to Niko from behind and wraps her ribbons around him. I always appreciate everything you do, mayor-san~ the world we will bring about will be truly magical... Together~
After Natsuki gave Niko a kiss, she almost forgotten that Isabelle and Sylveon where there with her. She realized that she didn't properly introduce herself to Isabelle. Oh hi there, sorry if I didn't introduce myself, but I'm Natsuki. After she took a big puff from her joint, she gave one big hug towards Isabelle. After she was done hugging her, she gave one big hug towards Sylveon. Sorry if I wasn't paying much attention, but this weed has some good shit in it~
“Anything I want!? Oh no, I just couldn’t do that, that’s too much. However, I’ll accept the spot in the cabinet if it means I can help out” Isabelle then took notice of Natsuki “Oh, hello there, Natsuki. My name is Isabelle. It seems like you are very ... well acquainted with the president. I assume you two have know each other for a while, right? Well either way both of you seem very kind, I’m happy to meet you”
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Niko nods. "Well, welcome aboard, I look forward to working with and getting to know you, Isabelle."
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