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Come Up With a Better Name Game
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The Fresh Prince is back at it again. This time it's a game once more! For this game, you have to come up with a better name for something, and then come up with the next thing! For example! Lets say the first word is curry! I have to come up with a better name for curry! A better name for curry is spicy indian sauce! Now I name another word! Remember it can be anything! Ready for your first word? Come up with a better name for Sugar Cookies!
cookies with extra diabetes
Better than the raisin ones
You forgot to come up with the next thing to name, idiots. Sugar cookies are sweetened dough Next thing will be music videos
Audio Movies Next thing is skeletons
boner bois next thing is televisions
Laser eye-killers Next thing is reading
Inb4 tv Next is snakes
Footless lizard Next is Steak ( Why not? )
Satan. Next is Yo Mama
Steak is Satan now. OK. Back to the game: Dead jokes Next is Teleportation
invisible voosh next is the economy
A dumpster fire. Next up, memes.

BANNED Next up, the EU
Anti-YouTube land Next is, anime
(edited by Natsuki)
f u c k i ng b a n n e d Next up, Uganda.
(edited by swat_squad)
Knuckles Hometown Next, living

Discount Purgatory Next is time
the source of all my problems Next will be... Macaroons

Cookie Sandwiches Next will be clothes
hug fabric next is piano
Hammerboxing Next is America
School-Shootingland Next is the P5 Phansite
Thread Creator

I thought this thread would get one post at most, pleasantly surprised P5 Phansite = Mistake Next word is Fridge
Grass storage Next is Heaven
The Place you go when you YEET yourself Next is Junes, as in the store
Big Yosuke Hell's Next is Amrita Soda
Cure For Bad Taste Next: Pokemon GO
Car crashes Next is Tachanka.
A meme deader than my grandfather. Next is Ohio!
It exists ? Waffles
Pancakes with Abs Next is capitalism
Money good, you fuck Next is the Phansite
The Tenth Circle. Next is the moon.
Cheese satellite Next will be stars
Thread Creator

Glowy bois, Next is uhh chocolate bars

Square Cocoa Next is Persona
Roleplaying IRL Next one will be the web
A land of hellish things best left unknown. Next up, occult secrets.
Fanfictions about Satan Next is teachers
The best girlfriends :me: Next: Thieves
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