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Who Would Win in a Fight Forum Game
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Yo yo yo, Fresh Prince back at it again, hitting you with a forum game I came up with. The way it works is simple. First you answer the question, who would win in a fight. Then you pit the winner against another person, then the next post will choose a winner, and pit them against another person! So, I'll start with an example! Who would win in a fight? Mario vs Captain Lou Albano? I would say Captain Lou Albano as he's a wrestler who plays Mario, so he's the winner. Now I pit him against Will Smith. Who would win in a fight? Captain Lou Albano vs Will Smith! Let's roll everyone!
Captain Lou Albano because Will easily got dunked on by those dudes in the intro. Captain Lou Albano versus Thanos
Thanos because well he‘s Thanos Thanos vs Goku
Goku because well he's Goku Goku vs Sans I'm not very creative, i'm sorry
Goku because Sans lost to a literal child once. Goku vs Fat Albert
Goku is no match for the combined might of the Cosby Kids. Fat Albert vs Albert Wesker
Fat Albert is the strongest life form out there. Fat Albert vs Mishima
Mishima(dmin). And the mods. Phansite administration vs. (next person's pick)
um... I guess I'll just make one. Phansite Administration vs Barack Obama
Obunga Obunga vs. Solid Snake but he has his pp caught in a rat trap
obama has the power to say the n word, therefore he automatically wins. obama vs. blue lightning mcqueen
Obama has drones. Mcqueen is a car full of flammable liquids. Obama vs Konami
Konami has snake, which already lost to obama. Obama vs Rick Astley
Rick Asstley is a dead meme Obama vs Dante
Dante’s an SMT character and we all know how broken those are. Dante vs. Waluigi
waluigi couldn't even make it to smash, despite being a first party character Dante vs Mr Magorium
Waluigi was OP in this year's "War of the Fat Italians," but Dante's got a better chance to get in as Smash Ultimate DLC. Dante vs. Bowsette & Co. Inb4 Supervillain shows up and breaks the comment chain by making it about him lol
And it looks like I was too late. Dante still wins though
I never @'ed anyone. I was just saying. Oh, and Bowsette wins. Mr. Magorium was a good movie though; got me through some rough times as a kid. Bowsette vs. the rest of the internet. (lol I rhymed)
the rest of the internet makes fucktons of porn of bowsette causing them to commit suicide the rest of the internet vs. revived god emperor fat albert
(edited by InterNiko)
fat albert could LITERALLY crush the internet with his godly body mass. Fat Albert vs Zelda Williams
Fat Albert wouldn't fight Zelda Williams, but he would win regardless. Fat Albert vs Machamp
Fat > Muscle Fat Albert vs Danny Devito
Egg transists through different timelines, therefore he can find Danny's weakness and then use it on him before the fight begins. Egg vs. Lancer
egg teams with temmie, while lancer teams with the heroes. Lancer vs the golden goose Gilbert Gottfried played in jack and the beanstalk (2009)
Lancer team because their 'act' can persuade anything Lancer vs Ben Shapiro
Facts don't care about your ACTing, so Ben Shapiro would win from punching Lancer in the face. Ben Shapiro vs Nyx
(edited by Sarinman)
Nyx because Ben Sharpiro is a human, he shall die like all the rest. Such has been man's fate since he tasted the fruit of knowledge. Nyx vs Izanami.
Izanami, because all Nyx does is kill things, and you can’t kill what’s already dead Izanami vs Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro because Jojo memes best memes. Jotaro Kujo Vs. Scott Pilgrim
scott pilgrim faced off against the world and won, jotaro also faced off against the world and won. but scott plays the guitar Scott Pilgrim vs Norbit (the eddy murphy character)
(edited by elmco)
Norbit cause her t h i c c will insta-kill anyone and uhhhh Norbit vs Spooderman
norbit, because eddy murphy plays a loser, a fat lady and a chinese man in that movie Norbit vs Preminger (from Barbie's The Princess and The Pauper, played by Martin Short) here he is https://i.ytimg.com/vi/XjkqVQ36ehw/maxresdefault.jpg
Preminger. He looks op. Preminger versus ditto
Ditto wins since it copys Preminger form and killed Preminger saw how ugle he was and he died... THE END Ditto vs Jevil (Don't use my profile picture for this one, it's for an rp i'm doing)
(edited by Jevil)
i mean, jevil can do anything, but ditto can copy jevil and overtake them, so ditto would win ditto vs danny devito as detective pikachu
Ditto is a trash pokemon and danny devito is the trash man so DDDP wouldn't waste any time throwing ditto in the garbage, it's a 9-1 matchup Danny devito as detective pikachu vs shaggy verde https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltn7yrEGdhI
Shaggy has the Zoinks! Beam so he wins Shaggy Verde versus Gohan Blanco.
Shaggy Verde can destroy worlds, all he needs is bravery (which he has), gohan doesn't stand a chance. Shaggy Verde vs An amalgamation of every sesame street character
Shaggy Verde would win. The amalgamation would probably end up killing itself from all of the different emotions. Shaggy Verde vs Jack Black
Thread Creator

I don't know who Jack Black is so Shaggy wins by default. Shaggy Verde vs 1 Scooby Snack
I don't know who Jack Black is so Shaggy wins by default. Shaggy Verde vs 1 Scooby Snack Jack Black is the voice of Po from Kung Fu Panda and a bunch of other stuff. He's a living legend.
Thread Creator

Ah I see. >Not knowing who Jack Black is Boy do you not live on Earth No I live in Canada.
Jack Black can also bring monsters to life by writing them in a story so he stands a fair chance against Shaggy, who's scarred of monsters. is it possible to veto someone else's win?
Thread Creator

No form of Shaggy can resist the allure of a Scooby snack, so the Scooby Snack wins 1 scooby snack vs. 10 Waterbears
A scooby snack can make Shaggy and Scooby do anything, so Scooby snack wins. 1 Scooby Snack or Kefka?
(edited by Mr_Dream)
Waterbears make the snacc wet. Wet snacc bad. 10 Waterbears vs Joker while locking another thread.
We have created two alternative paths. We cannot have two alternative paths.
jokermod wins everytime jokermod vs the vengaboys
Jokermod, simple. Also, can someone explain the other two to me? Jokermod vs. (someone who's not Mishimadmin or another mod)
I think Vengaboys would win, because it's as they say... "The Venga-Bus is coming, and everybody's jumping." and they looove to party. Vengaboys vs Two Time Returner Fat Albert
Thread Creator

Just to settle this lets say it's Jokermod vs Vengaboys vs Fat Albert, I honestly love Vengaboys and I bet Jokermod does to, Fat Albert sounds like he would be down as well. Let's throw two legends against each other. Vengaboys vs Fresh Prince of June aka me!
i gotta say, no matter how high your power level may or mayn't be, the vengaboys shall overtake you. Vengaboys vs Tony the Tiger
Tony the Tiger got killed a while back by the furries. You're making them desecrate the corpse. Tunnel Snakes vs Vengaboys.
Tunnel Snakes win because I say so. Tunnel Snakes vs. Arceus.
Arceus is God incarnate. Arceus vs. Funny Valentine
Even at his very best Funny Valentine was only able to bend space to form a barrier that deflects harm, as a god Arcus can easily go through this space which makes him about as vulnerable as a normal dude Arceus vs. Demi Fiend
ONE MORE GOD REJECTED Demi Fiend vs Ultra Instinct Rolf
Is this even a fight? Sounds more like a slaughter. Ultra Instinct Rolf vs Ultra Instinct Shaggy
are you joking? ultra instinct shaggy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h9V0nDT9XU U I Shagster vs KISS (the space time god version)
Shaggy. No questions asked. Ultra Instinct Shaggy vs Crippling Depression
shaggy would never succumb to crippling depression. UI shaggy vs king of all cosmos
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