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RIP Diablo
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Blizzcon 2018 just announced the new Diablo title: Diablo Immortal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtSmAwpVHsA As of posting this, the ratio is: 2.3k Likes 57k Dislikes That, and the muted applause Wyatt got from the crowd was also telling https://youtu.be/fLrIbCTWRS4?t=8168 Diablo on the Mobile. Good grief.
The sad thing is, I was just playing Diablo 3 on ps3.

They keep deleting comments that upset them too which is kind of a dick move, what did they expect? The whole aidience to love a blatant mobile cash grab of this sort? Welp
The sad thing is this is STILL better Diablo news than some people were expecting from what I've heard. And yeah, Blizzard's kinda been putting out mostly cash grabs recently, its a little sad
When will game companies know that making a mobile game of a popular game is a bad and I MEAN bad idea.
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The mobile market and microtransactions makes billions per year. Really, it's our fault they are doing it, since people like to nickle and dime themselves on the store.
I hope Atlus wont make mistakes like this, especially to Persona
And thus we see more publishers follow EA. Well they can go EAt their own steaming failure for the dumb decisions they are making.
Didn't Atlus already do something like this with Dx2 and it's 0.5% 5* rates? That's easily the lowest rates I've ever seen in a mobile game.
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I've seen other games do worse with rates. Dissidia Omnia Opera has 0.01020% drop rates for 5* drops
That’s an oddly specific number, but it makes Granblue’s Bass 3% seem so much nicer
A. SMT Liberation Dx2 was actually developed by SEGA, not Atlus. B. While the drop rates are low you can just grind until you can fuse a 5 star demon anyway.
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