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A hatty return
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It was a nice peaceful time at the park. The same place where Hat Kid vanished but now she was back... somehow and Hat Adult was with her Hat Kid started eatting some ice cream as she looks around and to some people who can see powers and such. They would see that Hat Kid had a new power (Teleportation)
Raiden walked over and noticed a pair at the park. "Hello, i'm Raiden Genesis, i can't help but notice you have some magical properties can you show me? Raiden watches with interest and pulls out a notebook for notes.
Niko's... Still on a street lamp. "You found the little girl? Nice." He looks a bit disappointed. "I feel bad that I couldn't find who took you only to turn on you at the last minute."
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Hat Kid soon teleports behide Niko "And I don't even know who took me but also theirs now a evil version of myself in the city*"
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*Maria appears from out of a bush behind Hat Kid with Kyu.* Nothing personal, Kid *Maria giggles* Nah, I'm doing that. I'm not a loser. Hello nerds!
Mae smoked a doobie next to Niko and looked at the Hat Kid strangely. This "My" person sounds pretty interesting. And evil.
Ann was walking around and saw Niko and realized how cute he is. Aaaawww, what a cute kitty~ Ann proceeded to scratch behind Niko's left ear.
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Hat Kid after getting slapped would look at Niko "It's ok" Hat Kid soon looks at Maria and was about to say something until Mae appeared. Soon Hat Kid looks at Mae, wondering who this person was
Niko nods. "Sounds like a very very terrible person... Wanna go team up with em?" Niko... Meows and purrs? It's being caused by Ann scratching behind his ear.
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Shake 'em down, take their stuff? I'm aaall for it.
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(When you don't realized you made a error in your spelling until it's too late XD_
Raiden took note of all this. "I was right, this is a good show!" He chuckled softly to himself, sitting on a chair. "I'm interested on where this is going!"
Suddenly, without warning, THE most DASTARDLY being imaginable hath descended onto the domain of the Hat Kid! HAHAHAHAA! YOU'RE TOO LATE, HAT KID! the organization has already captured your friends and now soon the worlds economy will belong to me! I will begin with McDonalds, and then Burger King, and SUBWAY! not even local chains are safe! only such EVIL planning can be done by... THE SUPERVILLAIN
(Sees hat kid) Hello long time no see (Notices supervillain) Supervillain?! Oh no I’m shakeing in my boots by this original name Too bad for him I get paid to stop guys like him
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Ann scratched behind Niko's ear more. hehe, you such a cute kitty~ Ann then looked at Mae. oooo, another kitty~ Ann then did the exact same thing to Niko where she scratched behind the left ear of Mae.
*Maria starts flailing her arms around.* Gah! So many strange people suddenly! Stranger danger! Gah!
Niko forgets about the scratching to laugh his ass off and clap. "This supervillain is the best thing here! This reminds me of those saturday morning cartoons all those people on the human internet talk about!"
H-Hey, what do you think you're doi-- mrow.... Mae closes her eyes, tail wagging as she enjoys her ears being scratched. Full cat mode.
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Hat Kid just looks at the SUPERVILLAIN "... uhhh... just to let you know I don't even know this guys and I can tell he's not the one who did that to me" Hat Kid said before a huge dark laser hits her in the well everywhere
Ann liked how Mae turned into a cat. Hehe, you so silly~ Ann then stopped and saw the other weird people. Hmmmm, they look suspicious...
Raiden laughed at this and greeted people to watch this magnificent scene play out. "Really, things like these are a Magican four ta, after all," He leans back in his chair. "Sometimes watching is better for a performance."
(Turns to hat kid) Oh no you okay?! (Runs to hat kid to help her out)
The Supervillain brings in his EVIL and VILLANOUS army of helicopter attack robots deflect the lasers as he points at Niko with a lightning flash in the background FOOL! I am no cartoon! I am the embodiment of all things EVIL AND DARK! the shadows will consume you, and all your friends! but first, I really need money. The Supervillain raises his hand, and ATMs instantly surrender to his might and fork over billions of dollars. MWAHAHAHAHA WHO WILL STOP MY DASTARDLY PLANS? NO ONE! I AM THE SUPERVILLAIN Supervillains most powerful attack pet, the DEATHRAPTOR lunges at the Hat Kid while gunfire rains fromt the skies!
Niko watches as the laser hits Hat Kid and he claps some more. "Whoever did that has a pretty good aim. I wish that person taught me how to fire a gun."
Mae takes a deep huff of her blunt and offers it to Niko as she recieves her headpats and enjoys the show. Hey, want a nip?
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Hat Kid soon gets up and sees her dark/evil self before her evil self vanished and soon the Mafia Boss appears https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/a-hat-in-time/images/6/6a/MafiaBoss.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/310?cb=20151024183546 Mafia Boss: What!? Where am i? Hey, i'm not stuck in a jar and i have my body back (Yeah i'm just going to ignore the supervillain. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings)
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(Looks at supervillain) Okay enough with you (Points one of his magnums with explosive rounds and fires at deathraptor Blowing him into bits)
Ann then looked at the fighting going on. Hmmm, might as well watch as long as they don't hurt me or these poor kitties. Ann brought out some popcorn and started to eat some while watching the madness.
Niko nods. "Sure, I'd love to try some of that."
Mae passes her blunt to Niko while observing this situation. It was like, totally tripping, yo. It's like, who needs TV.
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Hat Kid sighs as she take out her umbrella before the Mafia boss started attacking her and she soon noticed... he was powered up (Deathwish) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgDi0D-NTsw
(Dodges the syringes and starts running from the bunnies to get a far enough distance to explode them as well with his duel magnums) Ok.....you have a very weird fantasy for an evil villain, I’m starting to think this isn’t the right career for you
A Momkey walks towards the gathering of strange people, adjusting his sunglasses. Slightly displeased by what he’s seeing, The Momkey pulls out a banana from out of his ass, putting it up to his ear like a phone. uh, hey chief, quick question. IS THIS IS? ...no, aight, i gotchu.
I'm missing so much stuff. Let's watch Kyu *Kyu nods before Maria walls over to Ann and sits down.* You there. Miss blond lady. I demand to steal some of your popcorn for feeding of your great lords Darth Mar and Kyu the Adorable. Please.
Niko takes the blunt and attempts to smoke it... The smoke does get to his lungs but he coughs up the smoke eventually. "Ugh, gonna take a lot of time before I'll get used to that."
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Ann happily enjoys the scene and was eating her popcorn until she saw Maria talking to her about some death lords. Uh, sure? Gives popcorn to Maria. You know, this is better then any movie I watch, don't you think?
I, the SUPERVILLAIN have waited all of my life to take over the world! a mere gary stu is no match for my ORIGINALITY and PERSEVERENCE! But you are too late, Mr. Detective! Soon, I will turn the sun into a golf ball and play golf with the ENTIRE UNIVERSE! THE ONLY LEGAL GAME WILL BE [B]GOLF WITH FRIENDS![/B] As for you, Mr. Detective, you will meet your match with THIS! Mr. Detective is SHOCKED AND APPALED as a dark apparition appeared, he is suddenly faced with the ghost of Michael Jackson. All of the robots revive (including the DEATHRAPTOR) and engage in dank dance moves. Soon all will be unable to resist the dance MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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After the fight, the Mafia Boss explodes... Hat Kid (with only 1 hp left) sits down and sighs
Mae can't help but giggle a bit. Hah, no worries. It takes awhile. I quit the stuff for awhile, but then I realized that all the propaganda is just telling me not to have fun, so like, eff it.
Gary Stu? Don’t you mean Mary Sue? And why is everyone calling me that when- (Notices that a syringe got injected into the back of his elbow) OH COME ON! Well at least that proves you wrong
Niko was actually concealing a gun... The pistol the Scout gave him. He whips it out. "Hey Hat bitch!" He aims the gun at her. "The game was rigged from the start." He fires the gun.
Now that the listerine is in your blood, Mr. Detective, your only choice... Is to dance. HEN-SHIN The Supervillain begins breakdancing, Michael Jackson takes the lead as he starts to lead the dancing army towards the government building to take over Japan The Supervillain dances all the way to the sun and begins the process of turning it into a golf ball using the latest version of Universe Sandbox 2 MWAHAHAHAHAHA
Police Momkey takes a bite out of half of his banana with the peel still on before chucking the other half at Mr. Detective. it’s because all of your fucking attacks are too bullshit for a detective character! like seriously, why would a detective have two goddamn guns at his disposal?
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Hat Kid soon teleports behide Niko and she had the Time Stop Hat on "Guess it was"
Thanks. *Maria starts eating popcorn, giving some to Kyu, who yips happily. This is a good movie not movie thing. You're right.
Niko fully expected that as he puts the gun right between Hat Kid's eyes. "Good idea." He fires the gun again.
(To police monkey) I have to have some sort of self defense Would it be better if I changed my name to mercenary
Ann shrugs at Maria. Eh, I'm not sure at this point. Oof, this looks so sad. Ann brought out her Alexa where she then told her to play Despacito
Untitled by Simple Plan plays in the background while Mr. Detective lies bleeding, bullet in his chest. The robot bunny that injected him lifts him up crying. "It will be okay... i was made of listrine... I'll be with you in the afterlife, my love." Michael jackson is the new president of Neo-Japan, the sun is now a golfball. The Supervillain hole in ones the Alpha Centauri MWAHAHAHA! NOW I AM GOING TO TURN MARS INTO A PLANET ENTIRELY POPULATED BY MINIONS!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Ooc: i deleted that post
Woah, Stand Your Ground! Mae tries to hit the Hat Kid with her bat
do what you want, i’m not here to order people around. ...unless they’re breaking the law, of course.
(To Mae and niko) What did Child with hat do to you?
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Hat Kid soon uses her Hat to slow down time and dodge the attack before time returned "Ok, can we please stop fighting... please..."
Ohhh, sorry, I thought you were a terrorist. I'm kinda high. Sorry.
Wow sounds like police monkey could be arresting you right about now
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"It's alright" Hat Kid soon sits down and sighs before she gently started patting Mae's head
The tyrannical government of Neo-Japan continues to oppress the population. Ghost Michael Jackson, President and dubbed the Dancer of Death by the intergalactic community rules the populace in an eternal Thriller The SUPERVILLAIN has turned the entire universe into a golf course and has occasional tea with Cthulhu Does no HERO dare try to stop my EVIL PLANS!?
"This is boring, so many people and all they decide to do is watch. Pitiful." Raiden stands up and reaches into his Black Void of Mystery to pull out an one, something like an invert eye ball. It started to float. "If it's fine with you Hat Kid, then I'll take these villains out. Need to test out my new power after all."
Niko shrugs. "I mean, I gotta take the opportunity to have a kill on my record. Bad karma is rad, yo. I had the chance to kill Takaya, but Shinji kinda ruined that chance." He fires at Hat Kid again.
Woah, I can't go to jail? do you see this ass I have? do you know what they'll DO to me in jail? Niko, like, bail me out or something. Wait, don't we have that money?
(Notices what supervillain is doing) To be honest I’m tired of looking at what your doing (Looks away from supervillain)
With no opposition to the DASTARDLY, and BEAUTIFULLY EVIL villainy of the SUPERVILLAIN, he continues to rule the Golfiverse while Michael Jackson rules Neo-Japan. The invasion of China, Australia and Korea has begun WHO WILL STOP THIS EVIL? TO BE CONTINUED. WHEN THE WRITER ISNT DYING OF HUNGER
Niko nods. "I mean, I've seen the ass you've had... Maybe a bit closer than anyone else thoooough. Of course I'd have the money to bail you out though."
welp, i’m gonna go back to fortnite city to nae nae all of those epic gamers. The Momkey departs the park.
(To hat kid) So again hi
Oh, well looks like I'm off the hook! Let's use the money to get beer and pizza. and wings too. Totally craving wings. She wags her tail at Niko.
Niko smiles and puts gives the thumbs up. "Hell yeah, let's go do that right now." Niko gets up from sitting on the street lamp and he attempts to jump down backwards... But he accidentally does a backflip. He looks at himself in excitement and confusion. "Did... I just do that?"
Woah, fuckin' awesome! you're really learning from my skillset. Mae leaps down from the lightpost, landing nimbly on her feet with a smile. I should show you more stuff. Maybe in an isolated part of this already-kinda-isolated city.
Niko looks less confused and more excited about that. "Hell yeah, I'd love to get more acrobatic! Would be useful for getting to high places to watch and laugh at more people." He motions for Mae to follow. "Well, anyway, shall we get going?"
Ann finished eating her popcorn and dropped the popcorn box. She then put on her hoodie and walked away and disappeared into the night.
Imma leave like a ninja! Vanishing art of disapearing goodness- dark style! *Maria and Kyu jump into a bush.*
You don't know how to live until you know how to sit at a distance and laugh at the world. I'm an expert at that. Let's go! Japanese pizza places aren't as bad as they say on the internet. Mae merrily skips alongside Niko, holding his hand.
Niko nods. "Yeah, I knoooow." He Niko skips as well, skipping away from this trainwreck.
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