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Smok Butt and Eat Weed
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Pfft You guys need to come up with something original smoks ass and c o n s u m e weed
vapes anus and vores devil's lettuce
Intakes smoke from posterior body part into mouth and lungs, and ingests marijuana
Partake in a strange vapor from the anal cavity and then take a strange plant and shove it down your throat.
Inhale buttocks and devour a plant unwanted in human-controlled settings
Digest Glutteous Maximus and consume cells that form the construct of a plant herb that contains drug related purposes.
chug fire vapour of the mary jane watson kind and swallow tailbone fat
Eat gas and hate fast.
Smell gas-propagating human body parts and consume Shaggy's girlfriend in the first live-action Scooby-Doo movie.
Snort grapes up your ass and inhale lots of oxygen. Proceed to cry in the shower about how all you know is a lie. Wake up pretending you are Morgan Freeman.
Kokichi, this isn't a thread where you talk about your life story
Who said it was my life story? OwO Mine is grape panta, lies and world domination.
Absorb booty, snort crack
hey watch this consumes a healthy balanced diet
hey watch this consumes a healthy balanced diet Is it possible to learn this power?
hey watch this Slonks gang weed and crunches cup noodle
smoke ass, eat grass https://i.ytimg.com/vi/VAv8_I7e_CA/maxresdefault.jpg
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