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LeBlanc: the Star Opening
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Star is seen polishing a glass behind the counter as she opens LeBlanc up for the first time. My turn to open LeBlanc? I hope nobody is mad that I used the spare keys.
Dahlia: ah, hey star. Long time no see!
Niko reads the sign outside... "LeBlanc", eh? Probably no correlation to one of his favorite games. He enters and sits down on one of the seats, not really paying attention to anyone else there.
Kotori walks in and sits at the counter, looking at the attendant before dropping a bag of gold on the counter. I require sustainance!
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Star looks up from her glass and sees Dahlia. Oh, hey. Long time no see...uhh...Dahlia, right? She looks at Kotori. ...okay then. she slides her a cup of coffee.
Dahlia: yup, thats me. Back after feeling a lot better. How about you?
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She turns back to Dahlia. Meh, not much. I show up every once and a while, cause some things to happen, and then leave. You know, normal insane goddess stuff. I will admit I've been a bit lazy on my chaos lately, but there's a lot of new stuff coming out and I want to complete it, so I hang back on my power so I can just come straight home and play video games.
Dahlia: i see. Well may as well have a cup o joe to help keep me alert.
Kotori takes the cup and chugs it, the look on her face as she realizes what it is and almost spits it out is comical, but she manages to keep it in Nnnnngh! She makes a face of extreme distaste, before giving a non-convincing smile to Star I-it's good... cough cough G-good stuff.....
A Tim, Splat Tim enters Leblanc guzzling down a can of Light Blue Paint. Being the president Tim, Splat Tim has been hard work and he, Tim, Splat Tim, thought it to bee good to hit the town. Sup citizens, it is I, Tim Splat Tim, the President of this here Nexus. I, Tim, Splat Tim have come to drink all the coffee. But first, I, Tim, Splat Tim, must do what I Tim, Splat Tim need to do. Tim, Splat Tim would then proceed to cover most of the cafe in Light blue paint and sit down. He waves to the owner. I, Tim, Splat Tim, will take a light blue mocha latte with an extra helping of light blue paint please and thanks. Tim, Splat Tim would then spray more blue paint around the cafe whole drinking another can of lighg blue paint finishing it off with a burp.
he's here
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Right then. She slides Dahlia a cup of joe. Free coffee for today only. We've also got a new cake rack. She gesters to a rack with many small, tasty looking cakes.
Jackie enters "Well hopefully this place doesn't get nuked." She took a seat "Yo! Can I have a flapjacks with OJ please~"
Tom Nook was about to go up and ask for some coffee when he notice Splat Tim, he heard about him. Soon Tom walks up to him "Hello sir. My name's Tom Nook, the owner of Nook's homes. So I've heard their has been a problem with people coming to the nexus and not having a place to live in"
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She looks at the president with a slight glare. ...fine. Just make sure to clean up later. Even the president has to follows the rules of the establishment. She slides him his order, before sliding Jackie her order.
dahlia takes a sip and hums in delight. She then quickly finishes it and wipes her lips with a napkin. Dahlia: ah... so good. Well i should get going... see ya star. and she then takes her leave.
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Okay, later Dahlia. Star goes back to polishing her glass.
Niko's mostly surprised that the social butterflies that inhabit the nexus haven't come to talk to him yet. Whatever. "I'd like a coffee with cream and sugar, please."
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Coming right up. She slides Niko his cream and sugar coffee.
Tim, Splat Tim would shoot finger guns to the server and proceed to cheg his, Tim, Splat Tim's drink as Tim, Splat Tim would. He, Tim, Splat Tim had perfected the way to drink everything he, Tim, Splat Tim would relax his, Tim, Splat Tim's throat muscles as much as they could and pour the drink down. He, Tim, Splat tim would then let out a delectable burp with specs of blue paint coming out. Es pretty good must say. Tim, Splat Tim has burped up a good one. He, Tim, Splat Tim would then take out another can of light blue paint and cheg once again remembering the old days and times before his presedency, which wasn't too long. Nice establishment too, could use more color however. Tim, Splat Tim knows the perfect color too! I, Tim, Splat Tim have already helped a bit with the re coloring, but I shall continue for I, Tim, Splat Tim like to do charity work! Tim, splat Tim would then jump out of his seat and run around covering spots that weren't light blue. Afterwards he would sit back down Es a nice color now, yes it is! I'll take another drink please and thanks.
Geeze... It's been forever since I've been here.... Anyone know if GYM is still around? Kotori asks nobody in particular, opting to push the cup of coffee away from herself Or anywhere there's a fight to be had at least?
"Thanks." He takes a few sips of the coffee.
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She glares and Tim as he paints the place before looking at Kotori. Well, I did open a colosseum where free for all fights could be had, but it didn't last long. I could open it again at some point maybe...
Her eyes sparkles "Oooh, thankies"
Sayaka would be kinda surprised to see this place open again as she passes by on her way home, she initially considers simply walking past, but after a second of deliberation, Sayaka takes a deep breath and heads inside, waving as she does “Hey, can I just get something kinda sweet to start with? I haven’t been around in a bit so I don’t remember the names.” Sayaka faintly chuckles and scratches the back of her head as she finds a seat
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Okay, something sweet coming right up. Star slides Sayaka a coffee with a small sign that says "Sweet Coffee" sticking out of it.
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...huh... honestly thought people would talk to other people here...guess the olden days of this land are about over...
Tim, Splat Tim would give a smile with some more finger guns to the server. Tim, Splat Tim will take a look around mow to make sure this place is up to code. Not only do I, Tim, splat Tim, serve as a president, but also Health Inspector, for I am Tim, Splat Tim Health Inspector AND President of the Nexus! Tim, Splat Tim would jump out of his seat and take a look around scribbling on his, Tim, Splat Tim's note pad, while also making stern grunts. After a couple minutes, Tim, Splat Tim would sit back in his chair and look at the server and sigh. I, Tim, Splat Tim will lay it to you straight. This place is a mess, you got wet paint all over the place, paint in the coffee and just paint everywhere. If you were planning on remodeling, ya should have closed down the shop. Now, Tim, Splat Tim would then crack a cold one of light blue paint and chug it whilst burping I, Tim, Splat Tim understand its a rough economy out there, and trust me, Tim, Splat Tim, I, Tim Splat Tim am working on it. However, until this place is up to code, I, Tim Splat Tim, out of the safety for the citizens of the Nexus, ask you close this establishment down for now, until I, Tim, Splat Tim can re-evaluate this place in, uhhhhhh, a week, or maybe longer, for I, Tim, Splat Tim am very busy with presidential work. So for now this place must close. Thank you for your understanding. Tim, Splat Tim would then turn the sign to closed and clap his, Tim, Splat Tim's hands Work done.
Ah... Sayaka-chan~ Kotori hops up and walks over to Sayaka Hey! It's been like... Forever! How are you?
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...oh thank God he's gone. Star pulls a button out from under the counter and resets the shop by pressing the button. I'm damn happy I had that installed. Seriously, this place is destroyed every other day, and someone has to fix it.
Salutes God speed~
dahlia then peeks back, seeing as that which musnt be named has left. Dahlia: sorry bout that, i was waiting for a good chance to actually talk with people. she then introduces herself to the rest of the guests, bowing. Dahlia: hello everyone. My name is dahlia, may i ask who you all are?
Tim, Splat Tim wpuld walk back into Leblanc a bit surprised. Good clean up, but as Tim, Splat Tim said, before this place can re open, it must be re-evaluated before it can ipen back up. If you continue to serve, more severe consequences must be put in place. One cannot go against the laws of this land that I, Tim, splat Tim have made. Now, I, Tim Splat Tim will let you off the hook for now, but please do not go behind the laws. For that, is illegal. Tim, Splat Tim would then take another cheg of light blue paint and burp I, Tim, Splat Tim shall take another look around, for safety sake!
Hat Kid soon enters the LeBlanc, just kinda bored
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Star face palms at the return of Tim. Look buddy, I'm gonna level with you. No funny business, or I'll throw you into the pit of hell in the back room. I have a license for that pit, and it's better than throwing things into the dumpster.
OOC: calm yourself star, I’m slowerxwhile at school IC: Sayakaaccepts her drink with a grin, she raises an eyebrow looking at the description, but it IS what she asked for. Sayaka takes a quick drink, before she hears Kotori. Sayaka let’s out a bit of a sigh, remembering their last talk, but there’s no reason to be hostile. Hey Kotori, sure has been a while. Your garden doing alright? Her voice isn’t particularly excited, but at the very least she’s clearly calm I’ve been pretty alright. Kinda bored honestly, but I guess if anything that’s good.
He takes another sip of his coffee before he notices someone introducing themself to everyone. They don't seem to be attractive to him, so it's finally his time to shine. He turns around. "Oh, Dahlia, you don't remember me? It's your best friend, "Shamus McFuckyourself"."
Dahlia: goodbye. she left again in an annoyed tone. She just wanted to have a nice talk with people, not relive what made her want to leave in the first place.
Kotori smiles at Dahlia Kotori! I own the garden in the crater outside of town, and I always enjoy a good fight! Nice to meet ya! She turns to Sayaka, in contrast, very excited Yup! I've taken to caring for a dragon egg I found on my trip there too. She puts her hand on her chin, thinking a little You don't like fighting... So being bored means there's not much trouble going on lately, right? So.... I'm glad you're bored then!
Tim, Splat Tim chuckles. Hell is nothing to one such as I, Tim, Splat Tim. Also threatening the president is not a thing that should be taken lightly. I, Tim, Splat Tim came here to help local businesses run in this new economic world. All I, Tim Splat Tim am hoping to do is make sure this place is good to run. Now I, Tim Splat Tim shall take a look at this so called Pit of hell. Gotta see if its regulation sized. Strange world we live in eh? Tim, Splat Tim would then check out the pit of hell while chegging light blue paint measuring everything about the room and the pit. This will take a bit.
Hat Kid had no clue what just happen but she soon goes to the counter and sits on the chair
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...nope, not gonna do it. It'd only make things worse. Star refrains from kicking Tim into the hole...instead locking the door behind him. Lesser of two evils.
dahlia was just outside the front door, with a pouty face and arms crossed. She lets out an exasperated sigh.
"Having a hard time?" A voice said near Dahlia
Niko facepalms. They couldn't take one little bit of assholery? "Wow, was hoping for a reaction instead of them just straight up leaving. It's less fun that way."
Sayaka takes another sip of her coffee, faintly considering that it might not have been the best order, but she nearly spits some out at the mention of a dragon egg *cough, cough* Are you uh... Sure you should be keeping that? Those things are supposed to be dangerous. Sayakascratches the back of her head, breathing a sigh as she sets her bag down That’s a good way to think of it I guess. I haven’t had to do much because there’s no danger. Better than seeing the place half-destroyed at least.
Dahlia: yeah... the whole reason i had to take a leave in the form of “vacations” before coming back was because people were being a jerk to me... she then looks in shock at the figure shes talking to. Dahlia: hat kid?! Er, you’re grown up, so should i call you hat WOMAN? Er... uh...
Tim,Splat Tim would simply unlock the door with the Key to the Nexus that he received at his Inauguration. Tim, Splat Tim would be looking at his Tim, Splat Tim's notebook stroking his Tim, Splat Tim's chin. Well good news and bad news I, Tim Splat Tim do say. Pit of Hell is nice and warm, so thats good. however it is too big, and the room its in is way too small too hold a pit of hell that size. I, Tim, Splat Tim took the liberty of closing it so it would not endanger the citizens. You will need a new permit to build one again and it will need to be reviewed by me, Tim, Splat Tim. To get a permit, please visit my, Tim Splat Tim's office between 10:00 AM to 6 PM. I, Tim Splat Tim hope to see you there. Now, I, Tim, Splat Tim will continue my search around.
Hat Adult chuckles "Oh, so you met my younger self then. Don't worry, she didn't grow up that quickly. I'm from another universe, call me Hat Adult" (going to go take a shower)
She giggles Don't worry, dragons are just like any other animal. Raise them right and they love you. Dragons themselves though... ...... Ehehe.... I'll climb that hurdle when I come to it! How's Madoka-chan and Homura-chan doing? Are they happy to be bored too?
Are you.... Sayaka shakes her head, ultimately deciding not to ask that question. Instead she crosses her arms with a huff Beats me, haven’t seen either of ‘em in so long they may as well be dead.. After a brief pauses Sayaka waves her hands in front of her and shakes her head Not that I’d want that or anything. It’s just a figure of speech. OOC: gotta start driving now, should be back in around 40 minutes
(and i'm back)
Dahlia: ok. Fair enough...
Yeah, I get you. I hope they're ok.... She sits down next to Sayaka, stretching her arms out in the air I missed you guys. Even if we fought a lot, well... it was only you and I who fought, but even still, I missed my friends. Maybe now that I'm back we can do something together? Something that doesn't have to do with fighting... Like.... "hanging out"? I'm kinda interested in these... uhh.... "Amusement parks". I hear they have giant metallic corpses of ouroboros' that people have turned into machines for fun!
(edited by Kotori_K)
"Well I don't mind being called Hat Women. Well, shall I get your name and maybe I could help you if you would like that" Hat Adult said to Dahlia
Dahlia: its dahlia. Nice to meet you hat adult.
(edited by Dahlia)
"And it's nice to meet you too Dahlia" Hat Adult said as soon Hat Kid was suddenly on Hat Adult's head
"Ach!" Makoto had walked in, a purple syringe lodged into his neck.
Kotori looks at the boy who just entered Hey Mister? You have something in your neck. I don't think that's very healthy.
Monokuma watches Makoto in secret... since he didn't want to die but he wanted to check on Makoto and see what he's up to
Yeah, me too Sayaka kinda awkwardly fidgets for a moment, not noticing Kotori sit next to her, Sayaka initially shifts, before breathing out a bit and relaxing Yeah, I missed you too Kotori. Like it or not you’re pretty much my only friend. Sayaka laughs a little, before looking through her school bag There’s probably a park fairly close to here. They’re pretty popular after all. Even if it’s kinda an old one, it’d still probably be fun. After Agee moments Sayaka finds her phone, it’s kinda old by now but still a perfectly functional smartphone Besides, they’ve probably all got roller coasters. Oh, or we could just go to a water park instead. It’s pretty much the same thing, but wetter
"I... I have to tell you..." Makoto faints, falling onto the hardwood floor.
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...huh...at least he ain't dead... Star sips from her own coffee.
Hat Kid soon went back inside and looks at Star, soon holding up a picture of some Hot Chocolate. I think she wants some Hot Chocolate
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Star gives the kid a thumbs up before sliding her a cup of hot chocolate.
Sweet! And maybe sometime we can spa-aaaaaa... She trails off on that last word, stopping herself. Nevermind. So, what's a rollercoaster? Meanwhile, she pulls the syringe out of Naegi's neck and begins rubbing a de-toxin salve over the wound I told you it was dangerous. Why would you just leave it in your neck?
Geist walks in as he smells the fresh brewed coffee. Oooooo. That smells like heaven... Jakob will be greatly impressed.
Hat Kid soon had a :3 face as she takes the hot chocolate and started slowly drinking it. It helped her feel better after doing all of the death wish contracts
Naegi blinks, waking up and grabbing onto the Leblanc counter. "Ach... I.. I'm awake. The syringe is.. gone. I should find Monokuma."
(edited by Naegi_Makoto)
Soon something was heard going through the vents... and some screaming from Monokuma is heard
Reading the sign of the cafe he was recommended, a calm and curious Joshua walks inside, heading up to the counter. Hey, I'd like a good ol' cup'a Joe.
He looks at Naegi with curiosity behind his helmet. You alright? Looks like you seen a ghost. And he looks at the vents and he draws out a rifle and takes aim Damn pests...
(edited by Voidwalker_Geist)
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Right then. Star slides the new person a cup of joe before checking inside the vents. Yo, anyone in here!?
"Monokuma..." Naegi rushes to the vent and pulls the cover up, ignoring that he'd probably have to pay for this later. He squeezes his body inside, and starts crawling through. He drops into the large section of the vents, and starts looking for Monokuma.
A spa is kinda fancy, but it would be nice to visit once at least. Sayaka grins, bringing her arm around Kotori's shoulder as she looks up a picture of a rollercoaster on her phone to show the other girl pretty sure its the real name of that Ouroboros thing you were going on about that got you so excited in the first place. Probably the ride you'd be most into, either that or one of the tower drops. Its just like free-fall, but without the splat.
He looks into the vents after seeing the events unraveling and looking back at Star. Want me to chuck a nade in there to flush out the thing in the vent?
Makoto would soon find, a toy robot was hitting the vents with a toy hammer with a voice repeater next to it and Monokuma's "screams" were coming out of it Soon coming out of a box near Hat Kid, Monokuma would burst out and runs off
W-what the f... Taking a step back, Joshua takes a sip of his coffee.
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Star gets out of her side of the vents. Yeah, stuff like this happens a lot. So, stranger, what brings you into town?
Hat Kid soon stopped drinking the coco for a moment as she takes some time to breath but she also had a smug/funny/cute look on her face https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/masonry/001/404/346/c66.jpg
The "stranger" takes a seat. I was recommended this place by a friend... I was told I could meet some "really cool people" here.
Makoto fires a single bullet towards it, destroying the toy robot. He then starts climbing out of the vents quickly, accidentally bumping his head on the roof when crawling through.
............ Welp. That's a thing that happened. Kotori looks at the people who just entered and waves politely. We're some pretty cool people. You like rollercoasters? She turns her attention back to Sayaka Oooh~ Yes! I wanna ride the Orobor- Rollercoaster. ....... No spa... I've had... uhh... bad experiences with physical contact lately. But the Amusement Park seems fun. Since they have water parks, do they have them for the other elements too?
(edited by Kotori_K)
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Well, cool isn't exactly right. We're more strange than cool. The name's Star, I'm a goddess of insanity and chaos. Most people freak out over my titles, but I'm good...most of the time...
Hat Kid just hopes Star does not get any ideas of making people do contracts (like defeating a possessed toilet house) in order for them to get their souls back after getting captured and losing their souls
Well, that's a little concerning, but whatever. I'm Joshua. Nice to meet you.
... so Star... he points at the vents while being completely dumbfounded. What the fuck is going on with the vents?! I just wanted to get a Affogato.
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Nice to meet ya, Joshua. And Geist, no idea. Also, what's an affogato? Star suddenly gets a crazy idea for a game show...a very evil game show...
(edited by Starwaddle)
Hat Kid soon went back to drinking the hot coco
An affogato is an Italian coffee-based dessert. It usually takes the form of a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped or "drowned" with a shot of hot espresso.
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...huh, neat. I'll look into that for later dessert options, maybe put it on the menu...I think I can do something like that. Star slides him a affogato after a minute of work.
I like to think of myself as cool Sayaka mutters under her breath before looking back up at Kotori with a smile Well, there are a few in the area, though its starting to get kinda late. We could hit one up if you've got time. If you don't wanna see a spa then... Fine, we can put that on hold. Sayaka covers her mouth to avoid laughing too loudly before answering the last question You can kinda think of amusement parks as the earth one if you want, and maybe skydiving or something for wind...... After a brief pause for thinking, eyes closed Sayaka sighs got nothing for fire though I'm afraid. Out of luck there
Also Star... want me to chuck a grenade into the vent because of the screaming in there? he juggles three grenades that are leaking void light. Cuz I am good with pest control.
Hikaru walks in. He looks around the cast of colorful characters in the cafe, but notices Star behind the counter. He walks up to her You again huh? How many places do you have open anyhow? He takes a seat at the counter
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Nah, it's cool. This is as normal as things can be around here. Star turns to Hikaru. Eh, not too many. I'm just taking over for today. This place isn't as open as it normally is, so I'm trying to get it opened up as long as possible.
Interesting. Hikaru slides some money to Star I'll take a regular coffee. I take it smoking isn't allowed in here?
That makes sense. Most normal people can't handle extreme temperatures. She stares at the counter Hey Sayaka? Have you ever went on a journey of discovery?
Joshua sighs, relaxing in his seat This place seems pretty wacky. I like it already. He smiles and takes another sip.
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Nah, it's allowed. We've figured out how to make it so smoke doesn't get into people's faces in here thanks to some specific magic mumbo jumbo. Star slides him a regular old coffee.
Well, there are still fire shows I've heard about, like in a circus. We could totally go to one of those some time too. Maybe, I haven't seen one around actually so I dunno about finding one. Sayaka raises an eyebrow, looking over to Kotori, the girl simply shrugs her shoulders I guess I haven't been on anything dramatic like that. Why would you ask?

Hikaru lights a cigarette, and takes a sip of his coffee Not bad. In fact this tastes really good. He then takes a puff of the cigarette Say goddess, you don't think you can provide an ashtray, don't wanna get the counter dirty. Also if you don't own the place, who does?
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Long story short, my adoptive father. Star slides an Ashtray right next to the coffee.
Oh. I was just going to ask if it actually worked. I tried... Instead of answers I found dragons. But, anyway, what's a circus?
Wait a second, I'll get to the circus in a minute First.... Sayaka connects the dots, her eyes growing wide as she asks Did you... Find that dragon egg in a cave?

Hikaru takes another sip That's interesting. Don't know your blood relatives do you?
Space Cat walks in, looking around at every corner. I haven't been here in a long time... and it hasn't changed much. Hey, where's Boss?
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Nah, I do. It's just that people come and go, and since I'm the daughter of the owner, I technically own the place...for now, anyways. Management changes every once in a while. This is my first time opening the place up.
Joshua glows an odd blue that disappears quickly as he sips his coffee again.
Hm? Nah, they gave her to me. At least they said she would be a girl. It was cool. Dragons are cool. She smiles excitedly
Daughter of the owner? Mind if I ask what they're up to?

Hikaru finishes his cup, and puffs his cigarette again This place is actually quite calm. Oh, also, sorry about what happened in the mall, with that whole fight and me using my Stand to make a painful sound, seemed like the only way to stop a fight.
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Honestly, I dunno what the boss is up too. Around here, people come and people go. I guess it was the boss's time to head off. I guess I'm one of the few classics who've stuck around. And don't mention the fight, it was all fun and games really.
Huh. Well, it's good this place is still up and running. Say... do you still have any of that fatty tuna?Mitten Paradise Brand?
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Star slides a can of the good fatty tuna to the space cat.
Thanks. Space Cat pries open the can slightly, lifting the can up to his mouth and sipping the juices from the inside.

Seems like wherever I go there's always some interesting characters. Haven't met another Stand user though, kinda glad since all they wanna do is fight...
Say, what's the difference between Stand Users and Persona Users anyway? It seems like to me that you guys only have one ability. Space Cat pries the can completely open, and a white spoon pops out from his arm gauntlet. He uses it to scoop the tuna out and pops it into his mouth.
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Hmm...meh, I'm sure nothing will happen to this place while I'm sleeping. If anyone needs anything, get it yourself. Make sure to put the money on the counter, I'll pick it up later. With that, everything is 25% off for self service, I'm going to bed. Goodnight. Star walks into the back room, never to be seen again...for the rest of the day.
Oh, well I guess that's ok then. Probably. At least its not like you stole them or anything. Sayaka chuckles, a little relieved, Sayaka leans back a little Abot that circus thing, a circus is kinda this big tent where they put on all sorts of shows, they've usually got these huge animals from weird places, acrobatics, and all other kinds of performers. Now that I think about it, I bet there's all SORTS of messed up stuff in a circus here. Stuff I've never even heard of

Hikaru finishes his cigarette Hm... Wonder who else I'll find here
Oof.... Hmm... Doesn't sound like my thing... I'd rather take care of the animals rather than watch... She chuckles a little Don't worry, I'm dumb, but I'm not stupid enough to try to steal from a DRAGON of all things. I'm stronger now, but I'm nowhere near strong enough to fight one of them. They'd eat me for a snack.
Eh, that's kinda just how things work I guess, there's a lot of watching around. Still, might be fun to see once. Sayaka lets out a little sigh of relief Well, I know how much you like to test yourself. It didn't seem TOO far off. Though I guess that brings up the question, who'd you even get the egg from? OOC: Sorry for the wait, I kinda didn't notice the update, but while I've got the note, would your profile pic happen to be Zooey from Granblue Fantasy?
Don't worry, I've learned the difference between testing my strength and throwing myself at danger like I have a death wish. And it totally didn't take fighting a dragonkin and almost dying in a puddle of mud to teach me. Nope, definitely. As for the egg, the Dragons gave it to me. They taught me some stuff, trained me a bit, and gave me Pia's egg when they sent me off. OOC: Yep. It most certainly is. I saw the character and thought "holy cow, this looks exactly like what I imagined Kotori would look if she didn't absolutely suck" So I took it and ran. Also played a minor amount of the game.
OOC: Cool, I've been playing it a bit myself recently, not a ton thanks to school and such, but I'm progressing at least IC: Oh really? Sayaka raises an eyebrow, but figures that the dragonkin;s probably not a point worth pressing. More interesting is the training note Oh, so you ended up making friends and learning with these dragons, that's kinda cool. Sayaka slowly looks down, taking another sip of her coffee, before looking back up at Kotori I know this is... Kinda a weird question for me to ask, but do you think we'd be able to have a little training bout or whatever pretty soon? Just to see where we stand and all.
Sure! She practically jumps up at the mention of training I'm always up for a fight! I still don't think I'm strong enough to win, but I'm a ton stronger than I was two years ago. Her smile widens, her her voice gets a tad more boisterous and aggressive as she sticks her arm into the air, pointing at the sky triumphantly And the battlefield is the best place to strengthen bonds! Together we'll strike the fear of Dragonkin into the hearts of our enemies! Ahahahahaha!
(edited by Kotori_K)
Sayaka chuckles, standing up a bit more slowly herself with a stretch I guess we'll end up seeing huh? You got an idea for where and when? Or... I guess I should have thought of that much huh. Sayaka puts one hand on her chin, thinking for a bit before shrugging I guess just the usual place will work. Either that or out in the countryside or something
Eh-ehehe.... Her laughing doles down into embarrassed chuckling as she blushes slightly, poking her fingers together Sorry~ I still tend to get a little hot-blooded.... But yeah, I'd love to. Anywhere, anytime. At the very least it'll make for good practice against a human.
Well, we're probably better off not wrecking this place.... Sayaka grins and grabs Kotori's arm before heading out the door so the GYM it is, its kinda late but hopefully we won't be too long OOC: That is to say, I think I could do one, but if you'd rather put it off until tomorrow that's also a good idea. Especially knowing how these tend to drag out a bit
Kotori follows without resistance Not tonight, I've been gone for a while. I gotta make sure the fire under Pia's egg is still burning. Dragon eggs need to be over a constant flame or bad things can happen. Tomorrow maybe? Sorry. OOC: yeah, they tend to take a while, and I'm coming home from work right now, so I'll be sleeping in an hour or so. Tomorrow is good for me though. If I forget, feel free to ping me on discord.
(edited by Kotori_K)
Sayaka yawns as she brings Kotori out the door, taking a few more steps before realizing they're probably going different places Nah, that's probably a good idea. I'll see you tomorrow then, guess that's a date huh? Sayaka pumps her fist before heading off towards home, looking back and waving at Kotori as she goes hope to see ya around!!
Bye Sayaka-chan! See you tomorrow! Kotori waves back before heading off to her garden
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