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“Death? Destruction? Nah, none of that here. What, you still remember the game? Ha! That was probably a bad dream. Everything’s fine. Look, everyone’s alive! I’ll even open the door so visitors can come in! Just relax and do whatever you kids do.” -A mysterious handwritten note, found in every bedroom of the underground lab.
[Gou found the note and then rushed out of his room.] "WHAT THE F#CK" [He then went to floor B3 to go and check on Shep.]
Orchis wakes up, slowly stirring from her bed, the girl shakes her head, rubbing the sleep out o her eyes before she notices the note "What do you think this is?" the girl says to no one in particular, at least there's no one in the room with her, the girl nods, before peeking outside of her bedroom to see if anyone else is around yet
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Orchis notices Gou go down through an elevator. An excited bork and a tackle awaits the spandex-loving man on floor B3.
[Gou just sat there, petting Shep for a while.]
"I'm alive..? That must have been a terrible dream... Where am I?" The room was like where they put it, somehow, the dream catcher is now hanging up above their bed. (Micah investigates around the room further.)
With the coast seemingly clear, Orchis walks across the room, heading straight to lab 11, glancing somewhat nervously at her surroundings as she does so
"Hmmm, I don't find anything dating my eye except for that odd note... If I'm alive, are the others too? Wait, that means I can see Gou and Gin! I wonder where they are?" (Micah excitedly ran out of the room.)

*With a stretch, Gin exits his room.* Another day. Another... I'm not sure actually. Heh heh heh. *Gin watches Micah sprinting out of her door.* Don't run into a wall, Lucky. It hurts.
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"Huh-oof!" Oww... Whoops.. (Micah quickly got up despite have a bruise on their forehead.) "Gin you're alive!!"

Well... yeah. I mean, last I checked.
"So um.. Did we have the same dream? You know, tons of death and suffering? That horrible bear?"

*Gin shrugs.* I never remember my dreams until it happens in real life. Though, I doubt anything about a murder game and me killing Alexei will ever actually happen. Best to give it up and move on.
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"I suppose so... But where are we?"

Same stupid science facility as last night, I'm assuming. Come on Lucky. Keep up.
"Oh..really? I think i lost some memories then.."
"I guess it doesn't matter now then, but who is running this place?" Is it the mastermind? Some government thing? A test? I don't know...
[Gou stopped petting Shep and went back to the "main" floor. There, he saw Gin and Micah.] "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" [He then tackled the both of them] "ARE YOU TWO ALIVE?! AM I GOING CRAZY?! WHAT THE F#CK?!"
After looking around the lab for a bit, Orchis shudders. Though she’s not sure why the place disturbs her, it is just a Chemistry place after all. But she didn’t know much about that anyways. With little clue of where she’s going, Orchis checks the map. There’s no mechanics room, but there is a computer lab, the next best thing. Orchis slowly opens the lab 11 door, only to realize there’s a large group in front of the elevator, and closing it again. For now, lab 11 we stay

Yes. Once again, last time I checked, I was alive. What is with you two today?
Cent Crawls our and snarls a bit. “Being cooped up in here is really just dandy can’t even get good rest cause stuff like the ventilation keeps blazing in my ear...what a pain.” He starts to trudge off in some direct clearly dissatisfied.
"I guess it is good to be unaware of that dream then, it was pretty messed up to say the least. And Gou, I missed you too!"
"Though, the dream felt so real...And where is Cent? I want to see them as well. But where did we last left off?"
"Someone call my name? Sorry i'm not fully adjusted to this place even eugh..."
"Oh , Cent, you're here too! But I'm did you also happen to have a strange dream? Or are we nuts?"
"All I remember was being erased from existence..." His tone was sour as he utter those words.
"O-oh, I'm sorry that you experienced that.. But you are here right now, and I'm glad!"
"Fair enough but...where do we even go from here?"
"I honestly have no idea, I wonder, is there still an audience? Where is the Mastermind? Many questions but no answers really. That bear seems to be long gone.."
"Quite ominous if that's the case...being left here seems so odd with all they setup till now...Guess it's for the better suppose at least your all alive."
"Agreed, i missed you guys so much really.. I felt useless not gonna lie. But I'm glad to be here to see you all again!" (Micah pulls out a horseshoe) "Maybe luck was on our side after all.."
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[Gou stood up and then went back in his room. No sound was heard from him for the remainder of the day.]
"Huh, Well goodnight Gou. I guess it was tiring?" I wonder if Gou is alright... I guess I'll ask him later?
“Get as much rest as you can I guess. With this downtime he may as well take it he deserves it most really.”
"Agreed, the dream was very stressful. Luckily it was a dream I hope."
"Well I have an idea, I think we should make feast! I mean, we survived right? Maybe we could ask Natsuki for help? Er, let's hope this time nothing is poisoned." I mean, she won't try to kill me again i hope.
Orchis peeks out the door again, at least one of them was gone. She couldn’t simply wait in lab 11 forever, so Orchis takes this chance to try sneaking along the wall to the elevator, and from there heading to the computer lab in floor B3, it’s no mechanics, but she’s more used to machines anyways
"Hey Orchis- oh she is gone, i swear i saw her... Well anyways, Cafeteria, 1 hour, be there!~" ( Micah walks to the Cafeteria) I wonder what should I make? Eggs? Hot chocolate? Cookies?!
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Cent starts heading over to the kitchen area to do something meddling rather odd of the android though to do such a thing wonder why?
"Eh hmmm, maybe cookies! But it's a surprise for everyone afterall! I sure talk to myself a lot..." ( Micah walks toward the fridge to get premade cookie dough) I just have to split them up and put them in the oven, easy.
"Oh Micah your here. You still trying to get that feast up and going? I normally ain't the bot to ask but do you need assistance with that?"

*Gin drags a seat into the kitchen from the dinning room.* Don't mind me. Just wanna see how a robot and a very unlucky person cook.
"Oh yes I need assistance, you see i don't know how to cook. I tried asking Natsuki, but I think she is still asleep. I don't want to burn down the kitchen you know!"
"Hmm...well I do have a colligue who used to be a exceptional cook maybe I can try and help by replicating those skills here. Does that sound useful?"
"Yes, alright food the the party commence!" (Micah puts in the cookie dough in the oven, after 10 minutes or so, it smells like something is burning...the cookies!) "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! The cookies!"

Yeah, that smells about right. *Gin smirks at his own bad joke.*
"Micah did you let the cookies overstand already?" Cent goes to check on the oven only to open it and get blasted by a great smoke cloud and erupting fire. "Nevermind I think we also broke the oven and started a fire."

How do you guys manage to break an oven with cookies? Who made this oven and why are they still in business?
"Well fuck, there is a fire and have to it out quick! Uh um, where is the nearest fire extinguisher ?!"
Somewhere off in the distance, Sho gets a premonition that he probably shouldn't be anywhere near this building, flashes of fire and screaming appear before him as he quickly leaves the area with a nervous sweat
"Screw that we need a tanker for this uh Gin you see that tanker over there the blue one that should typically be a water tanker try throwing it at the oven before it gets worse." He points at a container which is blue and also off to the side. Perhaps what they needed to add to the fire.
"Uh Cent, I don't think it'll work. I think the stove is electric..! " Ugh, why am I just standing around and panicking?!

The blue one? Right. I'm on it. *Gin grabs the blue canister Cent pointed at and threw it at the oven. It would only make things worse however as the oven would explode into intense flames.* Umm. You sure that was water, Robo?
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"Well fuck i think we need to get outta here and warn the others! We'll die if we stay in here!"
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It also leaked out oil which leaked across the kitchen increasing the fire's spread. "Oh right the water is in the black tankers.....welp..." Cent takes a few steps back as the fire spread closer and more rapidly.

*Gin takes a few steps towards the exit as his (unfortunatly wooden) chair goes up in flames.* So, how are we gonna deal with this? I mean, I'm a cryogenics expert, but ice ain't gonna solve this much. Yo, Robo. You got a fire hose built into ya we can use.
"Cent, Gin, we need help! We have to run out of here!" (Micah opens the Cafeteria door) Hey guys we uh need your help there is a fire! "
Cent follows Micah outside and turns around to face the fire. "Well I may not have a hose but I do have a alternative to maybe halt the progress of this fire. You gotta find something though to really drives this fire back as I do so ok?"

*Gin follows the two out, creating a wall of ice behind him, blocking the door* That should hold it for at least 3 more people talking I'd say.
"Well shit, ugh my stupid bad luck! Well number 345 accident in my life. Man..."
"That's a awful streak really but not what to worry about...hey wait a second there's a small pound like harvesting area in one of the labs here if you can hook a hose up to that spot and drag it here we can drive the flames back a bit and deak with it. I'll hold off the frontline fire if you do that."
Alex woke up, got outside, and started making mops of firey death, heh.
"Oh in Lab 13? How could have not think of that before! Well I'm gonna go there!" ( Micah sprints to Lab 13 to find a hose with a place that contain water)
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Oddly enough, Alex was at lab 13 finishing off the mops, tying a vine around each one "Hey Micah."
Cent meanwhile uses his spare nitrogen chemical properties and forms blast of liquids to help keep the fire contained in the Cafeteria.
"Umm, hey, we have to be quick a fire is going on so- oh here it is!" ( Micah picked up the hose). "Do you where the faucet is around here?!"

*Gin's wall melts.* Well, there goes my wall. Hope you've got a good plan, robo.
Alex fashions a grass skirt and a headband out of the remaining plants, before running back to his room in fashioned clothing to get the molotovs.
"A-Alex?! Oh darn it, ugh where is the faucet?!"
Cent is making a little lee way with the fire but it's still not efficent without a extra support to dose out the fire.
"Hmmm, oh there it is! Time to put in the hose!" (Micah plugs in the hose to the faucet) "Okay, I got it..But who is gonna turn it on? Uhh..Ah fuck it there's a fire! " (Micah precedes to turn on the faucet and sprints to the Cafeteria)
“Took you long enough now aim it at the fire and let it loose so I can maybe get close and cut off the source of the fire if everything goes well atleast.” Usually it does not.
Alex too sprints to the cafeteria, shouting loudly "Ooloolooloolooloolooloolooloolooloolooloolool!"
Alex begins to light the mops on fire with the molotovs, before throwing them into the fire.
“....Alex what the hell your making the fire bigger we ain’t trying to summon a fire god in her! Yikes!.” Cent is forced to step back a bit as the fire increases from the fire mops but still maintains his chemical reaction on the fire holding it back at bay.

Nope! *Gin kicks Alex out of the cafeteria.* We're trying to PUT OUT the fire here, Skeletor.
"Alex, I swear to god my mom would kill you in an instant. Now please, help us get rid of the fire before you get in huge trouble. (Micah tries to put the fire out with the hose, it helps, a bit. They turned towards Alex with a evil smile.) "Please don't start the fire off with more stuff... okay?"
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"You're giving me mixed signals here, but ok!" Alex runs off, somewhere.
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“I hope that kid actually takes those words to heart cause I was that close to blasting him frozen. Regardless let’s march forward hit the fire with whatever you got.” Cent starts marching forward upping the strength of his chemical mixture and he walks to the edge if the flames pushing it back.
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"After this i have to clean the place, it's my fault after all" (Micah helps out with getting rid of the fire with the hose)
Alex runs back from wherever he came from with a pail of liquid hydrogen "Yeet!" Alex throws said pail at the fire.
This seems to actually be working somehow. Witht eh combine power of Cent, Alex and Micah they were able to drive the flames back long story short. But....literally the entire kitchen got burnt away leaving a void of nothingness really in it’s wake except ashes....loste of ashes and smoke. “Oh Jesus this place is charred totneh brin we should get out and just wait for everything to filter out Micah you to Alex...”
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Alex leaves to go back to lab 13, the grass skirt growing on him.
"How are we gonna explain this? It not like these stuff will be replaced over night. I guess food for the party plan went to hell. But thank you guys for helping out! If I was alone, if probably panic to death." ( Micah looked at the remains of the kitchen) "And all food source are now gone or did most survive?"
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“We’re gonna need somebody to renovate that entire place at this rate. Really though I think that’s gonna take a while though so no point worrying in that .
"I suppose so, but we should we do now? Should we start cleaning, rest, or..?"
[When Gou heard the word "Renovate", he quickly darted out of his room and into the kitchen.] "I've been waiting to use this line for so goddamn long..." [He then stood up on what looked like a very broken chair.] "I'M GONNA RENOVATE YOUR ASS!"
“Uh Gou we kinda need to buy the furniture first before we can even proceed....also we need to buy food cause we just burnt down all our supplies.....anyone up for takeout and furniture shopping?”
"That's easy. The guys I work for can cover the fees for the food and the furniture. You guys got a phone?"
“I could hook myself up with a computer and maybe access a potential radio line or try and contact S if need be. We can get some nice food and furniture just give me the phone number or added to their place and i’ll pay it forward myself....gonna have to find money around here though before I run out soon...” He crawls off the the elevator and down a few floors to the computer lab himself to set up the computer.
[Gou follows Cent.] "Ok, so the company is called SCRTC, pronounced "Scratch", and their phone number is... I don't fuckin' know. As for their adress... Somewhere in Tokyo. If you do manage to get them, just tell 'em 'Gou got in trouble again'."
“Right gotcha though Tokyo may be a serious long distance call...actually i’m not even sure because I don’t even know where this damn Lab is located but sounds useful. We can buy what we need and get everything replaced and then focus on food.” Cent finally hooks himself up to the computer. He tries loading up he text channel to see if he can contact S....nothing. Anyway he tries booting up a communication network in the meantime. “So uh i’m doing a takeout order what do you want Gou?”
"I'll need, huuuuuh -A new jacket -New shoes -My brother's credit card And I think that's all I'll need."
Off in a corner of the computer lab three of the computer towers have their casing opened up, revealing their wires and circuitry connected more directly to each other, partially anyways, some wires are still hanging loosely, as though whoever was messing with them simply left it there. If one looks closely, they might notice the towers shaking slightly
"Huh that's odd i don't remember leaving the towers stacked at all...Hold up i'll make the order right after I...." Cent quickly crawls up the shaking tower trying to see what's up with it without tipping over. Easier said then done but he seems to be able to handle it as he climbs to the top of the stack and looks over to see why it's shaking.
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Cent would find Orchis on the other side of the stack, sitting with her back against the computers staring at the wall. Having heard Cent climbing, the girl slowly looks upwards, only to scramble to the opposite wall while blurting out I... I didn’t break anything I swear.
[Gou saw Orchis from the corner of his eye and started staring at her.] "I'm keeping an eye on you."
"Oh just you Orchis what were you even doing with these computers to begin with? You seem to be busy taking them all apart clearly."
Orchis visibly hops a little from her position on the floor, silently glancing between Gou and Cent, the two who had found her little hiding spot. She nervously rubs her hands together in reply Well... These computers... Perfectly average I guess but.... Well.... Since there’s no mechanics room around I though... I could start by merging the process power of a few of them, essentially turning it into one bigger computer that’d be more capable of creating and running larger programs... It’s kinda... pointless since I’m still limited in terms of actual applications for the programming via a lack of mechanical tools... But I couldn’t find anything more productive to focus on
"If I see you trying to start a fire, I'll fuckin'... Slap you. In the face."
"Productivity I like it. And while I would like to help because maybe a super computer would be way better to have then these smaller boxes it's taking forever to even connect to one communication netwrk in this place...I blame the crudy computer though. Oh right by the way were doing take out food since we burned the kitchen down you want anything at all I can order it now." Cent walks back to his computer station and starts typing a few input commands to try and establish a connection with the network he was talking about.
Orchis flinches, briefly glancing up at Gou I’d never... Orchis mumbles something utterly unintelligible before focusing back on her hands. Orchis silently shakes her head before looking back up at Cent W... Well, if I could get a good look at the oven I might be able to do something about it... Though.... We’re a little low on materials I guess.... I probably shouldn’t disassemble too much....
Kushala walked into the area, she walked inside he build and looked around until the saw a group of people at the lab, she looked at them with curiosity and slowly walked towards them. Greetings humans, what are you doing here?
"Hmm reasources huh? Well I was mostly gonna order new replacements for everything but if you want I can maybe order the materials you need online and we can rebuild the oven back there's enougn of us mechanical minds to help what do you say? Besides the oven is not to damag-" Cent if cut off by Kushala entering and forced to step back in a little confusion. "I uh...who? what? where did you....oh wait that cat left it so outsiders can get in I guess you are one right? Uh we have been here quite a while...."
Kushala tilted a bit her head to the left while centunculus was talking. Quite a while? You've been here playing some kind of game? Well, that is not my problem after all. Anyways, I've come to give you this. Kushala lowered her wings to drop a few golden rocks to the ground. I went to take a look to a golden cavern that is under my territory, this is usseles for me, but I'm sure it can be usseful for you. Kushala raised her wing again, she was still looking around with curiosity.
At the sound of the door opening again, Orchis goes back to hiding behind her little stack of computer towers. Most of her mumbling is difficult to make out If I...... Saw it...... Easy to fix...... Productive than...... Computers anyways.
"Well holy...." He picks one up and inspects It before stuff it in his storage compartment for further research. And responding to Kushala. "I uh thank you for these high value ores we were quite in a finacial stains so this will quite help us actually." He crawls back over to the computer tower to show Orchis some of the golden rocks. "Look we even have a few cash makers to order some of the materials you need so just be open on what you need. No serious i'm normally the panickt quite one so it's weird seeing someone else suddenly taking that notion...I guess? Orchis you fine?"
Kushala lowered her head like if she was performing a reverence. I'm glad it helps you human, I'm getting hungry so I'm going to search something to eat, good bye. Kushala left the place the same way she came. Leaving, see ya.

(Micah goes to the computer lab, after some time, Micah went into the room) "So uh um, Gou uh..I burnt down the kitchen in accident. It wasn't anyone's fault, but mine. So uh, I'll just clean up the huge mess in the Cafeteria. Oh uh hi, Orchis. "
"Uh good luck then.....The kicthen is destroyed by the way...." Cent goes back to the computer he was working on having a few messages and info being ran through him back and forth.
Oh.. Yes.. I’m fine Orchis takes a deep breath, looking between the gold and the computer towers I just.... Don’t spend much time with people... Machines are easier... Anyways... For this... It would really just want a larger, weather-resistant casing. None of these are big enough to hold three after all... As for the oven, I don’t really know the extent of the damage... Do you think... You could... upon hearing her name, Orchis goes back to hiding behind the towers, whatever else she was saying muffled by the hand she puts over her mouth

"Sorry if I scared you, um, you know a lot about computers I guess?" Eh, I guess I'll hang out here for a while.
“For the most part the interior of the oven got blasted apart so that includes a bunch of functionalities from the physical components to the technically pieces to give a general idea...or close to a general idea. If you want we can go and check it but I understand if you don’t want to now.” He turns towards Micah as he is typing away he’s actually pretty close to ordering most of things they need somehow. Looks like he found a network and a few good sites with the computer browser to make some orders. “Oh Micah just in time I think I can get most of the material and stuff to replace and fix the Kitchen up I guess. But i’m doing takeouts for good tonight game t any request before I send a generalized order?”
Orchis slowly peeks out from behind the computer tower, looking back at Micah before withdrawing I... Guess you could say that. I’m better with mechanics, but it’s close enough... Orchis takes a deep breath, closing her eyes and shaking her head Is there... um... Anything left? It sounds like it... Exploded....At that point we’d basically have to rebuild it from scratch. Though we could probably reuse parts of its shell.... Orchis starts mumbling to herself, no longer shaking, instead focused almost entirely on this theoretical reconstruction

"Well the flames were pretty intense, doesn't help that oil and mops helped the flame. So now water pretty much everywhere with ashes. It will be tricky to clean up." ( Micah looked down for a split second and looked towards Cent) "O-oh the order, hmmm uh, pizza i guess? Pepperoni or Cheese, I'm not sure if someone is vegetarian here. I'm kinda planning to share. "
“And Done...should arrive either later tonight or earlier this morning....and Orchis I think I order enough material to fix the oven inside and out we should be set...to bad the thing was a hearty price on my stored account...”

"So now that's... er mostly solved. Maybe we can get to know each other more? I mean, with all that worry and stuff maybe we can relax for a bit?"
“I’m really not that....interesting to get to know really....nor am I actually good at this uh....but relaxing sounds better I guess we can talk about nonsense I guess in the mean time....”

"So um... Favorite type of music? Personally, mine is rock."
I... There's nothing to know about me... I'm... Fine here.... Just... You can pretend I'm not doing anything. Orchis leans out from behind the stack of computers, takes a deep breath, and finally steps over to the other side, with the still visible wires, and continues rewiring the three computers to function together
"Jazz is fine I guess...kind of picked it up from one of my creators really it helps relax and chip away time..." He crawls over to Orchis spot and oberserves her progress fascinated in her mothods if wiring the computers. "Not bad at all...you need help with any if that? Sorry I know you really don't like it but...just looks interesting."

"Yeah, jazz is in my top three, I'm not gonna lie. Well I'll be off, gotta find leftover mops and stuff. cya later guys!" (Micah walked out to the supply closet in B1)
Cent watches Micah goes off and decides to go back to working on his in use computer for the rest of the night as well to pass time.
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Orchis glances back up at Cent... Taking a deep breath before nodding If you know anything about computers sure, though since its off its not like you'll accidentally fry any circuits. I do this sort of thing to pass time when I don't have anything better to do, its fun to look at something's components and rearrange them to see what happens. I broke a few things doing that back home, but its a fun way to learn.
Cent looks back at Orchis and nods while responding back. "I can agree with that idea. One of my creators would love to take apart thing and rebuild them back together....though it was mostly weird calibers of weaponary but she took care and detail to many mechanical components herself...even me in the end. As for the broke part..." Cent looks at some of the rusted degraded parts on his frame. "It can be a good learning experince at times..."
Orchis stops messing with the computer for the moment, slowly turning to look back and finally take a good, long view of Cent. She seems to perk up, standing from her place kneeling by the computers and slowly walking towards him O... Oh... Right... You're not human. Don't look too well maintained either. You wouldn't mind if I.... Took a bit of a peek do you? I'm sure I could find a way to shut you off for a bit so you don't feel anything...
Cent goes into a alarmed state before shaking his head. “Maintience? On a Rust Bucket like me...you really don’t need to bother i’m in a great state of disrepair you don’t have to I swear. Besides I was kind of just built to last even in some harsh scenarios so the damage and rust comes with it...sorry i’m not really Er how do we say...comfortable sometimes when people say maintence and me.”

"Hmmm where are the mops, wait did Alex destroyed them all? Ugh how am I gonna clean the floor then? I guess I can't do anything for now..."
Cent goes back to typing a bit he seems to have found something of note which bother him and tries to examine it to no avail so far. "Hmm...thought I intercepted...maybe these computers really are individually busted..."
Orchis grins, finally getting up to Cent and looking all up and down their frame Oh no, really, I insist. Its no trouble at all, in fact I'm pretty sure it'd be highly informative for both of us
Cent nervously watches as Orchis scans him up and down in concern. Much concern. "Are...are you sure you wanna look through me.....that last time I got maintience was like a year back maybe even more...she did a great job but it was a..." Cent shivers a bit. "You sure? I mean i'm ok but like are you ok with..." Cent started babling on the request kind of sending him for a flurry of signs and confusion on how to respond so take it as a yes.
Well, it'd be better if we had a machine shop, but don't worry, I'll be gentle. Orchis begins analyzing Cent, much as she would any device, before quickly looking around him for a way to turn Cent off, if nothing's found she'd go ahead and look for a good spot to open him up, there's probably something left over after all
There were a few compartment to open up on the shoulder areas and a back compartment on the back of course. If needed Cent can also pop open his chest seeing how badly in shape it was. So a few good place were avaible to open up as he just tried to...stay still while Orchis examines him keeping his eyes trained mostly on the screen of his computer in use at all times.
Orchis goes ahead and starts with the shoulder compartments, opening them up one at a time to look at the inner workings, metal plating's easy to replace, but tend to preceed internal flaws that would be much harder
You mostly just notice though that aside from weird liquid tubing that those shoulder compartments also act like little storage compartments for small sample collections a few assortment of items can be found if you try diggin into them.
For now it’s probably a bad idea to disconnect any of the tubing, at the very least it looks stable, Orchis tries digging around the tubes to get a closer look at the other parts, as vague as it might be
Lots of other more normalized circuitry can be found along side some odd sensor like boxes located on the shoulder blades of the thing they seem to have been deactivated a while ago and rusted it seems not even Cent was able to manually get them back on due to some cut off wires of all things.
Orchis takes a good look at the boxes, whatever they were supposed to do they’re obviously not connected to anything, when they’re obviously supposed to be. She’d already opened some of the computers earlier, so it was worth a shot. I’ll be right back. Orchis heads back over to her tower of three, since it was already open. The girl would disconnect a few of the wires, and bring them back over to Cent, adjusting then as needed as soon as she finds a place to connect the boxes to
There were a few obvious cut off sections mostly in between the wires they could by rewired to get the flow going and into the box and there was a knob rusted over if turned it would probably help turn the damn things on hopefully.
its a bit of a patch job, but by simply twisting the wires together Orchis would at least get to see what it was supposed to do.... Though nothing seemed to happen at first, Orchis’s eyes soon wander over to the knob, she would first wiggle it a little to see which way it moves more easily, then turn it in that direction
Cents eye flash momentarily and he twitches before shaking a bit. He stop and then looks at himself he does a shoulder roll but does not feel anything instead he is hit with a huge flood of information and is stunned momentairly. "Aaaah- I..I think you fix my HUD and Weapon Sensors respectively...I...give me...this is a lot of info to take back in. Th-thanks...Orchis." Cent gives a thumbs up trying to take in the head loads of data but it seems his arm compartments are fine except the rust and degration.
You have weapons? It briefly occurs to Orchis that it might not have been a great idea to fix those, oh well. Her basic curiosity satisfied, Orchis heads back over to her computer tower and begins messing with it again Glad I could help
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The conputer tower’s screens flicker for a moment, some displaying an error message, before a purple creature appears in front of the tower in a flash. They begin to speak in garbled speech before slapping themselves with one of their floating hands. “Stupid decryption... still has bugs...” Their (her?) singular red eye seems to gleam as she sees the robot. “Cent!”
[Gou stared at the screen for a short while before speaking up.] "WHAT THE F#CK"
Cent stagger back a bit before looking closely at the computer. “Whoa seems the thing ain’t so buggy after all.....uh S is that you i’m Seeing?” Cent gives a wave back at the screen.
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Actually, S is outside the screen. As in, right in front of the tower. “Yep! I’m S! Although I guess you can call me by my real name, Sequence!” She gives Cent a hug as best as she can without arms. Just floaty hands. “Glad to see everyone’s alright!”
[Gou stared at... Whatever the hell S is.]
“Oh well nice to meet you sequence yo-“ What’s this a hug? By the gods it is the true mortal enemy of Cent....affection if any state! And as such Cent combust on fire and depans. “Uh right....nice to meet You sequence....oh brother.” Cent can feel flakes of him falling apart he was now a waking fire pit.
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Sequence flails around, partly from heat and partly from panic. One of her hands grabs a fire extinguisher from a hallway. Soon, Cent is a steaming and charred fire pit. “Sorry! Sorry! ...Whew. That’s better.” She then points at Gou and Orchis. “Haven’t met you two before!” Two of her six floating hands reach out for a handshake from each of them.
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Cent brushes off all the charred smoke off of him rather qucI joy and efficiently. Before overseeing S though strange in nature he was not at all really petrified by the prescense but just curious is all. “So Sequence huh....how did you manage to track and sip yourself all the way here. You seem to just zap out of the TV screen almost like lighting fast network transport if I could describe it.”
I... Oh... Hello Orchis freezes for a bit, simply staring at S. A few awkward moments pass where she stands at the floating hand, before the girl simply decides to go back to hiding behind her computer tower
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Sequence seems disappointed that the handshake was rejected, but oh well! “Oh, that? I just kind of jumped a few connections to get into this server. It’s a bit confusing for a program like me to go through that many hoops, though... the creator of this place made it confusing to get in even though she disabled those barriers!”
“Well it’s certainly more flashy then crawling and jumping your way through everything i’ll say....I could really use a new faster transportation method.” Cent shakes his legs a bit to show his displeasure in his rather primal esque form of getting around. “Well anyway I hope you didn’t take to many hits to get here how have you been I never really got to communicate with you for a while.”

(Micah goes back into the computer lab) " So guys the mops are all gon-" (Micah notices S) "Oh um, who are you? I haven't seen you before. My name is Micah, I'm not so lucky so uh.. "
Cent waves at micah before pointing at S. "Micah this is S or Sequence you two never got to formally meet but best to get aquaninted now. "
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“Hm... maybe I can ask Mom to help you with that. Oh, and hi Micah!” One of Sequence’s floating hands shakes Micah’s. “Great to see you alive and well!”
"Yeah nice to see you still with us so how has the outside realm been and you...uh you mentioned Mom in that sentence?"
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“You know, the person who made this lab! Wait, you don’t know her anymore. Her name is Coda! She created this place and many other virtual worlds. As for the outside, world, well...” Sequence kind of hesitates. Probably pretty bad out there.

"It's nice to meet you! Ah, yes, even though I don't remember much, you have a brother right? And wait...what happened out there? Do you know why we were chosen for this place?"
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“Coda...that sounds weirdly familiar but...nice to know your Mom put us in this weird death trap place for a bit? Actually i’m Lost about that as well as the outside world...may I ask why did you hesitate?” Cent cocks his head in confusion and curiosity a few questions circulating his head.
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“That’s because the outside world is doomed!” It’s said with a disturbing lack of horror or sadness. “Of course, this whole thing was meant to get people to escape that world and come into Mom’s virtual haven. But she decided to spare all of you in the end, so now you can live here happily!”

"D-doomed..? W-what happened?! Didn't Monokuma said there was an audience in the dream or was it also a part of the dream?! A lie..?"
“That’s quite the...er I guess we’re lucky that Coda spared us but that barley scratches why Humanity has fallen into a peril state. Surely there were not other people to help keep it under control or did they really lose it this time?”

"C-Cent, does this mean...Our families and friends outside are all...dead...?"
“Er...well you see Micah I....actually I can’t be sure or lie. I don’t know I really don’t all I remember was getting erased from existence on moment and now i’m here...I swear I either jumped and broke some kind of time or multiverse fracture or something...I don’t know what happened to my folks or even...yeah...”

"....Can you give us more detail, S? "
"Ok well maybe reality it's fully crumbled right if I can order food and online services surley there is still something left of the race right? I just can't fathom how a society drops the ball so hard."

"So was it just a lie or um..?"

"Oh who I'm I kidding? I should hope everyone is alright out there, it's not like a certain Japanese game out there.."
“I’m no expert in games but why do you say certain Japanese Game and what about it?”

"Eh, don't worry about it~. Besides, um.. Take out will take a bit so uh..."

(Micah looks down for a while) "Hmmmm..... Oh uh... Cent, what do you do in your spare time before all of this?" I hope I'm not annoying..
Fast forward a few days after the Kitchen Disaster and Cent is busy in labroom 1 minding his business playing with the plants present testing for odd results. “Place is rather nice at times when it’s quiet...surprised some people are so locked up though can be bad for them...and that’s coming from me...” He keeps playing with these odd plants but could use something else to do now at this point.
Star busts through the door carrying a bunch of electronic supplies. Cent! I have an idea!

Once again, I woke up, I still feel tired but today is a new day.. "I kinda miss my family.. I wonder if they are even alive? " Like usual i grabbed my binder with the horseshoe in it. It maybe a double edge sword but maybe it will give me good luck today? (Micah walks out of their room)
Cent looks shocked but recollects himself. “Huh Star? Wow haven’t seen you for a bit what have you been up to and what idea do you got that warrants me?”
Long story short, I've been designing something, and that something is why I'm here. My idea is a planetary mind control device! Wanna rule the world with me?

"Hmm.?" I wonder what Star is doing? She just busted into the lab door... Should I follow? Well we live only once so maybe I should?
Cent needs a moment to just take that in... “So what your saying is you want me to help build a super highly illegal and destructive device for no reason other then dominance on a split society and one false move could cost us both out lives if we mess this up....eh I’ve done worse let’s do this Star I need something to do around here so let’s begin!” Cent gives a nod this is probably the most motivating you’ll see of him oddly but better then moping.
Hey, I'm immortal, you're a robot, we could probably get away with our lives if we planned this right. So, here's the plan! First, we're gonna need to build the power source! Any ideas on that, because I've got nothing.
“Power source huh and you probably want a lot or even unlimited quantities or resvereses of it if need I bet...” Cent stops to comptemating the proposal we was gonna make next as he pulls out a glass from his storage compartment and starts filling it with his own hands. “Well I do happen to have some nice chemical mixed soda fuel of unlimited quantities would that happen to be able to provide the chemical power fuel source to run this monster device of yours? Besides you can never say not to Soda Fuel at least not mine it’s a nifty trick that finally works out for once.”

(Micah walk in the room) "Hey uh, whatcha doing?" I hope I'm not being awkward ..

"Like um, are you building something or..?" Yep I'm making it awkward ..
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