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Most powerful Persona, but...
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There’s certainly a few Personas that are a cut above the rest in gameplay. However, after seeing a debate over the most powerful pokémon solely based on their extreme pokédex entries, I was thinking: what is the most powerful Persona based on mythology alone? Considering there’s so many gods, this’ll be interesting.

Well, in Persona, the god who made Japan is around level 40 where as the persona that is just the spirit in a sword is level 76. The ruler of the norse underworld is level 55 where a guy who is very good with swords is level 79. One of the great Goecia demons is level 10 where the personifacation of Alice in Wonderland is level 76. There's a lot we can say about this topic, tbh.
Don’t forget how Lucifer is consistently one of if not THE strongest demon When in biblical canon pretty much all he actually did was pick a fight with Gabriel and lose
I mean it's probably Izanagi, Messiah, or one of the various flavors of Satan/Lucifer/Satanael/et al.
Oh right, Messiah’s basically Jesus Isn’t he? Since Jesus is basically omnipotent in his OG religion, whereas Lucifer basically just talks now I guess that makes it Messiah
Atropos cuts your thread of fate then you die, broken af
Well, there's Vishnu as well, so don't fuck with him and his many avatars!
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