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Phanganronpa: An Unfortunate Sequence of Events
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It’s been a night since the trial, and there are fewer left than before. And it may keep dwindling. The Duple unit was scrapped with much muttering from Monokuma about necromancers and their magic explosions. At least he was in a good enough mood to unlock the lowest floor: Floor B4.
[Gou woke up early and immidately went to floor B3 to go check up on Shep.]
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Gou hears the dog before he sees him. With a mighty woof, the canine barrels through the fields and jumps onto the spandex-obsessed man happily.
[Gou doesn't say anything, and just pets Shep for a while.]
Naoya is seen wandering around before he sees gou petting shep. "...that dog must be lucky if you think about it." He said
"I could pet that dog for days. In fact, it feels like that's what I've been doing."
"...well...that's...oddly specific..." Naoya notes, seeing a process that's taking a seemingly long time.
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