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Operation Babe Hunt 4.0
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Yes, I did it. A terrible idea but we’ll roll with it. Anyway, enough narrator chatter. A purple cat sits on a beach towel, facing the ocean. Her new sunglasses also serve the purpose of looking official for this Very Important Mission.
Alex too is wearing shades, of the same style. He's twelve, but that isn't stopping him. he walked up to the cat and asked "you ready?"
Niko is also sitting on a beach towel, he's wearing sunglasses to hide that he may or may not be sleeping.
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“Nice. So. We can either look chill sitting here, or go out and hunt.” Gleamstar lowers her sunglasses for a second to look at Alex and Niko. “The former makes us look less desperate since we’ll be waiting for the babes to pass by. Hot afternoon on a sunny beach. They’ll be swarming by.”
Niko shakes his head. "I guess whatever works, heh."
"ok I guess"
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“Good. Here comes one right now.” Gleamstar leans back and waves with a sparkling smile. “Hello there~” The girl passing by takes one look at the talking purple cat and immediately walks back the way she came. “...It’s a start. I was probably too beautiful for her~”
Niko just lowers his sunglasses and looks around, hopefully this makes him seem a bit more attractive. "I'm here, if ya want me... ᶦ ᵍᵘᵉˢˢ."
Not too far away from where the girl passed, a Sylveon sat in the sand on top of a beach towel. It was sporting some pink sunglasses that looked like they came right out of 1950's America as it sipped a seemingly fancy looking alcoholic drink. It seemed to be in a good mood as it watched the waves absentmindedly.
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More people pass without success. Gleamstar frowns. “Hm. It seems our Charm isn’t high enough to attract the ladies by itself. Men, it seems we’ll have to...” She stands up, taking the shades off just so she can put them on dramatically. “Move out.” The talking cat winks at the two. “Let’s warm up, shall we?” She pads over to the ribbony dog thing, her eyes flashing rainbow for a moment. “Hey there, beautiful, what brings you to this place?”
Entering the stage, the grand witch, sorcerer supreme, Magilou the great strolls onto the beach, passing by with a grin on her face, the brightly-clad girl passes by, heading to a large, part of the beach with a little more room than the rest
Niko decides to follow Gleamstar. "I hope this goes well." He notices that it's the Sylveon... Or is it another one?... "Oh, uh, hey again."
Alex follows at range, glancing at Magilou, before hiding behind Niko.
Sylveon motions its ribbon to hit the stop button on the stereo that was playing.. dated sounding music and looks up to to the hunters. In the most cliche 80s beach movie way possible, it slides its heart shaped sunglasses down the bridge of its muzzle and winks, gazing at them. Well hello there~ a bright day, is it not, dears? I daresay, it's quite bold to approach a lady like this... I do believe that the direct approach is the true foundation of summer romance~
Niko smirks. "I mean, to be fair I've done quite a few bold things in my time here... Like falling into a TV."
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“If it’s not direct, then it’ll never be done while the summer sun’s out, I’d say~ After all, you’ve got to lay out your heart or you’ll regret not doing so later~” Gleamstar isn’t sure if she’s being cheesy or not but she’s doing her best.
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Sylveon looks at Niko peculiarly, perhaps not desiring to recall the affair; she seems to brush it off however. Believe me... You'd be surprised how far you can go if you just let loose. She winks before brushing a ribbon under Gleamstars chin, as if cupping it. Indeed. To embrace hedonism is the liberation of the soul. You know this well, my adorable little kitten~ live now, and without regrets. Sylveon now stands up and looks between the two. So, do you kitties want me to lay my heart out to you? Rest assure... the passion I bring cannot be compared even to the suns rays~ She smirks. Things seemed to be going well... Almost too well...
Niko kneels. "Well, I just wanted to make it up to you so, uh... Do you want to go somewhere together sometime?" He smiles.
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“And I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of a date, either~” Gleamstar would be sweating if she wasn’t a cat. Niko offered first, so that put her at a disadvantage, but she couldn’t give up. Getting a date was hard when you weren’t in Mary Sue Mode.
Sylveon giggles, her tail visibly waving in excitement. Why of course, my dear~ my place, or one of yours? I work and live in Shinjuku; I'd be willing to let you stay awhile, perhaps I can even get you a position at the club. You're cute enough and I'd love to show you all the good times the city can bring, clubs, bars, the hostess'~ how about it? ...This is an important decision.
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“Considering I used to live in a forest, having a good taste of city life should be perfect for me. I’d love someone to show me around~” Stay cool, Gleamstar. Stay cool.
Niko's eyes gleam in excitement. "I'd love go back to your place! The job sounds great too, since I want to get enough yen to take you somewhere really nice!" He thinks back to when he was researching some places on Earth... "Maybe like, uh, that "Las Vegas" place if they have it in this world?"
Maddie walks on to the beach holding a beach chair, she’s in her normal black hoodie and jeans that she always wears, yet she doesn’t seem bothered by the heat. She sets up her chair in the shade of a tree and pulls out a book and starts reading. After a few minutes she gets out a cheap looking pair of sunglasses and puts them on.
Aitome passes by the beach to get a hit of the sun, even wannabe heros need to have a day off every now and then! However when she draws near the place, she notices that the beach is quite literally filled with furry animals. Staring at them for a good moment as she tries to figure out what is exactly happening. It looked like a cat person, and a cat were trying to pick up a fox. I... Don't question it. Just run before they try to get you. Yeah, that sounds good! With this revelation Aitome quickly darts away from the scene while taking constant looks back in case any of them noticed her and gave chase
How wonderful~ I'll show you both how we do it in the city of neon lights... I'll be your escort~ Sylveon winks. ...You later spent a night on the town with Sylveon. You explore the clubs, bars, and other elements of the Japanese Vegas. You can't remember entirely what all happened, but you have a feeling that you've gained some kind of wisdom into the insight of life itself. What happens in Shinjuku, stays in Shinjuku. >Your charm has greatly increased >Your Courage has increased >Your academics have slightly decreased >For some reason, you're missing 30,000 yen. You became closer to Sylveon. You feel your relationship could become stronger soon. ...But for now, the story continues. Sylveon looks at Aitome, adjusting her ribbon as she approached. Hmm, and you are? Do you wanna party too? There's plenty of beach love for everyone~
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Gleamstar would later both regret and treasure this experience, mostly the latter, but for now the narrator goes to get food.
Aitome freezes up when she hears her name, oh no, she was seen by that whatever it was it didn't bode well. Turning around to meet the ribbon beast she panics as she racks her mind for an excuse E-Eh?! Uhh the names Ai! I just uh, came here for uh.... Milk..? Yeah! I don't really have time for uh, whatever is going on here hehe! Aitome then gulps as she starts to back up a little, sweating heavily. Looking to the other human for help
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Niko doesn't regret it one bit. He runs his hand through his hair. Oh boy, he also got a rank up. "Best social link I've ever leveled up, heh."
Maddie keeps reading her book, it looks like sometime between arriving and now she put in a pair of earbuds, she is oblivious to the world unless someone was to tap her to get her attention.
Sylveon gives Niko a small kiss on the cheek and wraps her ribbons around his neck, gazing at Aitome all the while. You sure you don't want in on this summer romance~?
Nngh! Aitome freezes up as she looks for a way out, as charismatic as this thing was she's not exactly keen on what she's implying. Then she spots the other girl! A distraction! Aha! With this goal in mind her eyes flash red as she snaps her fingers, trying to light the book Maddie is reading on fire before reverting back to normal! Ah! I think I'm a little busy! Besides don't you have your hands full right now? H-hey! What's going on there! Aitome then points to Maddie to divert attention away, hoping to lose the attention she's been given before running away!
Maddie notices her book catching fire and throws it on the ground before stomping it out Ugh. Too bad I can’t see when books are going to die. Maddie then looks around to see what’s going on, she sees a girl running from a dog think and a human with cat ears. What kind of beach did I end up on?
Niko doesn't say anything because he's stunned from the kiss on the cheek. Close enough to a first kiss, right?
Maddie just sits back down in her chair, looking a bit bored, yet she doesn’t want to be the one to initiate conversation with one of the strange creatures on the beach, but she keeps staring at them, almost like she’s looking for something.
A quiet girl sits on a bench, switching between tapping at her phone, sketching, and reading. She appears rather shy, but knowledgeable and kind.
Maddie looks over at the quiet girl and watches her for a moment. After a minute she think the girl is normal enough to talk to. She gets off of her chair and walks to Kasumi. You might want to be careful with that book you’re reading. Mine just burst into flames for no reason. She puts out her hand for a handshake. Sorry, my name’s Maddie, and you are? If Kasumi were to follow Maddie’s gaze she would see Maddie staring at her forehead and studying it.
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Sylveon blinks before turning to Maddie, waving at her with a ribbon and winking. She kept herself wrapped around an unresponsive Niko. The finest beach in Tokyo, my dear~ The Run option became unblurred on Ai's battle screen.
"H-huh?" She definetly didn't expect this random girl to start a conversation with her. She examines her, and then looks at her book. "Um, m-my name is, um, Kasumi. And...I'll be careful..." She hesitantly puts her book down, and then her sketchbook just to be safe. She definitely hopes it won't catch on fire, because both mean a lot for her. The book, she had to pay money for her, which she barely has as a 15 year old with no allowance, and her sketchbook, who her dear parents bought for her, in which she has stored many great memories. She shakes a little.
Maddie seems a bit awkward now too, it seems even she’s not good with people. So, uh, what do you think of some of the other visitors of this beach? A Pokémon and a cat boy? You don’t see much of this stuff where I’m from, most of what I see isn’t so amusing.
"Oh, um...I didn't expect them, but...I have seen a talking cat before..." She starts having flashbacks from when her team met the Phantom Thieves for the first time.
Not far yonder from the ruckus on the beach was another person busy bidding their time. Mara was sitting on a bench under a tree covered by the shade and reading a few pages of a book, perhaps literature or some documents something like that. She tried not to pay to much but found herself staring at the group occasional for periods. Perhaps it was also a little to noticeable.
Ai wipes a bead of sweat off her head as she backs away from the Sylveon, slamming down on the run button but hesitating a little when she sees shes thrown the others under the buss Nngh.. I'm sure they'll be fine.. What matters most is getting away from that.. Thing.. Aitome then slams down and books it out of the beach, no use standing around here!
Alex quietly stabs himself in the arm, walks over to Kasumi and tries speaking to her "Sup." Alex was too busy being in pain to be nervous. Also after looking, Alex noticed Maddie and said "Hi!"
(edited by Alex_Liang)
Maddie chuckles A talking cat, interesting. Where I’m from it’s so peaceful and boring you could keep your door unlocked at night with no worries. We’ve only had one incident recently. For some reason the mention of this incident causes Maddie to shudder, she obviously doesn’t want to talk about it so she changes the subject. Where are you from? I don’t think I’ve heard a name like yours before.
She looks over at Alex, who's only 3 years younger than her. She's worried what he's about to say, because she's not prepared to be hit on. "Um, h-hello?"
Niko, with a huge blush on his face from the kiss given by the Sylveon, shyly waves at the girls, he still doesn't have much to say.
She starts blushing, clearly seeing what these guy's motivations are. However she can see some sincerity from Niko, and she grows a little interested. The fact that he's a cat, her favorite animal, also helps. She has an urge to headpat him, but she's too shy.
(edited by Kasumi_Saikiko)
Maddie walks over to the cat and studies him for a second, her gaze stays on his forehead for a little longer than usual, after looking at it her smile seems a bit more forced. She then stares at Niko’s ears Are those real? And if so can I feel them? How did you get those? Are you part cat? I love cats! She seems to be opening up a little bit.
At this moment, he knew. He fucked up. Alex was going to ask "Come here often?' but blood loss had other plans. he collapsed mid-sentence and got up, too embarrassed to speak.
Niko nervously laughs. "Part cat works I guess, hehe... Yeah, you can feel my ears I guess."
She starts walking up to the cat, shakily, but excitedly. "Oh, c-could I pat you?"
Sylveon playfully hugs up against Niko, giving his ear a nuzzle. He seems to be effectively sandwiched. His ears are quite dashing, aren't they? I feel mine are a little large, but these are just right~
Chohi has made a little camp fire on the beach shore so that she can catch the sea life and eat it with her overly long spear. At the tip of the spear, there were 5 fish, still squirming and flapping around, trying to get away. She placed the fish on top of the fire by using sticks so that they can become cooked. She laid down next to the fire and laid her spear next to her so that she can bathe in the sun. She turned her head and saw that there were others near her hunting spot. pouts They better not come here and scare away my food... Chohi slowly closed her eyes and started to snore, trying to take a nap.
She gently feels Niko’s ears, she’s instantly enjoying herself here. After a minute she stops and composes herself. Sorry, I should introduce myself first shouldn’t I? My name’s Maddie. Nice to meet you, you’re kinda adorable. She chuckles and holds out her hand for a handshake. Maddie then notices the sylveon. Is he your boyfriend, sorry. I’ve just never seen anyone like him, or you before. Maddie looks over at Sylveons forehead as she talks to her.
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On the ground again, Alex just watches in curiosity, pondering weather to cook a flash grenade or not after the whole mission failed. On one hand, chaos, but on the other, gentlemanlyness. Also Alex, pick your damn self up! you kill people for god's sake! women aren't that scary c'mon! "Hello?"Alex asked. it was a start, though not much.
(edited by Alex_Liang)
Niko nods. "You can pat me, sure. J-just be gentle, okay?" His ears flick at the first touch, but after that they don't. He drools. "Ah that's the stuff..." He snaps out of it afterwards. "Oh, my name is Niko. Good to meet you, Maddie."
Hmmm... Sylveon looked at Niko with an odd expression before looking back at Maddie. I haven't been committed in, some time... But Niko and I have an open relationship~ I was entirely unfamiliar with humans until coming here. There were quite the horror stories about you, you know? but, it is fascinating to see that they're usually untrue.
Acter witnessing Alex stabs himself and then collapse to the floor Mara depabned at the whole mess...he’s also bleeding so perhaps now would be useful to help him since these documents are nothing but garble to read. Mara gets up and walks over to Alex to see if this person is even conscious. “....Uh hey are you ok bud you look like you took a slit to far down your wrist or something? You need help getting up.” Mara offers a hand to help get Alex back up and support him.
Maddie has to refrain herself from playing with Niko’s ears some more. Once in a while she tries to, but she’s stops herself.. So, what even is this place? It seems like that talking animals are the norm here, where I’m from the weirdest thing was me and what I could do. Maddie laughs both at her own statement and at how bad she is at making normal conversation. I had no idea Pokemon feared humans so. I’m glad we are better than you’ve heard. She seems a bit shocked at the open relationship statement though as she has no idea what the sylveon is getting at.
(edited by Maddie_Fynn)
As she pats Niko, she freezes, when she starts seeing blood on the floor. She starts panicking and panicking, and rushes to her bag and gets some medicine which she normally uses for battle, and then cutely raps a bandage around where Alex bled. "I-I-I'm sorry...I'll try to help..."
(edited by Kasumi_Saikiko)
Ironically, he stabs himself again, this time with a syringe. "Heh. good one. Have you ever heard about the honest man who turned invisible? He was already very transparent ." He seems to be a bit better.
(edited by Alex_Liang)
She watches in horror, with a million things going through her mind, but at the same time she's speechless. She drops her supplies and covers her mouth with her hands.
“I uhh... I don’t exactly follow you...screw it you need help anyway.” Rather then waiting for a response Mara just helps up Alex carefully to his feats and tries to support him sure he may say he’s better but best not to take chances anyway. “Let me know if this is hurting you to much ok? There’s a bench not far by I can let you rest in the shad rather then getting messy in this hot sand sound good?”
She watches Mara, seeing that she's clearly being more helpful to the situation. She starts getting doubts, and blushes. "I-I can also help...I'm the healer in my, um, team of Persona users."
Niko seems interested by what Kasumi said. "Oh, you have a Persona too?"
"Worse things have happened, I'm fine. And also," said Alex looking at Kasumi "what?" Alex gets down on one knee and begins to cover up the bloody sand.
She takes a deep breath, and tries to explain what she does quickly. "Um, my Persona is Bona Dea, which has evolved from Colestah, and I work with 7, well, 8 if you count Izziel...and our leader is Jason Quinlan if you've heard of him." Then she realizes this information is dangerous and she could have just screwed the whole team over. "B-but please don't tell anyone! Please don't!"
(edited by Kasumi_Saikiko)
“Alright what ever you say kiddo but if you get loopy again just call it out.” Mars then focuses attention on Kasumi’s to listen in. Persona users huh that makes for a few more people who are supernatural and unaccounted for. Regardless Mara listen ins rather then trying to pry any curiosity from the girl.
Maddie thinks for a minute and then decides to speak herself. Are supernatural powers the norm here? Because I have one myself. I can see the date someone is going to die. Well, I used to, now all I see is mine or someone who’s about to die within the week. Don’t worry, I’m supposed to live til old age.
(edited by Maddie_Fynn)
Alex flips onto his back and give that "what'' look and continues working on the sand thing.
Niko understands. "Hey, I have a persona of my own, don't worry 'bout it!"
She sighs in relief, and then when about to put away her medical supplies, she gets deep into thought. She wonders how Alex can casually stab himself and survive. Is he dangerous?
“Gah you persona users love to flaunt and be numerous must be a joy.” Scoffin Mara turns to the side and started mumbling something away from the group. “Where’s a person who knows derelict in this place feels Desolate....”
I have to go, don't do too much without me~
"well, if you can't tell, I'm a necromancer." Alex stands up and walks around, testing his arm. It left a scar, Like the one on his right wrist, and it still hurt, but otherwise it was fine. he took more than a second to look at Niko's ears before tearing his gaze towards Maddie.
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