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GYM: Gauntlet of Despair
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GYM. The playground for all the local supernatural heavyweights to blow off some steam and better themselves and their relationships in the process. However today was different. The air was heavy around the usual hangout and the sky was filled with swirling grey clouds. The atmosphere was downright oppressive and rightly so. A bank of fog rolled its way down the street until it came across GYM. The wall of cloud stopped for just a moment before pressing itself into the building's exterior. Cloud and concrete slowly began to intertwine and coalesce into a strange swirling substance. This process continued all the way up until the building was fully converted into this strange material. CREAAAAAAAK!! Suddenly the building began to make horrifying noises. The source would come from twisting branches of corrupted concrete forming into malevolent looking growths. Each one was different in execution than the last, but each had one thing in common... they all held a sharp piece of rebar in the tips. As if on cue, the sky would open up in a seemingly endless downpour. Accompanying the harsh rain was relentless lightning strikes against the building's makeshift lightning rods. Upon walking up to where the door would be you'd notice that it too was corrupted in the same vein as the rest of the building. You get the feeling that the door may not take kindly to being kicked. It also holds a message on it that reads: "It's our house now.."
Conker was walking around the streets when he pretty much saw the transformation of the building "Ok, you don't see that very often but guess that's normal here" Conker would take out a pistol and would enter the GYM after reading the messaging "I have a feeling i'm about to find a vampire here... I swear I feel like someone is going to attack me once entering the room"
A man in a lab coat wanders the night streets, heading towards the GYM with a curious look on his face. "Hmm, been a while since I've fought anyone seriously... Need to test Galaxy more, and if I'm lucky there'll be somebody worth fighting around here." As he reaches the building he'd glance up at it and look on in shock, this... What the hell is this? Taiga narrows his eyes and reaches into his coat, pulling out a white game cart covered in crystal and quickly slamming it into his driver. "LET'S GAME!" "MECHA GAME!" MUCHA GAME!" "I'M A RIFT RIDER!" White armors takes shape over Taiga, a sleek suit with powerful thrusters attached to the back. On his arms a pair of[ large laser cannons sit, pointing out as he aims them towards the door of the GYM. He'd quickly fire them off and watch a pair of beams slam towards the door, assuming it tore through he'd rush in with inhuman speed and look around. "Oi! What's the meaning of all this nonsense out there!?"
A young girl gleefully skips along the streets, oblivious to anything being wrong, at least until it started raining. The girl slows down, coming to a stop in the streets in front of the GYM, and looks up at the sky "That's a little strange. Think we should check it out?" The girl squeezes the plush, mouse toy in her hands, and walks over to the others by the door, seemingly oblivious to the gravity of the situation "Oh, are you adventuring too? It'll be better to explore with friends, won't it?" The girl giggles at apparently nothing, glancing off to the side with a smile
A man in a glass visor that would completely cover his face stands a few feet away from the strange building. It felt strange an ominous to him, enough to make anyone ordinary avoid it out of fear. However, he simply would have a smile on his face and glint in his eye as he stared directly at the twisted building. With a wave of his hand a blade that was yellow in color would extend outward from his right hand. He'd begin posing despite wether anyone was watching or not. "Regardless of where evil may lay! I, the Divine Ranger, will be the blade to swipe it away!" He'd suddenly notice no one was around and stopped posing, instead beginning to approach the GYM.
Conker would turn around and looks at the group "Guess you all saw what happen to this place and choice to investigate as well?" Conker would say before looking at the weird armored person (Kamen Rider Snipe) "Nice armor"
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As Owain held his hand out to the door, he could feel something feel back against him. His hand would feel a warm pulse, purring almost, and his mind's eye would begin to see an image of a being with beady red eyes. The shape of the being was small and he couldn't feel any anger from it. However, his two way mental probe would be cut woefully short as the Kamen clad man blasted himself quite the hole in the building's exterior. The last thing Owain could feel was fear as the sensation left his hand, seemingly retreating. For those who would enter the building, they would be greeted by an unusual sight; the inside was bigger than the outside. An impossible feat on several fronts was realized before their very eyes. As soon as they entered they would find themselves on a large circular platform, the first of many in a series leading up and in deeper. Each platform was connected with a strange stone staircase, and each platform seemed to be held by nothing over a seemingly endless chasm. "Ah! Tatsuya... you've done well to make it this f-" From the final platform comes a booming voice which cut itself off. The figure of a large man could be seen rubbing his temples as he watches people walk on in. "Why do I even bother. It's like he doesn't even care. You know? Like he doesn't even see me as a threat.. I'm PLENTY threatening! Ugh... sorry... taking my personal issues out on you heroic halfwits... my bad." The man raises his left arm and snaps his fingers. As he does it causes the first set of stone stairs to drop into the endless void below. "Great! Now with that out of the way we can start the game at your leisure. Please, come in! It'll be to DIE for!"
"Will there be any money at the end, if we live through all of it?" Conker asked the man
Ooooh, pretty. The girl follows the armored man through his new hole in the building, joyfully heading in heedless of any potential danger. The girl sort of whistles to herself, not paying much attention to the whole speech, instead looking around the place for anything of interest, only for a staircase to drop down and catch her eye. Without waiting for anyone else, the girl starts down the stairs "There we go. Wonder what's down here. What do you think?" The girl doesn't seem to be speaking to anyone in particular, she almost seems lost in her own little world as she heads further on
Akio would be suprised by the change in size from the outside to the inside. It would almost make him drop his heroics for a moment as he was taken aback. "I-I this a virtual simulation? No, uh, it can't be! Yeah, this is just one of those odd things that comes with being a Persona User and a great hero!" Akio would travel deeper into the building before hearing the voice. He'd hear it through to the end of its statement with a smile growing on his face. "Woah, a real super villian! I mean, of course! A true hero has to fight all kinds of villians, right? This is completely normal for me! Wait, did he say Tatsuya? Must be a different one. No way they'd know about the Tatsuya from back home." Akio would watch as the stairs dropped. He'd glare back at the figure triumphantly. "Nice try but I won't fall for your tricks! You can't fool me with your 'stairs'!" Akio would jump straight down into the abyss without any stairs to guide him. Momotaro would quickly come out on its own and cover Akio with a barrier of light to try and break his fall. The Persona almost seemed to express incredible fear at Akio's stupidity.
Taiga sighs and keeps walking forward, in this case, he's just not willing to banter overly much. Even more so given what the building looked like. "Oi, are you the one behind Earwig? Your building remodel seems a bit like that damned parasite in looks. I can't exactly say I'm impressed with your work if so, a bit shoddy in terms of fighting power." He simply stares at the gone flight of stairs, wondering where exactly to go from here. "Anyways, is this the part where we fight a stupid looking boss or something? The whole thing gives me a real game vibe so it wouldn't exactly be shocking."
"Looks like I have to follow either way" Conker fellows the group
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The man shoves a hand into his pocket and focuses hard for a few seconds. Moments later he retrieves a handful of stuff. "I've got like fifteen bucks, a stick of gum, and a coupon for Leblanc's. The last one might not be any good, seems the place closed down for a bit due to a murder." He pockets the items and throws his hands up. "Wasn't me...this time... I promise! SCOUT'S HONOR!" Seeing the young man and the young girl take a dive towards the abyss caused the man to rub at his temples once more. But for the moment he left them be as he heard a familiar name be brought up by an unfortunate acquaintance. "Oh. I was wondering who was wearing that gaudy armor. I'll have you know that what I've got in store for you is nothing like your previous experience. No. I wouldn't want to disappoint a snobbish reviewer like yourself!" A pair of black orbs with beady red eyes appear in the man's hands as he watches the pair continue to fall, except now they'd find themselves coming from the ceiling. "Let's wrangle our guests and bring them back to relative safety, shall we? RABBIT AND RABBIT: AWAKENING MODE!" The orbs unfurl to reveal themselves as pitch black rabbits before glowing and leaping from the man's hands. The first would begin to become longer, taller, and its chest and ears would gain a considerable amount of fluff. The second would grow too, however it would seem to gain other features such as a little suit, a bowtie, a pair of glasses, and a large device drapped over its shoulder. The light would subside to reveal the first rabbit as the patchwork furred Hare of Inaba upon landing. Waiting for Akio's barrier to be at an optimal height it leaps out over the abyss and lands on it, adjusting its course to land back on the platform. The hare would begin to speak to Akio mid flight. "Gee! You sure are silly! It wasn't even a trick and you called him a liar! Of course you wouldn't be able to use the stairs right away, that much is true!" The secondary light would fade as the ever punctual Clock Rabbit lands. He prepares a hefty hop and jumps towards the falling stairs where Luna was. He'd land and quickly grab her by the arm. "Oh this simply won't do! You'll be late, late, LATE! Hurry now!" Much like Akio, she is brought back to the platform and the rabbit duo jump backwards to gain some distance. Another snap could be heard as barrier is erected around the edges of the ring. "Now then. The rules are simple... beat each platform guardian and you'll make it up to beat me. Okay? Begin when ready!"
Oh, so they want to get range do they? Taiga would grin under his suit and begin taking aim towards the foes, thrusters blazing as he rockets into the sky and begins taking shots from above. Namely by blasting away with a constant stream of raw energy aimed at the Clock Rabbit. "I see, well it's good to know that developers take my words in high esteem. I'll be sure to give a glowing review on this whole thing once you're in prison... Unless you just won't be taken alive, I can deal with that." He can't help scoffing as he looks down at the hopefully grounded foes, with any luck this can be the end of that idiot parasite maker... But who knows how it'll go.
Now back up on the platform, Luna pouts for a moment, looking off to the side for a moment, before smiling as she turns back to the rabbits "Awww, its cute. Can I keep one?" After a few moments with no apparent reply, the girl frowns, letting out a dissapointed sound "Ohhh... Alright, I guess I'll watch."
Akio would be confused at finding himself back on the platform but he would have figured he was correct in assuming there was a trap and that he had avoided it. "Ha, avoided your fiendish trap villian! You can't trick a beacon of justice so easily!" Somehow not even noticing the rabbits Akio would acres Fakelib directly. "I'm ready for your challenge, so what monster are you going to send out?"
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The Hare of Inaba would take the initiative upon seeing Snipe ascend and begin glowing with green energy. Shortly after a green light would envelop both of the rabbits and boost their speed. This speed boost would be particularly effective in helping the Clock Rabbit evade the beam for a short while. In that span of time he shakes his large clock as a clear barrier erects itself around the Hare of Inaba. Only then would Snipe land a direct hit and knock the rabbit backwards after the beam subsides. Kalib would then address the two who were speaking to him. "These bunnies aren't for sale, however I have many more should you complete my challenge. These little fellas would love a home! And as for you o' hero of justice, know that you may have bested me in our battle of wits.... but the monster I'll sic on you is truly terrifying. I hope your little goodie goodie heart won't explode from terror!"
"I'm just going to be a character following the party until i'm needed"
"Hm?" Luna briefly looks back up, blinking, at the sound of Kalib's voice, before shaking her head as though finally using it to focus again, the girl squeezes her stuffed animal once more "Oh, so I'm just supposed to kill these things right? Alright. Mother, Father. Come on." The girl looks back at the already struck rabbit. It looks like it might be injured, which would make it a little easier. The girl smiles as a pair of phantasmal images take shape behind her, though their forms are blurry enough that its difficult to make out features beyond them being humanoid. A few seconds later, there'd be a streak of dark energy flying directly at the rabbit from the air behind her.
The Rider rushes forward, aiming to get behind his foe and move in a bit closer. "Geez, what's with the kids around here? Seems like all of you can fight better than anyone should be able to without relying on super science crap." He can't help shaking his head at the kid's oddly causal willingness to kill. Even so, Snipe knows to press the edge when he has it and quickly aims his weapons toward the rabbit her magic is attacking. In contrast to the stream of light from before, this time a single blast of light in the shape of a meteor would slam straight at his foe.
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