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how to win at smt dx2
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1. fuse foot demon 2. grind on ch 1 hell mode leveling quest 3. go and fight that thing you're stuck on 4. fail 5. cough up gems 6. win 7. but at what cost
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feel free to repeat steps 1-3 while crying
Can you be more specific on step 5. Like, what specifically should I buy?
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Nah you're not buying anything, just coughing up gems to Death as you die over and over and hope you don't waste your revival by accidentally smacking a null/drain/repel demon
Uh, if you have to keep reviving, maybe your demons aren't really good for that specific mission. And, maybe you should try switching to Ch 2 hell mode?
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Fair point. Although this whole thing is a joke. Maybe.
Revision for less pain: 1. Fuse MOTHMAN 2. Grind on Chapter 1 Hell Quest 3. Go fight the thing you're stuck on 4. Fail 5. Accept Failure 6. Awaken and Evolve MOTHMAN 7. Repeat steps 1-2 8. Win 9. Realize that you've invested so much into Mothman that you have to build your party around his uniqueness 10. Look at your hands and remember all the demons you killed 11. Attain heightened perception of reality by abusing bindlocks and the player character's skill 12. Collect your daily shit and cry 13. Obtain crippling alcoholism 14. Drink yourself into a pitiful stupor from knowing that you've ruined your prospects at Dx2 for a meme
1. Use Delta's assist demon. That's all.
Btw, what varients of Jack Frost are currently available?
Jack Frost variants? 1. Mothman 2. Mothman 3. Mothman 4. King Frost 5. Mothman 6. Mothman 7. African American Frost 8. Mothman 9. Jack Black 10. Mothman
:-: I want Frost Ace
I want Mothman now.
Jack Frost variants? 9. Jack Black WHO SUMMONS MHEE, HO?
My personal strategy was uhm.... Step #1: Download app. Step #2: Refuse to join Liberators. Step #3: Delete app.
Foot is a great demon 10/10 would fuse again
Mothman is a great demon 11/10 would not fuse again, That'd require me to put one Mothman on the backline, or not use him. A sin if you ask me.
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