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Star's Cosmic Boss Rush!
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It was just a normal day in the Nexus...but then every television suddenly turned to same channel, which shows Star making a big announcement. "Good day everyone. So, you're probably wondering why I'm on the TV, right? Well, that's because this is an announcement! I'm going to be taking over the world, and I'm doing it competently this time. Tommorow, by the break of day, I shall begin my conquest to rule the world! If a big attack is made by anyone, I'll attack then and there. But, if a band of adventurers were to, oh, I don't know, come in and stop me, well then I guess I just won't attack...but that's if they can get to me in the first place. Hahahahaha! ...and that's why our adventures and heros are gathering on the path to Star's Castle of Chaos.
Location: Path to Star's Castle of Chaos.
...this is the part where everyone who is interested in kicking the crap out of Star is meeting up.
This is it. A lone member of SEES, realizing the threat of this world-domination-wishing foe, prepares for battle... Arf! And off our favorite death god-fighting doggo goes to burn another god.
Well this is a bummer Mara was using the television to watch one of her games now some person just took over her entire TV service...and it’s the same person! Nope not today time to file some complaint. “Jeez it’s gonna be another of these days ain’t it. Just piss on my while your at why don’t ya.” The fuming anger and sleeping grumps had got to her and thus she sets out to take back her cable service with what ever contraptions in her Arsenal’s and Mara has many at the ready.
"Someone wants to try and take over the world, guess we have to stop her gals" Triss said to her group which had her of course but also her friends Alex (who they found was eatting food somewhere) Erin, and meg (Meg) https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSWtqw_ciJbJHICObaBbzQLx18P7GLzRe_PKTHAOgE2kRaUnma2 . (Alex) https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT6WRGylvGomin-fEmR7LZZZrEDRHlz2_Wu61dwMotkzzGHOuSv (Erin) https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/full-metal-furies/images/d/d9/Full-metal-furies-15.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20180309150128 The group also known as The Furies head off to go save the day
Rep, being the guy who lives in a trash can, right by the t.v store, overhears ''taking over the world'' thing, and well, sense he hasn't done anything for a long time, he burst out of excitement, and drills underground, and follows everyone else ''I AIN'T KNOW WHERE THIS IS, BUT SCREW IT!''
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And so our band of heros adventures off to find Star's Castle of Chaos...which isn't that hard when the place is obvious to see and has a path to it that isn't a constant deathtrap.
Location: Just outside the castle grounds.
Our heros encounter their first block...a gate. A really strong, really big gate. And considering there's a huge force field around the castle, yeah, that gate is the only way inside. Looks like there's a sign with a button under it right next to the gate. The sign reads... "Push button to open gate and begin boss rush." ...well isn't that just nice. This is the GM asking if everyone is ready to kick ass and have their ass kicked, because these bosses ain't fucking around.
"were all on point so lets do this" Triss, the leader of the furies presses the button
This seems like something to ponder very seriously before venturing forward these bosses sounds like deviates of great pow- “Dammit Star I don’t have all day! I’m pushing your button so open up the gate and let me get my network back before I ravish you!” Evidently Mara seems not to care...oh boy this may cost her very dearly...
Rep, now just being stupid excited, he pops up from the ground, showing his freakish body.. which his top part was just bout all centipede, which had long antenna's on the top of his head, with a long, flat arrow head, and sharp yellow eyes, and long fangs, the bottom part was all snake, with the centipede claws, and a long, shell. and just shouts out: ''C'MON, C'MON. C'MON!''
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Arf, arf! Koromaru is at ease. Then again, he can’t read.
Erin would look at Koromaru and smiles Erin: That's cute but it seems he wants to help us fight this evildoer that would be nice
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The gate opens, and the first of many boss fights is about to begin... Beyond the gate is two women having what looks to be a tea party in front of the front door of the castle. The first girl, a blonde with an elegant looking dress, notices the party, notices the group, while the second girl, another blonde with a maid outfit, grabs a scythe from under the table. Both of them get up and approach the party as the gate closes. The elegant one speaks. "Oh, the guests. We were told to show you "hospitality" when you arrived. I am Alice Renee, and the maid is Maria Yamada. We were called in to help Star with her plan to take over the world. I'm terribly sorry, but it seems we'll be stalling you. Nothing personal." Alice summons a Lance as the two get into a battle position.
Boss: The Elegant Lover and The Fortunate Maid Alice and Maria (maid) Player turn!
Aroo! Koromaru wastes no time. With a howl, a three-headed canine appears with the sound of shattering glass. It howls as well, sending a wave of flame- Maragidyne- at the two girls.
''hehe....fancy gal's ay? well....i'll this fast, so ya can get ya party down with!'' thanks to him being the closest to the gate, he goes first, and with that, he dashes forward, getting closer to them, and get close enough to hit, but, he fake's a hit, by whiffing a slash, and drilling underground, drilling circles around then, trying his best to confuse them ''hehe....''
A tag team of two. These two foes seems to posses some flexibility to easily knock the group up from first glance. Mars yawns as and tries to wake herself up a bit more to focus on this fight. “I can’t really make out much on these two without some data or stuff so let’s try and chip at them before making a rash move.” Mara puts her hands out and summons forth a faithful companion here mechanical reptilian Oleum though he remains invisible for now. Starting out the first move is made a Proto wall is summon forth by Oleum to defend the party while Mara starts to charge up.
Some music to make this better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NVwwb26xmQ The Furies VS the Elegant Lover and The Fortunate Maid Meg took out her rifle and shoots at Alice Alex just ran up the Maria and tries to hit her with her huge hammer Triss with her shield up goes goes at Alice and tries to hit her with her huge shield Eirn summoned a drone that flys up and goes to the middle of the battle ground, Erin soon ran under the drone and got somewhat close to Maria and started shooting at her with her pistol wihch the bullets seem to lock on to her
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Suddenly, a wall of armored dolls with shields block all the attacks coming at the two. The two move so that they each face back to back as a girl with green hair, wings, and some kinda techno dress flys up from Maria and Casts Magarudyne at everyone. Anyone with a Persona can tell right away that these two are Persona users. What tricks they have up their sleeves is still yet to be seen though.
sense, well, rep was underground the entire time, the fire did absolutely did nothing to him, taking this opportunity, he drills in closer, and father away from the ground, as if planning some sortta big surprise to...well...hurt em....alot.....maybe, or he's just pussying out, maybe, its rep for the love of christ, i don't know.
Triss blocks, erin gets hit, alex rolls out of the way, Meg uses her graplling hook to move out of the way by hooking onto the roof. Meg took this advatage to shoot at the girl with the green hair Triss went to Erin and started protecting her Erin reloads her pistol Alex ran up and her hammer catches on fire she tries to destroy the armored dolls
“Ah person users now there is a surprise. But the doll wall not so much...” Mara is farmiliar with these persona but she is not one herself. Derelicts are her domain but perhaps they can still exploit something about this. “We can’t attack direct so perhaps finding a way to fire around or eliminate the doll wall is needed.” The Porto wall absorbs a good amount of the damage. Mara pulls out one her contraptions a Shock Rifle and takes fire at the doll wall. Oleum brings to preform a store heal a sly trick up the duo’s sleeve.
Koromaru yelps as he tries to keep his balance, but the shield helps at least. He growls in frustration at the dolls, then tries something different. And by that I mean “run at the dolls Leeroy Jenkins style and hope somebody provides covering fire so he can slip in.”
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The dolls starts covering all sides of the two so they're completely impossible to hit, and just before anyone could do any damage to them. Looks like a classic stalling tactic, those dolls will take at least two hours of constant fire before the wall completely breaks. However, there are a few strange dolls outside the wall. There's a blue one with a sword, a red one with a lance, and a yellow one with a P-90. Green girl dodges the fire aimed at her and retaliates by casting more Magarudyne. There's a faint wind blowing around everyone...and everyone feels like they're getting watched... probably from the huge doll wall.
now is his time to strike!, under the gal's a slight rumble can be felt, nothing much, but, louder, and louder, then louder, until, a stroke of luck happened: Right under the two gals, a giant, burst of dust and rock and dirt comes, making a huge hole where they are, knocking everything back, and lo and behold, the one who did it was none other then omuakde, the giant centipede was the one to burst down the defense with ease, but would be seen nowhere, but, omukade, now crawlong out, showing his giant height, gives out a blood curling sreech also, just to give you a feel of how he is, here: https://youtu.be/k7vB8AGdQz0
So destroying the dolls is ineffective but there must be a way around. Mara then notices the off colour doll and concludes they are worth eliminating first perhaps a keg to this puzzle. The wind gust hits Mara but it barley leaves a dent it seems. Now to execute her plan she redirects her her shock rifle onto the yellow doll firing her electrifying rounds into it to see what effect it has. Oleum also recasts a Proto wall back onto the team.
Triss, meg, Alex and Erin sees sees the diffent colors and they all get a idea Triss goes to the blue doll and tries to attack it since their both wearing blue (blue attacking blue) Alex goes after the red doll and tries to smash it with the hammer (red attacking red) Meg uses her speial skill and time slowlys down as she aim and fires a bullet the yellow doll (yellow attacking yellow) Erin started shooting at the green haired girl with her pistol while her drone started shooting as well (green attacking green)
Alex stands at the edge of the battlefield, watching. Oooh this will be good.
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The wall protects before it breaks and the two run off as the wall switches their shields for swords and all start attacking the huge monster that came out of the ground. Meanwhile, red attacks red, blue for blue, yellow for yellow, and green dodges and uses Magarudyne again. Looks like Alice and Maria are vulnerable now, but for how long is the question...
Triss, meg, and Alex kept attack their colored dolls while Erin started shooting at Alice and Maria along with her drone (Hey guys, are you happy that Star wars the Clone Wars is getting another season?
Koromaru does what running doggos do best: bark loudly then charge for a lick. But instead of a lick, Koromaru has a knife. And he’s excitedly sailing for Alice with pure dogsona user energy.
Alex lifts a few skeletons to help Alex, for no supposed reason, though they might mistake them for enemies.
now, let the true fun begin.....: omukades antenna's begin to flicker with eletricity, as they connect together, and after a few pulses, Omukade then summons a wild storm of tunder, crashing down everywhere and just bout everything, and these are pretty big thunder bolts, and while this is happening, his swing its side to side, smacking anyone attempting to sneak attacking him run down: Omukade used wild thunder.
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Oleum helps Koromaru by preforming a thrice claw on Alice striking her with three consecutives slashes and a possible slugger venom for that sweet DoT. Meanwhile Mara begins to charge up again for her companion.
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The doll wall...takes jack shit from the thunder, and Alice looks to be powered up from it, and is able to defend against Koromaru, Oleum, Erin, and the drone. Ouch, if the thunder didn't hit she would probably get run over. Maria, meanwhile, decides to point her Persona in Mara's direction and casts Hyper Life Drain to keep her alive and well after being thunderstruck and shot at. And the doll wall is still attacking the huge monster.
god dammit, thought that would work...oh yeah, by the way, me. rep, shall be narrating for now, anyways.....lets see....um....AH, got it, sense omuakde is a giant hulking beast, and the thunderstorm was still going on, the centipede then uses all its force, which, trust me, it had alot of, to straight up ram into the wall, taking little to no damage from the headslam, as he continue's to push and ram which everything it got, and like i siad, he has a whollllllllllle lot
Mara feels fatigued from the life drain but luckily has Oleum on stand by. “Take a breather folks it does not get any easier...” Oleum activates his store heal to restore hp to the entire party. Oleum then charges up another store heal for this turn.
Koromaru whines, then flips back. He howls to call Cerberus again for an Agidyne. This time, however, he leaps forward along with the flames, resulting in a flaming dog about to try another strike on Alice. Hopefully, the flames would hurt even if his aim was off.
Meg after destroying the yellow doll would slowly down time (skill) as she quickly aims and fires a bullet at Maria Erin's drone loses power and fall on the dolls and it explodes Erin soon started to shoot at Maria
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The wall of dolls, not being idiots, all move out of the way of the charge and exploding drone as Alice gets attacked by Koro and tries to stab him with her shocking lance. Maria is fortunate and dodges all the attacks aimed at her and fires off a Magarudyne again. And the doll army attacks the big beast more, whoopy.
Triss soon destorys the blue doll and notices that this was a losing battle, however she started to think as everyone kept fighting Triss looks around the room to see if anything could help them defeat Maria and Alice
The Proto wall absorbs some damage but still stands not for long though and Oleum retaliates with by firing searing beams at Alice in arching pattern to try and keep her off Koromaru. Mara once again charges up to provide for both the Derelict Companion.
Koromaru is paralyzed because parahax and I need sleep bye
god fucking dammit, why are walls even smart?....then again....anyways, omukade's failed rush sends him flying into a wall, and as its pulls its head out, he goes in a furious rage, screeming so loud thats most of the peoples ear's would bleed, as it goes into a raging fit, as more thunder bolts and bigger ones comes, and omukade then trash it about, smaking everything, hitting, bashing, slicing, you name it, hell, he may even hit his team mates if ya guys ain't careful, but, his wild and unpredictable [kind of] way of fighting will get everyone off guard
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Alice goes down from taking enough damage, and Maria from needing more healing. The dolls stop and suddenly disappear, along with green girl. The doors to the castle open up as the GM says that this is the first of many battles. Two clerics walk over to Alice and Maria and pick them up before going inside. Apparently Star gives her stallers good healthcare. Welp, too bad the inside is totally dark, otherwise the GM would have to run this all night long, which they can't do. This will continue tomorrow...what battle is next? Well, only I know, so...I ain't telling!
Remember kids to plan out your healthcare in case moments life these occur. Mara reavalulates her performance before carrying on to next trial which is for another day.
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Yo, time to continue. Who's here?
Triss and her group happily sighs as they got pass those bosses "That was a good fight, but we got to keep on going gals" Meg: Can't we sleep, we already defeated the first bosses Meg said while yawning Erin sat down and started tuckering with her drone Alex swings her hammer and few times before putting it away

(Hey Star mind if Naho could be with you, aka be in the final room with you and maybe help you out?)
A bit.
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(nah, this is kinda a big thing I planned, and Star is more than enough boss for the final boss. Waiting for at least three players.)
Sorry for being late is it to late to keep the ball rolling?
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