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Cait does a Danganronpa rp thing
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Uhhh this is a sign-up for what may be a terrible idea. At most, I will accept 15 vic- er, dear contestants for a Danganronpa rp. Any age of character is welcome, and the events will be non-canon (in other words, not affecting the main Nexus timeline). Characters of any kind are welcome... as long as they're not game-breaking (looking at you, GGM and Clockwork God). I will probably contact most players through discord, and even throw a server together. Let's take a trip to Hell, shall we~?
I offer myself as tribute for some fun murder games. Please be gentle~
I mean I'm helping so might as well add a character Unless you want me to be the monobear himself, upupupu~!
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I mean I'm helping so might as well add a character Unless you want me to be the monobear himself, upupupu~! A monobear is certainly welcome~ Although it depends on how many vic- er, volunteers we attract, dear oso.
I'm up for it. This'll be interesting. not the first time i've been murdered
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I'll join This will be fun......
Hmmm.. As long as there will be no Jabronis, I'm in.
we don't seem to have a Keebo substitute yet. I do aim to fill the part
The HARD-BOILED god of tilt is here!

Count me in!
Will join; prob as an alt though!
This sounds interesting, so I'll join in.
Sounds like fun either I'll use this or an Ult but count me in!
Id love to join
This is a bad idea. I'm joining.
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We're fillin' up, so we should have room for a few more people, but still enough rn to start relatively soon. I also made a (under construction) Discord server for easy OOC chatter. Don't worry if you don't have Discord; I can still contact you through PMs easily and vice-versa. But feel free to join the Discord even as a spectator. https://discord.gg/eXQtK7k
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I offer myself as tribute
I guess I could attempt to join if that's alright, how does ultimate psychic sound?
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One spot left! If unfilled, I'll just put Cait in as Bootleg Hagakure
(edited by Cait_Sith)
The Ultimate Psychic Seer here. Let's see how this goes!
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And that's everyone folks! Stay tuned!
Oh no
I would join but I guess I'll be the Ultimate Lucky Student
Then there should be another one
Go away.
(Shrug) if it's full, it's full, first come first serve my dude. No need to be too rude though.
Danganronpa 2 rp
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rp is closed, go do something else Archer boi
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